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  1. Midwestern Hawk

    2019 Season

    Bruner started on a state championship team as a sophomore, played for a well-connected coach who has won a lot of games. As the B1G schools visited his school after the season, he was a guy the coach pointed out who would be a B1G recruit. By August of junior year he was offered by Iowa State and then Iowa. Committed to Iowa early and then as happens so often he was not as good as advertised. Probably could have eventually been a starter but if he was a bonafide FBS recruit wouldn’t he have seen some action at OLB this fall, especially with Palmborg injury?
  2. Midwestern Hawk

    Fire Saban

    Berry and UND should be Alabama-like in hockey, instead they were just swept by Canisius, akin to Alabama losing 2 in a row to Vandy and GA Southern. Never underestimate the power of coaching in any team sport from peewees to the pros.
  3. Midwestern Hawk

    2019 Season

    When Saban re-watches that game he will cringe at the game plan and the poor play calling. I thought they were in trouble when the first 3 plays were passes and the 3rd was a pick 6. Obviously the Clemson DB's had been watching film.
  4. Midwestern Hawk

    2019 Season

    Poor game-plan by Saban. I especially liked the fake punt in crunch-time with the kicker lead blocking for the holder, charging into the Clemson defensive front.
  5. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    The program is not bigger than the coaches. Spectacular transition has happened once for the Bison, what are the chances it happens twice?
  6. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    The 4 assistants will be a far greater loss than the seniors. Just watch. Half the staff is gone.
  7. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    It can flip fast. NDSU is losing much of its core with the recent coaching changes. Within reason, in football coaching is much more important than recruiting. It's going to be fun! Playing every year from here on out!
  8. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    Losses: Idaho State - lost by 4, shutout in 2nd half Need to go 2-2 in last 4 games to make the playoffs. Weber State - lost by 5, scored field goal on first drive of second half other wise offense shutout in 2nd half. Idaho - lost by 4, after taking 27-17 lead early in 4th quarter ran 14 play on 4 drives for 6 net yards. Portland State - won by 7, down 10-7 at half, defense scores a TD and offense manages a FG with :54 to go. Other than FG drive(14 plays-70 yards)UND managed 11 plays on 3 drives for -11 yards. Northern Arizona - lost by 15(one score game 'til 1:01 left) UND second half drives with UND season on the line: 3 plays for 5 yards(punt) 10 plays for 30 yards(FG) 2 plays for 0 yards(pick 6) 9 plays for 49 yards(FG) 3 plays for 3 yards(punt) 3 plays for -8 yards(punt) 3 plays for 7 yards(punt) 3 plays for -3 yards(EOG) UND offense was outscored 7-6 in 2nd half without NAU offense ever touching the field. I think the case could be made that with an AVERAGE OC, UND wins 8-10 games.
  9. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    With an average OC/QB coach last season, we win 8-9 games and are a seed in the playoffs. With a good OC we win 10 games and are playing the Bison in a week and half. The program is there. We will beat NDSU next season.
  10. Midwestern Hawk

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    It's coming like a freight train. If we would win in Fargo next September it will be a huge paradigm shift for both programs.
  11. Midwestern Hawk

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Down to 3 BSC and 2 MVFC. The earth must not be rotating on its axis properly.
  12. Midwestern Hawk

    2019 Attendance

    It's coming like a freight train.
  13. Midwestern Hawk

    New OC Danny Freund

    Both. Rudy was QB coach and OC, Rudy managed offensive practice including play-calling.
  14. Midwestern Hawk

    New OC Danny Freund

    I would not say no credit, but when you can run for 5+ yards a carry just running off tackle how hard is it to be OC? During the season it seemed like when we really needed some offense, the only game where Rudy delivered was the drive vs SHSU. The ISU game was pivotal to me. If Kett does not screw up that handoff(practice, drill and rehearse) that game ends up like the Montana game. Instead we carry a 2 point lead into half, are shut out in the 2nd half and we think we will win? On the 4th down and 11 from the 15 at the end of the game we ran the SAME frickin' play as we scored on at SHSU and we wondered why it was picked? Kett locked on Wanzek the entire play and the safety read it. Do we think it was different in practice?
  15. Midwestern Hawk

    New OC Danny Freund

    Disagree. Offensive coordination is easy when you can run for 5+ yards a carry. Don't forget we were shut out in the 2nd half vs ISU. Shut out in a half is ridiculous.