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  1. Anybody have a feel on who they might be?
  2. I’m really stating to wonder if this is the direction they will go.
  3. Not really. Unless Panoam gets better in a hurry.
  4. I didn't realize this but DAE got 12 boards with his 10 points.
  5. Which is more than we can say about Brown at this point.
  6. 5-20 from 3 tonight You can't win shooting like that
  7. Look at this stat line for Rebraca 8-10 from the line 8-9 from the field 10 rebounds 8 blocks
  8. In case anyone wanted to know, the single game record for blocks is 10
  9. Rebraca just took it coast to coast and got the foul as well
  10. Walter done for the night 72-60 Milwaukee 3:52 to go final media TO
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