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  1. Take care of business as fast as you possibly can so you can rest some players. Magic number is still 9, get to 3 by Sunday if you can.
  2. Wade Jr just hit a HR off of Bieber.
  3. SWSiouxMN

    SH Game Day

    It is a good thing they have two weeks to figure something out, I understand that it would have been questioned on a throw as well, but given that you have done nothing on the ground and their D-Line has been beating the o-line consistently, would you really call a run up the middle? I won't dwell on it anymore. They won, they are 2-1 and into the bye week. Right on schedule so far record wise.
  4. SWSiouxMN

    FBS games

    Gophers get to 3-0, but could easily be 0-3. They needed the bye week to come.
  5. SWSiouxMN

    SH Game Day

    My thoughts: Defense was solid for most of the game but yes struggling with the mobile QB continues (has UND ever tried a spy for the QB?) The adjustments were nice by UND in the 2nd half on both sides of the ball. Tommy played decent for first time out and got more comfortable in the 2nd half. He is a gamer. The INT was bad however, but I will give him credit by making an adjustment on the throw to Travis (although incomplete, he put to where his guy was going to catch it or no one was). I've never seen a O-Line preform THAT badly. The 4th and 1 play bothered me: I understand why it was called, but if you know that you have gotten ZERO in push all game long, why do you call that play? They should have passed the ball instead (I know it didn't cost them the game but that was a dagger moment) Huge 4th down stop, well done by Noah Smart with Bubba to just take the safety but I'll echo what a lot of people had said, special teams were not great. They won the game, but they just don't know how to dagger teams and that has been something that has bothered me with Bubba forever. Still on track for the master plan A) Undefeated at home B) Beat the tomato cans Get healthy in these two weeks, figure out what adjustments need to be made on offense and defense, and get ready for a tough opponent in EWU. An opportunity presents itself here to perhaps get a big road win.
  6. SWSiouxMN

    SH Game Day

    Want to go another direction here before I give my thoughts on the game Given what has happened in the first 3 games, did UND's decision on NOT scheduling a 12th game prove to be wise (guessing that next week would have been that game instead of the bye) or that UND should have done it no matter what.
  7. Miguel <bleeping> Sano
  8. SWSiouxMN

    SH Game Day

    Solid win get healthy two weeks until EWU the plan is still on track people
  9. I'll give him this, he kept it tied
  10. holy crap Thorpe cannot locate anything right now
  11. Rosario smack a 2 run homer in the first I would love a great game from him tonight.
  12. Twins just threw a stiff left hook after taking a few punches from the Washington series. Now go get the nightcap.
  13. Looks like they will have Alcala today as well. i wouldn’t be shocked if a starter is used as their bullpen session. I’d consider this, outside of Berrios, an “all staff” day
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