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  1. I'm ready! https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2019-potential-playoff-teams-shsu-unh-bzbz
  2. If the offense was the huge problem most of us felt it was last fall, 7 wins is on the low side. Lots of potential upside.
  3. I agree 100%. Is there anywhere we can get an update as to the status of HPC II?
  4. Thought the same thing. #37 got the best of that collision.
  5. How about a Spring Wrap report? Anyone?
  6. By the Northern Arizona game most of the team had given up on the offense. If you question that theory, watch the game again on UNDinsider.com. It is an offensive horror show.
  7. Holy !@#$, we need some football. How can you talk so much about tailgating spots?
  8. Would love to listen to podcast later. Post a link if you have one.
  9. Word is Morrison is @275 and gaining.
  10. Every time I see a write up about 2019 I get excited. With what we have returning and some offensive ingenuity, the sky is the limit.
  11. Reading that gets me excited for fall camp! Defense has potential to be great!
  12. Bruner started on a state championship team as a sophomore, played for a well-connected coach who has won a lot of games. As the B1G schools visited his school after the season, he was a guy the coach pointed out who would be a B1G recruit. By August of junior year he was offered by Iowa State and then Iowa. Committed to Iowa early and then as happens so often he was not as good as advertised. Probably could have eventually been a starter but if he was a bonafide FBS recruit wouldn’t he have seen some action at OLB this fall, especially with Palmborg injury?
  13. Berry and UND should be Alabama-like in hockey, instead they were just swept by Canisius, akin to Alabama losing 2 in a row to Vandy and GA Southern. Never underestimate the power of coaching in any team sport from peewees to the pros.
  14. When Saban re-watches that game he will cringe at the game plan and the poor play calling. I thought they were in trouble when the first 3 plays were passes and the 3rd was a pick 6. Obviously the Clemson DB's had been watching film.
  15. Poor game-plan by Saban. I especially liked the fake punt in crunch-time with the kicker lead blocking for the holder, charging into the Clemson defensive front.
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