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  1. So these new conferences take their sports out of the ncaa what happens to the sports like hockey that are big schools and little schools, some would be ncaa and some wouldn’t?
  2. Maybe ndsu can join them and a few other bottom feeders
  3. Maybe we need a special real estate tax rate for buildings sitting empty, a rate that is considerably higher
  4. Any reports on how the QBs are doing in summer workouts? I hope this year when I watch from the stands I don’t know what play is going to happen before the ball is snapped. Seems like we are so predictable. I hope the coaches are working on getting plays called on time without using timeouts. I hope there is another leader like digger Anderson was or another recking ball like Hendrickson was on defense.
  5. As long as you don’t get a get out of jail free card
  6. I’m not on twitter so I don’t think it really matters what it says when you see some of the teams people are following and no UND followers in that county?
  7. What’s it going to take to get Grand Forks growing you look at Fargos south end and West Fargo and how they grow is the new mayor making any difference when I drive up 29 thru grand forks you don’t see much new
  8. That’s what I refer to
  9. How dare you blaspheme the metro. Everything they do is a cut above the upper Midwest. Everyone knows who the bizon are. Everyone knows sidewalls aren’t safe when they are in town .
  10. When coaches recruit players they must talk with the players high school coaches. If so where was Feeney on this ? they must be able to get grades and talk about character with the coach?
  11. There is a difference between scrutinizing and pot stirring there is a difference between in house information and out house information
  12. Surprised mcfooley isn’t pot stirring here too
  13. I doubt Bubba was playing him if the university said he couldn’t play there must be rules that they follow when someone is accused of something can they play until a hearing is held?
  14. Radio stations absent are Minot, Tioga, Wahpeton.
  15. I know who I would bet on
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