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  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All of this!!
  2. Assuming the winking and smiley emoji would obviously mean I was being sarcastic. My bad I guess!! I figured the "Mafia's 2 emails a day for the past 4 years" part would pretty much end any confusion. Apparently not!!
  3. Makes you wonder how much influence siouxsports.com has. I mean sure other teams have historically accurate championship banners with multiple logos on them (Boston Bruins was mentioned here). But, it does make you wonder if someone at the REA saw this thread and brough the idea up to the higher ups at the REA. Who knows. We may have had a part in making this happen!! Or maybe Mafia's 2 emails a day for the past 4 years finally broke Jody Hodgeson into ending the madness and shutting him up and making the change!! Either way, I think it was an awesome move. Finally a logo issue at the REA that the majority of us can agree on!!
  4. 2 Championship banners (1959, 1963) and 2 Conference Championship banners (1958, 1963) were changed from the Brien logo to an interlocking ND logo. All the other banners were changed to the Sioux logo used that year. (3 stayed the Brien logo). Every banner won after 2011 was already the newer interlocking ND logo. Not sure what the outrage of changing 4 banners to a "non Indian head" Sioux logo.
  5. Our 6 million dollar scoreboard is too big and will block the view of our 8 National Championship banners. What a fantastic thing to complain about!!!
  6. For the first time ever, the "blackhawk" logo is being displayed on a banner. That's pretty cool. This is a great move by the Ralph and something I think most fans are going to support.
  7. WCHA for hockey (if the decide to do D1 hockey), Pioneer League for football, and Summit league for everything else.
  8. Siouxperfan7

    2019 Season

    Everytime I see the black and white logo on a green background, I wonder why that version of the logo is not on the football helmets. Would lood so much better than the green logo.
  9. Not meaning to sound all SiouxVolley, but I think St Thomas will declare they are moving up to D! within the next 5 years.
  10. Two questions: When will High Point move up to FBS and will they be joining the new WAC with the Dakota and Montana schools?!
  11. Siouxperfan7

    2019 Season

    One of the biggest problems that seems to never go away is the green helmet matching the green jersey. They should go back to what they had decades ago with a white or a grey helmet with the stripe down the middle. Plus, the green logo would stand out much better. Something like Marshalls helmet below in grey or white with logo on the side. (Sorry to continue the thread drift )
  12. Only posting this here because it was talked about on this thread: Former UND chief of staff joins Kennedy in Colorado https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/3826459-Former-UND-chief-of-staff-joins-Kennedy-in-Colorado That commute just got even longer!!!
  13. Loving these moments UND social Media is posting. Helps pass the time during the dog days of summer and no football. This was an unbelievable play. Second best play by UND football I have seen live behind the Kleinsasser catch and run at the Fargodome!!
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