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  1. If that’s the best reason to pass on trying to supply the infrastructure for growth than I guess Grand Forks deserves to remain what it is.
  2. homer

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I think his dad played at around 190 and was the same height. Not sure on his uncle but both were very good/athletic players during their time. This kid seems like a heck of an athlete at everything he does.
  3. So getting some ND kids as PWO and some on scholarship is a bad thing now?
  4. The replies are funny. That’s all.
  5. You guys are really in the defensive tonight.
  6. To justify your players recent issues, you dig up an article from 2011. Nicely played......
  7. Their players just drink more coffee than every other FCS team.
  8. homer

    2019 Season

    Think back to two years ago when teams consistently ran up the middle. Hoping some young men had a huge summer.
  9. General questions- What women’s sport are you adding? Can you charge that much more for tickets for the increase in coaching salaries and scholarships?
  10. Agreed. Very well said.
  11. homer

    2019 Season

    There is plenty he hasn’t reported on don’t worry.
  12. homer

    2019 Season

    If only Izzo was consistent in his reporting with “all athletes with Fargo ties” the publicity would not have been an issue you would have to be so concerned about. UND’s staff has done a great job supplying the kid with resources to succeed. It’s up to him this summer to figure it all out.
  13. homer

    2019 Season

    Cause the plan is for him to be back in the fall. He was a risk but there were many conversations with him prior to getting to campus on whatbthe expectations are and what resources are available. Funny none of these comments of knowing about the risk were made when he signed.
  14. homer

    2019 Season

    Great post........ lots of sarcasm in my post. Way to jump the gun
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