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  1. So who do you all feel is gone after this season?
  2. If you're married, we will need to confirm that with your spouse.
  3. Cue the "we don't like mediocrity like the rest of you do" in 5-4-3-2-1.
  4. You know who thinks Tommy is a great QB? The MVFC coaches, media and SID's who voted him First Team All Conference at the beginning of the season. I know they aren't as smart as the "experts" on this board, but they do have a different point of view to consider.
  5. Only those who find a cloud in every silver lining disagree.
  6. And correct me if I'm wrong, but McNeal has the redshirt still firmly on. I think he's gonna be a stud.
  7. That last part is a good point. Causes of the slow starts? Surprised what the O is doing or just missed assignments by the players?
  8. Lots of pics on Twitter of the recruits who came up yesterday.
  9. The D was great. Has there ever been a better secondary in UND history? 10 is there best player. Gavlin, Siegel et al shut him down. The D line without the Jalens was solid. Seguin, Lennon and McNaboe playing well and the young beef, Orlando and Pierre are stepping up. Finally, the one guy who's been solid for 4 years that doesn't get much hype is Larson. Smart, tough, makes plays. May not be a Ratelle, but he's what you want in an ILB. And contrary to an off the cuff opinion by someone mid game, Holinka has been great.
  10. Otis for 130 Tommy for 220 Defense keeps them below 18 Hawks 34 WI 17 Bubba leads the boys in "Stand up and cheer" Same fans find reasons to be unhappy spending most of their time pointing out penalties, missed extra point and incomplete passes from the QB who's arm is not strong enough.
  11. Is this powder puff hockey? Everything is a penalty
  12. PLEASE watch this till the end. He could be talking about OTIS
  13. Let's just say the kid is a kid right now and he's maturing through this adversity and lets leave this topic and have a great day tomorrow.
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