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  1. I keep seeing how high early voting is but don’t get the point of it being news worthy.
  2. Simplify it even further, how can a school district say it’s ok for kids to tackle one another on the football field but not sit in a classroom together? And one could make the argument based on facts that this year has proven so far at all levels that it has been safe for kids/adults to tackle each other on a football field.
  3. Is it your opinion they should be open?
  4. I guess we will see how consistent they are with this new found censorship going forward.
  5. Oh, is that how it is supposed to work? How many articles have we read about Russia and piss tapes and MLK Jr statues removed and Sinatra family being upset at the inauguration? This is why you will see the outrage over this and the press refusing to ask Biden about it even why Biden goes into hiding again is concerning. I don’t think it’s R’s playing the victim.
  6. I can’t believe how reckless she was. making staff members work in close contact with one another.
  7. I’d like to see a green. I really like the look of these though
  8. So it’s like Russia collusion fake?
  9. I’m glad there will not be two sets of rules and if Biden wins the dems will commit to spending the next four years investigating Biden and Ukraine. As long as they are committing to being consistent.
  10. Did anyone ask Biden the tough question after the camera was off or were the still lobbing softballs?
  11. NBC will ask Trump on taxes and his debt, he at least faced it and tried to defend. Biden- Waiting for someone on the board who is a Dem and watched the whole Biden program to answer if he was asked about Ukraine. How can that not be the first question?
  12. You should have nothing to worry about come November. Just flipped over to ABC. Did they ask the question about Ukraine and China yet?
  13. How could they be so irresponsible that they would be around someone without a mask? I can’t believe their team would force them to be in that position with how contagious this virus is.
  14. I can not believe how reckless that campaign has been. Spreading this to two people. They probably forced them to be around people who had it. Isnt that the narrative we are supposed to go with. The upcoming spin is going to leave everyone dizzy.
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