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  1. Exactly. I said UND #4 and Weber #5 because I think the loser of NDSU/SDSU will drop out of the seeding race. So maybe JMU, xDSU winner, & SHSU shift around a bit at 1-3, but UND slides safely into #4.
  2. You joke, but it actually would have helped either team's situation. MSU would look a lot better if they had done ANYTHING against Oklahoma(48-0) or NDSU(25-0). Same would be true if Weber had a single score loss to an FBS or top-5 FCS school in addition to their mediocre resume. At least it would show that they faced tough competition and did SOMETHING. Of course, if this year's selection committee emphasizes negative criteria rather than positive*, then my thoughts are out the window. *IOW, positive means a good win has more value than a loss. So UND's win vs. SDSU helps UND
  3. I don't think Weber is as much of a lock as you think. They played Idaho St twice, and barely squeaked by UCD, SUU & NAU. I could easily see the committee putting UND at 4 and Weber at 5. (They actually did already in their first(and only) mid-season ranking.) Weber's situation for a seed is the same as Missouri St's for a bid: they haven't done anything bad, but they haven't done anything impressive either.
  4. I think you guys are a fairly comfortable #4. The loser of the Marker game is going to get bounced out of the seeds. If JMU loses to Richmond(a good chance), and/or SHSU loses to Incarnate Word, you might even see #2 or #3. So if NDSU loses on Sat and is on the same side of the bracket as UND, a rematch could happen in GF.
  5. 100% UND is in the playoffs. I think 98% UND hosting(I'm fairly certain UND will get the 4 seed - but even hosting if they don't). I think you'd be pretty safe on the Senior Day stuff. It's a bit of a stretch*, but I think the rules would be relaxed this crazy year. *NCAA is fine with hosting schools doing all of their regular home game stuff as long as it isn't mocking or degrading to the other team. ex. "That's another FIRST DOWN!" is fine; a recording of crying baby sounds when the opposing coach argues with an official is not. Senior Day stuff is not regular for a home game, bu
  6. Without question, the cancellation sucks, but what would a forfeit do in this case? UND is already a conference co-champion, an added win doesn't have any bearing on the MVFC automatic qualifier situation, and the playoff selection committee would ignore it. It would only be an extra, only-on-paper, win in the historic win/loss stats. And it's not like YSU would care; 1-7 instead of 1-6? Whoopdi-do in this messed up season.
  7. The fall losses don't hurt MSU all that much. One was to Oklahoma, the other two were fairly close losses(6pt & 9pt) to a Central Arkansas team that would likely be fighting for a seed if they had chosen to play in the spring. MSU's problem is that their spring wins are very weak. WIU, SIU, USD, UNI, and a late-season YSU. Those teams have a combined conference record of 9-21. And with the exception of the YSU game, they were all one-score wins. They didn't get SDSU on their schedule, their game against UND was cancelled, and they weren't able to score even a point against NDSU(25-0).
  8. Nope. Once the job of seeding teams begins, the committee doesn't care about automatic qualifiers vs. at-large bids. Besides, there are only four seeds this year. Missouri State is on the outside of the bubble and needs a lot of help. The cancelling of the MSU/UND game was a disaster for their hopes. UND is seeded with a win(likely #4), and probably on the inside of the bubble with a loss.* NDSU is seeded with a win(likely #2), and unseeded with a loss. SDSU is seeded with a win(likely #2/3), and probably on the inside of the bubble with a loss. 80% c
  9. http://www.insideradio.com/free/flag-family-media-on-path-to-ownership-of-wday-fargo/article_a5f98d9a-236e-11eb-90bb-6322c6cb5a70.html
  10. Looks to be true(and a total joke - but not the April fools kind). The MEAC cancelled their season but allowed teams to play if they wanted to. Three did(which is the AQ minimum for this season). But one of those three is ineligible due to APR violations. So it's just Delaware St and SC St playing for the AQ. And both teams are 1-1. (Howard is 0-1 and ineligible.) I've been thinking the whole "shut it all down" talk was a grade-A overreaction, but if the playoffs have become this much of a joke...
  11. Maybe because the cross-ownership existed prior to 1975? I don't know. Did they allow grandfathering or approvals on a case-by-case basis? And ForumComm doesn't own WDAY-AM anymore. Or if they do, it won't be for long. ForumComm sold/is selling WDAY-AM to Flag Family Media.
  12. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/6926502-UNDs-20-25-million-addition-to-Pollard-Center-becomes-a-focus-as-Memorial-Stadium-project-appears-near All UND athletic offices, student-athlete academic center, and a hall of honor area will be part of the new mixed-use building that will be done in Aug 2022. All other parts of what used to be HPC phase 2 are still in fundraising mode, with funds hoped to be raised by the fall of 2023 and construction sometime after.
  13. Hammersmith


    Not disagreeing that Sanford has way more capability to donate compared to Altru, but hasn't UND received the same amount of money from Altru for athletic capital projects as NDSU has received from Sanford? I thought Altru donated $10M for the HPC and Sanford donated the same amount for the SHAC. I don't think Sanford has donated to any other NDSU athletic projects. That being said, I think NDSU has benefited from a better sports medicine partnership with Sanford compared to UND and Altru, but as far as raw money, I think it's been equal to this point.
  14. It only covers the main campaign season, and it only applies to political letters. Candidates and political campaigns were using letter-writing campaigns in lieu of buying ad space. FCC has been doing this for two full years, and there hasn't exactly been much hue and cry about it thus far. Once the election is over, political letters will again be printed free of charge until the next election season. As they say in the article, the use of letter-writing campaigns by political camps has forced newspapers into one of three choices: 1. Continue to print every letter free of charge, ad
  15. There won't be 3 FBS teams to play pretty soon. The MAC just called things off a few hours ago. They won't be the last. The chances of any college football this fall just got up from next to Slim and started walking towards None.
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