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  1. Anyone have an image of the bracket yet? Edit: it's here
  2. Some assorted thoughts: - I like the idea of a black conference champs banner - I also wouldn't mind if every team would hang a black banner that just says "2020" - The NCAA should establish a precedent for awarding the natty if the championship game can't be played in the future. - We were totally going to win :-(
  3. #1. COVID-19. Robbed us of the 2020 natty.
  4. Couldn't have scripted it better. Awesome to win it on senior night, and with the 1980 team in the house. Still a long way to go, but one banner isn't quite enough. Sioux forever!
  5. Not sure if this fits here, but I thought it might be appreciated. Definitely reminded me of the Sioux nickname fiasco.
  6. The phone browser does have the casting button, but for me it's basically unwatchable due to the low quality, freezing, glitching etc. Not sure why its worse than my laptop.
  7. I use the generic cast button but once I go full screen a window comes up with an "optimize casting" button. If I press that, the game just plays on the chromecast and I just use the laptop for seeking/skipping.
  8. My android app doesn't have the cast button either. Definitely my biggest problems with NCHC.tv, because it worked fine last season. Now I have to cast it from my laptop which is a big pain.
  9. Check onhockey.tv. You might have to fiddle around with an adblocker to get anywhere.
  10. Some will sign a National Letter of Intent the year before they begin attending the school. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Letter_of_Intent#NLIs_and_the_recruiting_process
  11. Eek, I just can't do grey hockey jerseys. They look like dirty white jerseys to me.
  12. I think it's supposed to be a fighter jet
  13. I was disapointed by the lack of a flag cape and bald eagles.
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