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  1. You haven’t bothered looking up Fauci’s history in masks? Come on.
  2. So she is judging, and you are agreeing that it’s warranted based on her opinion of the virus a few months ago. Maybe she changed her opinion after becoming more familiar with the virus. The D’s dint grant her the same leniency as Fauci gets for changing his stance on masks??
  3. I thought we were supposed to trust the experts. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/nancy-pelosi-deborah-birx-142917445.html
  4. Start with Nadler’s claim that Portland is a myth spread by the Whitehouse and work from there.
  5. Either is damaging federal buildings but it seems to be accepted.
  6. Your right, everyone can make their own decisions so why are we still putting limits on restaurants, gyms, churches, etc? Even IF that is what this cause of death was from, this man chose to be there That is exactly what the argument on some of these shutdowns has been since the beginning. Let people choose. Glad you finally came to your senses.
  7. This is so true. Who knew the virus was able to pick and choose which events it wanted to attend.
  8. Odd not to see the same headlines for the “protests”. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-supporters-many-without-masks-172442120.html
  9. That was my thought. Democrats probably want to do a better job explaining that. Also, good luck separating that movement from Biden. He will have to take a solid stance and explain clearly at some point when they let him out of the basement. Trump is doing a good job painting him in the corner on this one.
  10. News to me. He gave the political answer or he was just confused. This is from CNN fact check just to clarify Facts First: Biden explicitly told Barkan that he opposes defunding or abolishing the police; this comment was omitted from the video. Biden did say he "absolutely" agrees that some funding can be redirected, but it was not exactly clear what he meant -- and he immediately transitioned to his previous proposal to deny federal funding to specific police departments that do not meet certain standards. Contrary to suggestions of a recent flip-flop, Biden said in early June that it makes sense for some local communities to reduce police funding.
  11. But there is no way this swings any voters that currently support D’s and are on the fence right Hayduke? When is Biden coming out with a clear stance on being for defunding the police or against it? Debates should clear that up.
  12. So the lady in the article I quoted is lying about it helping her particular case?
  13. What’s that mean for this lady?? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2967210001 Like anything, conversation is best left between the doctor and patient. So many are quick to politicize this drug that we can find stories that have helped save some lives. If it even saves 5% of lives is that not a good thing?? isnt the narrative now about saving lives?
  14. They will wait until every school has lost their money FBS game. You can’t cost a school a money game if they have the opportunity.
  15. I think the MLB deal right now maybe put a halt to any plans. I agree with you though.
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