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  1. Would be cool to have a concert going on in this new plaza at the same time as another, different genre in Town Square.
  2. Rebraca gone. What is going on??
  3. How is Sather losing guys he recruited? I get that it’s happening all over, but come on, it’s not like Sims is going to the Big Ten. I was excited about the outlook for next season with what was returning but seems like they won’t be returning near that much.
  4. Anything to do with the Gophers?
  5. My key to the game for UND: Maag & Richter. Need to hit a couple of balls over the top as I think NDSU can stop the run. Also, UND secondary needs to stop the deep ball as I think NDSU will try to catch them sleeping.
  6. NDSU's d-line is by far the best UND will face. That is the major concern to me. And their overall speed on defense.
  7. Good win! Keep working to get better!
  8. Good kick for Stage’s confidence! Nice job
  9. Got lucky. Come out in the second half and put them away
  10. Defense is due to force a TO
  11. Nice play call there on the TD!
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