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  1. Interior o line needs to grow up quick. Defensively not sure where the improvement needs to happen fast. At some point we need to trust the guys in the secondary and stop giving 10 yard cushion. Not sure that QB last night could have consistently made deep throws but needed to try something different when the game was slipping. Im not convinced we will slow NDSU in three weeks when they line it up and run A and B gap power line last year.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Was hoping maybe someone here would have a link…..
  3. Beat of luck boys. Expecting a W tonight.
  4. UND - 27 USU - 23
  5. homer

    UND @ ISU

    He is too good of an athlete and too good of corner to move from CB and not have on the field at a different position. I think he works his way on there and becomes a really good player.
  6. He went to UND camp this summer. Currently getting the most interest from Moorhead. Shanley will be decent this year.
  7. I guess we will see what the percentage shakes out at. I’m 100% behind the guys for making their own choice. On the other hand, the rules are in place. I feel if you want to kill momentum for a program, forfeit a couple games because of testing that could have been avoided. Hoping it doesn’t happen and everyone stays healthy.
  8. Johnson at 255 could be interesting. That has to be 20 lbs since last year.
  9. 8-3 would be huge. 7-4 is what my gut tells me but I can talk myself into one extra win or loss each time I look at the schedule.
  10. You guys probably didn’t want him anyway….
  11. Really good day yesterday. Competing with schools we need to for recruits at positions of need.
  12. Our quality of DB keeps improving every year. Been really impressive. CBs may be best in MVFC next year
  13. That may not be the one. Otis tweeted 3/3 in his tweet. Must have been a big weekend.
  14. Staff gets a huge commitment 5’10” guard from Michigan Rakiyah Beal. 4 star recruit that held offers from Big12 and Big10 schools. Great job.
  15. Not following your point
  16. That is huge. Awesome to see. Keep that Moorhead pipeline open.
  17. That’s a surprise. He had developed into a really good DE.
  18. Split with Omaha during the regular season. So your telling me there is a chance.
  19. Both Both of those passes were to his first read and be never looked anywhere else. Threw the first one into double coverage. am I doing this right? SDSU QB is legit. Kid is only a freshman as well. He will only get better, just like our QBs. He did only complete 50% of his passes that game and took some huge sacks that took points off the board. Also threw 2 picks. But he can throw it far.
  20. I don’t think a freshman QB having a tendency to lock onto a read and not check other reads is only a Schuster trait. Hopefully gets better with experience.
  21. You read it as a general comment. I believe I made it. Are you arguing you wouldn’t be excited if he was still on the roster for next year as we look forward to next fall?
  22. I like him a lot. I had heard he was coming to UND in December and was pretty excited. Watched a few Moorhead games. I think he has a solid year next year with this spring in the system.
  23. Agreed. Of my not sure I leaned heavily towards adding him to the will be back
  24. 3 OL leave, Rastas, Gee and Shannon leave Turner, Haas and Holm stay. not sure on Richter, Paulson, Finke, Stage
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