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  1. Fat chance, folks like that are afraid of their own shadows.....
  2. Which is impossible. We are in big trouble as a nation.
  3. As a nation we have lost our nerve and our minds. None of what has happened over the last year makes sense. Football games canceled even though almost no chance anyone connected to the football program would actually get sick, let alone die.
  4. No doubt about that. How about if we start with COVID infection may reoccur, so vaccine is still needed?
  5. The diabetes thing could get complicated without COVID, but I know what you are saying. I know not everyone agrees with me, but it feels like we have lost touch with reality, we are basing all of this on a scenario where nobody ever gets sick and nobody ever dies.
  6. The irony in all of this is without constant testing all these games would continue. With constant testing very few high school games would have been held last fall.
  7. Why would a 20 year old kid get vaccinated? They have zero chance of serious problems.
  8. Unfortunately I think we are close. Very likely No MO ST. Make sure everyone is infected now.
  9. High School football didn't test so they were not held hostage by the COVID protocols. If multiple positive tests, how many are in quarantine?
  10. Me too. How draining was that? I just can't imagine more guys won't test positive unless most had it last summer and fall. Bubba should have made sure they all got it last summer.
  11. Don't hold your breath. I can't imagine if one tests positive there won't be several others.
  12. I can't imagine a way for the Hawks to finish the spring season. Does anyone know how many players have had COVID prior to the spring season?
  13. This is MN "science". The black line is actual. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Exbhr-JXAAQLG9r?format=png&name=medium
  14. Under the present Covid rules/plans we will never return to “normal”. Go back and look at the original scenarios /projections and the reasons for the lockdowns,testing and all the rest of this bs and then tell me it has anything to do with “science”. Your freedoms are at stake forever.
  15. At what point do we actually look at the science and play? It’s been a year now. Can someone share with me the list of NCAA D1 athletes who have been hospitalized and/or died due to COVID-19?
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