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  1. Also, you really need to read McFeely's column about the experience of the WDAY/Forum Comm crew when they traveled down to Nicholls for the Bison game back in 2004. Whatever your feelings about McFeely or NDSU, the column is gold. https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/4788143-McFeely-Trip-to-Nicholls-State-in-2004-had-Forum-crew-asking-Is-this-how-it-ends-As-in-life
  2. Using this info, the simple break-even attendance point for a $50k bid(internal max) was about 5800 tickets at $20 each. The break-even point of the submitted bid was 7500. More than likely UND would have made its full 25% cut in the first case, but lost some of it had they won the hosting with the actual bid. (I suspect the actual attendance would have been closer to 6k.) My work: 75% NCAA cut of net * (ticket price * attendance - overhead) = UND bid .75(20x-50,000)=75,000 15x-37,500=75000 15x=112,500 x=7500 At 7500 tickets sold(all full price), UND would have made about $25k on the game, maybe less(the NCAA only guarantees a host 15% of the net).
  3. It's pretty much locked in NCAA policy that there must be at least 1 at-large bid for every 1 autobid. That's for every DI tournament, not just FCS or MBB. As for cutting down the FCS autobids, you can't really do that. If you just arbitrarily choose who gets them, you could be looking at a lawsuit you can't win. And there's no easy criteria you can use to exclude anyone that also gets you down to 8. And if you can't get down to 8, what's the point? The thing that upset the apple cart was the NEC adding scholarships. Prior to that, the committee was able to exclude them and the Pioneer because they were non-scholarship. That was a concrete reason to exclude, and not just some arbitrary "you're not good enough". But when the NEC became a scholarship conference, they had a right to an autobid. At that point, you might as well add at least the Pioneer and go to 20 teams(10+10). And once you go to 20, you might as well go to 24 to clean up the bracket. And having space for two more autobids makes sense in case the SWAC and MEAC ever want to rejoin, or the Ivy decides to take part, or a new conference forms like the Great West almost did before being absorbed into the Big Sky. Wanting the playoffs to go back to 16 is just unrealistic and a waste of time.
  4. The answer is that the SWAC and MEAC don't get autobids, so how can you take them away?
  5. You're missing my point. (hint: check out the actual list of autobid conferences)
  6. Either I'm missing your point or you're missing mine.
  7. Yeah, go tell the MEAC and SWAC that they're going to lose their autobids. That should be a funny conversation.
  8. I think UND could choose to fly in earlier, but they'd have to pay for the extra day(s) in the hotel and for the extra meals.
  9. My god, some of you are more insecure than Bison fans, and I thought that was impossible. What is the purpose of his article? That NDSU might get a bunch of different teams in the Fargodome this year instead of the same old, same old. So he ends the article with a scenario of three teams we've never seen in the playoffs before. That's not even close to the same thing as predicting a UND loss in the actual game. Here's the quote in full context:
  10. Wait a minute. Are you getting that from this?: https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/4785755-McFeely-And-now-for-something-almost-completely-different
  11. Not so much. They can do some stuff, but the modern era includes having proof of ticket sales and the like. But it is why you see playoff attendances that are so much lower than season averages. It's not that the schools are gaming the NCAA so much as being honest and not fudging the numbers like they do during the season. (I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way.)
  12. Regarding music being played on offense or defense: When music is playing, people tend to not make as much noise. Speakers are pointed to the stands, mouths are pointed to the field. I would consider playing music when UND is on offense to keep people from yelling, then turn it off when UND is on defense and use the boards and announcer to encourage the crowd to fill that silence with noise of their own. At least those sound waves will be traveling in the right direction. The band can be a positive if they have a good selection of shorts(2-10 seconds each), but they need a drum major or director that understands football in order to insert the right short at the right time. (That's actually how I became a FB fan - I was a drum major at NDSU for two years and needed to learn the basics of FB in order to do my job. Some DMs did, some didn't; I wanted to be one that did.) I would say the biggest problem(for every FB program, not just yours) is that you need a very unique person running things in the control room. To be really successful, they almost need to have a theatre background or something like it in order to understand how to pull everything together for an audience. But at the same time, they need to completely understand football. Not a typical combination of traits. And in a modern control room, you have so much technology to work with, so you have to add being a techie to that list of traits. Now that's a real tough combination to find; I've found them to be almost mutually exclusive. (which is also why local sports broadcasts often suck so much)
  13. OF THE NET. CAS was mostly right in what he said(his math was off a bit). If you solidly estimate the net will be $160k, you might as well bid $120k(or 75% of $160k). In fact, that's what the NCAA asks you to do.
  14. Maybe for the first round. The article states that bidding by the bigger boys starts at $200k and goes up from there.
  15. The committee pairs up all first round teams that are within 400 miles. There are going to be leftovers after that that need to be paired up however it works. When you're up where we are, you're normally one of the leftovers. If SDSU had been unseeded, the rules would have required them and UND to be paired up. But with SDSU a seed, there are no first round teams within 400mi of GF. So you go where they need you to. Not to mention that there weren't many unseeded western teams.
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