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  1. With how the MVFC teams are playing this year, it was a good win for UND.
  2. homer

    SH Game Day

    If they throw it on 4th and it goes incomplete, the call gets questioned as well. Just need to figure out how to improve up front. Third game for these guys blocking a brand new scheme. SHSU was not going to let us run the ball. LBs were 3-5 yards off the line of a scrimmage.
  3. homer

    SH Game Day

    No they wouldn’t have.
  4. Don’t disagree. We could also use them down the middle of the field. Also have to keep Zim in the pocket. Rolling him out scares no one. I think Danny will adjust. Plenty of tape to learn from yesterday.
  5. I think they are good. With yesterday’s game plan a guy running down the field wouldn’t have done anything. Middle of the field and the back shoulder stuff was there. Honestly on our team it’s one of the positions that is least of my concern. Just need to properly use what we have.
  6. I think our WR personnel is ok. Just need to recognize what the defense is giving us and take it. Also, do a better job scheming to the strength of our QB. Didn’t do that yesterday.
  7. Good player that will give teams fits. Lots of learning opportunities from yesterday
  8. This is my one positive take away from this game. I think Danny will learn a lot from this tape and get better. There were some things consistently there today that we didn’t take advantage of. Not 30’points worth of stuff but enough to move some chains. I also think Danny learns that some personnel we roll out there doesn’t fit what he wants to do. I’d rather get the personnel out and be a little more predictable than put the personnel out that won’t allow a play to work even if perfectly executed. There is not a team left on the schedule as good as what we played today. Let’s win enough to get back to Fargo and play this one again. Lots of teams are going to lose to FU by 20-30 this year. I’m not saying today is acceptable and I’m not disappointed. I took a lot of !@#$ today and thought we would compete. Some of today can be corrected and the expectation is it will be.
  9. Defense looks like !@#$
  10. Read option isn’t going to scare anyone with Zim as the QB. If that’s the offense Danny wants to run, need to look at Boltman the rest of the way.
  11. He has looked pretty good today.
  12. NDSU has beat the tar out of 16 of the last 19 opponents they have faced. They beat us up the last time we played. I think we have some peices in place to give them a run but not all without playing the perfect game. Still need the bodies up front. That said I think our WRs and RBs can make some plays and I can’t go against my name and pick FU to win anything. UND- 31 FU- 24 Dilly, Dilly
  13. The coffee pots in the NDSU athletic dept. will be working overtime tomorrow.
  14. According to the drive chart on the game Wentz was still playing late in the 4th and your first and second string RBs were getting carries with less than 5 mins to go. Not that I don’t believe you. Maybe it was other less important positions like Special teams. It was an ass kicking and I was half a case in by that point.
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