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  1. Unfortunately not speculation.
  2. I am beating a dead horse, but add ONE frickin' offensive TD in each game last fall and we finish 9-2(NAU would have been far different game, going in 9-1) and are a top seed in the playoff and who knows how far that team goes. Defense was ranked 26th in FCS. How high if it not out on the field the entire second half of games later in the season.
  3. No longer a part of the team.
  4. I have heard Ott is done.
  5. Not doubt. Glad I do not make my living chasing around 17 year old boys
  6. As the season wore on, Kett looked less and less prepared for the defenses he was facing and where to go with the ball.
  7. i get it, but the point was if we have an average OC last season we are 10-1 and hosting lots of playoff games.
  8. Last season if we score 1 more TD in every game we go 9-2 and the 2 losses would have been to #9 FBS Washington and NAU to finish the season. 1 frickin' TD and we had a disaster at OC.
  9. IMO 2019 hinges on 3 things: 1.) Freund being far superior @ OC 2.) JJ and Cam et al at RB 3.) Can defense be dominant and create TO's.
  10. Could it be he is not really a football player.
  11. I'm ready! https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2019-potential-playoff-teams-shsu-unh-bzbz
  12. If the offense was the huge problem most of us felt it was last fall, 7 wins is on the low side. Lots of potential upside.
  13. I agree 100%. Is there anywhere we can get an update as to the status of HPC II?
  14. Thought the same thing. #37 got the best of that collision.
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