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  1. Good write up and honestly that order could happen. If it comes together for UND however, they can be battling for that 4th spot. Now... the key going forward is how much of this team can they keep together for next year. Can they keep this team, outside of Panoam, together?
  2. SWSiouxMN


    Randy Moss doesn't approve. *I drop this line when someone asks me if I have Venmo.
  3. They got to have this or else the season is done. I'm sorry, but I don't think UND at 6-5 is going to get in. 7-4 or bust
  4. Got the win. Now go get one in Springfield
  5. Sounds like they will be offered as soon as next week. (ODU, JMU, Marshall and So Miss)
  6. Meanwhile, Mountain West is going to hold serve at 12.
  7. First two podcasts of Reaching the Summit if you want to give a listen A New Year Begins – Reaching the Summit Podcast Preseason Poll and chat with Oral Roberts Head Coach Paul Mills – Reaching the Summit Podcast
  8. Cool opportunity to check out the teams!
  9. Plus side: Darrisaw looked pretty good in his first start.
  10. A person can dream can't he? You are right though, they need someone to bring the program back to respectability and challenging for Summit titles.
  11. If Smith is out for a while and Luke can't go.... someone needs to back up Otis Ziebarth time?
  12. So did the lost yesterday close the door on the Frost era? 1-3 vs PJ
  13. 2 Punt blocks in the last two weeks Great field position for both 0 points off of them
  14. Ball game season another disappointing game and another game where UND SHOULD have won.
  15. Yup, and whiffing on that tackle on the long punt return. Should have been down at the 10 yard line
  16. Power teams are in the South (CSP, Wayne, SMSU, Augie, Winona all 7-2 or better, USF and Upper Iowa at 6-3)
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