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  1. This is the major positive ramification of Coved. The NCAA is done. It hasn't done squat for athletes, it's a money grab and frankly, the schools can do without it. Yep there will be more recruiting violations, but the NCAA lost it's respect in that regard years ago when Cam Newton's dad was peddling him as a free agent and the NCAA did nothing about it.
  2. I like the aggressive recruiting. She's gonna do well here.
  3. Great info from the guys in the know. https://undfootball360.com/news/hawks-reveal-2020-roster/
  4. The new kid seems like a quality guy, a glue player that accepts any role and does whatever he needs to do to be a valuable player on the team.
  5. shep

    2021 FB Recruiting

    Obviously you have the GF Hockey decoder ring.
  6. Wouldn't be the first HC coach to lose a job, go back to being an assistant as an attempt to get back to being an HC.
  7. Thanks. I saw her pic which showed her as a back to back State Champ but it was in 2018. Does she have 2 years left?
  8. New recruit coming: Makayla Wallace, PG though the Twitter profile doesn't seem to show where she's coming from.
  9. The fact his linemates are incredible NHL players REALLY, REALLY helped him get into those positions for those shots. Goalies had to sh&t themselves knowing Oshie and Toews were bearing down on them.
  10. shep

    2021 FB Recruiting

    Haven't looked at his HUDL, but we need a guy named Naz Bryant. Just sounds like a FB player. (This is why I'm not a recruiter)
  11. I recall the first time I saw him get off the bus with the team before a game. He's a giant. I only knew it was him as he went to a family member and he had a Jenkins shirt.
  12. That's a good comp. Also agree, he will be a huge asset for UNO!
  13. shep

    2021 FB Recruiting

    6'10"? 185? Gotta see this guy! Assume he's 6'1".
  14. And I thought there were times that he deserved top 2 pairings. I understand the wealth of DMen coming in and the decision he made.
  15. Thanks I met him at the annual golf tourney. Very mature kid, well spoken. Had seen his interview on draft day too. Impressed. That IS a loaded back end! Even if Moore and Reiger aren't great coming in, there's still 6 studs going out there. Nice issue to have.
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