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  1. New green jerseys for this year it look like!!
  2. Last week Alabama played Mercer, Georgia played UAB, Oklahoma played Western Carolina, and Clemson played SC State. Combined score of the ranked teams over inferior opponents was 229 - 24. Welcome to nonconference scheduled for college football. Sure you will have some non conference games against ranked opponents. But most of the time its cupcakes. Games like these should always be scheduled. Not only is it pretty much a guaranteed win against an FCS school (whick matters come playoff selection time) but it gives coaches a chance to rest starters and play 2nd and 3rd string guys. Literally a win win!!
  3. Are there any past or current lawsuits against venues or any places of business where a person is suing because they got Covid? Seems like we would hear about them if there were. If you are worried about Covid, stay home. If you go to a venue with 18,000 people and get Covid, not sure how you can make the venue liable. It all comes down to personal responsibility and know the risks/lack of risks.
  4. Having the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid or transmitting it. It lessons the severity of symptoms. So vaccine requirements are unnecessary. Especially if you truly are “following the science”.
  5. Would love to see Feeney get a whole lot of snaps. Like the entire 4th quarter!!
  6. Remember. With 9:59 left in the game, it was 27-24 Utah St. as bas as we played in the last 3 quarters, and as good as they played, we were definitely still in this game at that time.
  7. They stopped the run. Simple as that. And our corners could not cover anyone.
  8. This loss was frustrating. But can we all remember this is an FBS team? And likely a good one this year it looks like?
  9. Stop the Run, stop UND. Blueprint for our opponents the rest of the year.
  10. We are down 3 going into the 4th quarter. Everyone of us would have taken that. Win this quarter and we win this game. Let’s go!!
  11. They have all the momentum. Must stop them from getting a TD here.
  12. Can we throw more than 5 yards downfield?
  13. UND won the first quarter, Utah St won the 2nd quarter. Just win the next two quarters an you got the W.
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