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  1. I think most will agree the black logo on the green helmet is a far better look.
  2. Just announced. Family only at the Bison game this weekend.
  3. Well, put this in the “the name and logo could have been worse” category!
  4. Full MVC schedule. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2020/9/24/football-mvfc-releases-spring-2021-slate.aspx Some odd days for the start of the season. We play the Yotes on a Thursday. Bison have a Sunday game. Not sure why.
  5. I am really excited about Vaughn. With the new redshirt rules, he could play in half our games in the spring and still keep his redshirt. I think the job is Schusters to lose. He has shown he can make the plays and has the presence in the pocket. That being said, it will all depend on how the season goes. But I like our stock of QB's right now.
  6. There will be a banner with the Fighting Hawks logo on it hanging in the Ralph.
  7. New logo at center ice this year....kinda. Just “North Dakota” instead of “North Dakota Hockey”.
  8. Ugh.....that's. dumb take. No school has "practice helmets".
  9. So anyone else find it strange how all these breaking news, earth shattering, damning, shocking, etc. news stories that come out are always from a source that is coincidentally trying to sell a new book they just released? Funny how this information was so critical and needed to be told to the American people.....but if you want to know the whole story, you will have to shell out $29.99 on Amazon to find out!! Certainly not the first time this is the case, definitely won't be the last. Expecting many books with all these "fact" to be released in the next two months.
  10. Cancelling all the non conference games thru October is likely the outcome. I would expect they would plan on starting the season with the Nov 6-7 series against St Cloud. Who knows about fans. If you can spread out 10,000 fans in the fargodome, not sure why you wouldn't be able to do 5000 at the Ralph. We will wait and see I guess.
  11. Well, they are the Pirates. So they didn’t miss it by that much.
  12. It is interesting that a story of something that “supposably” happens over 2 years ago comes out 2 months before the election at the same time Trump tightens the polls to a statistical tie. Also the same week the story of Nancy Pelosi violating local regulations at a salon dominates the headlines. If you don’t see what the media is trying to do you are in denial or ignorant or both.
  13. Looks like the team has switched to the black logo on the helmets. Also looks like they got rid of the number as well. Definitely pops better on the helmet. A much better look!!
  14. Not sure who is more clueless, Joe Biden or the people who are voting for him to be President!!
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