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  1. 2020 has been awful. But remember, it all started with NDSU winning the National Championship. I blame them.
  2. There isn't a single issue in this country that doesn't result in it being politisized that divides the country. Sad that people can come to a bipartisan agreement on anything. Unfortunately the times we live in today.
  3. It's sad and pathetic to see people do this. But what is even worse is seeing democratic "leaders" act the same way. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. Blaming all the problems of the country on him and taking zero responsibility for your own actions is an irresponsible and dangerous way to live you life.
  4. After having the worst Governor in the history of Governors (Dayton) I didn't think it could get any worse. But man, is Walz trying to claim the title!! Before it was ok for large candy stores, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc to be open but not smaller businesses that you are exposed to a 10th of the people of those larger stores. Now that restaurants are gonna be open, only ones with outdoor seating are allowed and if they don't have to remain closed. Malls are open but churches remain closed. Someone explain his logic because everyone here in Minnesota (and around the country) is trying to figure it out!!
  5. Also there are no known cases of a child under 10 passing on to anyone else.
  6. Instead of a quarantine in the healthy and less vulnerable people in this country, focus on nursing homes. You know where the majority of these deaths are occurring?!! Make money available for them to test patients weekly if not more. Instead of going with a one size fits all solution, focus on those that are the ones that their virus really affects.
  7. Ever wonder where the term "flattening the curve" went? Don't even hear that anymore. The purpose of shutting everything down was to not overwhelm the health care system. The curve has been flattened and hospitals are not being overwhelmed. Elective surgeries are being resumed, ventilators are being returned, and hospital workers are being furloughed. So now that the curve has "flattened" there should be no reason for every state to do a slow reopen. All of a sudden now it went from flattening the curve to finding a cure. Since when has that been the solution to fighting diseases?!
  8. Yep. that started the comeback!
  9. Yep. Goehring was interfered with but they let the goal stand. Sioux scored 3 goals in like the final 10 minutes to tie it up, including the game tying goal with 7 seconds left. If was my first Final 5 I attended. We didn't win, but damn was it fun!!
  10. Blackheart, since we are on a Sioux v St Cloud Huskies kick, do you have the 2001 Final 5 Championship game? I realize we list in OT, but man that 3rd period comeback was great!!
  11. Except Siouxsports.com that site is legit and everything posted on it is based on fact and not personal opinion!
  12. Roughrider as the nickname and a logo with a Nakota Horse as the logo was my optimal pick. Could have had a horse mascot named "Nokie" Oh what could have been!! That being said, no matter how you feel about the Fighting Hawks nickname and logo, we can all breath a sigh of relief that we are not the University of North Dakota Fighting Sundogs!!
  13. Any nickname with "men" was never going to be selected. Too gender specific.
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ncaa-president-fall-sports-return “While no deadlines have been set, Ackerman said during a press conference Friday that the presidents indicated a late June/early July deadline for fall sports, and possibly a Sept. 1 deadline for winter sports, when basketball is played.“
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