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  1. May I suggest that congress and the press go on a cruise and come back when the virus is gone talked to a lefty today and China didn’t have anything to do with the spread of this maybe he should be on the cruise too
  2. Kab

    The Herald

    Tried then99 cent for a month promotion was billed $100 yearly fee and $9.99 monthly fee within a week trying to get money back has been a bad experience
  3. Will any UND players get an invite to rookie camp?
  4. I see a barber in Dickinson is going to open May 1st no matter what Doug says. It’s time to let the people decide. we can make our own decisions, the people who would inject Lysol are probably the same people using meth.
  5. With the virus and the financial problems it’s causing how many universities will be tapping into their foundations and the billions in them? will UND? i know most money is donated for a certain project but their is also money not designated for any particular project.
  6. When the press is on your side you can be an idiot and get away with it doesn't work the other way biden can’t do an interview without his wife at his side that will work well negotiating with China and north korea i didn’t vote for trump or Clinton
  7. The remarks trump made were stupid but any normal person would know not to do that uv lights are in use on ceilings in buildings with updraft fans and do kill virus from what I understand, not aimed at people is it the UV light that is used for SAD? Seasonal affective disorder
  8. Was looking at Montana lady Griz looks like a mess there Players transferring coach fired yesterday 2 players on team are daughters of the fired coach
  9. Hopefully states and cities and counties are more prepared this coming winter and have their supplies ready to go what kind of state department of health doesn’t know what labs are in the state and what they are capable of doing? Apparently most states are that way the way of the future is quick at home testing for things just like diabetes finger sticks. the federal government should have been locked down in Washington and shouldn’t be able to leave until they have a plan which would include how to pay this debt back and how not to depend on China or any other country.
  10. People are getting tired of the TV coverage of this they just want to get back to normal common sense should prevail, if you are healthy and can keep your distance and use precautions you should be able to work same with employers those that are vulnerable stay home your shoes probably won’t fit me so don’t try make me wear them
  11. I think they need to look at doing this makes no sense to pay then in 4 months seasons are changed and they need to do refunds
  12. A few days ago,I asked how,long before they use dogs to sniff this out I see they are training dogs in Europe to do this with some success could screen many people in a short time doing this
  13. So UND is cutting hours due to the virus but NDSU says there financial position is in such good shape now they don’t foresee that for now. how the hell does that work
  14. Kab

    The Herald

    The small weekly newspaper is going to die unless they change their business model to wait a week for news or sports won’t work, all advertisers or most have their own websites some things are required to be printed in papers, but as time goes on cities, counties, schools will all,have on their own website to print these most 0bits are on websites
  15. Kab

    The Herald

    Should have Sunday print include Saturday sports , print the damn thing a little later
  16. Would be nice if each state was posting total deaths each day from all causes births each day
  17. Look at the raw milk being dumped why not use this, make cheese and use it next year at schools, fruit and vegetables being left in the fields because of low demand ? Can’t be frozen for schools.
  18. Season tickets are now on sale. I wish they would have waited until there are more answers to what the season will look like. what will new seating arrangements need to look like. what will entry into buildings look like. what will tailgating look like. I guess wait until May 31 to renew and see what the guidelines are.
  19. Not according to the governor since it’s an essential service
  20. Will be interesting to see how a hospital comes out on this with reimbursement and what their costs are. Any CAH being reimbursed on cost will still lose money since reimbursement is being paid at 99% of cost and being on sequestration reduction for Medicare patients. CAHS with clinics have lost 60% or more of their volume since this took place, cash flow is terrible.
  21. Does anyone know what the DRG payment for this is, do they even have it in the system yet?
  22. A better graph would be total debt
  23. How did you come up with suddenly you know nothing about me
  24. It all comes down to if d says it black,’r says it’s white they can’t come to a shade of gray and get it done anymore back in the day that was done during the day and at night after a beer together things got done im just concerned how much the deficit is going to ballon with this and no plan to pay it back,
  25. Take a dentist, eye Dr. or physical therapist, these are basically shut down because you can’t be that close to people i can see where patients will be getting a rapid test before being worked on in the future is it possible to train dogs to sniff out this virus?
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