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  1. The other thing I like about Norman is that he averaged nearly 5 assists a game, that's not too bad. He has some great range. I feel they have address their shooting quite well with the incoming recruits and now with Norman. I also feel that there still can be some internal improvement with Sueker, Nero, and Igbanugo.
  2. Nash wasn't too bad a few years back. Not a P5 but Marlon turned out to be pretty good. Its just one way that you can combat it. Still can grab JUCO players and might have to raid D2.
  3. The counter to this would be, as Dosch mentioned on twitter, is to hit up those P5 players who might not get the minutes they want and go: say...... come play over here and get more minutes and then beat your old team in the NCAA tournament.
  4. You woke up early, no one cares
  5. Speaking of... Tom Miller on Twitter: "UND lands a 6-5 SG from Snow College in Utah." / Twitter I hope they can bring on the other player from Snow College that they offered.
  6. Bruns, McGrath, and Grant can't get here soon enough. Hope reinforcements start to come soon.
  7. Usually this works to get players going when I post. Is it finally time to give up on Sano?
  8. So UND is going to go 5 weeks between games? Not great Bob!
  9. Grant signed Reid Grant signs National Letter of Intent - University of North Dakota Athletics (fightinghawks.com)
  10. Coin Flip I won't be shocked either way with what happens
  11. I'd be okay with that Odds of it happening..... not so sure about that
  12. https://twitter.com/tommillergf/status/1380897776222011396
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