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  1. Ladies have lost to the middle of the pack teams. I don’t expect much next week. It will come down the series vs. Denver, WIU and Omaha. Need to get at least a #6 seed or it really doesn’t matter.
  2. Makes the recent email from Boise to AAC make a little more sense.
  3. Awesome. #3 ranked CB in the state of Wisconsin and #14 overall.
  4. Thanks for the updates. Kid had a b-ball tournament so I followed here.
  5. Gophers with an absolute beat down. Wow
  6. And that’s a wrap. Goal exceeded. Thank you for setting this up. Great work. Another great show of support for the team.
  7. This is the kid I mentioned about a month back. Glad he’s on campus. Talking to the Moorhead staff he was the one kid on their team last year getting legit pro interest and is a great kid. Will be a very good addition.
  8. This statement is not even accurate. Auto sales have been surprisingly strong during Covid and margins on trucks and other large vehicles have been as good as they have ever been. If they pulled advertising it wasn’t cause of dollars.
  9. Which teams media reporters tweets the first photo?
  10. If people choose not to attend or financially support a team due to someone yelling at the end of the anthem that is their choice. I am not aware of any repercussions for the players that may choose to kneel vs those that choose to yell at the end of the anthem. What is their punishment if they kneel this afternoon?
  11. There is not one person who has said he can’t do it. Just like most things everyone is stating there will be reactions to his actions. Maybe some bad, maybe some good. No one is saying he shouldn’t be allowed to though.
  12. I wasn’t aware he wasn’t be allowed to kneel if he chooses. Did I miss an announcement?
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