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  1. Part 2 of 3 - How watching the GoPro video of his accident helped Hunter Pinke find closure and turn his attention to new life goals https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4968228-How-watching-the-GoPro-video-of-his-accident-helped-Hunter-Pinke-find-closure-and-turn-his-attention-to-new-life-goals “There are going to be doors that have closed for me,” Pinke said. “But far more doors will open up because of this situation. So I’m not sure what those are going to be, but I know that it’s going to be big. I can assure you of that. Whatever it might be, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. It’s going to be big.”
  2. Part 1 of 3 - How Hunter Pinke manages to feel lucky even after a severe spinal injury https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4967835-How-Hunter-Pinke-manages-to-feel-lucky-even-after-a-severe-spinal-injury “People say you’re going to have a bad day. I mean no disrespect to them, but I just disagree with it. I’m not going to have a bad day. I have tough days. But no bad days, because every day from now on is a day that I don’t take for granted. You know, I was in a situation where all of my days could’ve been taken away from me, so I’m no longer a glass half full or glass half empty. I’m just glad I’ve got a glass.” “Right after I thought ‘why me?’, I thought ‘why not me?’” Pinke said. “Why can’t I be the guy in the wheelchair that helps change peoples’ lives. You know, I just had to fix my mindset – from why did this bad thing happen to me to why not me? New challenge, new opportunities.”
  3. WDAY's Kevin Wallevand and The Grand Forks Herald's Tom Miller travel to Colorado to see the incredible grit and determination coming from North Dakota's Hunter Pinke. Witness Hunter's incredible determination to move forward, following a recent skiing accident that left him paralyzed. Watch "Pinke Strong" Tuesday-Thursday at 10 PM on WDAY News. You can also watch the series and read more about Hunter's inspiring story on GrandForksHerald.com.
  4. Yes. Of course. Obviously that is the way you would do it. Had season tickets for a few years back when I still lived in Grand Forks in the Great West Conference Days where they did the doubleheaders. Season tickets were good for both games. Found myself frequently going early to catch the end of the womens game and sometimes for the entire womens game since it was right before the mens game. Not sure I would have seen as much womens basketball had it been on a different day.
  5. Agreed. The one thing that the Summit League needs to seriously consider is moving to doubleheaders for the mens and the womens games. I am sure there are situations even worse at other schools in the Summit League (or other mid major conferences) with similar attendance woes. Sure schools want two gates so get more revenue, but I think they would get more fans and more revenue if they had a two game doubleheader to go to instead of trying to get fans to attend just a women's game on a Sunday afternoon in February. If and When St Thomas comes to the Summit and the return of UMKC, the Summit League will have 10 teams and travel partners for every school. The League will then be able to do a balanced schedule and be able to make a conference schedule where every team plays Thursdays and Saturdays. This also would help attendance as fans would know that the games are consistently on the same night. Thursday/Saturday games, Mens/Womens doubleheaders. That's my Solution.
  6. What a game!! Stewart with the game if his life!! What a win!!
  7. For us out of towners without Midco Sports, is this game in Fox Sports North? Thought i remember seeing that.
  8. I think the demand for the Vegas game and ticket sales for Nashville have proven that these destination games need to be held in NHL size arenas. I also agree that these need to be warm weather locations. As much fin as it is to visit Philly or Chicago, I think fans would much rather visit warmer climates in late October/early November. Plenty opportunities to visit those other arenas and cities for Frozen Fours!! That being said, here are the warm climate cities with an NHL arena that are potential destination "warm climate" locations: San Jose Anaheim, CA Los Angeles, CA Glendale, AZ Las Vegas, NV Dallas, TX Nashville, TN Raleigh, NC Tampa, FL Sunrise, FL Any of the other cities (besides Nashville and Vegas) that people are excited about?!
  9. https://www.uscho.com/2020/02/18/seven-ncaa-hockey-schools-leaving-wcha-rebranding-themselves-as-new-ccha-conference/ Seven NCAA hockey schools leaving WCHA rebranding themselves as new CCHA conference "The seven schools are Bemidji State, Bowling Green, Ferris State, Lake Superior State, Michigan Tech, Minnesota State and Northern Michigan."
  10. Definitely won the regular season title, most definitely did NOT with the Frozen Faceoff!!
  11. We are 8 points up with 6 games to go. In order for Duluth to Catch us, they would have to go 6-0 and we would have to go 3-3. Take care of business and we are looking pretty good.
  12. HUGE sweep. I’m the drivers seat for the Penrose!!
  13. Right call. Zoomed in view showed it was a shoulder hit.
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