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  1. A sad look-at-me move by no-wokes who disrespected the sacrifice of 100,000’s who died under the Stars and Stripes ending slavery. But it’s flavor of the month for attention grabbers. Hopefully sponsors show a little restraint. The program is bigger than any players.
  2. 31,000 girls between ages 18-22 on the OSU campus who have never seen a hockey player?
  3. The warm ones for sure. Definitely Tampa or Miami where there are things to do.
  4. Yes, Tampa or Miami. If Miami it might take a few days to round up the team for the flight home.
  5. Anything after “Sioux” was going to suck for most people, it’s very understandable. Frankly, all mascot names are a little lame, depending on perspective. But what’s truly lame is fans at games yelling nothing at all.
  6. That works, an armistice of sorts for the sake of players, fun, duty, country, and more fun. Rather than everyone focusing on dueling mascots that realistically nobody will agree on until most of us are dead, have a couple cheers we can agree on. After all we’re there for a good time. Maybe Berry should make the appeal. Anything to ramp things up. I have my own personal opinion of the mascot thing, but what the hell difference does it make. I’ll yell both cheers as long as the place is loud. Help a brother out for goodness sake!
  7. Maturity and leadership. One hotheaded penalty is all it takes to derail an entire championship season. Discipline and focus, this team seems to have it.
  8. JBD looking for the low odds it hits the jackpot. Not sure what to think of that.
  9. Would be nice to have some kind of agreement that when scoreboard or cheerleaders says Hawks everyone joins. When a separate Sioux chant starts, everyone joins. I honestly believe that would go a long way but it would take someone like team captains making Twitter requests for cooperation. It would elevate the building imo. Doesn’t really matter what people say as long as it’s fans, not the DJ, who control the happy level. I attended 79’-82’. Seems almost unfair to current students to miss all the fun. Might take the old guys to figure this out.
  10. Asking for a friend, Does the whole Sioux/Hawks thing keep the crowd out of it a bit? Can’t agree on cheers etc, won’t yell “Sioux”, or won’t yell “Hawks“? Last time I was in ND was Feb 14, 2014. Girlfriend and I flew across the country to introduce her to UND hockey and ask her to marry me. The game with DU was a tie but the building was undeniably quiet compared my years. I wanted to start a section chant but yelling either name seemed awkward.
  11. In the article: common denominator in every arena the students are standing. If I were 19 and forced to sit I’d bring the laptop.
  12. Strong defensive gets W’s for this team. I’ll take low scoring wins anytime. Last two wins 6 total goals scored. Last two losses 20 goals scored We will see how the season goes but right now Berry is the MVPerson
  13. Haven’t live in GF in decades but in the eastern US they associate GF mostly with top notch aviation. It seems natural to exploit GF’s unique lead over other cities to offer facilities, educational opportunities, and knowledge to a multitude of high tech and innovative private and government aviation and aerospace projects. A trade delegation and a lobby group might be useful.
  14. I always figured guys who hit iron a lot are just good shooters 2” from a perfect shot, whereas shooting into numbers drives me crazy. I think Ovechkin lead the league in posts one year and I read that at one time Stamkos was the all time leader. Or maybe they just shoot a lot, I dunno
  15. I’m not sure we were disrupted so much as we chose to play a game which was better suited to beat UMD. Except for one really bad shift it was UMD who looked disrupted. We now beat UMD 70% of the time in a four period game. Our guys have proven they can beat anyone’s game by adapting ours. That takes commitment, desire, brains, coaching, and players buying in. The staff came up with a game plan after Friday and the players executed. This weekend showed we are much more than good players.
  16. Which would make them almost irrelevant. Hope we don’t see them the rest of the regular season
  17. We win with either goalie tonight. UMD is good; we have better players. I think Berry takes advantage of the talent and is overall more conservative. The defensemen play smart, position, channel, communicate and we win a great boring game by 2-3
  18. I see a team that will make the FF. Early we were clicking offensively. The first PP looked like a 1970’s Russian Army squad. That doesn’t happen on it’s own. I think we’ll look back and think of all the talent in this group. Looks like a team that practices and plays hard, I can’t fault effort or what appears to be a team who used the off-season productivity. We look strong, in shape, and aggressive. Fortunately this year we have a team that knows how to score, but It’s when we've prioritized defense we’ve won. Focusing on hard D creates opportunities for a team with firepowe
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