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  1. How did he/she get on a closed interstate? How did he/she get that close to the crowd? Never understood the sitting on the interstate idea.
  2. I’m not sure when we should trust WHO anymore. They were not to be trusted early on and now they are to be trusted.
  3. I believe the direction to let it burn came from the mayor. It’s only brick and mortar according to him and symbolic
  4. Because it will appeal to a growing voter base, yes I do. It’s a good deal at face value. Remains to be seen what it will do to other diabetes medication as there is always more everything gov’t. I can tell you however exactly when insulin prices started to get out of hand.
  5. I have seen more Democrats hung up on what Trump said that day vs what was done. Big deal for those with diabetes.
  6. Are you sure you want to ask all 37 million? I’m not even sure you want to ask half. You might not like the answer
  7. It’s like they keep learning more about the virus
  8. Best of luck to him where ever he ends up.
  9. Let’s see the hard hitting questions about this from the media. It’s unsafe to get your nails done but grown men sweating on each other is fine. It’s easy for them to push around the little guy, yet they will constantly get re-elected.
  10. I didn’t think Skonka was overrated last year. He was a true freshman coming off a torn ACL. Didn’t have fall camp and played well whether it be returning kicks or getting some offensive touches.
  11. I don’t think he made the backfield but he seemed to really fit what Danny wants to do with the offense. Get athletes the ball in space. Was one of our only home run threats last year. Unless he plans to go D2 it seems odd he would transfer for only one season.
  12. It’s todays politics and the virus has become/has always been political. There are 20% that are in the middle of believing things should open and people can choose for themselves and it’s also ok if you want to stay in and your lifestyle allows. You just won’t find those people on message boards or social media.
  13. Striping soccer fields but can’t open playgrounds. Doesn’t make much sense. I agree with you
  14. And yet old pro softball is still up for debate.
  15. While I certainly agree with you. I also feel if someone shares their opinion on radio, tv or print, someone else can freely have their own opinion about it. You could just as easily not read his response.
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