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  1. Kab

    Grand Forks Economy

    Until we get more interstate exchanges building will be slow should be at least 3 new ones between grand forks and Thompson seems fargo has one very mile on 94 and more on 29
  2. Kab

    The Herald

    So the forum is going to be raising their prices at the same time this will drive revenue down maybe Schloss can post on Sioux sports without having to go to the forum or herald or not?
  3. This project is 70 to 80 million $ the legacy fund is averaging $50.5 million per month deposits this year so the project is about 1 1/2 months deposits. why can’t state or local agencies borrow from this fund and pay 1% interest. You would think this would be in the best interest of all of North Dakota .
  4. How is this financed and what is the interest rate, does anyone know
  5. State board meets tomorrow hooe they say keep going another black eye for UND doubt he would have liked the Ned school bring out on hold
  6. The best solution is a summit big sky venture. unfortunately egos get in the way, some think they are too good to be traveling to the Dakotas. what name could we put on the conference to make it look appealing?
  7. Good move by the coach gets These kids talking about UND at a young age and following our program
  8. Remember seeing Eikens on Jon Cole sports when he was a freshman in Williston jon said he was going to be a good one and looks like he is
  9. I would have to agree with that most-people in the NW corner of the state want to bypass Minot on a transfer and go to Bismarck but for Medicare patients they sometimes don’t have a choice. Need to go to the nearest facility that can handle them. the only good thing about Minots new facility is that it isn’t in the same location as the old one. as far as Altru is concerned it’s whats inside that counts not the outside. i happen to like the new look, just not the location.
  10. With attitudes like shown on this board no wonder people think grand forks is failing Fargo has enough people that it almost generates its own economy. Drive thru Williston ,it’s not a nice looking town, it’s an oil town, who knows how many people live there. Bismarck as state capital will continue to grow, look how many lawyers live there.
  11. Kab

    Former Players

    Any idea how Santiago stacks up at Winnipeg ?
  12. Who would have thought to reach out to athletes, former coaches, those in the know. State board are you paying attention?
  13. Do d2 transfers to d1 have to sit out a year
  14. Big sky schedule was way better, Thursday and Saturday games, summit is any day of the week,
  15. I hope he can get fans to the Betty but with the horrible summit league scheduling it’s an uphill battle
  16. Be interesting to see what coaches are let go and if any players decide to transfer
  17. Kab

    New Coach?

    But has he changed his license plate
  18. Kab

    Former Players

    Brady has a step up on being on the team since he is Canadian
  19. Ray passed a 10 million $ school addition yesterday, for was 92 % while Williston district 8 went down
  20. Kab

    Former Players

    I see Mn signed 2 defensive players
  21. Is Herbst a low key pat you on the back type of coach or in your face let’s get going type of coach
  22. I think anyone who pays for him to write I would not buy their product. I don’t see a useful purpose in his writings
  23. Give the coach an incentive , the more butts in the seat the better their bonus
  24. I see McFooley is already writing stories about Kennedy being the next President of Colorado, all based on his bias and upset about the wage. must be tough to be so pure and almighty as that fool.’cant wait until the stink hits him sometime. wonder if he has ever written something bad about his alma mater. I’m sure he will follow the next president of UND and if not to his liking more stories will follow.
  25. Hopefully the next president takes UND on the right course and sends the provost to Colorado too
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