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  1. I'm betting on Schuster, but like having three legitimate options. Anyone heard if Zimmerman was going to try to get a 6th year?
  2. Skokna had minimal to no impact in the UNC game. Take that game away and we get the post season with his redshirt intact
  3. Any ideas on a good place in Fargo to watch the game?
  4. Sioux95

    Playoff Time

    Are you talking about NDSUs last game against SIU or their game against Missouri State?
  5. Sioux95

    2019 Season

    In 2015 we didn't get any help from our conference. If UND was in the BSC this year we would be the 5th BSC team in, and that might actually be a tougher sell than letting us in as an independent.
  6. Sioux95


    Fair enough. I'll revise my comment to say better judgement about what's best for the program. Burning Skokna's redshirt to play in a couple of playoff games is one thing, but burning it to play against UNC or SUU is inexcusable, even if the kid was pushing for it. Some will say you can't predict the future, one play and his career could be over, etc, but that works both ways. It's a much safer bet that if we don't make the playoffs this year, 3 years from now we'll all wish he had redshirted. I'm tired of trading kid's best year for their worst year.
  7. Sioux95


    If that's true in Skokna's case, we need to find a coaching staff with better judgement, leadership, and commitment toward what's best for the program. End of story.
  8. Sioux95


    So you would play Skokna next weekend, and if we lost, you would be comfortable with the fact that that single game cost him an entire year of eligibility?
  9. Sioux95


    At this point in the season, why wouldn't you redshirt him? Let's say he plays next week and we don't make the playoffs. Can anyone tell me playing him was a reasonable decision made with forethought?
  10. Sioux95


    Agree that Skokna was an option because Gee was out, but with McKinney back, Gordon available, and a suposed weak team on the schedule, it was pure coaching incompetence to play Skokna early in the game. The Schuster situation was no better. Others have said it - you wouldn't see this at other schools.
  11. Sioux95


    So you're saying that because he would only be available for 1 playoff game at most, it made sense to play him yesterday in what was expected to be an easy win, instead of saving him for the playoff game. Brilliant.
  12. Sioux95


    For wasting an entire year of eligibility by putting a player in a game at the end of the season where we didn't need him to play. I'm tired of trading player's best year for their worst year, and in Skokna's case, this is absolutely senseless. Had he sat today, we could have had him for a playoff game without risking his redshirt. Really poor call to play him today.
  13. Sioux95


    Why did Skokna play today? Seems like a really bad decision by the coaching staff. Have they given up on saving a year of eligibility for him? If he plays against SUU I hope Chaves fires bubba on Sunday morning regardless of whether we make the playoffs or not.
  14. Sioux95


    Is the game on Pluto TV?
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