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  1. No reason to be behind in this game iv counted 6 turnovers on lazy passes and EW scored 0n everyone of them looks like passing needs to be practiced just unacceptable
  2. Let’s hope the guards can find their shooting touch again, that just opens so much more up seems like as soon as Rebraca dribbles the ball they are doubling down on him and getting a steel one on one he is really good , would like to know what he says to the refs in his native language at times
  3. If brown is our best to start we are in deep trouble he brings zero to the team now Eikens shouldn’t shoot the 3
  4. What’s up with Marco? played 1 minute none last game
  5. Would like to see UNI bid
  6. 5 dimes has the game as a pickem o/u is 59 1/2
  7. Maybe wear a tent top to the game
  8. As far as the NCAA is concerned no one has accused them of following their own rules, the $ are what matters florida state comes to mind
  9. Depends on where the plane is coming from Mpls.. Could be a problem Mesa wouldn’t be a problem
  10. Hopefully a copy of this article makes its way to the ncaa there must be some place on campus to let the team suit up and shower and change after the game i couldn’t find an email address for the NCAA, only fax and phone
  11. Would like to see a different starting lineup without brown’ do you go more bigs,
  12. Not sure what brown brings to the game cant shoot defense, not really
  13. Kab

    Playoff Time

    I just don’t want to see an Idaho state travel fiasco with the weather forecast for later this week
  14. At the end he says how does a dome playoff game sound against Nichols
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