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  1. The Twins can fix their bullpen by the following 1) Hope that Duffy and/or Pagan bouncebacks are real and last for the rest of the year. 2) Get Joe Smith back and healthy 3) Go to either Winder or Ober and convert them into a reliever (I would lean towards Winder with this ability to piggy back on either Bundy or Archer and you aren't taking Smeltzer out of the rotation until he faulters). 4) Trade for 2 arms. 5) Hope Alcala doesn't have any more setback and comes back the same pitcher that he was in Sept. of last year.
  2. The Wolves took a swing, which if it works out, the picks will be meaningless.
  3. I guess we are going to find out. I am confidence that last year was a massive fluke of bad luck/injuries and they will bounce back in 22-23, very similar to what the women did last year.
  4. Will the Big 10 finally get their white whale (Norte Dame?)
  5. We also chastise anyone who didn't land ND recruits. If they went to NDSU the board would be screaming that Sather can't land anyone in-state.
  6. Ah. Guess my sarcasm radar is off.
  7. Should have asked a different question. I meant to ask, when was the last time Wisconsin produced a decent QB outside of the 1 year with Wilson.
  8. When has Wisconsin ever developed a decent QB, minus the 1 year of Wilson?
  9. Has to be Doppler from Century as sioux24/7 is hinting at. A 2023 kid
  10. They could use Alcala right about now. Do they dare stick Winder in the pen?
  11. I agree that QB play needs to take a step forward next year. I would also like to see our WR core step up as well.
  12. I lean towards Nero starting for a couple of reasons. First, I think he will pair well with Trent and will give UND a nice defensive presence in the backcourt, which is what UND needs. Before his injury, he was really starting to put it all together on both ends. It will also help to give UND a player that has some ball handling experience, eventhough he will likely play off the ball at the 2 spot. I think Eaglestaff and Brooks will start off of the bench and provide scoring off of the bench, which will be needed. Unless one of them just lights in up and forces the coaches hands, especially on the defensive side of the basketball. Wonder which side of the basketball I want them to improve in?
  13. I agree with this assessment. There is a lot to like with this squad but there are still some things that need to come together still in order for them to take the next step. Could be a All Dakota top 4 this year.
  14. Lots of youth, athleticism, and some shooting with this incoming class. Will be interesting to see how this all comes together, along with the healthy returns of Nero, Sueker, Levias, and Mathews and the development of Norman and T.
  15. Hope he can make it.
  16. You know, they keep saying Kenta might be ready by Sept.....
  17. Well, look forward for this saga to last another 2 years.
  18. Please.... I really hope this happens
  19. I guess I have been out of the loop, but is a 5 year ban from campus a significant punishment or is that a normal length now?
  20. Could you throw Josh Murray on that list as well?
  21. I haven't heard anything but if true... these are correct games to protect.
  22. Another series win. Take care of Arizona this weekend and get ready for some big games at home against Cleveland.
  23. https://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/north-dakota They do a pretty good job with that. They don't have Brooks, Fong, or Nicholson on there yet but you can reach out to them to make corrections
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