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  1. shep

    2019 Attendance

    I agree that we shouldn't condone it, and if a kid is like the ones you saw who couldn't walk, they shouldn't be at the game. But I enjoyed a few before the game when I was that age. Didn't seem to have the cop presence at old Memorial but maybe my memory is fuzzy.
  2. shep

    2019 Attendance

    College kids need to vote.
  3. shep

    2019 Attendance

    There was a significant police presence this week. Has it always been like that? I guess I never realized 6 or more cops were there before.
  4. shep

    SH Game Day

    As to the QBs missing high, gotta think the kid was full of adrenaline and just amped up on some of those. Also, agree that the OL did well most of the game in protection, but at times Tommy had to get rid of it fast. That may have caused some of those high passes too.
  5. shep

    2019 Assets

    . The bold part is, as you put it, their kryptonite. It's been kryptonite for years. Imagine a D that does all that it does, AND stops the running QB on 3rd down. Just so deflating to get a 3rd and long only to have a mobile QB run through the D many times without being touched for 7/8 yards.
  6. Guy sitting behind me thought he was simply following instructions from the sideline. That he was NOT to touch that ball for fear of a fumble.
  7. shep

    2020 FB Recruiting

    And it's why I asked the question: Figured people smarter than me would know.
  8. shep

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Watched his Hudl and he hits a guy, the guy goes backwards. Is he fast enough for MVC?
  9. I was there 82-90 with a year off in between. Went to many Bison games and we sucked. Saw the Mooney game on TV and that was all the difference in the rivalry. Still have a T-shirt that says "The Fargodome-the Bison built it, the Sioux own it." We'd won I don't know how many games there. I don't care about anything else except shutting their fat mouths. I'm sick of their sh1t and can't take it anymore.
  10. Not sure I'd say, he doesn't want them, but that UND doesn't get them. Cochran looks like that type. One example.
  11. I agree. Can't remember what Saban is getting at Bama, but I recall seeing an article that said that he brings in more than he's paid. That is, students, and research dollars and just the notoriety. UND can do the same. Lots of money going into the Aviation department and rightly so. Need more of that around the campus and especially sports.
  12. I agree with that. Very good points. Of course, they will say that alums like us should be giving more
  13. The implication is always there. No ONE on this board is satisfied with what is happening now. NO ONE. The fact that we all don't call for the coach's head doesn't mean we don't care, nor does it mean you and others care more. We understand the situation and don't like it. But please tell me you understand that a new HC doesn't automatically bridge the gap between us and them.
  14. I've stopped being surprised that some think they care more than the rest of us. We all want this football team to be successful. We all want playoffs, but because we don't constantly bi&th about it, some posters here take it that we don't care. Today sucked and the team sucked and it reminds me of the 80s when I went to UND and the team sucked and I'm sick of it.
  15. As bad a loss as this team has had in the last 5 years. No closer the Moo Yu than we were 8 years ago.
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