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  1. Apparently it does matter. You are here, continuing to make excuses.
  2. If they get knocked down, apparently it should be a foul.
  3. Pretty sure it’s been covered
  4. This. Players loved him and he recruited well. Plus for anyone that got a chance to meet him he is just a good guy. Best of luck at Sac St.
  5. It’s not totally NDSUs decision. Where are they going to go?
  6. JMU defense needs to get off the field when given the opportunity. Killing themselves. FU with a lead in the 2nd half is tough to beat. They will continue to pound the ball. They have played well.
  7. Not overly optimistic with that list. Both filling the void recruiting and experience left by Coach Schmidt.
  8. If he won at Northern I would agree. I’ll be disappointed if he is named DC.
  9. I hope not. I know Bubba has a lot going on personally right now but I’m hoping we don’t take the easy path. I don’t feel anyone on staff is ready. If we are hitting the button, how about bringing back Marty Rogers. Worked well with Bubba and was on what seems to be a solid staff at SIU. Plus recruited very well. Still hope it’s posted and a competitive salary can be offered.
  10. Tough to avoid this one but two of his past three injuries have come tucking and running. Doesn’t do a team much good to be on the sideline in big games.
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