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  1. Including this year, Schuster has 4 years of eligibility left, correct?
  2. He needs to improve his catch radius if he is going to take a big step forward this season.
  3. Sioux95

    Summer Camps

    Whether we get the out of state kids or not, I like the idea of offering them. It ups the price tag for schools like SDSU.
  4. I was surprised SDSU didn't try to run a play that would have given them a chance at a last second field goal. I think they still had a timeout left. Or if you want to run the hook and ladder, get the ball to your stud running back.
  5. Sort of hate to see this guy go. He had some really good catches at key moments for us this year. Made Me excited about our potential to use tight ends again for the first time since the Chad mustard era.
  6. I remember it well. Often is almost an understatement. I think it was rare to see one completed.
  7. I heard on the Bison radio station today that if ndsu and und win, ndsu will host the game. Not sure if that is true, just repeating what I heard.
  8. We had a chance to hire this guy didn't we?
  9. We beat sdsu, the number one seed and did that after getting off to a poor start. We easily beat another playoff team that is still in the mix. Jmu has had a couple games this year where they did not look very good. 28 - 17 UND. Tommy will throw for over 200 yards and after the game people will complain that he isn't a big enough running threat and that somehow makes us one-dimensional. Ndsu's quarterback will throw for 50 yards and their fan base will think he is the next coming of Trey Lance.
  10. If bo doesn't recover quickly enough to be full strength in the fall, can he redshirt and stiy get 4more years to play? Just wondering how things work with this year that doesn't count.
  11. I thought both of the long balls tommy threw were right on the money. If the receiver had dropped either of those passes, you would have understood?
  12. Preston could be in the mix too?
  13. This is painful. I just want to see Quincy play a little.
  14. Did anyone having any trouble streaming the game from ESPN Plus?
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