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  1. They need to bite the bullet and just put Buxton on the IL. Keep Miranda up for now, he is starting to figure it out. Krilloff will be ready soon. Make the swap then.
  2. I'm a little surprised on where he ended up. Best of luck to E.
  3. UND going out to Portland on December 3rd to take on the University of Portland Pilots.
  4. Speaking of trades that have worked out. Gray was pretty solid last night.
  5. Interesting comments made by both Buxton and Kepler recently about the locker room being more cohensive. Make you think that a certain trade to the Yankees and a certain SS not being on the team anymore really cleared the decks. I won't get into any of the Lewis stuff, that was a manufactured contraversey.
  6. They just chose not to and play in the Celebration Bowl instead?
  7. I wonder how well Jackson State would stack up with the rest of the FCS if they could be in the playoffs?
  8. Get to the BYE no worse than 4-2. If they can do that, they will be in very good shape for the playoffs. Win the two home games, split the 4 road games.
  9. I hope that they can hang on to Alex for a long time, but I think it is only a matter of time before he moves to bigger things.
  10. Wait... Mark Gottfried doing shady things? NO........... Impossible <sarcasm>
  11. Would it be too much to ask for having every basketball game streamed for free when not covered by ESPN+ Asking for a friend..
  12. I remember back when I was at UND that SCSU usually battled Mankato for the basement of the WCHA, is that still the case?
  13. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2022/5/19/general-und-athletics-ralph-engelstad-arena-unveil-sponsorships-partnership.aspx Wonder if this should be a separate topic or will this relate?
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