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  1. On Pluto... No $50 a year for ESPN+ for all the content they offer is a pretty good deal. Get all the Summit stuff as well.
  2. No. They cannot agree as to how they want to restart (owners/players). This is very disappointing. Everyone else has it figured out, why can't they? They should/could have been the first ones to come back.... it was right there for baseball but they failed.
  3. There probably will be more of this (wonder if NDUS/U of M/MNSCU will follow the same path here.) I wonder if this could become a permanent move.
  4. Why am I getting the sinking feeling that baseball is not going to happen this year?
  5. I've read and heard from several lawyers who felt that it was undercharged (the Murder 3). They felt the charges coming down now are more appropriate. I don't see anything else being added unless the Feds want to throw something on.
  6. You both make good points, I was thinking more along the lines to separate the two, even if it meant having 2 dumpster fires. Carry on.
  7. Guess we will find out soon, MN AG will have a "significant announcement" on the case this afternoon. My Guess: Upgrade to Murder 2 so they can charge the other 3 with aiding and abetting. (You can't charge that with Murder 3 in MN)
  8. https://www.dakotanewsnow.com/content/news/SDSU-to-complete-fall-on-campus-instruction-by-Thanksgiving-570982521.html Personally, this isn't a half-bad idea. I always found it a bit silly that we had to go back for two weeks just for a few final classes and then finals and then leave for 3 weeks.
  9. Translation: Why doesn't the new D coordinator have a commit yet?
  10. Hey Mods: Is it possible that we can clean up this thread a little and move the Floyd conversation into another post?
  11. I saw it live and kept saying: oh no. oh no. oh no.
  12. Turning back to COVID and the impact on UND Could UND be looking at cutting again in the athletic department or will the previous cuts be enough?
  13. Isn't that a normal Saturday Night in Fargo?* *That was a softball Cratter, had to knock it out of the park
  14. This has been so sad..... and embarrassing
  15. https://www.startribune.com/alabama-huntsville-reverses-course-will-keep-hockey/570877932/ This program has its 3rd life.
  16. Maybe not, they just took the guy into custody.
  17. Frey and Freeman are the biggest issues currently. Frey just got thrown under the bus several times (and well deserved) during the presser.
  18. Would he play QB or are we looking at ATH?
  19. Swap Kansas City and DU in the tiers and I don't disagree in how he has them separated. (positions on the other hand....) He isn't wrong in saying that the teams 2-7 are going to be a crapshoot on where they end up.
  20. FYP The hype train has started on that and is full speed ahead mode. *Before I get attacked here: I'm not saying he isn't worthy, I just think it is a bit too soon to start thinking he is a first rounder already based off of 1 years work (although it is very, very impressive). Being from his hometown, its pretty exciting for the kid.
  21. Curious. If this were to hold true, wouldn't that also mean that it wouldn't be necessarly for someone to be in quarantine for 14 days? Instead focusing on 11 days?
  22. Have they made holes 8 and 9 any easier or are they sticking to the original course plan?
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