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  1. How many teams are they seeding? Typically it is 8, but I have seen bracket predictions with only 4 seeds. Anyone know?
  2. It’s the 3 way tiebreak rule for the autobid. If Mo St wasn’t in the mix, we get it over the head to head. But because SDSU, UND, and Mo St didn’t all play each other, that is what they go by. Who cares about the autobid If we win, we get a share of the conference title and are in the playoffs. That’s what really matters.
  3. UMD would be doing the same thing against the Huskies the way they are pushing. Thank God Umass beat them in Thursday.
  4. 3 Minnesota schools in the Frozen Four.....none of them win it all.
  5. I think Bucci and Melrose have already started drinking!!
  6. Wait....so those Regional appearances banners aren't legit?!!
  7. Goalies from Apple Valley have worked well for this program in the past.
  8. If St. Cloud wins on Saturday, they are going to burn the Press Bar to the ground!!! Wait.......
  9. UMD being outplayed. Which means they score a lucky goal and win. Probably.
  10. No matter how the late game turns out, Go Huskies on Saturday!!
  11. So who hosts if two pre-approved sites have their team playing each other?
  12. https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/6975134-Kolpack-At-some-point-we-gotta-stop-living-like-this
  13. https://herosports.com/fcs-football-conference-tiebreaker-playoff-auto-bid-bzbz/ A little fuzzy when 3 teams are tied and 2 teams have played each other and the others haven't. Wondering who gets the autobid if UND/SDSU/MO St are all tied. We have the head to head over SDSU but we didn't play MO St. And MO St didn't play SDSU. Does it all go down to the Sagarin ratings? Regardless of who gets the autobid, if we win next Saturday, we are 5-1 and are likely in the playoffs.
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