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  1. Agree, also makes the opposing DC account for the QB on every play.
  2. Danny needs to make Shuster run half a dozen times a game. Offense will need to carry the team more this year out of the gate as the D gets some new faces experience. Coaching needs to be better in game. Need to find someone who is money on field goals from inside 45 yards.
  3. No doubt about this, wish Kennedy was still around.
  4. I am not sure of what Bubba could have done differently from a legal standpoint, but I hope this soon passes for him and the team. I would guess on a team level, he would have dealt much differently with the Otis situation last fall. The lackluster season and team performance makes much more sense now. Had to be some horrible "team" dynamics at play during the season, especially the way it played out for Otis, the team and Bubba.
  5. Integrity and the MSM have nothing in common. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a sheep or part of the problem. It’s a controlled show. Almost no “real”journalists work in the MSM. For context, working in the North Dakota market or even Minneapolis is NOT the MSM. At the local level real journalism and journalists do exist. As for the Post? It is most definitely one of the “stars” of the “show”.
  6. If Tom was Mockingbird, Otis was a target of the state, and the order was given, I have no doubt he could have been destroyed long before now.
  7. First of all the world has a ton of BS in it. Also, it doesn’t mean other players endorse Otis actions. Can’t imagine the situation, along with his overall attitude about the team built cohesion. IMO, at the very least, Bubba should have cut Otis the week of Drake.
  8. It's a football team...they were all aware of it.
  9. Police report is one woman, title 9 situation is about multiple over time? My comments about the media market were in reference to the University and the football program.
  10. This is one of those stories where we can be glad that Fargo/GF is a tiny media market.
  11. The hearing was in January of 2022? How long do these things take? Bubba should have cut his losses a long, long time ago.
  12. Has this Otis situation not been an "open secret" on the team for awhile?
  13. Ugly all around, including UND football.
  14. Bubba should have kicked him off the team the week of SIU. Team would have been better for it. He has talent but is a cancer and everyone involved with the program knew it.
  15. Good points in your post. I think the question for UND fans and the pollsters is will UND be the team from the first half of spring 2021 or will it be the team from the last half of spring 2021 and the fall of 2021. I think defense may take awhile to find its way, with several multi year starters to replace. Offense needs to come out of the gates fast with improved OL play and QB play.
  16. In reality, Bubba and co, took a fairly good Hawks team(on paper), and had to win 3 of their last 5 to finish 5-6. Very, very disappointing to say the least. I have no idea how any pollster would vote the Hawks in the top 25. Finished in a tie with Indiana State for 7th and the 3 Hawks victories were against 9th, 10th and 11th place finishers in the MVFC. As some of you lose your minds with my comments, tell me where you would rank the Hawks in the MVFC and then nationally and why.
  17. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/fcs-coaches-poll/ @Nebraska - Loss #25 - Northern Iowa - Must win @Northern Arizona - Must win #17 - @Southern Illinois - #14 - Missouri State - Must win @Youngstown State - Must win #5 - South Dakota State - Abilene Christian - Win @Indiana State - Win #20 - vs South Dakota #1 - @North Dakota State - Based on information today, UND needs to go to SIU with 2 wins. After last fall, its not hard to see UND hosting Abilene Christian with 5 losses. On the flip side, get the offense going out of the gate, the defense fills the holes, and we could be hosting Missouri State with 3 wins. Wish it was September already.
  18. At FCS level, the $20K scenario is a waste. The "sure things" don't end up in FCS.
  19. Fascinating time in college football. We will be lucky if the $ doesn’t destroy the game we love at the collegiate level.
  20. He was never good enough to put up with all the off field issues. Cost Bubba program a ton.
  21. Good points. OL will be key and could be better even without waletzko. Tommy needs to run 3-6 times a game, designed and scrambles. Find a way to stretch the field more consistently. Need some guys to step up quickly replacing multiple year starters on D. DL needs to be strength. Better in game coaching decisions. If we can find a way to be 3-2 by the time we travel to Youngstown, could be a really good season.
  22. Hopefully the offense has gotten some of these shortcomings ironed out. 2022 has to be less frustrating than 2021...right?
  23. Love to see this. Obviously the higher Matt is taken, the better for the program.
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