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  1. Refs deserve a game misconduct for that call
  2. Another stupid ass turnover and a penalty
  3. I guess if you aren’t a hot goalie it’s your fault
  4. Who had our turnover on the first goal?
  5. I guess coach doesn’t have confidence in our other goalies can the others start a game any worse than this one
  6. Kab

    The Herald

    Same place 99 % of media are, chasing down fake news and reporting it as gospel
  7. Kab

    The Herald

    I read the buy line and if it’s Washington post I usually won’t read it I usually look at the Dickinson press and they seem to cover their local news rather good
  8. Kab

    The Herald

    So much stuff to read online that isn’t behind a paywall I used to buy the Sunday papers to read box scores, now most are online somewhere after the game along with video most small town newspapers news is a week old by the time the paper comes out.
  9. Some head scratchers in this one, put a short defensive player 0n their big, like I said before get Marco some minutes shot selection at times time outs not used to stop a run lets go get the ac on Saturday
  10. Sat her has to learn to call a time out to stop runs these refs suck
  11. Thanks SW for the write ups on the games. does DAE have to sit out any part of this game for being tossed from the last game?
  12. Do you think at hedbergs age he is,looking to start changing jobs must in mid 60s
  13. There is a lot of upside for this team didnt seem like a lot of emotion from the team except for DAE when he was tossed good for him
  14. Get some game time playing for these kids a few minutes here and there may help the end of the year’ Davids didn’t play marco didn’t play altebauers didn’t play
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