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  1. I got this last night on the mobile site but it worked tonight on my laptop
  2. Does anyone know the names of the songs that the band does, other than the fight songs? I think one is maybe Rock and Roll pt. 2?
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the new NCHC.tv is like... Really bad. App doesn't have a casting option, doesn't rotate to horizontal. I streamed from the website and the feed would cut out every few minutes and I'd have to drag the slider from the beginning of the broadcast to where I left off. Edit: The one good thing I noticed was that you can start the game from the beginning while it's in progress.
  4. Other than a shaky power play, that was pretty good. Can't complain too much when you score five and get a shutout. Good to see Pinto get his first, and Scheel looked good when he needed to. I was a little worried when we had one goal on twenty-three shots and went scoreless on a 5 minute power play, but UND really dominated. Had the time of possession and shots like last year, but this time with some goals to back it up.
  5. Let's put Canisius back in their place. 5-2 good guys.
  6. Looking forward to starting off the season. Let's put Canisius back in their place. Feeling good about this year!
  7. any streams that aren't geoblocked?
  8. UND 31 Moo U 21 Can't wait!
  9. Beautiful banners. As @SWSiouxMN said, I would've preferred that "conference" be WCHA or NCHA, but that's awfully nitpicky for such an upgrade. Think the REA has been reading SS?
  10. I have my doubts that it's a Koronis considering the K1 logo. Again, based on the K1 logo it's probably an older jersey than this.
  11. Do you have pictures of the jersey? Which version of the k1 logo does it have?
  12. Good point but it's on a very large jersey. Not sure if they have different Crest sizes for different jersey sizes. (Also an old jersey). @MafiaMan, any thoughts?
  13. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202723674662 Is it legit? Seriously interested but I need a second opinion Edit: the k1 logo on the Jersey is an old one. Most of that style of Jersey for sale are from later, but k1 used that logo at least up until 2004
  14. 4-2 on the ENG for the guys in green. Let's start things off right.
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