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  1. I would agree, if we got those 3 it would be a home run. All 3 look to be major impact guys.
  2. Hegerle would be another major difference making pickup IMO. Anyone have any info if we are close?
  3. Magli is a great pickup.
  4. Don’t get me started….
  5. Yes. Teiken had at least double the offers of Altepeter.
  6. Anyone have any idea if Luna has/is visiting this summer?
  7. Looks like a second too! https://twitter.com/JackTeiken/status/1406972571774500867?s=20
  8. Mid level 3 star with a few offers. Has good film, then goes out for track for the first time in years and runs a 10.37 100 at 6'2" and 210. A dozen offers offers in the last week including now the whales. If he camps last summer, this likely happens last summer and at a much more gradual clip.
  9. Probably will be more wild recruiting stories over next few months due to COVID, but not sure any will be wilder than this one. USD offered last August. https://twitter.com/KanakJaren/status/1395763915573841921?s=20
  10. A better option IMO, is to go 9 deep across the DL and sub a bunch, it works for our neighbors to the south. Very, very difficult to find guys like Tank who don't end up in the B1G. Don't forget this springs UND DL was good enough to shut down SDSU, who with a healthy QB was easily the best overall team this spring.
  11. It is probably the hardest position to recruit at the FCS level and probably the FBS level too. I think we are close on the DL, again if you look at the teams who played in the final 8 we are close. NDSU had better depth, SDSU has one stud and better depth, SHSU had one stud.
  12. I get it and I agree we should never discount anyone based on height. Just far harder for a 5'10" linebacker or a 6'0" lineman to compete at the top of the FCS.
  13. I would agree, in both those games we needed to make some big plays on defense to help the offense get started. We did vs JMU on the first series of each half. We need a to create a TO or two on D. Against NDSU we looked like deer in the headlights, which I would say could be traced to the staff.
  14. I don't know that much about Urwiler. If we want to win the MVFC and FCS we aren't going to do it with 5'10 linebackers or 6'0" lineman or 5'7' db's, which is why we generally recruit bigger guys. IMO you don't win nattys with taking chances on outliers.
  15. Lets be honest, at this point, we would never recruit a LB built like Ratelle, he was a self made freak. You obviously have a connection to that group and that is fine. They were good and Ratelle was great, especially for his size. When the offense can't sustain drives, at some point it doesn't matter who is on D. Much different game when the O is controlling the clock and the defense has a lead.
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