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  1. That’s a surprise. He had developed into a really good DE.
  2. Split with Omaha during the regular season. So your telling me there is a chance.
  3. Both Both of those passes were to his first read and be never looked anywhere else. Threw the first one into double coverage. am I doing this right? SDSU QB is legit. Kid is only a freshman as well. He will only get better, just like our QBs. He did only complete 50% of his passes that game and took some huge sacks that took points off the board. Also threw 2 picks. But he can throw it far.
  4. I don’t think a freshman QB having a tendency to lock onto a read and not check other reads is only a Schuster trait. Hopefully gets better with experience.
  5. You read it as a general comment. I believe I made it. Are you arguing you wouldn’t be excited if he was still on the roster for next year as we look forward to next fall?
  6. I like him a lot. I had heard he was coming to UND in December and was pretty excited. Watched a few Moorhead games. I think he has a solid year next year with this spring in the system.
  7. Agreed. Of my not sure I leaned heavily towards adding him to the will be back
  8. 3 OL leave, Rastas, Gee and Shannon leave Turner, Haas and Holm stay. not sure on Richter, Paulson, Finke, Stage
  9. Sure you can be selective. Take away Otis’ long runs vs those teams and he was still over 5 ypc vs NDSU and over 4 vs JMU. The team would have been around 4 vs NDSU and just over 3 vs JMU. Still not bad and maybe further proves my point. The bigger dline isn’t going to take some time to develop a rotation but I don’t disagree and the staff and players likely don’t either.
  10. UND averaged 4.7 ypc vs JMU, 4.5 ypc vs SDSU and over 5 vs NDSU. Yes they hit some big runs but that is pretty consistent.
  11. Yesterday could change things but I think there is a higher chance to get the defensive guys back than the OL. Getting the young guard reps in these two games could prove to be valuable for next year. IMO- Will be looking to replace a guard and center.
  12. We are going to have to develop the bigger, quicker d lineman. Every team in the country is looking for those guys. I think a few guys in the roster have the frames and are young enough to add 10 lbs this summer.
  13. That would be pretty epic
  14. Great landing spot for him. Great head coach. Congrats to Trey.
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