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  1. Will you feel the same way about NDSU if/when they start doing things the rest of the conference isn’t doing?
  2. It’s not stretching. Cause he comes in here all the time and talks !@#$ about how UND loses guys to the portal so things are falling apart, coaches leave so things are falling apart, making a recommendation that UND get on board with NIL for recruiting is desperate. Than the same thing happens in Fargo and it’s crickets. So it’s not a stretch. Its calling him on his simpleness.
  3. Are you saying the Bison will never, ever do this even when the rest of college athletics are going to?
  4. Great idea. It will be valuable on everything from snowblowers to heavy equipment. It’s coming whether everyone is ready for it or not.
  5. Agree with your first paragraph 100%. The girl that got us there also has two other guys she is seeing for other sports outside hockey. That is where UNDs growth potential is at for the athletic dept.
  6. Seeing how the portal has really benefited the top P5 programs I see this as an opportunity for the top NCAA programs to now be able to take in the top portal players and continue to sign the top signing day classes. The benefit for this is change is to the top schools/conferences and not the players or G5 or smaller schools.
  7. Here is your other quote when it was first announced. Still agree with it? ”The biggest is who can handle hockey almost every weekend KVLY won’t do tape delay broadcasting almost every weekend wday will be busy with ndsu basketball in winter so assuming midco will get it back probably cheaper then their first offsr stupid chaves”
  8. Would be a nice addition in a more up tempo offense.
  9. I think so. Have a huge loss on the OL but as a group i think the other 4 positions are better and we have in my mind one of our top position coaches with that group. Defensively, one of the two transfer safety’s need to pan out. Thin at CB but still think an option of moving Fort back to that position changes that if it’s needed based on play of the unknown players.
  10. ^^^^ that is a really good hire. A couple of good news items coming in for MBB today.
  11. Does anyone play defense in AAU?
  12. NDSU and about 7-10 other schools that are actually in states that appear on the map of the current conference.
  13. I can confirm from a recruit that was in Grand Forks last weekend for junior day that this was a topic of discussion for potential recruits and him and his family left very impressed with the plans for this and the plans for the west side grand stand that was just torn down.
  14. It’s not really about the players. If it was the NCAA would care more about the 30% plus that don’t end back up on rosters after entering the portal or they would do a better job posting the data.
  15. Started playing football late, has two years eligibility left. UND runs a different scheme than NDSU. Maybe it fits his style of play better. Clearly is athletic enough. What does UND have to lose?
  16. A new coach will fill a roster quickly with the portal.
  17. Does USD’s coach leaving open doors to any recruits (Grafton girl)?
  18. I’m not sure the full data set on transfers throughout college sports would agree with that. I think it’s just become the new norm in college sports. It’s going to work out for some and not for others and going to take time for players to understand that.
  19. Has anyone said on here that he should get 10 or 15 years?? Tough spot to be in as a coach when you get blame for not getting recruits but get zero credit for the ones you do get. You’ll be quick to blame him if either of those two transfer even though he didn’t get them here. I believe UNDs (and schools of similar size) biggest challenge right now is learning the new world of player retention and roster building. 5 year players are a thing of the past. No reason to redshirt players anymore. Need to build/maintain relationships with players for when they transfer from other schools. I think last year was a little new to everyone, I’m curious to see how he rounds out the roster this year.
  20. Do you know the initial offer? I actually think UND putting it to bid works in their favor for the reasons you mention above. Obviously Midco knows how important it is to their viewership. Easy way out would have been just renewing and taking a Midco offer.
  21. Do you know for sure we do not have interest?
  22. Beer distribution was not very good. Had to pour everything into cups. May have been a request of the band, really not sure but I can’t imagine how much money was left on the table by that being such a mess. You couldn’t have gotten drunk if you tried and I can almost guarantee no one left there with a buzz. Alcohol sales are parts of concerts and can mask a lot of other frustrations. Alerus needs to get this figured out to stop losing money and keep people coming back to the great shows they are booking.
  23. The Kinnebrew girl will be a very good college player as well. Some very good basketball played in that game
  24. It’s going to be the new normal for college sports. Either get with the times or your roster will be gutted every year. Not only basketball but all sports. This is so disappointing
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