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  1. I would be nice to see the REA utilize the new scoreboard and other scoreboards for things other than just advertising. You know, videos and features that would be used to make the gameday experience better for fans. Unfortunately, they will likely be used as billboards. Welcome to sporting events in 2019 I guess.
  2. https://cw.ua.edu/54080/sports/alabama-athletics-unveils-tide-loyalty-points-program/ How bout this idea. Alabama rewarding bonus points to students for football games. Points go to things such as attending the game, donating your ticket to someone else, and staying until the 4th quarter.
  3. Why not play for a giant nickel rock. So technically, you are still playing for "The Nickel". At the very least, whatever they play for should have some trace of nickel in it!
  4. I agree that the Nickel should be the trophy that is played for. Even with the indian head on one side. It has tradition dating back decades. Just because it is in retirement in Bismarck, doesn't mean they can't just un retire it and use it again. If both schools agreed to it, it could happen. that being said, I don't think both schools will agree to that. Especially UND. However, I dothink representatives from both schools need to get together and decide on somethign together. Whether that is the student senate, Student Body Presidents, or even Presidents of both schools. Both sides should be involved in coming up with a trophy that both fanbases will approve of.
  5. The key is young kids go to games with their parents, those kids get older and buy tickets to games, then eventually become season ticket holders. Probably the story for many of us on here. I am not saying treat kids as future investments for the program. Just saying that making it easier for families and kids to go to games is going to be better long term for this program.
  6. Well, 67% of Spirit Lake members (who chose to vote on the issue) were in favor. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/2096916-spirit-lake-voters-overwhelmingly-support-fighting-sioux-nickname
  7. A few years back, the UND made the smart move of moving the Student section down one section and opening up section 215 for season tickets to the general public. That section sold out basically right away. No I get it, you want students to be at the game. But given the lack of interest among UND students (and students everywhere at college stadiums) I propose the UND redo the seating again starting next year and move the student section down one more section. Make the student section 211, 212, and 213 and open up section 214 for season tickets. These tickets are on the 50 yard line. They would sell out these seats for season tickets very easily. As much as I want students to have great seats at the Alerus, if they aren't going to show up, UND needs to sell these to people that will actually show up. Want to improve the atmosphere in the Alerus? Increase attendance. Want to increase attendance, sell more prime season tickets to fans who will actually show up and stay.
  8. I think there probably would have been a few more deep balls attempted, especially the 4th quarter. But I don't think it would have mattered all that much against the Bison defense.
  9. All I can say is thank God we have only played the Bison twice these last 10 years because I guarantee NDSU would be on a 10 game win streak against UND instead of just 2!!
  10. Alerus Center is getting new turf for the 2020 season.
  11. So trying to figure out what was going on with the 2 straight penalties on the the extra point. Illegal formation for too many people int he backfield? I was at the game so I didn't hear the commentary about it. I was sitting on the 15 yard line on the end they were kicking at so I had a great view of the line on all 3 kicks. Only think I saw was the two players on each end were maybe slightly off the line. Not sure if that technically counts as "in the backfield" as the ref stated. Can anyone clear that up for me? Because I was definitely confused by it (as well as our players out there on the field).
  12. Umm, yeah it does. UND isn't going to waste the time and money rebranding their entire athletic department AGAIN unless they are forced to do so.
  13. I can only imagine if this was 2015. I don't think there would be any doubt that Moose would have been the nickname. Probably wouldn't have even needed a vote!! The moose running on the field would have been an omen!! Plus, the story of how we got the name would have been great. Oh what could have been.
  14. My biggest concern is how UND is going to handle NDSU's offensive line. they have 2 preseason All Americans in Zack Johnson and Dillon Radunz. Their offesive line is one of the biggest in the country at any level. Getting a pass rush on Trey Lance is going to be pivotal in disrupting his ability to just stand back there and wait for his receivers to get open. Games like this are won and lost in the trenches. Definitely a big challenge going up against their O-line. The Bison have lived on running the ball and sustaining long 7-8 minute drives. If we can win the battle at the line, it will go a ,long way to helping us stay competitive in this game.
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