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  1. I'd take a healthy jack wright over a healthy maag, but having them both back would be great.
  2. That argument make sense if the average fan has a hard time getting a good seat. We aren't there yet. Students harassing the opposing team is a good thing and I'd like to see that come back
  3. We don't have two quarterbacks. Vaughn just runs our version of the wildcat, with the added ability to throw a little more. The comment about our system being indirect proof Schuster isn't good enough to get the job done is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen on this forum, and that's saying something.
  4. No excuse for not getting plays in or the number of false starts this year. And I think we need to be a pass first team looking for guys like jack wright, zavalney, and someone else to step up and become consistent targets. They don't need to be burners, they just need to understand leverage and Tommy will throw them open. Schuster's decision making and arm can win games for us if we game plan for it from the starrt. Run game just isn't going to be a strength this year. And can defense get a pick? Should have had two of them on each of the last two games.
  5. Thanks. Appreciate the info.
  6. Including this year, Schuster has 4 years of eligibility left, correct?
  7. He needs to improve his catch radius if he is going to take a big step forward this season.
  8. Sioux95

    Summer Camps

    Whether we get the out of state kids or not, I like the idea of offering them. It ups the price tag for schools like SDSU.
  9. I was surprised SDSU didn't try to run a play that would have given them a chance at a last second field goal. I think they still had a timeout left. Or if you want to run the hook and ladder, get the ball to your stud running back.
  10. Sort of hate to see this guy go. He had some really good catches at key moments for us this year. Made Me excited about our potential to use tight ends again for the first time since the Chad mustard era.
  11. I remember it well. Often is almost an understatement. I think it was rare to see one completed.
  12. I heard on the Bison radio station today that if ndsu and und win, ndsu will host the game. Not sure if that is true, just repeating what I heard.
  13. We had a chance to hire this guy didn't we?
  14. We beat sdsu, the number one seed and did that after getting off to a poor start. We easily beat another playoff team that is still in the mix. Jmu has had a couple games this year where they did not look very good. 28 - 17 UND. Tommy will throw for over 200 yards and after the game people will complain that he isn't a big enough running threat and that somehow makes us one-dimensional. Ndsu's quarterback will throw for 50 yards and their fan base will think he is the next coming of Trey Lance.
  15. If bo doesn't recover quickly enough to be full strength in the fall, can he redshirt and stiy get 4more years to play? Just wondering how things work with this year that doesn't count.
  16. I thought both of the long balls tommy threw were right on the money. If the receiver had dropped either of those passes, you would have understood?
  17. Preston could be in the mix too?
  18. This is painful. I just want to see Quincy play a little.
  19. Did anyone having any trouble streaming the game from ESPN Plus?
  20. SDSU vs Missouri State seems like a given 1st round matchup... #2 vs a bubble team, and a regional matchup. As for und and NDSU meeting in the first round... I can't think of anything that makes me believe that would happen.
  21. Seems like we could run the ball on them. But yes, they've got some good receivers, a great QB, and speed. I would guess we would have a couple running backs put up over 100 yards and that should keep things interesting... If we play them. With covid-19, I wonder if the committee will have more in conference games in the first round. Maybe we see an EWU vs Weber matchup... They haven't played each other this year.
  22. I see Missouri State's AD is the selection committee chairman. I don't think that would make SDSU vs NDSU a losers out game, but never know; might need a way to make room for MSU.
  23. If we lose it might be hard to give UND a spot in the playoffs when we haven't won in 5 weeks and are riding a two game losing streak. SDSU losing probably helps us as we would have a clear advantage over them. I think it's unlikely missouri state gets in but not out of the question if UND and SDSU both lose.
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