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  1. For me the question Chaves has to ask any finalist is what does his staff of assistants look like Perhaps Boschee has an up and coming assistant he can bring with him that could be that “recruiter”. Maybe Herbst does.
  2. homer

    2020 FB Recruiting

    And for the last too many years UND would have had a very up hill battle. It’s easier to knock the kid and one of the most unbiased bloggers than admit you may lose out on a talented kid. Set the stage. I’d love to hear Kolpack or Izzo be as hard on FU coaches as Craig and Kelly are. The last time they tried it they got locked out of practice.
  3. But they are all gone. I think yesterday showed what university systems are becoming. A 9-0 agreement quickly changed to a 5-4 vote due to pushback. Maybe we have been lucky but change makes me nervous.
  4. Good luck with getting anyone to understand change that doesn’t benefit them. I just hope we get someone in that has the balls to make change and not cave during the first signal of resistance.
  5. Why don’t you share it??
  6. homer

    Future Schedules

    The MVFC has been on two year rotations for odd team scheduling since USD was added. I imagine ISU Sycamores and UNI will be added in 2022. Still a nice schedule in 2021 with USD and SDSU road games. Should be able to see the team play 6 conference games that year.
  7. homer

    2019 Season

    It could be a number of factors, maybe he had no interest changing to defense or wasn’t a good fit. Either way best of luck.
  8. homer

    Spring Ball

    What do they get if they win??
  9. homer

    Spring Ball

    So games with no tackling and quick whistles will be more entertaining than UNDs set up from last year?
  10. homer

    Spring Ball

    I agree the event could use some tailgating or something but having been to many spring games at various colleges the format used last year was much more entertaining than a regular spring game. If you think a potential recruit is going to go to another college and be entertained by their spring game longer than 20 minutes i think your mistaken. If they set the day up properly for the recruits, this event actually showcases the nicest indoor practice facility in the area and gives a better atmosphere than a dome that is not even a quarter full.
  11. Does Englestad’s daughter have any ties to CU?
  12. homer

    Spring Ball

    And our roster depth hasn’t allowed us to be able to risk any injuries trying to run a full game. Honestly the last few years come spring game our injury situation hasn’t been much better. I think our current setup for game would work. There are things about it that are more entertaining than any spring game. I enjoyed the break for one on one pass rush last year. The venue works. Just need some fan event before.
  13. They have made some money playing hockey and merchandising. If they want girls to have an opportunity invest that and start their own team in Grand Forks. Maybe they play at the Ralph or elsewhere in Grand Forks but with the loud applause it should be wildly supported by paying fans right??
  14. We could use a starting 4/5. Unlikely but just sayin.
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