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  1. Canadian here looking to make it to Grand Forks for a weekend once the border opens. As of right now, we still need a Covid test before returning home. Unfortunately Canada doesn't recognize the rapid antigen test, and the PCR test takes too long to get results. The NAAT (aka ID Now) test is recognized and has 24hr results. I know it's available at the Walgreens in Moorhead, but I was just wondering if there was anywhere you could get it in GF. Thanks!
  2. Anyone have an image of the bracket yet? Edit: it's here
  3. I would kindly like you to quote my ad hominem attack. I've addressed your "arguments". Uniquely engineered differences do not inherently change effectiveness. There are loads of scientific papers out there, probably even on the topics you are interested in.
  4. Ah yes, ad hominem attacks, the hallmark of scientific discussion. Fun fact: many drugs originally came from natural sources. So then scientists do research to determine what chemical(s) have medicinal properties. These chemicals can then be extracted or synthesized, allowing them to be given in precise doses. Let's say that an herb contains chemical A. Would it make more sense to take the safest, purest, and most effective dose of chemical A or to eat an herb salad? Medical patents are flawed, but this doesn't mean that we should ignore the science. Remember to vaccinate your kids.
  5. 1. Anecdotal evidence is just as good as no evidence. 2. Correlation≠causation 3. I'd just like to ask why there are no respected peer reviewed papers on alternative medicine. If it works, then it isn't alternative.
  6. Dude... PLEASE stick to science and evidence. We don't need quackery and conspiracy theories on this forum. I said it before, maybe lay off on the Alex Jones and David Icke. Perhaps try reading from more reliable sources. Start with some good scientific papers, or at least a source that upholds the scientific method.
  7. Just shut up already. 5G has NOTHING to do with the virus and there is NO evidence of its supposed negative health effects. Please stop spreading pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. Maybe its time to lay off on the Alex Jones and David Icke.
  8. This is a refreshing thread. Nice to be able to read about the facts with (mostly) no mention of Tr*mp or D*mocrats or R*publicans or el*ctions. Here is an interesting look at what Italy has gotten right and wrong.
  9. Come on, are your seriously trying to make a point with an article from RedState? I don't even care what it says, but that's a good way to lose credibility. This thread is a partisan sh!tshow and it seems to have very little to do with the virus and the science behind it.
  10. Some assorted thoughts: - I like the idea of a black conference champs banner - I also wouldn't mind if every team would hang a black banner that just says "2020" - The NCAA should establish a precedent for awarding the natty if the championship game can't be played in the future. - We were totally going to win :-(
  11. #1. COVID-19. Robbed us of the 2020 natty.
  12. Couldn't have scripted it better. Awesome to win it on senior night, and with the 1980 team in the house. Still a long way to go, but one banner isn't quite enough. Sioux forever!
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