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Potato Bowl 2022


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3 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

No, Freund definitely goes to the slot plenty. In fact, Belquist (last year’s leading receiver) lines up there quite a bit. I’m excited to see what Red Wilson can do this season; he’ll line up some in the slot. He looked good all fall camp and was very quick against Nebraska’s secondary. He’s got a lot of potential if he can stay healthy. 

He flashed a lot on my screen when he got the ball.

Hope to see more of it. 

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22 minutes ago, shep said:

Bryant still out. What's the injury?

Red Wilson doesn't make the 2 deep WR but is at RB. Makes me think the 2 deep isn't that significant.

Usually, I would agree, definitely more-so at the end of the year where they don't change it at all, regardless of injury. The only reason I posted, is because there are some differences from week 1. The injuries to Bryant / Fort are taken into account. Anderson > Lotysz (which isn't as big of a surprise considering he had 2X the snaps at Nebraska).  

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9 minutes ago, AJS said:

As much as you try not to put too much into Week 2, this does seem to be a season defying game. After last year, you can't start 0-2, you just can't. In general, you have to like where UND is at coming into this game. The team has to be energized after playing Nebraska well through 3+ quarters. Potato Bowl always gets a crowd of 10K+. 

Things that UND needs to do better. Offensively, I actually thought they were pretty sound against Nebraska even though they only scored 17 points. Clean up some penalties, but I was encouraged. Defensively, do something the 1st drives of each half. It makes winning increasingly difficult when the opponents have a built in 14 points. Be better after UND scores points as well. 

I do think UND wins, but not really sure how the game will play out. I don't think the Air Force game told us a lot about UNI. 

Agree 100%.  UND has hopefully been game-planning for this game since last season ended @SDSU.  0-2 would be a disaster with what the next 4 games bring.  Need to come out firing on all cylinders and hopefully take advantage of a great Alerus crowd.  I'm sure UNI has some doubts after Air Force, If we come out fast, those doubts will intensify.

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59 minutes ago, forksandspoons said:

Way too many seats available for this one. Hopefully the athletic department has something up their sleeve to help fill the Alerus! 

Home opener - potato bowl - big time opponent and no local TV broadcast should  bring a near sell out I suspect.  As usual the walk up crowd will be big 


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ESPN3 confirmed.  I went to ESPN's website and found the game on their schedule.

To those not super knowledgeable about the difference and expecting to get the game because you're signed up for ESPN+, this doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to be able to watch the game, but it might mean one extra step to be prepared for. ESPN3 is linked to how you get your internet. If your internet service provider(ISP) subscribes to ESPN3, you get it(also if you have Xbox Live). If they don't, you don't. Most of the time, the ESPN video player is able to detect your ISP and unlocks access automatically. However, in some cases, you might have to log in to your ISP account as part of the process. I know I sure don't remember my ISP login and password offhand, so this is something I would test prior to gametime so I wouldn't be panicking at kickoff trying to get access under pressure.

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I usually think jack Michaels does a pretty good job calling the games but it wasn't easy to get a feel for what was going on in this game.  Maybe it takes a game or two to transition from baseball to football?  

I'm hoping the rest of the season is called a little better.

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21 minutes ago, Sioux95 said:

... but it wasn't easy to get a feel for what was going on in this game. 

I feel that way all the time with Jack Michaels. His PxP is more "recap" of the play that just happened. That might be good on TV but I struggle with it on radio. 

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