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  1. Predictions for Round 1: NL Tampa in 2 Yankees in 3 A's in 3 Twins in 3 NL Dodgers in 2 Padres in 3 Cubs in 2 Reds in 3
  2. I was right there with you. I was fully expecting them to shut it down.
  3. I will say this. it got off to a shaky start for MLB, but they got through a season. kudos to them.
  4. So that's a first. Cave causes Gray to balk in a run
  5. Already into the 5th inning. Both pitchers are on right now.
  6. I think the Falcons are going to be looking for a new head coach on Monday....
  7. Cubs with a 5 spot in the 2nd inning
  8. So no matter what happens tomorrow, the Twins will be at least playing at home for the first round of the playoffs. Cleveland game just went final
  9. Now the Soxs take the lead with a big inning.
  10. Where was this last night? 6 doubles for the Twins now.
  11. Back-to-Back-to-Back Doubles and the Twins take the lead!
  12. Big Mike looks wobbly tonight but has stopped the bleeding after his first inning. Cubs and Pirates lead. Come on Twins...
  13. Mike Leach offense in mid-season form
  14. It doesn't sound like a traditional state championship will be held as most coaches favored more regular season games with 2 games of "postseason" play to finish the year.
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