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  1. It has been a tough few games for the team. Lets hope for a bounce back, get some people healthy and back into shooting rhythm before their trip over to Cali. Should be able to finally watch and follow along.
  2. About Kansas State: To describe the Bruce Weber Era accurately, you have to go through some highs and lows during his 9 years. The highs have been 2 Big 12 regular season championships, 5 NCAA tournament appearances, and 1 magical run to the Elite 8. The lows haven't been very pretty however and right now, they are in the middle of one right now. After a 25 win season in 2018-19, they couldn't get to 25 wins in 2 seasons combined! The wheels have completely fallen off the past two years. However, the program appears to be building something with a crop of young players, ready to make a move back up the rugged Big 12. So far this year, a pair of 8 point losses to a ranked Arkansas and Illinois squads, and two wins against Omaha and Florida A & M. About Bruce Weber (485-287 overall record, 172-132 at KSU, 76-86 in the Big 12 The Former SIU and Illinois head coach is certainly putting a resume that could one day land him in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. He has taken all 3 of his teams to at least the Sweet 16 and nearly won it all with the Illini in 2004-05. His 3rd act at KSU certainly has had its moments. 5 trips to the NCAA tournament and a trip to the Elite 8. All of which has been good, expect a few issues. Outside of that Elite 8 run, no NCAA tournament wins. He took over the program from a popular coach (Frank Martin), and while has done well, hasn't matched the NCAA tournament success that Martin had. Lastly, the last two years have been rough with bottom of the barrel finishes in the Big 12. The good news, it is a young squad and can improve. However, that improvement needs to start happening. Key Player: Nijel Pack (Sophomore Guard, 6' 180) After a solid freshman campaign, the young guard continues to impress and should make his way onto some All Big 12 post-season squads if he can keep the numbers up. So far this season, he is averaging 15.5 ppg and averaging close to 3 assists and 3 rebounds. His shooting has looked better, shooting near 50% from the field and 43% from 3. He is also perfect from the free throw line (albeit it 9 of 9). The guards are going to have their hands full. Series History: KSU has an 2-0 lead against UND Keys: 1) Play a good 40 2) Get the shooters going again 3) Handle the size down low 4) Stay out of foul trouble Bigs. The Call: If this was a more seasoned UND team, I would give them a halfway shot of going into the Ocatgon and getting a win. However, I think this is a team that is still figuring things out and hopefully a few days rest at home and to heal up some nagging injuries. I think they keep taking steps forward on both ends of the floor, but Kansas State will do just enough. KSU 77-64 Game is on ESPN+
  3. I'd say long term, yes. Once he gets the defensive side of the ball down, he will be special. Norman certainly has been solid, especially when he gets going from 3.
  4. The day that happens will be the day I buy a gaming system once again. Throw basketball in there and we are set.
  5. I've been following some of our transfers from last year and outside of Rebraca* and G (who is playing very well at Mary), no one is really lighting it up so far.. or even made it on the court *If only his grad program was in-person at UND..... sigh
  6. With 2 clunkers thrown in there, If they can get that to around 38-40% for the year, that would be solid. That 2nd number is concerning and that has to change going forward. FAU and UT Martin got too many open looks for 3. Perimeter and close out defense needs to be better. If there is a one thing that needs to get better immediate, it is that part of the defense. That will come in time.
  7. T has been okay, 7.6 ppg and 6.2 rpg isn't a bad stat line. He took a nice step forward in the FAU tournament, hope that he can build on it. I think he will get better as the season goes along. I agree with Mathews, come conference time he will be a different player. Grant can shoot it a little bit. He has been up and down. I wish they had kept the redshirt on him but I understood why they took it off after Igbanugo got hurt.
  8. I think that was the question, but @SIOUXFAN97can clarify. I don't have mine 1-4, but these are the 4 that have made solid impact to start.
  9. I remember watching that Thursday game, I wish they got to 10
  10. UND finished the Paradise Classic on a tough note against UT Martin, falling 77-72 behind 4-26 shooting from 3. UND looks to bounce back as they stay in Florida and head down to South Beach to take on Florida International. About Florida International: FIU has been a squad that, quite honestly, has been looking to make some major strides in the C-USA. They made the NCAA tournament once in 1995. They have produced two NBA players in Carlos Arroyo (famous for his Puerto Rico team knocking off Team USA in 2004) and Raja Bell. This also was the starting point for Baby Pitino, who took the remains of the team left by Isaiah Thomas (yes, that Isaiah Thomas) and nearly got them back to the big dance in his one and only season (before he ran to the Barn). After some mediocre results, it looked like that they were making some headway in the conference under head coach Jeremy Ballard, winning 20 and 19 games in his first two seasons. Last year was more difficult, COVID seemed to rear its ugly head and the program took a step back with a 9-17 record. With a retooled roster, FIU looked to bounce back and so far they have. They have taken down UW-Green Bay and UNC Greensboro in close wins. They beat Ball State, who took down Omaha earlier this year and nearly beat Georgia. It certainly looks like they are back to the form of the first two years, the question is: How much will they help their climb in the C-USA About Coach Jeremy Ballard: (4th season, 52-45 overall, 21-32 C-USA) The former VCU assistance has certainly done well in 2 out of his first 3 years, taking FIU to the CIT in his first year. Last year was rough and hopefully was just a fluke due to COVID. His pressure style of defense and blocking will make like difficult for teams. Important year to see if last year was a fluke. Another 20 win season would certainly help matters as he continue to try and build a program that really hasn't had too much success. Key Player: Tevin Brewer (5'8 160 Junior) Do not let the size fool you, this guy is lethal. He has taken a massive jump this year, averaging 16.6 ppg. Big season why? He is red hot from 3 right now shooting 51.7% from downtown. He also knows how to run the show, averaging just under 5 assists and around 2 turnovers a game (that will work for an assist:turnover ratio). He also will grab 4-5 rebounds a game (which at 5-8, is pretty damn good). He will beat you with his speed, so UND is going to have to slow him down. Series History: First time ever! Summit Observations 1) SDSU look lethal, can anybody stop the Bunnies? 2) Coach Jeter... early favorite for COY? WIU look like the 2nd best team right now? 3) UMKC has a weapons to go with their defense.... uh oh. 4) What is up with ORU and NDSU? 5) UST is going to give Summit teams fits with their style. Keys to the game 1) Who handles the early start better? 2) Get back to the good shooting 3) Can UND handle the pressure and size? The Call: FIU looks to be back to their old selves and is a far better team that FAU is. UND is going to have to play their best game of the season to beat them and after a struggle to finish the FAU tournament, it would be nice to see them bounce back in some way shape or form. It is an early start on a Wednesday, so whoever can handle that better could be the difference on who wins the game. I expect UND to play better, but FIU would be too much FIU 81-72 No video for what I see, and given the time I won't be able to give any live updates. Sorry peeps, work calls.
  11. Give me a coach that can recruit and develop great setters It is all that I ask Lets get back to being spoiled with great setter play.
  12. I would go Norman Bruns Howard T
  13. They still have a ton of talent, especially at the 4/5 spot of the lineup. They can push SDSU.
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