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  1. Been there twice but can't recall if BC or BU is close to downtown. One of them seemed like it wasn't far from downtown Boston. LOVED Fenway
  2. Hearing a ND State Champ is coming to UND.
  3. Berry talked about having to shuffle lines in the 2nd period after "we lost Senden" or words to that effect. He emphasized that it wasn't just any player. Avoided being negative about that period, and thought they had good chances in the 1st. Obviously liked the outcome but is expecting a better game tonight.
  4. I love what this team is doing as it's been a great 4 games, but until we beat the Plundering Turd we are the underdog.
  5. Just watch him play BB. He's a man amongst boys. Got a bit of a snarl when fouls called on him. He fouled out.
  6. I don't want to jinx it, but when was the last time the OL had an illegal procedure penalty?
  7. Danny deserves a ton of credit for all of this, but the D has been stout and while I was critical of Schmidt's predictability, my bigger issue is: I don't know our D coordinator's name!
  8. He's coming to the April 3 game. Who wants to make Welcome signs for him?
  9. shep

    Yotes VS Hawks

    Agree about Pierre. Some plays, he's the only one I watch. Great motor. Is Beach down for awhile??
  10. shep

    Jacks VS Hawks

    Your column highlighted something Hawks fans can be really happy about: Special Teams. Fake punt, blocked punt, blocked field goal, nice KO returns and we finally have a kicker who can kick into the endzone. HUGE difference the ST's have made last year and into this year.
  11. Tommy has been great. No, he's not perfect, but puts the ball where it needs to be and there's been drops in both games that would have been long plays. The OLine has been very good, but he's taken some big hits and he continues to stand in there.
  12. Any injuries to be award of? I may have missed it, but is Boltmann Ok? Can't recall seeing him out there. Elijah Beach? Today's program had Zavalney as the starter at TE. Did he play?
  13. I was critical of Schmidt's lack of adjustments and seeming stubborness. That said, if the D doesn't allow an opening drive TD next week, I'll be concerned. Isn't that the formula for success this year? Love what Danny is doing. The 3rd and short in the 3rd Q with Quincy in the game made SDSU focus on him and it turned into Skonkna's longest run of the game.
  14. Until someone knocks them out of first, Bison are gonna be the team to beat. I understand this isn't news to anyone.
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