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  1. I'm glad they gave her the job and I'm glad she at least gets a shot to show what type of players she can bring in. The problem is that you really don't know what you have with freshmen and they and she needs time. Not sure how much they will give her.
  2. Will games be on TV? Will tailgate and watch the games on TV in the parking lot. Or will they deny us the chance to tailgate??
  3. Great effort. Were down by 18 early 4th and kept battling. Considering only 8 players, missing likely starters, and not ever quitting, I'd say this is a great start.
  4. Thanks Teeder. Hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving.
  5. What about Sunday's game? Any word? No crowd?
  6. Then I misunderstood the tweet. My bad.
  7. Joel Schwenzfeier @jschwenzfeier Big time commitment for the Fighting Hawks! This class is loaded· Nov 15, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  8. Gotta have Hennesey on the PBP at the beginning. Not a fan of so many 3 shot views and too many fans shots early. Get to the boys faster. Stop the jerking of the camera on the BIG HITS. I needed Dramamine after that. Also, start with that song, but as you turn from fans to players, change it dramatically with a harder rock anthem as the players scenes come on. Nice and creative effort.
  9. In a weird year, IF Clemson wins the ACC Championship game there's a decent chance they and Notre Dame both make it with OSU and Bama.
  10. 2 things: Wow and How did you find that? Any other numbers to share?
  11. Let me guess. He didn't just throw snowballs at Santa he actually killed him.
  12. No kidding. Bubba saying that Brock would be used more at QB doesn't mean he's getting into every series. Just might mean he's getting more reps. From that, there is NO real evidence to support the conjecture that Q is going to move off QB?
  13. This is the major positive ramification of Coved. The NCAA is done. It hasn't done squat for athletes, it's a money grab and frankly, the schools can do without it. Yep there will be more recruiting violations, but the NCAA lost it's respect in that regard years ago when Cam Newton's dad was peddling him as a free agent and the NCAA did nothing about it.
  14. I like the aggressive recruiting. She's gonna do well here.
  15. Great info from the guys in the know. https://undfootball360.com/news/hawks-reveal-2020-roster/
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