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  1. Is that a problem in the current athletic program and especially football? When was the last time a 6'5 270 lb frosh became a 6'5" 310 beast by the time he was a jr/sr. Maybe my expectations are too high but I question our S/C development.
  2. Who was strength and conditioning coach at that time? IMO with very few exceptions, great OL's are made in the offseason.
  3. Completely agree with comments on JJ. He does well when he is running downhill(2-3 yards beyond LOS) and north and south. Lateral runs are not working with him at all. The same thought crossed my mind on that last 4th and 1. Would Donnell or Noah give us a better shot of getting the first down.
  4. Defense was on the field too much. Need to find a running game to run clock with the lead. Looked like some guys on defense were playing angry at the end, loved that.
  5. Great win today under the circumstances! Big stop by d at end!
  6. The NDSU drive before the half to make it 21-7 was huge. Not sure why Schmidt went with backups in the front 7 on that drive. 14-7 at half is a much different game than 21-7. Also the Zimmerman throw on UND first drive of 2nd half and the subsequent NDSU FG changed the dynamic of the game even further. Hopefully Zimmerman learns from that, I understand trying to “make a play” but that was throwing it up for grabs.
  7. At some point NDSU will falter and. that will be UND opportunity. The team we lined up against last Saturday is at the pinnacle of college football(and it pains me greatly to say that). 7 out of the last 8 FCS nattys, 6 FBS wins in a row. Which FBS teams would be favored vs NDSU at the moment? 20? 25? We need to focus on ourselves, win 8-10 games consistently, win playoff games, get HPC II constructed and be ready to pounce on the opportunity to bypass the Bison when it comes.
  8. A team which was pummeled by Montana last Saturday.
  9. Tough situation for UND. As much as I hate to say it, for its level(FCS) NDSU is premiere program in football. A tough measuring stick for us. Let’s see what happens next Saturday vs a good opponent before getting to dramatic about the state of UND football program.
  10. So if Bubba had offered him, he would not really try?
  11. Why are you spending your day trolling non-rival fans? Now THAT is odd.
  12. I agree with that, but its only 4 Bison starters and 2 Hawk starters(14%).
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