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  1. You seriously think the Bison are going P5?
  2. Of course the UND program would not be in the same spot. If UND finishes that game in Grand Forks and wins the the national championship, the UND football program is in a much different and better place. It didn't happen, and it didn't happen for the reasons UND program is where it is.
  3. Which was a problem all year season.
  4. MSU needs to score on first drive. Would have made huge difference in game. Also huge downer when qb went down.
  5. Watch the 10/2 game again . We went toe to toe with NDSU, same with SDSU, same with every FCS game we lost what’s the difference?
  6. It’s the “snowball effect ”. Their snowball went uphill and ours went downhill. After that moment we did beat WIU and comeback wins at home vs YSU and ISU…
  7. Thy have had 20-30 practices, we have not.
  8. Wouldn’t Chaves already have completed a rough cost summary for an FBS move?
  9. About the Bison/UND game yes.
  10. If they do, we better announce later that week.
  11. We better be right there and announce too.
  12. Our situation, not the Bison. Tired of it.
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