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  1. It didn’t say what he would be back a 100% from, could be an illness, sometimes Drs won’t clear you to play
  2. Tom Miller reported in paper yesterday after the game that bubba expects weah to be back for homecoming game And be 100% this is what bubba told Tom I guess we should know tomorrow it was in the article 5 things you may have missed in the game
  3. I guess we will find out tomorrow at press conference
  4. Thought coach said he was sick and should be back this week?
  5. Announced over attending under
  6. If schuster is a sophomore why would any QB want to wait 3 years to play 1 or 2 maybe in the portal
  7. 100 players on a team 60 some scholarships give walk ons a lot of credit, have all the practice, no money, don’t usually travel they put a lot into the program probably with very little hope of playing and they could still end up being the next Adam thielen
  8. Didn’t look like that many in the stands
  9. I thought schuster played better after Q had been in both QBs threw passes in the end zone that should be caught not sure why we seem to come out slow and look discombobulated takes 60 minutes and sometimes more to win a game
  10. We beat the snot out of these guys last year they reload and we shitour pants
  11. We lost a lot 0f yards today by not fielding their punts must have someone who could fair catch those punts
  12. No, but the results would have been the same if he missed
  13. We have too many chances away when we didn’t try the field goal we didn’t get first down if we tried and missed the ball is in about the same place anyway try the kick
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