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  1. Here are the issues that all UND fans have been UNITED on during this whole nickname debate: 1. All of us UND fans wanted to keep the Fighting Sioux name initially when the "hostile and abusive" list of colleges came out in 2005. Once the timeline from the settlement for tribal approval passed, many people realized that it was probably in the best interest of UND to retire the name. When comments from the Summit League Commissioner as well as the Big Sky commissioner came out about future and current conference membership came out, even more people jumped on board with retiring the name. When schools like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and a growing list of others changed their policy to not play any games (outside of conference games) against teams with Native American mascots, even more people jumped on board with retiring the name. When the NCAA said that UND could not host post season tournament games on campus, then people realized that that would hurt our programs especially the football team and realized retiring the name was what had to be done.And then when the vote was held to retire the name, the numbers came out 67% in favor or retiring the name. the problem is after all that, there are still people out there that still feel that UND should have sacrificed all and dealt with all the consequences to keep the name. 2. All of us UND fans agree that the process of selecting the new nickname was a complete $hitshow. We were all pissed about the whole process of narrowing the submitted names down. The selection committee didn't even follow their own basic requirements for selecting a name. Being unique, relate specifically to North Dakota and the region, etc. Fighting Hawks should have been weeded out well before the list was narrowed down to 5 to vote on. But it wasn't. We all agree that this process could have not gone any worse (I guess we could have been Sundogs : ) The 5 names that were finally voted for were less than impressive and (as said many timed) given a list of things to vote on, people will select the most generic one. And we ended up with fighting Hawks. Fighting Hawks was definitely less than inspiring for a new nickname and certainly many people voted against it (myself included). Most of us can agree that Fighting Hawks is not a great nickname. It is generic, boring, and falls right into the trend of schools that had to change their name of selecting a bird mascot. Even when teh name was announced, the overwhelming majority of the fanbase kind of shrugged their shoulders and said OK. 3. The logo could have been better With a generic name like Hawks, it was going to be hard to come up with a truly unique logo that people were going to be blown away by. there are hundreds of bird logos out there. So while the fighting Hawks logo is not as generic as those others, initially many people were pretty negative towards it. Even people that now support the Fighting Hawks log and wear it proudly today were less than impressed at the logo when it came out. *You can see that our fanbase was united throughout this whole nickname and logo debate and selection process. We all were on the same page regarding the whole process. Where it came divided was how we moved on from that. The fanbase became divided into two categories. Those that accepted the reality the Sioux nickname and logo were never coming back and that were going to accept the new nickname and logo even thought the process of selecting both could certainly have been better, and those that refuse to accept any nickname and logo not matter what it was. So our fanbase is currently divided between those that support the Fighting Hawks name/logo and those that reject the Fighting Hawks name/logo. Now there are many that say "What's the big deal. Let people cheer for whatever name they want. We are all cheering for North Dakota." I admit, I was one of those people. But even I didn't think that this division would be do divisive as it is today. And social media certainly is perpetuating the division. So the divide is real. And I don't see it going away anytime in the near future. It can be easily solved. Obviously we can't go back top the Fighting Sioux name so the only way to end the division is to unite and support the Fighting Hawks name and logo. So when people say that it's not fair to place blame only on one side, that is not true. The fans that continue to perpetuate the division by constantly ripping on the Fighting Hawks name/logo and refuse to accept the Fighting Sioux name is gone will eb the ones that keep this fanbase from uniting ***NOTE: Sorry for the lengthy post.
  2. Why does it matter? Because it is dividing the fanbase. That's not just an opinion. And the blame rests on the #Siouxforever crowd, the REA, and many of the hockey only fanbase that refuse to accept the fact the Sioux name is gone and never coming back.
  3. St Thomas isn't going D2. They are in great position to move straight to D1. Summit League for all sports, Pioneer League for football (if they want to still have it). Not trying to make crazy SiouxVolley type predictions, but I really believe that this is their plan.
  4. Putting the "lamp" underneath the scoreboard is not going to look good IMO. I'm not talking about that it will have the retired Fighting Sioux logo on it. I'm talking about that it is going to look awkward. Not to mention blocking the view of the underneath screens. Looking at the mock up pic, it already looks weird.
  5. This is certainly not the first type of slip and fall lawsuit that has ever occurred in this country and obviously won't be the last. The Alerus Center and the City may have offered him a settlement that the man and his lawyer thought wasn't enough. I am sure the Alerus will try again to reach a settlement before it goes to trial. Should the Alerus be liable for ensuring the safety of the people in the building" Sure. But how much they are financially responsible for the rehabilitation of someone that got injured is what is being debated. Most likely the result of this will be a settlement agreement that pays the man less than what he is asking for, but enough for him to drop the lawsuit.
  6. Or do what the Phoenix Suns did and make the scoreboard screens look like cell phones!!!
  7. Apparently what is most needed at the Alerus is “Caution wet floor” signs!!! https://www.inforum.com/news/crime-and-courts/1340110-Man-files-lawsuit-after-he-slipped-fell-at-UND-football-game
  8. I get the strategy now. Release a logo the first time out that will have people up in arms about how bad it is. That way 2-4 years after it is released, UND will announce they are designing a new logo. So instead of comparing the logo to the old Sioux logo, it will be compared to the original Fighting Hawks logo. So people will be much more receptive to the new and improved Fighting Hawks logo. It all makes sense!!
  9. Top 5 winningest coaches in NCAA D1 history all played college basketball. Weren't really All Americans: Mike Krzyzewski - 6.2 PPG, 3 years Jim Boeheim - 9.8 PPG, 3 years Bobby Knight - .7 PPG, 1 year Dean Smith - 1.6 PPG, 3 years Jim Calhoun - .6 PPG, 3 years So being a good athlete has nothing to do with how good of coach you are. Let me be clear, in no way whatsoever am I comparing Shanks to 5 of the greatest coaches of all time. Just saying that Shanks playing ability has no bearing on his coaching ability.
  10. https://www.jobsinsports.com/Content/Jobs/index.cfm?jobId=453378443&utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic Pretty minimal for requirements. Bachelor Degree and 8 years of coaching experience.
  11. The bar has been set pretty low. Why not take a shot with Boschee?!! I like the buzz that he would create. And it's not like he is a name. He has done well as a head coach as well!
  12. This is the new norm in this country. Even if we had gotten tribal approval from Standing Rock and were able to keep the Sioux name, I can't imagine what the SJW outcry to retire the name now would be. There will be a time when FSU will get rid of the Seminoles and the Washington Redskins will be known as something else. That time is coming. As much as I wanted to keep the Sioux name, it is refreshing that UND does not have to deal with the issue anymore.
  13. Side note, but UND has basketball camps all summer long, some starting as early as the first week of June. With the old staff going out and a nee coach likely to be newly hired, who runs these camps? I guess I am assuming the coaching staffs for the mens and womens teams run the camps. Is that the case?
  14. Great Podcast by Miller and Schloss discussing the search for a new basketball coach. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/basketball/4613351-podcast-who-could-be-next-und-mens-basketball-coach#.XNyVB-NYnEc.twitter
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