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  1. I’m not going to overreact this much, we are two fumbles away from this being 38-0
  2. Or don’t whiff blocks or run into each other
  3. There was a hole there, would have been first down
  4. Grand Forks, New Rockford, and Park River on the touchdowns tonight
  5. Holy !@#$ what a throw
  6. Holinka is going to have to make some adjustments, that was brutal
  7. Now the lights are off apparently… so delayed longer
  8. F'n Hawks

    UND @ ISU

    Ventrelli to guard and Kilty to tackle was something I didn’t catch earlier. It looks like we will be running left in short yardage situations
  9. Brady ends with 22 carries for 126 yards and 1 reception for 21 yards
  10. Fort listed at Safety is interesting. Guessing Canaday isn’t listed because he’s not fully healthy yet? Portland St transfer listed as a backup for now, will be interested to see how he does
  11. He is definitely worth the follow. Beach and Orlando will hopefully be a big part of the defense this year. Listed at 275 and 285 on last years roster, I wonder how big of a jump they will make?
  12. Any D1 home non conference game is great, there have been multiple years where we haven’t had a single one.
  13. I get some of your points with Tommy but the “take away the first quarter” or “take away these certain throws” to make his stats look worse isn’t a great way to look at IMO
  14. We need to be able to take the next step this time. This can’t be 2017 all over again. I think it will be different this time around but they need to prove it.
  15. Encouraging to see Tommy scramble a bit today and get some yards on the ground...
  16. I understand that the game might be over but why is there no sense of urgency in the offense? Still huddling?
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