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  1. If I watch any pro sports this year I will start after any pregame is over and the game has started i see the NBA is going to allow players to put remarks on their jerseys will they allow someone to say police matter?
  2. Revenue for all universities will be down in athletics people don’t have the disposable income to be able to attend these events and some people will not attend due to the virus i think pro sports will suffer worse and companies will cut back on advertising due to many reasons including politics and therefore tv ratings will be way down too
  3. Hanks was called the Scorios I don’t know if that old school still stands or not, located a few miles east of Grenora
  4. With the current police climate a criminal justice department that can develop new curriculum That still maintains police integrity could be a big get for a *university. Grand Forks needs to work with UND to attract students and business New Mayor, new UND president, now is the time to get going and be proud of the city and university
  5. Give appropriate incentives dont give the farm and have no way to pay for infrastructure and schools
  6. So do coaches now have to ask recruits if they have ever said, thought or heard a racist word?
  7. I tried to watch some games on my iPad thru midco but the iPad didn’t support their app. i could watch on my I-phone since that was older and it did support their app. i guess this is supposed to be getting fixed in the months to come . espn is only $5 per month and the quality is good
  8. Kab

    Grand Forks Economy

    Don’t know who is making the decisions at Altru but whoever made the decision to cut one floor and then to put construction on hold needs to be gone. interest rates are low and this needs to be finished asap i would like to know the costs of doing those 2 things as opposed to finishing the project as planned paying interest on a project on hold and more architect fees
  9. May I suggest that congress and the press go on a cruise and come back when the virus is gone talked to a lefty today and China didn’t have anything to do with the spread of this maybe he should be on the cruise too
  10. Kab

    The Herald

    Tried then99 cent for a month promotion was billed $100 yearly fee and $9.99 monthly fee within a week trying to get money back has been a bad experience
  11. Will any UND players get an invite to rookie camp?
  12. I see a barber in Dickinson is going to open May 1st no matter what Doug says. It’s time to let the people decide. we can make our own decisions, the people who would inject Lysol are probably the same people using meth.
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