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  1. UND missed a golden opportunity to donate any unused tickets to hospital workers, first responders, and other essential employees like teachers that can't be thanked enough during this pandemic. A free ticket to a game would have been a great way to do that.
  2. Hawk logo would be preferable, but I do like this logo that they brought back so that would work also. Shoot, even the "North Dakota" script they have at center ice would be better than nothing!
  3. Changing the subject, but does anyone else think it looks really odd to have no sticker on the helmets? I mean, we have a logo. Use it!
  4. Anyone got any pics or video of the new banner?
  5. Look real close you will see one of our Captains out there wheelin around!! Still out there leading this team. #PinkeStrong.
  6. So as per sources, there will be a ceremony to raise the 2020 Conference Championship banner before the Saturday game. And, the banner will have the Fighting Hawks logo on it. There won't be a crazy amount of fans there, but it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be. Hopefully it will celebrated and appropriately cheered.
  7. Are tickets really $89 for lower bowl and $69 for upper bowl...plus fees?
  8. Just patiently waiting to finally see a home game.
  9. Does racism exist in the world today? Yes. Is it as widespread and rampant as the activists portray it? No. Does kneeling bring awareness to the issue? Sure. Is it going to make a difference in the long run? Probably not much. We can all do our part to be good people and not discriminate against those different than you. Be the best person you can be. But that decision to do that has to be mad by each person individually. No amount of kneeling can change the type of person you are.
  10. Kneeling for the anthem? That’s so summer of 2020.
  11. Feels like we should be losing by 20+ the way we played the first 15 minutes. Will take a 6 point deficit at the half.
  12. Random question, did the Red Pepper ever go back to the Hugo’s bread? Back in Grand Forks and haven’t been there since the bread debacle. What’s the story on the bread?!!
  13. The Godfather of UND hockey. Not just for what he did for the program on the ice, but more importantly what he did off the ice. RIP
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