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  1. And if you are Boise, why rush it? Perhaps the Big 12 wants to add more?
  2. St. Thomas landed a big time recruit in MN. They are going to be really good,really fast
  3. Rumors of the Saints demise have been greatly exaggerated?
  4. Take your frustrations out on Drake. Get out of the game healthy and into the BYE.
  5. Mistakes in Pryor's last years in filling the gaps after the Griffin/Tepavec/Merseli/Dooley class graduated. The departures of some key contributors throughout the years due to various reasons Not getting the next great setter after Griffin graduated. There are probably others but these are the few that I can think
  6. I have many questions on that last play but I'll limit them to 2 1) Why did the Noles secondary allow anyone to get behind them in that situation 2) Why didn't they go ahead and interfere (just tackle the guy!). Its only a 15 yard penalty and you live for another play.
  7. So..... how hot is the seat for Tiffin?
  8. Pac 12 making an early statement this year: Last week it was UCLA over LSU Today: Oregon takes down Ohio State in the Horseshoe (without their best defensive player)
  9. Does UND have someone on this roster that can take the top off?
  10. Oh come on! You can't make that up
  11. If Kadon makes that tackle on 3rd down, they get off the field.
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