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  1. SWSiouxMN

    2018 Season

    About where I expected them to be. I don't expect them to win the regular season title, but they could challenge for the tourney title. It all comes down for me about who establishes themselves as the starting setter. UND has been spoiled for the past 7 years of good to great setter play, can that continue? I'd say another 20+ win season (around 22-25 wins) is in the cards.
  2. SWSiouxMN

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Yeah that might help, when I saw it earlier it didn't specify an amount.
  3. SWSiouxMN

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    How much does this compare to previous years?
  4. SWSiouxMN

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Already the "Get an AD that can get us back to FBS" chatter has started. Sorry to tell them, that's not going to happen I can't wait to see the meltdown when they don't make the FCS Playoffs this year
  5. SWSiouxMN

    2018 Fall Camp

    I want a pelt! I want a big win SHSU would be that pelt
  6. SWSiouxMN

    New AD posting and hiring process

    I'm sure they will make an exception for a UND guy, because you know, UND never hires UND guys for VP positions.
  7. SWSiouxMN

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    The minute the Horizon gets an opening, they will want in sooner than you can say "Boiler Up" *Must to the chagrin of the Horizon League fans
  8. SWSiouxMN

    UND Soccer 2018

    Team picked 5th in the Summit, I think they can do better than that.
  9. SWSiouxMN

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    At some point Augie needs to announce publicly what their plans are. They too have a FB issue that they have to deal with if they decide to move up. UMKC isn't even sure they want to be D1. I would guess if they options were go back to the Summit or go D2 they would choose option 1. Montanas would be a dream, but that is all it will be for now is a dream. You know what I would have done as a commish? If Basketball is my bread and butter, I go get the best basketball school and weaken a conference to the point where they are a sitting duck and make the Summit a strong 1 big league and perhaps a 2 bid league on some years.
  10. SWSiouxMN

    Media coverage

    If it is great and insightful information, I don't care who does it. UNDFB360 guys are doing a great job.
  11. SWSiouxMN

    What do you think of the logo now??

    I don't disagree with anything that you are saying. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't believe that sadly.
  12. SWSiouxMN

    Summit League MBB

    we saw how that worked out. #NOCanada!
  13. SWSiouxMN

    Twins ?

    The amount of hate that the brain trust has gotten is getting out of hand, they are being treated like TR was still in charge. As for the closer, I have out of the box solution: Trevor May
  14. SWSiouxMN

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    FYP. Got the cover the eventual Pryor extension, foreign trips for basketball teams, any opponent that comes here for a home and home, upgrades to soccer and softball, etc. Although yes, FB will be the one to take the brunt of pitchfork nation until they start having seasons like 2016 consistently and with deep playoff runs.
  15. SWSiouxMN

    2018 Fall Camp

    I forget the game but didn’t he get crushed and got knock out of the game for that reason?
  16. SWSiouxMN

    NCAA admits they are corrupt

    Like clockwork, the NCAA steps in it once again in their “effort” to “clean up” college basketball
  17. SWSiouxMN

    UND Soccer 2018

    I really don't know what to expect from this squad, but given what they have coming back, I would guess they would be picked in the top half of the Summit?
  18. SWSiouxMN

    2018-19 Season

    Recognized that we need the season thread for the women, so here we go. Here is the schedule that I have been able to find based on what we know and from Midco. <hope for accuracy> 11/21 @ Penn State 12/7 Milwaukee 1/9 Omaha 1/18 SDSU 1/20 @ NDSU 1/24 USD 2/3 @ Omaha 2/7 NDSU 2/9 @ SDSU 2/16 ORU 2/23 Denver
  19. SWSiouxMN

    2018-19 Season

    https://fightinghawks.com/schedule.aspx?path=wbball The full schedule is out!
  20. SWSiouxMN

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Well if you can’t beat USF on the FB field, buy them out!
  21. SWSiouxMN

    2018 attendance

    I remember it used to be at halftime, then they put it between 3rd and 4th quarters. I think my last year they finally figured out to do it at the end of the game.
  22. SWSiouxMN

    Twins ?

    I have more belief in Sano than I do in Buxton. At some point, they need to tell Buxton: Sink or swin.
  23. SWSiouxMN

    Twins ?

    It truly is disappointing, I thought they had something together that, if Cleveland did stumble, they could take the division or at worse win a few more games. Now they have to look at it and think "okay, now what?" How much do you retool this thing. I guess the one good thing about the moves they made in the offseason was that they weren't any long-term sunken cost moves minus Reed. I don't think Escobar or Dozier resign with the club in the offseason and honestly I don't think that is a bad thing if they don't.
  24. SWSiouxMN

    2019 UND Recruiting

    If the wins comes.... (had to do it) he might get another pass this year (outside of Reusse from the Star-Trib) but starting in 2019 if things don't pick up it won't matter what he does or how many times he says row the boat. I don't want to hear another year zero comment from him this year. The QBs cannot be worse than they were last year. (I hope the Mankato West kid wins the job)
  25. SWSiouxMN

    2018-19 Season

    Looks like Illinois State on Nov 14th http://www.videtteonline.com/sports/familiar-foes-highlight-women-s-hoops-non-conference-schedule/article_16ae971a-95cd-11e8-8d7c-7bf46588962b.html