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  1. Agree that we get in at 4 - 1. Missouri state lost several games last fall and that likely keeps them out, and I think three valley teams could get in. Getting in at 4 - 2 would probably require sdsu and missouri state to lose one more game, which could happen.
  2. I'm pretty sure the game is on kvly. The poster asked for viewing options for people who weren't local
  3. Anyone know how home field will be determined. With some states capping attendance and some not, a bidding process doesn't seem like the way to do it.
  4. I know there were a couple in game 1 this year
  5. Agree. At this point I wouldn't trade holinka for schmitty.
  6. I think Tommy would look a little better if maag was better at making adjustments to the ball. He's great at catching a ball in stride but it seems like the ball needs to be right on the money for maag to get a reception. He doesn't seem to have the catch radius of somebody like wanzak. Maybe we should be targeting someone else for the big down field plays?
  7. Did I read somewhere that Will Ratelle was on the UND strength and conditioning staff?
  8. Don't worry. As long as there's still tape out there from the Rudy years no one is ever going to be believe it.
  9. Looks like midco sn + will be streaming the game.
  10. Choate did a solid job at MSU. Wonder if Given can be as successful? It's worth mentioning that bubba has faired pretty well against montana state. Now if we could just compete well against idaho state...
  11. Any idea if the games will be on midco sn +?
  12. so, midco sn plus would be your answer, at least for getting midco out west, correct? Or am I missing something?
  13. I wonder if there was any talk in the the P5 about breaking away from the NCAA and forming an association that would make it more reasonable to play this fall? A scaled down testing protocol, looser social distancing and contact tracing guidelines,and an association that would take on more liability risk would have gone a long way toward saving the season.
  14. I think Cole Reyes made a similar statement his freshman year. That didn't turn out too badly.
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