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  1. The D1 Docket: Week 2 Update + Multiple Contract Unloads Tournament in Florida on Nov 19-21st
  2. We all know the fire sale is coming, question is who goes? The Bomba Squad ERA is over. Time to jump on the next trend.
  3. That would be nice, but they need some Dman badly to truly make a run*. Plus I would be shocked if he left Chicago. *I feel though that the window with this group is closing fast and a retooling could be in the works very soon.
  4. It is going to be interesting to see how this team gels and what the pecking order is going to be. I hope Nero, Sueker, Igbanugo, Danielson, and Panoam are ready to take a big step forward this Summer.
  5. That’s the roster, unless someone leaves
  6. This is the place to look for non-conference as the Summer goes along: The 2021-22 D1 Docket - Google Sheets
  7. That would be my guess as well. Its the only tweet where I saw that mentioned recently but I didn't go back very far.
  8. Averaged 17.6 ppg and 8.3 rebounds in his only season.
  9. Price is on Jets are getting swept
  10. That will basically be the remainder of the Jets playoff run. Won't argue the suspension length.
  11. Saw the hit, agree fully. I doubt he plays again in this series. Very disappointed as a Jets fan. Would have been the last player to suspect of doing that.
  12. So was any decision made on this?
  13. Jets/Habs will be a great series for the party crashers in the north.
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