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  1. any streams that aren't geoblocked?
  2. UND 31 Moo U 21 Can't wait!
  3. Beautiful banners. As @SWSiouxMN said, I would've preferred that "conference" be WCHA or NCHA, but that's awfully nitpicky for such an upgrade. Think the REA has been reading SS?
  4. I have my doubts that it's a Koronis considering the K1 logo. Again, based on the K1 logo it's probably an older jersey than this.
  5. Do you have pictures of the jersey? Which version of the k1 logo does it have?
  6. Good point but it's on a very large jersey. Not sure if they have different Crest sizes for different jersey sizes. (Also an old jersey). @MafiaMan, any thoughts?
  7. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202723674662 Is it legit? Seriously interested but I need a second opinion Edit: the k1 logo on the Jersey is an old one. Most of that style of Jersey for sale are from later, but k1 used that logo at least up until 2004
  8. 4-2 on the ENG for the guys in green. Let's start things off right.
  9. Gotta good feeling about tonight. Guys in green 4-2. Let's get that Siouxweep!
  10. Mine's fine. Keeps disconnecting from my Chromecast keeps disconnecting for some reason though.
  11. In the air tonight by Phil Collins? Not sure about the time, but I do know they play it pregame.
  12. We're at home, and Denver is a sweepable team. Let's do it. Friday 3-1 W Saturday 4-2 W
  13. This should probably go in the existing Jersey thread
  14. Man let's shock the world and sweep. Turn the season around. Optimistic? Yes. Unrealistic? Probably. Can it be done? Hell yeah!
  15. That's a great idea. Would also be helpful for freshman/casual fans who don't know all the chants but would like to participate.
  16. It's been said before, but man that power play is rather... Mediocre.
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