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  1. Siouxperfan7

    Summit League MBB

  2. Siouxperfan7

    March Madness 2019

    Today and tomorrow are 2 of the best sports days of the year, IMO. 16 games, 12 hours of basketball both days, how can you beat that!! Working very unproductively today (at least after 11:15) and then taking tomorrow off to watch games. March Madness simply is the best!
  3. Siouxperfan7

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    What are the chances Hak ends up with the Wild if Boudreau gets canned for not making the playoffs?!!
  4. Siouxperfan7

    Time to Boo Berry?

    If UND doesn't make the playoffs next year, Berry should be fired. No excuse why this program can't at the very least make the NCAA's.
  5. Siouxperfan7

    Time to Boo Berry?

    The last time UND missed the playoffs more than 2 years in a row was back in the Gino days. 1995-96 was 6th year in a row UND failed to make the playoffs. After that year, Gino "resigned". I don't think Chaves is going to let UND miss the NCAA Tournament 6 years in a row before he pulls the trigger. I'd say he has 2 years to get things back on track. But if UND misses the NCAA's next year for a third straight year, I think the pressure from the fanbase, alumni, etc would be to great for Berry not to be fired. Side not, pretty crazy stat that the last time the UND hockey team missed the playoffs 2 years in a row was 23 years ago!! The bare minimum for this program is to make the NCAA'ss. Anything less than that is an utter failure given the reputation of this program.
  6. Siouxperfan7

    Time to Boo Berry?

    So......how hot is Berry's seat now? Is next year a "prove it" year? Can't think that if we miss the playoffs 3 straight years under Berry that he would be back. Berry just signed a contract extension through the 2022-2023 season. I miss the good old days when the reasons for firing the head coach was because the team couldn't win once it got to the Frozen Four. We can't even get to the Frozen Faceoff!!!
  7. Siouxperfan7

    ITS OVER!!!

    It will be interesting to see the attendance this weekend at the X. Looking at the map for full weekend ticket packages sold, looks like it should be a decent crowd. That is if everyone who bought tickets shows up.
  8. Siouxperfan7

    ITS OVER!!!

    St Cloud is the number one team in the nation with a bullet. The overwhelming favorite to win the National Championship this year. Their next 3 (likely 4) games are in St Paul and Fargo. Both a short drive away. Plenty of tickets available now since UND won't be playing at either cities. We will see how well the Huskie fans support arguably the best Huskie team they have had in program history.
  9. Siouxperfan7

    ITS OVER!!!

    Much like other premier programs in the country, UND hockey certainly isn't immune from the attendance decline problem happening at College sporting events across the country. UND and the Ralph are likely aware of the issue. Not the next step is being proactive in getting butts back in the seats. Obviously winning helps, but sometimes that isn't even enough these days. The new scoreboard is certainly going to help next year. But the REA needs to continually work on improving their gameday atmosphere and presentation.
  10. Siouxperfan7

    What do you think of the logo now??

    One could say that UND broke the "Curse of the Brien logo" when it was removed from the jersey and theyu won the National Championship in 2016!! If you believe in curses, you are an idiot. UND had a bad season because they couldn't score enough goals which resulted in loses. Plain and simple.
  11. Siouxperfan7

    Regional Tickets in Fargo - Great Seats

    Might have better luck posting here! http://www.scsuhockey.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=9
  12. Siouxperfan7

    UND vs DU

    Info via Schloss' article this morning, interesting to see how we have fared at Magness since 2003. UND in Magness Arena since 2003-04 2018-19 — Denver win and tie 2017-18 — Split 2016-17 — DNP 2015-16 — Denver sweep 2014-15 — Split 2013-14 — Split 2012-13 — Split 2011-12 — Split 2010-11 — DNP 2009-10 — Denver sweep 2008-09 — DNP 2007-08 — Split 2006-07 — Split 2005-06 — Split 2004-05 — DNP 2003-04 — UND sweep
  13. Siouxperfan7

    Summit League MBB

    SDSU has 2-3 players that carry their team. when they are off, you can see what happens. NDSU has the deepest bench in the league. that is why they won the Summit Tournament.
  14. Siouxperfan7

    Really good read

    The success of teams like Union, Yale, and Providence winning a National Championship and upstarts like Penn St. And Arizona St. are great for college hockey. Probably goes without saying. Schools are encouraged by these small non power house schools have success at the D1 level and it only helps them to think about starting up a D1 program at their school.
  15. Siouxperfan7

    Summit League MBB

    FYP #bettercallsaul