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  1. Just announced. Gametime at Nebraska.... 2:30pm
  2. UND 360's breakdown of the Portal additions and subtractions and what that means for the 2022 team. https://undfootball360.com/how-did-und-grade-out-in-the-portal/
  3. ESPN is a big company. It takes time to sign a multi million dollar deal!
  4. https://www.minnesotasportsfan.com/bill-guerin-loses-cool-in-epic-on-air-interview-with-dan-barreiro-minnesota-wild-gm-kfan/ Bill a little feisty!!
  5. But I was told the ecomomy is doing great??
  6. Well, now that I take a second to think about it, Minnesota is probably one of the worst places to have your business because of one of the highest corporate tax rates in the country.
  7. Looking at the NCHC map, one could wonder why the NCHC was based out of Colorado in the first place. The logical place would be centrally located and where the NCHC Frozen Faceoff is played. I don't know how anyone could be against moving the headquarters to St Paul/Minneapolis.
  8. I think what most fans are critical about concerning Otis is that he let down his teambecause he shose not to go to practice and then had to miss a game. I don't care who who are, but selfish acts that potentially cost your teams not only wins but confidence that you are going to be a reliable teamate should never be tolerated by coaches, teamates, fans, whoever. I hope Otis can realize his mistakes and grows as a person and potentially finds a team that is willing to give him a second chance. And I hope that he takes advantage of any team does that that. But, I think we can all be dissapointed with how everything went down without ragging on Otis with unconfirmed reports.
  9. Why would Weah want to go to NDSU when they have Luepke? Also, why would Entz want to deal with that headache. Is he even accademically eligible to play?
  10. Hawks logo at center court?? https://twitter.com/S_Aldridge91/status/1523771063296872448?s=20&t=vWxODD_IoLX6xsVSnSHrvQ
  11. I have always told Bison fan friends and family they will never understand what UND fans have gone thru these last 17 years. But, maybe we got a chance here to make it happen!! Just need to get both tribes in ND to complain about NDSU using their sacred animal as a sports mascot without their permission and the woke NCAA will instantly tell them to change!!
  12. https://www.valleynewslive.com/2022/05/06/dgf-school-district-looking-adopt-new-logo/ This just in. Mustache's are now racist and unnaceptable on a school logo. So....the new logo can still be a Rebel, but in no way can the logo have a man with hair on his lip. Because when I see a guy with a mustache, I instantly think of confederate soldiers and their slaves they used to own. SMH
  13. Can't take credit for this take, but it pretty much sums up the the first round for the Vikings: "Fans always get super pissed when their team drafts a player they’ve never heard of. Most fans want players they first learned about three months ago."
  14. "The NCAA analyzed data for all of the sports under its jurisdiction and found that only 30% (9,101) of Division I athletes who entered the portal across all sports transferred and received athletic aid at their new school, and 47% (14,293) of all entrants remain active." This is a glaring stat. Not sure how student athletes can look at these stats and think the transfer portal is a good idea.
  15. That's dumb because I can guarantee you that super regionals would have more attendance in those 12 games played at NHL arenas than the current model of playing at USHL arenas across the country.
  16. Regional hosts for the past 9 NCAA Championships if #1 seeds would have hosted 2012 2016 2019 Union North Dakota St Cloud St Michigan Providence Minn Duluth Boston College Quinnipiac Minnesota St Notre Dame St Cloud St Massachusetts 2013 2017 2021 Quinnipiac Harvard North Dakota Notre Dame Minn Duluth Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Wisconsin Massachusetts-Lowell Denver Boston College 2014 2018 2022 Minnesota Notre Dame Michigan Boston College St Cloud St Western Michigan Wisconsin Cornell Denver Union Ohio St Minnesota St So by my count, in the last 9 years you would have 24 "West" teams hosting and 12 "East" teams hosting. Probably consistent if you go back any further. When the majority of college hockey teams are out east, it would be no surprise they would be against the #1 seeds hosting.
  17. You didn't know that @The Sicatoka is Schloss' burner account on here?!
  18. So...Super Regional schedule for this year would have looked like this. Switched the times to give one seeds the early game taking the fact host teams don't need the late games (ex Denver) and spread them out for TV purposes. Also, giving both regionals prime time games (either first round or regional finals). Baring overtimes, games would really not overlap at all. I think these regionals would be a blast to attend. You would think that attendance would be great considering you would have 8 fanbases at each site. *All times Central West Super Regional East Super Regional Thu 3/24 Thu 3/24 1 Denver v 4 Umass Lowell - 2 pm 1 Minnesota St v 4 Harvard - 11 pm 2 Minn Duluth v 3 Michigan Tech - 7 pm 2 North Dakota c 3 Notre Dame - 4 pm Fri 3/25 Fri 3/25 1 Michigan v 4 American Int'l - 2 pm 1 Western Michigan v 4 Northeastern - 11 am 2 Quinnipiac v 3 St Cloud St - 7 pm 2 Minnesota v 3 Massachusetts - 4 pm Sat 3/26 Sat 3/26 1 Denver v 2 Minn Duluth - 3 pm 1 Minnesota St v 3 Notre Dame - 7 pm Sun 3/27 Sun 3/27 1 Michigan v 2 Quinnipiac - 3 pm 1 Western Michigan v 2 Minnesota - 7 pm
  19. 2006 was the first year a 4 seed beat a 1 seed. Since that year (past 16 NCAA tournaments) the 4 seeds are 24-40 against the 1 seeds. A 4 had beaten a 1 in 15 consecutive seasons until this past year. That is a 37.5% winning percentage. The fact is these lower seeds have a much higher chance of winning in a stale atmosphere, neutral site game over a 1 seed than if they had to play the 4 seed at their home rink. In that same time span, 10 #4 seeds have made it to the Frozen 4. 2 have won the Championship. Now the big question is, should it be that way? Should the 4 seed be given a bigger advantage than they would normally get? Should the 1 seeds be rewarded for their season long accomplishments? I think most would agree that the 1 seeds need to be rewarded.
  20. Heard a stat the was pretty crazy. Murray St has had football since 1924. In that time, they have never boarded an airplane to go play a game!! That will all change soon!
  21. They retweeted that video yesterday and said "TOMORROW". So announcement coming today. I am sure all of Bison Nation is salivating a potential Boise vacancy opens the door for them!!
  22. Bubba offered to him out of high school. Better late than never I guess!!
  23. And you thought the transfer portal was bad at UND!! Granted, this was due to a coach being fired, but still crazy. Nothing like a bare cupboard for the next coach!! Gonna be tough to get applicants when you don’t have any players!
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