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  1. Yes, Hardee's and Carl's Jr are the same company. They merged at some point many years ago and they decided to keep both brands operating. Carl's Jr is mostly confined to the western states, while Hardee's is used in the midwest and south with some penetration to the east. I'd say they share about 80% of the same menu. Hardee's has some more "traditional" menu items like the hot ham 'n cheese and a larger breakfast menu, while Carl's Jr goes a little "edgier"(for lack of a better term) with menu items like tacos/burritos, fried zucchini, and more chicken options. They used to share marketing, but the Carl's Jr ads got a little too racy for the midwestern market. Now that I'm living out in Oregon, I've had to learn how to make my own hot hams. They were a staple for me growing up in a ND town that only had Hardee's and DQ as fast food options, and I get nostalgic for them every few months. But I've come to learn they're easy to make. You need fairly cheap processed deli ham(the kind in plastic containers, not from the deli case), some cheap white american singles, and some sesame seed buns(if you're like me and remember the old buns and not the newer buttered buns). The construction is supposed to be 8 thin slices of ham, 1 slice of cheese, 8 slices of ham, 1 slice of cheese, then microwave the whole thing for 45-120 seconds depending on your microwave. Wait about 30-60 seconds and eat. Try to use a better ham, a better cheese, or a better way of cooking and they're just not the same. I know, I've tried.
  2. Eddie Bauer evicted from Columbia Mall. What's Cooking has also closed in the food court, leaving only El Gordito for food in the mall. Victoria's Secret and Pink also closed this week. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/6545811-Clothing-store-Eddie-Bauer-evicted-from-Columbia-Mall
  3. Doubtful in the near to mid term; anything is possible in the long term(10 years+). Too many costs to jump into scholarship football this decade. They have to likely double or more the personnel in their athletic dept, big increase in travel costs, adding scholarships to all the other sports, they have to build several new facilities, and they have to commit to and achieve good hockey before they can think about going scholarship in football. If their donors really open their pockets, maybe start talking about scholarship football in about 10 years. If they don't, then the Pioneer indefinitely.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the waiver will be handled by a different committee or department. The one that just met is concerned with bigger picture things, while the department that grants the waiver will be one that looks at nuts and bolts. But that's just a guess.
  5. No, they basically said UST is in. The committee decided that a formal process(which needs to be written up and voted on) is better than dealing with waivers on a case by case basis. However, they don't want UST to have to wait for all that since they were the one that started all this, so they'll approve a waiver in this case as soon as it's submitted. IOW, "send something in so we can rubber stamp it, then go ahead and use the DII to DI process." It's basically the best news UST could have hoped for.
  6. ESPN+ for the regular season(MVFC has a contract with ESPN+). Playoffs get a little more erratic as that's a contract with the NCAA. Those are normally a mix of ESPN3 and the main channels. Bison games used to be mostly on ESPN3 a few years ago, but that changed as ESPN+ started growing into what it is today. I expect ESPN will continue to shift content to ESPN+ and mostly phase out ESPN3. It served its purpose as a bridge to full streaming.
  7. No. You have Hulu plus Hulu Live TV. ESPN+ doesn't come with either of those. The only bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ is the $12.99 version that also includes Disney+. But that version doesn't include Hulu Live TV, just the base Hulu.
  8. Nice to see Wenger Corp getting in on the athletic action. Historically a music equipment manufacturer in Owatonna, MN(chairs, stands, shells, lockers, storage systems), they started diversifying into marching band support equipment, which led into athletic support equipment since the needs overlap so much.
  9. If they can find a head coach. Rueful LOL. According to someone in the tweet comments, LIU was looking at a total of $150k for the entire coaching staff.
  10. And Florida Tech just dropped football, so that's another kick to the balls. (Just kidding. FIT is a small DII tech/engineering school that wants to be in the same mold as RPI or RIT. A DI move from them is highly, highly unlikely.)
  11. Got my guess in just in time. Official tweet dropped at 10:30am CST confirming it's a deal with Under Armor.
  12. As I'm writing this on the morning of the 11th, the news hasn't been released yet, but I'm at about 90% certain all it is is that they signed a deal with Under Armor. All the certainty came from the initial tweet several days ago(and I'm not the first to guess UA by a long shot). The text of the teaser video was the following: PROTECT THIS WE WILL I WILL THE ONLY WAY A NEW BEGINNING COMING SOON 5/11/20 Protect=Armor. "I Will" is Under Armor's company motto. "The Only Way Is Through" is a phrase from UA's 2020 ad campaign. Seems pretty conclusive to me, but we'll see in a few hours.
  13. Supposedly a mutual decision. Supposition could be that DR didn't think Cam developed enough and wanted to free up a scholarship, and Cam wanted playing time and realized he wasn't going to get at NDSU next year. I don't follow basketball enough to have an informed opinion, and it seems like the opinions of other NDSU basketball fans are all over the place. Some think Cam was useless; some think his leaving is horrible for the team. I see three scenarios, but unfortunately there's not enough info out there to figure out which it will be. First, the Summit might have gotten quiet word that the NCAA is going to hold off on allowing St Thomas to move to DI for at least a year or more, and the conference still wants to go to 10 quickly. They figure they might as well grab Augie and then deal with St Thomas later. By that time, maybe WIU will drop out or a 12th candidate will come along to keep things even. The second and third scenarios both think the site visit and vote are just the conference going through the motions and the decision has already been made. Either the conference doesn't want Augie, in which case the visit is just to appease Sanford/Krabbenhoft. On the flip side, maybe Sanford/Krabbenhoft has put enough pressure on the conference to force them to accept Augie and this vote is just a formality in the opposite direction. Writing this out made me think of a 4th possibility. Maybe WIU has let the Summit know that they might not be around in a few years and that they should just go ahead and take both Augie and St Thomas to get to 10. But without more info(that we're not going to get), we just can't make an informed guess.
  14. The part about the transfer waiver is true right now, but might not be true in a few days. It's been widely expected that DI is about to change the transfer rules to allow a one-time exemption in all sports, including men's basketball. It was supposed to be voted on this week during the big April meetings, but COVID issues may push that back to the June meeting. Some agenda items have already been pushed back(St Thomas and the DIII to DI process), but I haven't heard about this issue. Also want to reinforce part of what you're saying and correct another part because people often get them confused. A medical redshirt waiver is not the same as a five year clock extension waiver. Because Moody was injured early in the season, but after he competed, he needed to apply for a waiver so that this last season doesn't count against his four years of competition. That waiver is applied for right away and it sounds like he received it. The five year clock extention waiver is applied for only after five years. For that waiver, the student-athlete needs to show that they lost TWO seasons due to circumstances beyond their control. On paper, Moody does not qualify for that right now(he's only lost one season for reasons beyond his control). But if he were to be injured again, the waiver he just received could be used to apply for the other waiver.
  15. Pretty sure it has been. I remember reading stories about Augie formally applying. Feels like a year ago, but that's just because of COVID making time feel weird. However those stories had a very different feel because those reporters actually talked to some of the players and got a negative vibe from the Summit over Augie's chances. I think Augie's formal application was included in stories from the Argus and Forum in late Feb or early March, but the headlines were about Augie having an uphill battle to fight to convince the Summit presidents to accept them. I don't have subscriptions to either so I can't confirm, but I'm sure links to the stories are further up in this thread. edit: Yep, there's a link a couple pages back to a Forum story published March 6. I know the Argus published a story that day or the day before.
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