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  1. 2022 Olympic Winter Games | U.S. Men's Roster https://teamusa.usahockey.com/2022olympicmenroster NOTE "All 25 players on the U.S. roster have played college hockey in the U.S., including 15 currently playing in the NCAA" Hmm, a bunch of college kids playing for team USA in the Olympics? Tring to remember how that worked out last time they did that?!!
  2. Jacks clearly the better team. I mean, their trophy is much heavier.
  3. Testing only unvaccinated people when you can still get and transmit Covid when you are vaccinated is one of the dumbest things going on right now. In sports and in society.
  4. New Pairwise rankings still have us at #3 https://www.uscho.com/rankings/pairwise-rankings/d-i-men/
  5. Doesn't hurt having him come play a game at the Ralph!!
  6. Just at look at where both programs were at the time. NDSU had not won a conference title since 1994 when they were Co Champs with UND. UND had won 4 conference titles to their 0 since then. UND had also beat NDSU 10 of the past 13 times, including the last 3. Not to mention 2 National Championship appearances with won of those resulting in a National Championship win. In 2003, UND was the dominant football program in the state. There is no question about that. Would that dominance have carried over to D1 throughout the past 2 decades? Who knows. But UND was definitely in position to be successful at the FCS level.
  7. Freund really missed a great opportunity to get Waletzko involved in the offense!! Maybe next year we need some big old lineman to get the ball!!
  8. This could have been a post from 2015!! They have been saying this for years. But I agree with your point about moving to wherever the bison and Jacks go. Can't be left behind again.
  9. "The newly updated CDC guidelines don't require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks" https://abcnews.go.com/Health/live-updates/coronavirus/?id=81952698 The CDC finally admits what many have long known: that our hypersensitive PCR tests can return a positive result for those who haven't been infectious for months, or who never were. At these sensitivity levels, up to 90% of "cases" can be among those no longer ill or contagious.
  10. Now Russia forfeits. Tournament may be over today at this rate!
  11. Zero chance this tournament finishes. It will be shut down before new years. What a joke this testing is.
  12. Omicron hospitalization rate is 90% - 96% lower than the Delta variant. Also, 90% of people that get the Omicron varient will be asymptomatic. The overhyped panic (fueled by the Biden Administration, Fauci, and the media) is ridiculous and completely unnecessary. And as a result, healthy 18-20 year olds with zero symptoms have to forfeit a game for no reason at all.
  13. This!!! So much this!!! It is unbelievable that people are treating Covid on December 28, 2021 the same way they treated Covid on March 28th, 2020.
  14. I am wondering how Freund can get Quincy Vaughn more involved in the offense. Besides the occasional RPO play he runs when he is in there, most of the time he goes in to pick up a 3rd and 1 or a 4th and inches. He is our backup QB, but I am wondering if there are other ways to use him in the offense as opposed to under center.
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