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  1. 4-2 on the ENG for the guys in green. Let's start things off right.
  2. Gotta good feeling about tonight. Guys in green 4-2. Let's get that Siouxweep!
  3. Mine's fine. Keeps disconnecting from my Chromecast keeps disconnecting for some reason though.
  4. In the air tonight by Phil Collins? Not sure about the time, but I do know they play it pregame.
  5. We're at home, and Denver is a sweepable team. Let's do it. Friday 3-1 W Saturday 4-2 W
  6. This should probably go in the existing Jersey thread
  7. Man let's shock the world and sweep. Turn the season around. Optimistic? Yes. Unrealistic? Probably. Can it be done? Hell yeah!
  8. That's a great idea. Would also be helpful for freshman/casual fans who don't know all the chants but would like to participate.
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