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  1. P5 won’t go for this too many schools
  2. Until there is RPI for football sections are at the discretion of a committee, unless auto bids like basketball
  3. I see Cincy is preseason about 11 or 12 for next year. They still have to play the games. I don’t see too many g5 teams making a 12 team playoff. the bison love Corso, ask him what he thinks of g5 teams, they won’t like the answer
  4. As football fans how many of you watch a g5 game that is on tv? When I see one I usually skip over it and look for a p5 game. Even the p5 games I look at who is playing before watching it. I also notice the stands are pretty empty at a lot of g5 games. Attendance at a lot of sporting events is down. I don’t think Und hockey has the vibe it once did. If ndsu wants to move up let them go. Does bison 73 post this stuff on bisonville where it belongs?
  5. Not sure how to read all the numbers does every school use the same accounting principles when reporting their income and expenses are all the conference schools on cost of attendance? tough to compare when you have champions club and engelstad giving and taking ndsu with team makers i think both Und and ndsu are tied into Lear field sports, not sure about the other schools i read the financials with some skepticism
  6. From previous post from one one
  7. I don’t give a squat what they do as a YOU PEOPLE I’m just asking questions that YOU PEOPLE won’t answer if they move up move all athletics
  8. How many years is that $3 million for?
  9. You still didn’t answer if you want all sports to move to 1 conference also when you talk about media market,FM area is about 5 to 6% of Mpls. Metro population so it’s a small market
  10. Not controversial, more reality you want all sports, correct?
  11. Too bad they couldn’t just declare FBS and go independent, schedule all non conference games with big 12, sec, pac 12
  12. Is his family here? has anyone seen them at games?
  13. It could be worse, you don’t know either
  14. They had 11 steals we had 16 turnovers comes down to basketball IQ
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