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  1. Kab

    Make REA Fun Again...

    Need to fill the place up every game and lower the prices on everything, tickets, parking and food. the band could help, the best band I have heard in there was Michigan’s band during the regionals get fans that want to be there, we do have a marketing program ,get the students involved. without students it’s just a boring, quiet crowd.
  2. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Mcfooley is just that a fool he goes to great lengths put UND down whenever he can this self righteous sob will someday get his due. he reminds me of the the people that preach self righteous BS and then soon you see their name in the paper for doing that exact same thing his day will come
  3. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    We haven’t had good luck getting staff from minot state, Rudy, not sure how Grabowski is but working with Jones can’t be easy, Surely their is someone besides Shirley. i would think there are several UND grads that are running multimillion dollar companies that May like the challenge .
  4. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Did Colorado say it was OK to give his resignation? did he give his resignation? that 14 day period seems to put the finalist in a tough position. did he count his chickens too early? whatever happens I hope he is gone so we can move on and to the state board Delorenzo is not the solution.
  5. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I don’t give Kennedy a pass because of the budget. What state agency didn’t have to deal with budget issues. You can still grow the university at the same time budgets were cut. A lot of his problems were optics amongst the poor decisions he made. Sort of like our governor with budget cuts but then he is exposed with travel issues and demands for the new house.
  6. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Heitkamp thinks Shirley should get the job, as did Al Carlson Heitkamp also mentioned the timing is bad because the legislature will thumb their nose at UND and the governor doesn’t like UND i take what he says with a block of salt but with this legislature and the board of Higher Education, (oxymoron with that name) you never know what happens
  7. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    From day one he had no intention of being here with his attitude of wanting to be called his honor
  8. Kab

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    The heat is getting to kennedy hopefully we get someone from North Dakota who wants to be here and one that sends the provost down the road
  9. Kab

    Time to Boo Berry?

    I agree that coaches around seem to be part of the problem but I know nothing about hockey coaching. just seems too much like the Rudy situation with football. i talked to Bubba when he first hired Rudy and he told me he had a great offense mind. i found it offensive myself . so who would go and who should stay for those that know about coaching.
  10. I did some golfing with Sprig, always had fun but our conversation always ended up about Sioux sports. When I first seen his moniker I wondered why that name so I googled sprig and behold it’s a duck, pretty fitting since he was in the wildlife business.
  11. Kab

    Spring Ball

    How patient will fans be for the football team change in offense philosophy wont happen overnight
  12. Kab

    Facilities Master Plan

    Any news on the golf course for this summer? so much potential there, so much room for entrepreneurship, for work programs, for internships in many areas. does Crookston still have the golf course area of study?
  13. Kab

    Downtown Grand Forks

    Not sure why they are trying to build so much downtown where roads can’t handle the traffic be better off building up by where alerus is, where you can access interstate and the infrastructure is there and then south and west from there
  14. Kab

    2019 Season

    This is where it takes the university and local business to promote the hell out of the game and get some tickets out there so people will come to the game. most high schools don’t have Saturday football games so get them some tickets
  15. Doubt we start scoring now