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  1. Can't argue with that, but hopefully the old NCC schools of UND, USD, SDSU, NDSU, Omaha, St. Thomas can plus, larger urban schools of DU, ORU and UMKC can keep things more stable going forward. The reality is that academic profile of the Summit League has really solidified and in many ways the Summit League is comparable to both the MVC and HL. Summit League: Institution Location Population MSA Rank Growth Type Enrollment Endowment Research University of Denver Denver, Colorado 2,960 19 12.3 Private 11,952 $711,345,798 R2 University of Missouri–Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri 2,190 31 9.09 Public 16,944 $152,800,000 R2 University of Nebraska Omaha Omaha, Nebraska 970 58 11.82 Public 15,431 $72,000,000 R2 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota 105 348 6 Public 13,847 $366,000,000 R2 North Dakota State University Fargo, North Dakota 250 192 19.67 Public 14,358 $201,600,000 R2 Oral Roberts University Tulsa, Oklahoma 1,010 55 8.3 Private 4,053 $40,490,533 University of St. Thomas Saint Paul, Minnesota 3,700 16 10 Private 9,878 $519,000,000 University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota Public 10,151 $213,560,000 R2 South Dakota State University Brookings, South Dakota Public 12,613 $135,700,000 R2 Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois Public 7,624 $32,134,249 Missouri Valley: Institution Location Population MSA Rank Growth Type Enrollment Endowment Research Bradley University Peoria, Illinois 402 136 -3.33 Private 5,451 $324,900,000 Drake University Des Moines, Iowa 709 82 16.98 Private 5,270 $219,800,000 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois 54 4 Public 20,706 $151,000,000 R2 Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana 185 231 -2.49 Public 13,584 $70,000,000 Loyola University Chicago Chicago, Illinois 9,600 3 1.66 Private 16,437 $711,000,000 R2 Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri 475 117 8.87 Public 26,000 $145,800,000 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois 133 310 -4.11 Public 11,695 $154,000,000 R2 University of Evansville Evansville, Indiana 314 164 0.8 Private 2,526 $93,400,000 University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa 276 178 7.2 Public 12,273 $135,000,000 Valparaiso University Valparaiso, Indiana Private 4,500 $254,000,000 - Research Levels - Summit League has 7 schools vs 3 MVC schools at R2 research activities - SL has 5 markets over 1 million in population. MVC has 1 market - now it's a monster (Chicago). But, 6 of the MVC markets have growth rates less than 4% and 4 of them are basically zero or less than zero. All of the Summit League markets are growing at healthy rates. The MVC has 3 healthy growth markets. - And the endowments for the schools are very comparable. So, in many ways the Summit League has put together several nice pieces. Now, several of these schools have to show signs of growing on the athletics side of things. But, the pieces are there to be leveraged. To be honest, I think you can ask questions on how healthy are all the Illinois and Chicago area schools and the MVC is very Chicago based. If Loyola leaves the MVC for the Big East or A10. It would have a huge hole to fill. NOTE: It has been stated that the MVC is looking toward the southern US for it's next expansion plans (two schools being mentioned ORU and Unv Texas- Arlington). I think the primary reason is that they are looking for larger healthy growth markets - which they don't have beyond Des Moines, Cedar Falls and Springfield. And the Summit League does (Denver, MSP, Tulsa, Kanas City, Omaha). The Summit League does have some positives.
  2. Or up your game and take the conference to the next level..
  3. Create separate practice facility for VB/Basketball and then put permanent seating on both ends of the court. Plus remove the existing telescoping lower level seating and rework all of that with more premium seating and more permanent seating. I think the framework is in place - they just needs to take it to the next level.
  4. SDSU just announced an $50 million dollar renovation to Frost and it should be done by 2023 or 2024. USD - New Basketball/Volleyball (4,000) and major renovation of the Dakota Dome. NOTE: USD has mortgage payments for the next 20 years. SDSU - New football stadium, new indoor practice facility and now $50 renovations to Frost (5,500). NOTE: SDSU has mortgage payments for the next 20 years. NDSU - Fargo Dome, renovations to BSA (5,460) and new indoor practice facility. Everything paid for I think.. might have some Dome renovations to pay for not sure. UND - Alerus Center, new indoor practice facility... do we need to up grade the Betty (3,300). UND is facilities debt free - just finished paying for the Betty. We have an arms race in the Dakotas..
  5. FSSD

    FBS games

    Taylor M. is going to get a good coach fired!!!
