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  1. JMU overlooks us and game plans for the bison.... hawks easy!!!
  2. So what If both und and NDSU win next week, who gets to host the semi final? Do both submit bids, highest hosts ?
  3. Must have been error, Epsn owns all the rights for the playoffs. Game is on ESPN 3 ... streaming only channel
  4. Only 3k tickets allowed, per NCAA screw them !
  5. ND1

    Yotes VS Hawks

    The alerus already had booked the camper and gun show prior to the spring football season being scheduled
  6. I think teams backed off of him because of grades... I know the bison did
  7. I agree, they nailed it! Other teams should watch and learn
  8. When is the last time both football and hockey have been ranked #1
  9. Let me guess the bison are no longer heading to the BIG 10.....
  10. Maybe if the Ralph didn’t treat you like you were watching a game in North Korea they would have more fans .. they need to relax a bit over their !
  11. Shout out to the alerus staff, feels pretty normal and not as North Korea like at the Ralph !!
  12. He is out for a couple of games ... calf injury I guess
  13. ND1

    SIU Predictions

    SIU has a 240lbs wild cat man child QB that puts up a lot of yards... worried about our young D line and the ability to stop the power run. UND 28 SIU 21
  14. So the city of GF gives the Ralph 100K to subsidize the cost the of NCHC tourney ?? Here is a thought ... allow more then 3k fans and maybe you wouldn’t need the damn money. Fargo dome is doing 50% capacity or 9k fans next weekend so it can be done. On the radio this morning, Bochenski sounded pissed off that the Ralph was only allowing 3k and asking the city for financial help
  15. Attended both men’s bb games this past weekend. Removed my mask after walking thru the concourse and not one word was said to me. Even sat down the row from the UND president who appears to be wearing 2 masks now... good lord. Appears certain ushers are enforce things more than others .
  16. Much like the hockey and bb games, once seated no one cares if your wearing a mask. Very little enforcement
  17. I thought the same... UND marketing need to step up!!
  18. Because the GF county health officer and deb Swanson from public health run this city to include UND and GF public schools. We are the California of ND!
  19. As long as your in your seat drinking , no masks needed !!!
  20. Looking for (1) additional ticket for Saturday’s game
  21. With the governors new guidance I believe it’s now 5k for both the Ralph and the Alerus
  22. Omaha players should have followed the UND example and hung out at Joe Blacks this fall ... would have had it and be over it quickly!
  23. No streaming of hockey as NCHC has exclusive streaming rights
  24. My understanding is that Midco would do all the games in either city
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