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  1. Where does ndsu end up if they lose this weekend can und jump them?
  2. Any one know if Tyree has picked up any interest yet from P5 schools
  3. I was thinking the same thing the UND ndsu rivalry will take off once we beat them do you think ndsu students really care about the game with sdsu the hype down south comes from the forum reporters and who cares what mcfooley thinks , he should move to South Dakota according to him
  4. We play early game so after we win the SUs will have to worry about a win or a loss for,seeding
  5. Does home playoff really matter seems we lost a home playoff a few years ago just go play and win
  6. Und needs to win there is always politics involved when it comes to playoffs and what teams have done in the past and don’t forget to follow the money
  7. These refs really are really homers hope bubba can spend some of these plays to the league office
  8. We got Fd 0n a couple plays that drive they hold no,penalty we sneeze Nd 15 yards ours boys are tired , no answer
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