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  1. This kid is a O LINEMAN Sign him up!
  2. Tommy is a preseason 1st team player. Guessing at least one member of this forum disagrees.
  3. Is he in the GOBC? Because we already have one of those guys here.
  4. When does this contact period end?
  5. Coach Mal and staff are doing a great job on the recruiting trail. Keep it up!
  6. I won’t believe it till gfhockey reports it
  7. With a last name like Schweigert, do we have a familial in on him?
  8. I'm old so I get the Tarzan/Jane analogy, but do many others? Next we can do a Gilligans Island analogy.
  9. Your last point is the ultimate. I don't recall who that group had on the front line (a young Tank?) but the NG in this D has to be a 300+ plug in the middle, right?
  10. But...each of them could put on another 10 pounds don't you think? Then the numbers become quite similar.
  11. Just need some beef in front of them to hold off OL's so these guys can make the tackles.
  12. Damn. That hurts. Hergel, Tobin and Nguon. Who takes over? Kilty and ??
  13. We all know they’re geniuses at developing QBs so they will teach him how to throw!
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