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  1. Thank you for your support duke i will wear that badge of honor coming from such an upstanding leftist
  2. It won’t stop drugs but it will help looks like some of these drugs found a way into your system
  3. I’m white and not frightened I want it because it helps enforce the law how many more kids need to die because of drugs coming over in the border towns dont believe me pick up an Arizona newspaper old Bidumb isn’t even aware of this problem lets follow the law or change it how about you give me your name and address and I will post it along the border towns that you are willing to take these people in and feed them, educate them , give them healthcare and guarantee they won’t cause any problems
  4. Biden and Obama said pretty much the same thing to us that we shouldn’t panic they also called trump a xenophobic when he shut off China travel havent heard the leftists say anything about that trump said all this early on ,on air so this isn’t NEWS where the hell was the press back then? They don’t do their homework we will have press drips every week until the election about trump the more drips like this the more votes for trump i see Americans have less faith in the press than the president go figure
  5. Kab

    Grand Forks Economy

    When will the hospital be back on track? are they waiting for Sanford to take it over and finish it? i see,Minot Hospital just extend their finish timeline and added another 100 m? And switched general contractors
  6. So you know who the sources are good for you
  7. This is 2 years old where the hell were these sources when it happened sort of like those that report abuse 15 years later when they might be able to write a book if it takes the left to call me a cult Follower or whatever else they would like to Call me go ahead if it gives you that shiver down your leg still supporting trump
  8. There should be a truth checker for how cnn and msnbc report on the debates the cnn lawyer should be disbarred
  9. So deaths so far aren’t even 10% of what was predicted don’t give trump any credit, must be Biden’s influence that kept them low now let’s all go to California and get a hair cut
  10. What was the original estimate of deaths for North Dakota i was thinking several thousand and in the millions for the US
  11. Dan Rather, the bastion of truth, not
  12. NBA calls off games players want changes made only 30% of players are registered to vote not the way to get changes made
  13. So you must have had first hand experience at that
  14. Does und law take Republicans as clients
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