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  1. I would give you a wide berth in the concourse area. Because the Tiger logo tends to spin and bounce around - a lot!!
  2. One can hope, the NCHC needs to get the auto renewal stuff fixed that group is miserable to work with...
  3. Please let Midco put all of this on its streaming service.
  4. The fact that it wasn't behind a the paywall... means it is pure click bait. Absolutely no information. Seriously it was basically a summary of a thread on Bisonville and thats a low bar folks.
  5. You are correct. In my defense, it is NDSU and I just assumed that it would be done poorly!!
  6. You are correct and Golf was later given the opportunity to self fund. They had to have an endowment in place by a later date. Interesting that UND is looking into developing more revenue streams with the golf course property. Could all profits from this project going forward go toward the Golf program as part of that agreement.
  7. It's clear that this group wants a pound of flesh on this deal. Please contact NDSU and have a petition take place. If there is enough interest they are required by law to start a program. Problem solved. https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/columns/mcfeely-north-dakota-high-school-graduates-file-federal-lawsuit-against-und-for-cutting-womens-hockey
  8. Over on the Yote board - they have the new Pods and protected games for the MVFC (once MSU joins) as: NDSU: UND and SDSU SDSU: NDSU and USD USD: SDSU and UND UND: USD and NDSU Did anyone else hear about this? It was explained on Yotecast right after Murray State was added officially. NDSU plays UND & SDSU as their 2 to play every year I believe. SDSU has NDSU & USD. USD plays SDSU & UND.
  9. I think St. Thomas has a couple highly recruited players coming in this year. I look for StT to be improved this year.
  10. The U of M has been a mess for about 2 years now. It is not safe to be around campus at night.
  11. If it's Brooks that would be a good get!
  12. I remember UND hosting the final 8 teams that year. I watched all the first round games and I was blown away with how bad half the field was.. There were only 3 or 4 NCC level teams in the tournament.
  13. They still have the starter from last year returning Shelley. I didn't know this but - Shelley started as a Fr for Utah and then transferred and started for Utah St. and then again ended up transferring to MSU and starting.
  14. Not sure what's to clarify. It seems pretty clear to me.
  15. All depends on USC for the Pac 12. Much like Texas and OU for the Big 12.
  16. The top of the MWC is jumping ship to the Big 12 and Pac 12 and they are going to set sail with the P5. The remaining MWC is going to merge with the Top of FCS. The new MWC is going to be a distinction without a difference from the MWFC.
  17. The only care when you are voicing opposition at schools boards and city council meetings.
  18. One is a football only league and the other is hockey only... its those details that matter so much these days.
  19. Well, she was on rowing team at Iowa and a Phycology major (who isn't anymore). She spent the last ten years at SCSU killing football. I can see her value as lecturing everyone on the proper use of pronouns and the need for safe spaces in hockey. And just in case you have not heard this one recently. She is the first! woman to be hired to her current role. Yeah 2022!!!! and NCHC is going woke. I hope it works out. Seriously, I think I would rather see Jen Sakai as commissioner.
  20. Well, I don't know this person. But as a general rule - nothing good comes out of SCSU. So, I have very low expectations.
  21. This right here, UND and Summit League games were all over the place and not all UND/Summit League games were on ESPN+ so you had to go hunting around looking for them. It was frustrating at times.
  22. I absolutely agree... Midco has knocked the production out of the park. I don't want to see that change. I would like to see UND put its sports on Midco streaming. So, you could get around all other other packages required. One stop shopping for UND sports - Midco Streaming - Please.
  23. I picked up on it because I follow Matt Brown. I looked at the work on the Summit League. I agreed with some it and other parts not so much. I think Matt Brown does good work and he really concentrates at the Mid Major/FCS/D-II sports level of college sports. As a Sioux fan, I find it interesting. He and a group of other like minded individuals are building a cross platform group. And they are sharing content with each other. Here are some of the links if you are interested. Extra Points with Matt Brown (extrapointsmb.com) You can also sign up for D1.ticker at https://www.d1ticker.com Collegiate Sports Connect at https://csconnect.live/sign-up
  24. Interesting link rating of all Summit League schools by Athletic Department. https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/athletic-department-power-index-summit-league/ Interesting Tableau Chart: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/athleteviewpoint/viz/AthleticDepartmentRanking/SchoolComparison I think there are some interesting nuggets in the data and comments.
  25. Only 1 school in sodak with Hockey. Sioux Falls fans will show up.
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