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  1. I don't think what Otis has been suffering from is communicable.
  2. Anyone want to buy a bridge? He was so sick all week he made it to a high school game on Friday night.
  3. No need, UND is scoring points at will. The 5.5 yards per pass attempt is keeping opposing DC up at night. If you can find a way to stop us scoring points through the air, Tommy will torch us with his legs.
  4. Ok one final thought. Our 4 yard pass machine has scored : 10, 13 and 21 points so far in MVFC. That’s a shade less than 15 points a game. 15 points would have won ZERO MVFC conference games so far this season. Have the best offensive mind you know watch the NDSU, USD and SIU games evaluating the offense and the qb play in particular. With Tommy in the game, D coordinators can’t wait to get to Saturday. The film doesn’t lie.
  5. I was just pointing out that if one is going to attempt to include dropped passes in a an stat line that ballls that probably should NOT have been caught should also be considered. I rewatched the game and there were 3 catches that were far beyond ordinary. The posters in this board are largely frustrated because UND has lost 3 consecutive games it should/could have won against likely top 10/20 competition. My point is in today’s football, the QB is key, and IMO our QB makes it easier to defend UND than any other QB we have faced during that 3 game span.
  6. Watch film on him and then let’s talk . He is amazingly easy to defense. Rarely checks down(one nice check down throw yesterday), won’t run, has a weak arm and Danny has to move the pocket so he can see. Other than that, yes he awesome . Which qbs can’t make 5 yard throws?
  7. I want to win, the program is close right now, if we had a "game-changing" QB IMO we would be there. We now KNOW that is not Tommy.
  8. That's a major "bingo". The Hawks will continue to struggle with this QB situation. Open QB competition this week, splitting the reps evenly, and have an honest evaluation at the end of the week and name your starter. If it's Tommy and the offense is the disaster we are growing accustomed to, pull him at some point and turn it over to Quincy. Even after that disastrous start, we had major opportunities to win the game yesterday and could NOT score.
  9. I disagree. The ability/willingness to run changed the game yesterday. I'm not saying Quincy is a game changer with his arm, but a QB who can run for 3-10 yards a rush changes the game. With Quincy in, the defense has to consider the QB a viable running threat, changes the defense. I'm not sold on Quincy as a passer or even the long term option, Tommy is NOT getting it done and at times has been a liability. This will get to be an even more important option depending on the situation with injuries at RB.
  10. Not all Tommy fault for sure, just not going to make a serious run for a national championship without a game changing QB. Tell me how many rings the Bison win with Tommy as the QB.......NONE. No team in today's FCS football will be dominant enough to win with a "game manager".
  11. Then you have to subtract 2 amazing catches. UND 5.5 yards per pass attempt and 5.7 yards per rush. SIU 11 yards per pass attempt and 4.5 yards per rush.
  12. If we can get the ship righted, we could win out. A "right ship" would be 5-1, 3-0 in conference and rolling. Instead we have lost 3 very winnable games. The 3rd down vs the "4th down call on our 20", may go down as the high point of Bubba era at UND. This is a team which is probably good enough to make a substantial playoff run but could also end up 5-6.
  13. If Quincy does not come in on the first scoring drive, we get run out of Carbondale and the offense may not even score. It was that bad.
  14. It didn't and it wont. At his best he is an adequate game manager. Take an actual look at his resume at UND and then re watch the games.
  15. Every team has dropped passes, its football. Jake Richter also made a crazy good catch. If anyone think we are EVER going to be good enough to get beyond the NCAA quarterfinals with Tommy as the QB, I have a bridge to sell you.
  16. Not going to win many games with Tommy throwing 48 times. Not going to happen.
  17. I disagree, we could run the ball at USD, especially when they have to account for the QB, we choose not to run. At times just watching our offense is exhausting, so much movement and motion to throw 2 yard passes.
  18. No idea why we come out so slow, but obviously something the coaches need to figure out. Defense has given up 24 of the 51 total points given up the last 2 weeks on the first 2 drives of each game. Offensively, We can run the ball, the o line is better than we think it is . For whatever reason we don’t stick to the run. Until Quincy came in and we ran the ball down their throats the offense was beyond awful. Was better in the second half but still struggles finishing at all. The first drive of second half(after another blocked punt) was pathetic and likely the key series in the game. The way the game unfolded, we go ahead at that moment and we win by double digits. At this point I would go with Quincy as the primary starter and change things up, especially if Otis ever comes back. Like I said earlier we "pissed away another game". NDSU - don't go for it on the infamous 4th down or Tommy doesn't throw that late pick and we win. USD - We score a TD after the blocked punt and we win by double digits SIU - We score a TD after the blocked punt and we win by double digits. In the second half, our drives ended at the SIU 13 35 20 TD 18 30 We scored a grand total of 7 points.
  19. We beat the Bison....except for one of the worst coaching moves I have EVER witnessed and Tommy "he just wins" throwing one right to the Bison.
  20. Also because he is the official short yardage Q Wedge QB.
  21. Tommy is 3-4 in his last 7 starts and the wins came against Missouri State, Idaho State, and Drake. I find it really hard to believe that neither Quincy or Feeney give us a better shot to win. If that is the case, whoever is evaluating QB recruits needs to be replaced today. Look at the drive charts from the last 3 quarters @Utah State, vs NDSU and @ USD. Its pathetic. The offensive output in those 11 quarters is bad, really bad. Do you really think the DC from opposing teams aren't seeing the same things I'm seeing? Really? If Otis is in the game in the backfield its a run, if he isn't rush 5 and drop everyone else into zones and let us run all the 5 yard crosser patterns we want to. If the first read is covered Tommy panics and he will not run. The last FG drive vs USD we went 67 yards in 17 plays. 17 plays....that's less than 4 yards a play and we were behind by 2 scores. Did I say it chewed up almost 7 minutes of clock? Did the staff think we were protecting a lead?
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