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  1. If you want UND players to look like NDSU players, get a team pharmacist, not a team nutritionist.
  2. I like having the students sit behind the opposing team. Plus, they generate about 80%of the noise on third down. Take away some of their upper level seating. But leave it at that as far as I am concerned. There is no shortage of good seats at the alerus.
  3. Sioux95

    Onto Sam Houston

    Happy to hear that. Considering Zim hasn't played a lot of games for us, he seems to be doing well. He might even take a pretty big step forward after last week. If he eventually gets replace by kett, then use him to teach Blubaugh how to tackle.
  4. SU is getting about 10 yards per carry every time they get to the edge. Other than that, the d line is looking better than I would have predicted. I like Zim, hope to see more of him this year. Hope to not see Kostich after today...
  5. Is Kyle Sloter the UNC QB that UND destroyed the last two times we played against him?
  6. We should be fine with just 10 games. In the MVFC 6 wins can get you into the playoffs, even if you aren't UNI. ;-)
  7. Or wants to be a pilot?
  8. Sioux95

    Spring Ball

    At least this year when we tell ourselves UND is trying not to show other teams any of the new wrinkles they are putting in the offense, we can believe it.
  9. Sioux95

    2019 Season

    Gordon could easily end up as our feature RB this fall. I like the move.
  10. Does the NCAA have an obligation to look into the situation at NDSU a little closer? And not just from the stand point of it's the right course of action, but from the stand point of this would be a required action on their part when there is credible evidence a school may be promoting cheating. I would assume their would be something like that actually written in the by-laws.
  11. Sioux95

    2019 Season

    Regarding our new d-line coach... "Holinka spent three seasons (2015-17) at Winona State as Special Teams Coordinator and linebackers coach. He helped lead the Warriors to a 10-2 record in 2017 and an NCAA playoff berth with WSU ranked first in the NSIC in punt returns, kick returns and kick coverage. In 2016 Winona State ranked second nationally in punt return and sixth in blocked kicks. " Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
  12. My guess would be Adderall. Far from caffeine, which is what every bison fan is trying to get us to believe. Until we here more, these are all just guesses though. Nobody really believes it was caffeine do they? Come on people.
  13. Not sure what all the angst is about. The QB from Michigan looks good. Some things could use a little cleaning up, but he was very successful at a high level. Anyone who can go 13 for 13 in a big game and has his speed and elusiveness has a chance to be successful in FCS. My bet is he plays a lot of meaningful downs for us and more than holds his own.
  14. That article doesn't make a case for a fair an honest media. The story was only written after it was blatently obvious that the Fargo media was in bed with NDSU football by not reporting anything earlier. That and it gave the Fargo media an opportunity to tell everyone nobody really did anything wrong... The kid took the equivalent of a 5 hour energy drink. Sure....
  15. Last year's duo of Odom and Siegel was pretty good... maybe not quite at the level of this year's. Holm was also a great get. With over a week to go, I wonder if we are going to see any surprises?
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