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UND @ UNI 10/21/2023


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Tough game in a tough environment. I think it's fair to say that up to this point, UNI has underperformed compared to pre-season expectations. From that perspective, I feel better going into this game than I would have predicted. I am worried about UND have an emotional letdown following the NDSU win. Here's what a win would mean.

  • Solidified as a Top 10 team going into the easier portion of your schedule.
  • Inside track for a seed
  • Move UNI / NDSU into a potentially "loser out" game the last weekend of the year. For UND you essentially win the tie breaker over UNI / NDSU. Watching the way this season is playing out, 7-4 might not be good enough to make the playoffs. 


If this team plays like they did against NDSU, fundamentally sound in all three phases, they will win this weekend.

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With UNI playing SDSU last weekend, there's a lot of film (for both coaching staffs) to review.   Who spots weaknesses best will have an edge going into what looks like a pretty even matchup, and an important game for both.     (For example: SDSU sacked UNI 4 times ... and got them to fumble 4 times, 3 lost.)

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8 minutes ago, geaux_sioux said:

This game will tell us what our coaches are really made of. If we ride the wave of momentum onward and upward it’ll be huge for the mentality of the fans and program. Lay an egg and it’s back to where we were.


I originally hated this game being right after the NDSU game, however it actually might be a good thing. I think our team understands that this is a big game and a good team. I think this will help them get focused again. If we were playing someone else on the road I'd be more worried about a hangover. Hopefully I'm right on this. 

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1 hour ago, forksandspoons said:

UNI has the #1 strength of schedule and is 3-3. They’re a very good team 

Hard to say on that, of course they're capable but they got pounded by Weber at home (Weber is 3-4) and squeaked by Indiana State who's 0-6 and of course got pounded by SDSU which is going to happen to everyone most likely.

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31 minutes ago, Going48 said:

Forecast for Saturday is a high of 66, mostly sunny and NW winds at 10-15.  Sounds like a great day to move the program forward.  

Yup......perfect playing conditions in their dome.

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On 10/16/2023 at 2:45 PM, iramurphy said:

Correct. This team is capable of running the table on the remaining games. They will do that if they follow the lead of the coaching staff. “Day by day” means you do the things that help you get better each day. You do the things that help your teammates get better each day. 

Our defense took some big steps last weekend against one of the better teams in FCS.  They need to play better this Saturday if we are going to win. We tackled better Saturday and need to get better. We gave up a couple of passes to open receivers and one long TD run. We need to get that corrected.  Special teams had a great day but can still improve an d if we can do that we have an excellent chance of knocking off UNI. One of the biggest challenges to our players will be to stay focused and filter out the noise/buzz/ what might be nonsense and prepare for UNI  

Others have pointed out how special the win was Saturday with regards to the fan experience, recruiting (especially recruits who were there), the importance to the University, the Alumni, and the community and region. It was something to build on game to game.  The fan support is important to the team and coaches.  The University, the community, and especially the students contributed to a winning environment which helps motivate the team. 
Go Hawks!

i can't believe the talent drop from the last game i watched of ndac last year (incarnate word) and this game......for the last how many years each qb was elite or solid...and it seemed like every rb was the same guy just bigger and faster...not anymore i guess...and don't even get me going on their o lines and d lines.

not in a million years did i think i would see a ndac rb running east west like a sloth and then tear his acl like that rudy looking guy did

i would not be shocked if they lose their last 3 games of the season and miss the playoffs entirely.

entz better find a new dentist in whatever town he'll end up in if this happens.

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21 hours ago, Sioux94 said:

And when I click into it....it shows ESPN+


I just went through the same exercise of checking to see if it's been changed from espn3 to espn+. Got that screen too. Could be a mistake because I've seen a lot of inaccurate listings of game broadcasters this year.

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