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  1. Kab

    Fargo Economy

    These production companies will come back stronger after this is over there will be many construction projects being funded by the government
  2. Do you think he will move to d2
  3. I would hope when the vaccine comes out people will be getting this and other vaccines in great numbers those that don’t maybe need to be quarantined when the seasons come around
  4. The FDA approved the use of this today so Drs. Using it wouldn’t be using it as off label. some agree some disagree, if I’m sick I would want to try it
  5. Thought they had cancelled everything earlier
  6. It’s amazing the states that don’t want the feds to do anything normally except send them money and now it’s trumps fault that they aren’t prepared each state is different and it’s best for the governors to run their states they can bitch all they want but when they do a post virus analysis they will have 4 fingers pointing back at them NY is supposedly putting 2 patients on a ventilator while ventilators sit in storage this isn’t trumps fault that’s on Quomo
  7. If the season is cancelled I would assume the next year would be using the 2021 schedule what happens to players’ assume all seniors would get another year that would mean you would have 2 years of freshman coming in that year what happens to all the scholarships what a mess this would be
  8. This may be an opportunity for someone to take over a shaky business i wonder if the new look of a restaurant will take into account the social distancing and not cram everyone in tight spots
  9. What ND companies could adapt to making masks n95 masks ventilators respirators other medical equipment face shields
  10. Thank you for the email and questions. It is always tricky when we are dealing with multiple constituencies (our alums, fans, families and students). Given the support our student body provides to us annually, candidly - we have not discussed moving them from their seating. this was Chaves response when I emailed him about moving the students i guess they figured out the right way forward
  11. Just don’t want half the stadium filled with bison fans
  12. Next year it will be interesting to see what they do with ticket sales for the bison game Should let champions club and UND alumni have first chance at tickets before general ticket sales
  13. Thanks for all you’re doing Keikla was talking to some Canadians that have to go home they were wishing they could stay down here they were worried about driving back thru NY on their way home, I guess they lose their health insurance if they don’t go home
  14. It’s not, that’s my point, the Problem is when states don’t take care of them selves and then blame the feds for not taking care of them
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