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  1. Entire facets of the economy can't be shut down for months and not be severe ramifications. If the 2020 football season does not happen, will college athletics ever recover?
  2. Need Maag, and a few others to have monster seasons. I’ll buy the 1000 yards.
  3. Best of luck to Cam. Don’t forget the most important word in your post.
  4. 25-30 touches for McKinney a game and his seasons would consist of 1 game. Kid had a apark for sure, but not an every down RB and not sure hands.
  5. I don't get all this fear of the MVFC? Why?
  6. 4 teams left in FCS. Bubba program played 3 of those teams during its 7-4 regular season. Lost to NDSU playing a 2nd string QB. Lost to Weber St in the last moments of the game. Beat Montana St. In reflection UND played the toughest (top 5)schedule in FCS America? Looks as though UND is much closer to what we all want than many(including myself at times) on this board have thought. Look forward to replies.
  7. Donnell was a beast this season! Great job young man!
  8. A kid from Omaha? No. A kid from anywhere east of the Ilinois border, yes. Also remember at the time Rutgers had NOT played a down in the B1G.
  9. The offense we all witnessed in LA will win some games in the Alerus center in perfect conditions, but will not be worth a damn on the road outside of CA and or any other perfect condition outdoor venue. Sorry, but throwing what amounts to screen passes with the occasional 12 yard crosser is not going to ever win consistently on the road against even mediocre competition(Nicholls). IMO the offense on Saturday was as frustrating as anything Rudy ever put on the field. For 2 qtrs Nichols had NOTHING to worry about on D, we were completely one-dimensional. 1. We need more beef/strength on BOTH lines of scrimmage(much better S&C). 2. We have to have a QB who is a real threat to run. 3. We have to be able to run the ball. The wind was a very real factor on Saturday and we had a poor plan for it at best. 4. We need a 220 lb RB who can run over people as well as make people miss. 5. Have to have WR or two who can stretch the field and are a threat for a deep ball on EVERY play. I was at the game in person on Saturday and I was as frustrated watching Bubba's crew as any time during his tenure with possible exception of 2nd half vs Richmond. If the Nicholls game is at the Alerus, we win by 20+(Chaves and Athletic Department failed miserably).
  10. It was to make a point. You really are foolish to believe a kid wants to play at NDSU instead of a power 5 team? Really?
  11. It's always true unless you consider on the night before signing: "everyone on our board signed somewhere else, we need to fill a spot, how about it" an offer. Also remember the schools where this happens the staff has one foot out the door too.
  12. Until today I just assumed it was just board’s in FCS recruiting offices .....turns out it includes FBS too.
  13. I know that if a P5 school wanted Radunz, offered him and had built a relationship he would NOT be at NDSU.
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