  6. Is prostitution legal in ND? And I agree - this sting seems a bit much.
  7. Oh, I don't think he is joking.
  8. I was absolutely against the new nickname and the Steggie Mike statue. But, given some of stuff that I have seen on social media. I am starting to regain my faith in Gen Z students. I kind of miss seeing that abomination. I turns out it was so bad, that it was good. I know a low bar indeed.
  9. My guess is that Vandal fans are getting a twofer trolling ISU and Boise State (field colors) at the same time.
  10. It will be interesting to see the qualifications of the next commissioner given the NCAA meeting coming up later this year.
  11. That should be no problem with Stego arms.. The football strength coach has some arms on Mike this year.
  12. The name and now the Statue is HundyP group think. This should be a Case Study in the business school of what not to do.. Salty Mike should be call Steggie Mike with those stegosaurus arms.
  13. Good grief - he is the missing link between stegosaurus and Hawk. Salty Mike has a stegosaurus arms!?!?
  14. Does gfhockey do football?
  15. Still ball'n at over $8,000
  16. Well, let's go for $20,000!!
  17. Even though I still harbor a great deal of hostility toward offensive lineman, guards in particular. I scratched together some change from under the couch cushions and asked that it go toward a offensive tackle. Let's get this done folks. Coach Bubba sorry to hear about your recent loss - thoughts and prayers.
  18. I think that Vaughn and Brock on the field at the same time would create more options for both players.
  19. School Football Hockey Wrestling Baseball Basketball Cross/Track Golf Tennis Track I/O Total North Dakota 63 18 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 115.6 North Dakota State 63 9.9 11.7 13 12.6 4.5 114.7 School Basketball Cross Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball Track I/O Total North Dakota 15 18 6 14 12 8 12 85 North Dakota State 15 18 6 14 12 12 77 School Total 2019 Difference North Dakota 200.6 208 7.4 North Dakota State 191.7 180 -11.7 Thanks again - Dan - let me know if I have anything else that needs to be updated.
  20. Thanks, I knew that I had something off.... so we are looking at 11.7 under funding for NDSU. Thanks for the correction Dan.
  21. P5 can keep its College Football Playoff and 85 scholarships and do their own thing. 75-85-scholarship subdivision merger between top FCS teams and G5 teams that don’t get poached to P5 conferences 63-scholarship for rest of FCS and any D2 teams that wanna jump Today's P5 - I think you might see some teams dropping down. They may not want to keep up with the Jones as they say. Because the large power school are going to say either invest or get out. But, we are tired of you riding along. In addition, I can see them going back to 100 scholarships. Why risk losing talent to the lower levels. Today G5 - If there is a hard wall between P5 and G5. And P5 expands scholarship limits. That means less talent available and why continue to apply the 85 scholarship limit. Plus without guarantee games more schools will be losing money. I can see a potential reduction in the number of scholarship for G5 maybe back down the FCS type levels and rules or lower. Bottom level of FCS and D2 - I can see them merging and scholarship levels reduced from 63 to 45 max and 20 min. All non scholarship football programs - Does the Dayton rule really make sense in today's athletics. I don't know.. So, they play in a new D-III for football. Hamline/Macalester really get crushed now.
  22. Someone DM'd me and they gave a very plausible reason for UND being above the current max allowed. It because UND is still honoring scholarship commitment from the cutting of sports in 16/17. So, it is very likely that UND will be seeing a reduced scholarship load by approximately 7 scholarships in the near future. But, I still don't have a reason why NDSU is 16 scholarships under the max. Oh well, but Bison73 I think clearly shows that UND is hyper funded and NDSU is potentially under funded at this point. Let me know what you see wrong with those conclusions. In my opinion, all the D1 requirements and levels in particular appear to be changing based on yesterdays news of a conference to discuss these requirements. So, this is all kind of moot at this point. But, I just wanted to wrap up the topic.
  23. I am sure that I have something off, when I add up the max allowed by sport for mens and womens for UND and NDSU. I have the following: Men: School Football Hockey Wrestling Baseball Basketball Cross/Track Golf Tennis Total North Dakota 63 18 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 115.6 North Dakota State 63 9.9 11.7 13 12.6 4.5 4.5 119.2 Women: School Basketball Cross Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball Total North Dakota 15 18 6 14 12 8 12 85 North Dakota State 15 18 6 14 12 12 77 Total For All Sports: School Total North Dakota 200.6 North Dakota State 196.2 Then looking at Jdub27 numbers it looks like UND is 7.4 above the max and NDSU is 16.2 below the max. I must be missing something here. But, I am not sure what? For 2019: UND gave out $5.5 million though 208 full equivalencies to 328 student athletes. NDSU gave out $4.8 million 180 full equivalencies to 323 student athletes.
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