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  1. Ha!! Right!! Wasn't really surprised by the response. Go check for us!!
  2. So I reached out to the Siouxshop to see if they would be selling and Missouri Valley Championship merchandise. here was my unfortunate response... We will not be carrying any Missouri Valley Champion ship merchandise this year. Thank you for reaching out! Jasmine Koenig Assistant Sioux Shop Manager Ralph Engelstad Arena One Ralph Engelstad Arena Drive Grand Forks, ND 58203 Direct: 701.777.0695 Store: 701.777.6636
  3. "The Classes of 2020 and 2021 will both be recognized the following day during halftime of UND football's big rivalry game against North Dakota State at the Alerus Center." "Mooney is best known for his forced fumble and return for a touchdown that helped North Dakota end a 12-game losing streak to North Dakota State, thus beginning the shifting of balance of power in NCAA Division II and the North Central Conference." Maybe Mooney can do it again by being in attendance of the Oct 2nd game this year that will help end the losing streak to the Bison and shift the balance of pow
  4. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/5/10/football-und-announces-2021-hall-of-fame-class.aspx
  5. I met Tim Oshie at the Ground Round back in the day in Grand Forks. He was all decked out in Blues gear. Couldn’t say enough about how proud he was of TJ. What a fitting tribute to his legacy.
  6. So you are saying that winning 9 consecutive Conference Championships, 8 National Championships, having winning streaks of 33 games and 39 games, winning 37 of 40 playoff games (38 of those played at home), and having 8 players drafted in the NFL draft including 3 quarterbacks, 2 of which were drafted #2 and #3 overall, all in the past decade isn't the norm?!!
  7. Salukis totally screwed on the play. Should have been a TD. No review. Ended up going for it in 4th down and not scoring. Huge momentum shift. They make the right call, it’s 27-17. Instead, Jacks score 2 straight TD’s. Huge missed call there.
  8. Love that this team played till the end and didn’t let them pile on a TD there at the end. That being said, pretty classless play call there for JMU
  9. Through this tough second half, still cool they brought up Hunters story.
  10. JMU is a better team. Showing it today. But......that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t still winnable. Most important drive of the season right here.
  11. So I guess there isn’t a chance we host a game next weekend if we win and the Bison win.
  12. Nothing wrong with taking 2 O lineman with your first two picks if you are the Vikings!!
  13. Speaking of weather, forecast for Harrisonburg on Sunday is 82 and partly cloudy, 9 mph wind. So weather should not be a factor.
  14. Construction to Begin on Nodak Insurance Company Football Performance Complex https://gobison.com/news/2021/4/29/general-construction-to-begin-on-nodak-insurance-company-football-performance-complex.aspx Well, good thing UND didn't change its name to the "Nodaks"!
  15. This is a great idea. Heck, you could even have the Champions Club tailgate up there before the games! Open up the tailgate lot for more fans to get a spot.
  16. Oh, were they talking about the 2 players who are finalists for the Jerry Rice and the Walter Payton awards?!!
  17. They only seeded the top 4 teams. Typically they seed the top 8. Highest seed always hosts unless neither is seeded, then it goes by the bids submitted by each school before the playoff field is even announced. If both UND and NDSU both win, it would go to the bid, which NDSU is almost guaranteed to submit a higher bud than UND given their capacity and the price they sell their tickets at: UND: 6143 (50% capacity) X $28 = $172,004 NDSU: 9350 (50% capacity) X $45 = 420,750 But lets not put the cart ahead of the horse here. Have to win this week first.
  18. https://gobison.com/sports/football/stats/2020/eastern-washington/boxscore/15252 Attendance: 3587 Fargodome Football seating: 18,700 25% of 18,700 = 4675 4675-3587=1088 short of a (Covid) Sellout #Math
  19. I het the points that you and Midwestern Hawk are making. Yes, our offense was very "vanilla" and didn't do much. I agree it would have been nice to just have sustained drives that mile more time off the clock or end in points. But I am not rag on this team for coming out strong, building a substantial lead, then adding to it via defense and special teams. We are only 2 point dogs at JMU. So the oddsmakers would disagree with your chances of us beating them
  20. At the 9:21 mark of the 3rd quarter is where we blocked the punt and ran it in for a TD to go up 31-3. What did you expect Freund to call after that? It was going to safe plays that wasn't going to result in any turnovers or loss of yardage. Could they have run the ball better and moved the chains more often in the second half? Sure. But, after the blocked punt for a TD, I am not sure Weah even played another down. He is a huge part of this offense. Not having him in there shows. And I am glad he wasn't. No need to risk injury. the game was over after that score. No need to put pla
  21. The announced attendance at the Alerus on Saturday; 3074. That is exactly 25%. Announced attendance at the Fargodome on Saturday; 3587. That is 19%. Just found that rather interesting.
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