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  1. Kab

    UND Budget Cuts

    Not saying he would be interested i see him on Tv a lot talking about their new programs and fund raising, new engineering program wont be long before they start looking at a medical school too, i don’t see the same thing out of Kennedy not in grand forks, does kennedy get out and meet with local leaders or does his surrogates do that too
  2. Kab

    UND Budget Cuts

    Kennedy needs to be gone not sure what he has accomplished for us look at what Shea has done at Mary lets get that guy soon Mary will be bigger than UND and hockey too
  3. Kab

    UND Budget Cuts

    This doesn’t surprise me coming from kennedy wasnt long ago he thought he needed a party planner too this won’t last long as the heat will be too much for kennedy to stand why does anyone want to donate to UND when crap like this goes on
  4. Kab

    2019 Season

    Will be interesting to see how the offense changes sitting in the stands last years we could almost call every play before it happened i think I was surprised once when Rudy called a naked bootleg other wise you knew what was coming i hope we start going more on 4th and shorts too
  5. One coach made adjustments and Jones?
  6. Kab

    WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    And she thinks she is going to control the world she had less than 16000 votes the othe guy must have beenbad keep drilling
  7. No assistant coach capable of taking over either
  8. This is on jones this has to be it the ndsu coach is bad but he is better .than jones
  9. Dumb ass Jones doesnt know when to call a time out
  10. Just when we are close we have a dumb turnover and take a dumb shot, that’s the IQ we don’t have had a williston jr. high coach would call a timeout and say where in our playbook does it say get the ball and do something stupid with it
  11. Walter sure has bad turnovers in key parts of the game
  12. They speak of basketball IQ dont think we have any
  13. Seems Walter will take at least two dumb fouls a game
  14. Is there a stat on lazy passes we would lead that category
  15. Kab

    UND at Denver

    Discipline is on the coaches shove their ass on the bench for a few games when they take a 5