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  1. Right now I’m more interested in seeing how fall enrollment ends up,for both schools the number I will look for is students on campus and not online students hard for online students to attend many functions at either school
  2. What is the exit fee for the MVFC ? would be football 0nly or all sports?
  3. How many of these schools are or have been in trouble with the ncaa lately? is the ncaa on the way out too?
  4. I quit watching as soon as it became political i don’t care what an athlete thinks, I tune in to watch them play i haven't heard one of them say what other flag they would like to play for.
  5. Thank your old mayor for keeping GF population from growing
  6. Does anyone thing the big sky and mvfc have had any conversations on a new conference that could move up on their timeframe or do think a few teams are hoping to get and invite and leave others behind? would think both Montana’s and South Dakota teams would need to move together with their legislatures would be a football only conference or all sports
  7. Wishing him the best I asked coach once how he picks big athletes and he told me he looks at footwork
  8. Texas lawmakers are drafting a bill that would require legislative approval for a team to switch conferences 3 of the lawmakers attended Baylor
  9. Are census numbers out or is this an estimate
  10. I believe those that made the decision to scale back were let go. Altru is lucky to have the previous ceo back and he is doing with no salary I believe
  11. Has anyone been following season ticket sales, how are they going? wondering how they will handle single game tickets for bison game too
  12. There is 0nly so much room for infill if you want grand forks to stay the way it is don’t build it
  13. So when a player for them scores a hat trick the fans will throw octopus on the ice ?
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