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  1. Hammersmith

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    You are correct; hockey is not a head-count(or full scholarship) sport. The only head-count sports are FBS FB, MBB, WBB, WGym, WVB & WTen. (Bylaws 15.5.2, 15.5.5 & 15.5.6). MIH is considered an equivalency sport like all the rest. However MIH has the additional requirement of no more than 30 counters(players receiving any amount of scholarship). So 18 scholarships split over 30 student-athletes, much like 63 scholarships over 85 student-athletes in FCS FB. The applicable bylaw is 15.5.7, and it hasn't changed in over 25 years. (8/1/93)
  2. Hammersmith

    Athletic Department "Flight Plan"

    Thanks, that's the guy.
  3. Hammersmith

    Athletic Department "Flight Plan"

    I had a question about the athletic department and didn't want to start a new topic. IIRC, you guys had a fantastic director of the Fighting Sioux Club back in the 90s. I was trying to remember his name, but I'm coming up blank in my memory and in google searches. Josh Morton comes to mind, but I thought he was director in the late 2000s, not the 90s. Unless maybe he left and then came back? Anyway, I'm pretty sure the guy I'm trying to remember came just before Sarah Newgard(found her name in an old media guide). Pat Simmers is retiring as director of Team Makers this May, and I wanted to use the name of your old director as the type of person we should be looking for. IIRC, he transformed the FSC into a professional fundraising organization and was well-liked and respected by most everyone while he was at UND. Just wish I could remember his name. Thanks.
  4. Hammersmith

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Cough. https://msudenver.edu/early-bird/2019/03/18-dii-vote.shtml (sorry everyone, just had to )
  5. Hammersmith

    Summit League MBB

    All $31,200?
  6. Hammersmith

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Not former, but not on the roster. Apparently a UND student athlete that works with the team during spring practice. At least according to a recent GFH article. And it was only posted here because that's were the debate seems to be. And only facts to resolve things thrown about.
  7. Hammersmith

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Or a date.
  8. Hammersmith

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Siouxswim1 is at least somewhat correct. Four UND athletes were arrested at a GF bar on the 2nd for being underage. Three from soccer and one from football(though not one currently on the roster). Like jdub27 keeps saying, public records aren't hard to verify. Not making value judgements or suggesting the story about a fight is accurate, just validating what's in the public record. Also, the police were called to either the Toasted Frog or Joe Black's three times that night for fighting or helping kick people out at the end of the night, but I have no idea if the two were connected.
  9. Hammersmith

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Thanks. My memory was positive it was $10M, but my quick Google search only found the HPF press release and that didn't include the other million.
  10. Hammersmith

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Don't be too jealous compared to NDSU. While it's true that Sanford Health donated $10M for the BSA renovation, Altru Health donated $9M to UND for HPF. On the other hand, Sanford Health donated over $20M to SDSU($10M for the football stadium, $10M for their IPF, and a good sized chunk of the $6M Dykhouse Center). They also donated $20M to USD for their athletic facilities complex(but not the Dakota Dome remodel, I believe.)
  11. Hammersmith

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Correct. Sometimes a PWO will sign a NLI as part of a signing ceremony, but it's a meaningless document for them. The NLI is a legal document, but it requires a scholarship offer to make it valid. No scholarship means no valid NLI. No valid NLI means no obligation for the student-athlete to actually attend the university in question.
  12. Hammersmith

    New OC Danny Freund

    HS JV OL & ST coach from a Milwaukee suburb. Played OL for UW-Eau Claire in the early 2000s. On the UND staff for at least a while, but the webpage is now 404. http://fhsgridironclub.weebly.com/coaching-staff.html http://www.fightingsioux.com/ViewArticle.dbml%3FDB_OEM_ID%3D13500%26ATCLID%3D204891108 Cached partial quote from google from the above link: "Prior to UND, Kubes worked as a high school football coach at various schools in the state of Wisconsin. Most recently he served as the head..."
  13. Hammersmith

    Time For Some New Blood

    Klieman is sitting at $450k right now, and could hit $475k this year with a NC. Math based off the 2016 contract that's still in force: Base salary of $325k($300k in 2016 with min 4% raise every year) + $25k personal appearance fee + $75k media appearance fee($65k in 2016 with $5k increases every year) + $10k for 8 wins + $10k for MVFC title + $5k for each NCAA home game($5k so far, $15k possible) + possible $15k for NC. He's also got a 1-time payment of $50k coming if he's still an NDSU coach on Jan 5. A big part of the contract is that NDSU assistant coaches must be paid salaries that are in the top 10% of FCS. Here's data that's a little old(2015-16 academic year): The average men's HC FTE salary at NDSU was $209k; UND's was $139k. The average men's assistant FTE salary at NDSU was $96k; UND's was $68k. That's men's coaches across the board; football, hockey, basketball, track & field, etc. It works out that NDSU pays roughly 40-45% more than UND on average. It's probably a bit worse than that in football as it's NDSU highest paid sport, and UND's second or third. NDSU's coordinators(highest paid assistants overall) are probably in the $150k range(+/-$20k). While Bubba is almost certainly being paid more, I doubt an offer of $205k would be something to jump at. (The GFH didn't publish the entire contract like the FF did with Klieman's, so a full apples to apples is a bit hard to do.) Just things for people to think about.
  14. Hammersmith

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Nope, no more details because the EWU board is using the same source. They link to the same tweet from the scout, and a news article about the same stadium plans. So far, everything comes back to that same questionable tweet.
  15. Hammersmith

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Snopes would grade his claim as mostly false. On Jan 17 of this year, a freelance HS scout from the northwest claimed in a tweet that the CWU president announced that the university intended to become a "DI FCS capacity school by 2020-2021". When asked by others for a source, the scout didn't reply. So two big problems. First, we have no confirmation that the president actually said this. The tweet mentions a video interview and a press release. But because the scout didn't reply, we don't know who the interview was supposedly with and can't confirm it. And there's no record I can find of the press release. The current CWU website doesn't go back that far, and a google news search of January doesn't turn up anything. You'd think something this big would have caused some ripples that google news would have picked up. Second, the president is only claimed to have said to be going for DI FCS capacity. There's a big difference between being ready for FCS and anticipating an invite is coming. Volley will likely claim that why would a president set a date without having insider knowledge of an invite. I would counter by suggesting that a big goal needs a time target or it's just a wish, not a goal. And that 2020 is both a nice round number and something somewhat achievable. Why might CWU be considering this? Well, they need a backup plan. With Humboldt State dropping football next year(it was only confirmed in July, but it was being talked about in Jan), that only leaves four FB teams left in the GNAC. There are some mild stadium upgrades going on now* that you can infer to mean that CWU plans to keep football. So something's gotta give. Either the GNAC needs more FB teams, or CWU needs to change division. I suspect their preferred choice is to get more DII FB teams, but they can't count on that. So, was Volley truthful? Not really. As is his MO, he stretched a questionable nugget of info past its breaking point and twisted the truth into a falsehood. IMO, of course. *There's a $10.4M project going on, but it's mostly just a refresh. The football stadium is getting new turf and lights, plus some minor amenity upgrades like renovated entry gates, bathrooms, and box office. The stadium upgrades will allow soccer and rugby to use the facility(expanding the field size by removing the surrounding track). The rest of the project is a new outdoor T&F facility with a recreational field in the infield. https://mobile.twitter.com/NW_Spotlight/status/953756990056022016 http://www.cwu.edu/north-campus/