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  1. With their shooters why double our talent isn’t close to SDSU
  2. May 9 suggest to guard the 3 and quit trying to double team Jones 2.0
  3. coach was more talkative on radio after game tonight said it wasn’t coaching changes, players were more aggressive
  4. Is G in the doghouse tonight havent seen him out there
  5. We are moving ,not standing around, panoam speeds things up
  6. Leet caused us 4 points in a matter of 10 seconds
  7. Girls could coach themselves better than this
  8. Why can’t we get it down low to post players we are pretty much screwed the way we play and coached
  9. How do we shoot so poorly in our own gym
  10. I guess whoever said first one to 60 was right
  11. Didnt say they were i think he is still a good kid
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