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  1. desktop is working now...not sure why they don't have a cast button instead of "mirror casting"....
  2. tech support should hae their own credentials to ss.com
  3. buddy had same issue...worthless app sometimes...perfect the next...he tried to cast from his iphone and the cast icon was gray and didn't do anything? nchc.tv said they did have a problme during the game.
  4. your first sentence is confusing...."love casting from your iphone but it won't work from your "phone"..."...by buddy had a problem casting from his iphone...the cast icon was gray...n/a! the emailed and said there was a problem with the app....
  5. i was one a few people on here that worked on "operation roughrider" with your brother...he was awesome
  6. big ben will still be slingin' it for at least 5 more years imo
  7. that was a lot of money for a guy that couldn't stay on the field....they'll traded him to somewhere like jax or denver
  8. with everything going on a little nfl on a wednesday night is something to look forward to imo
  9. he is...but they will be running plays with hurts at qb and wentz on the sidelines instead of swinging him out wide...they wanna see what hurts can do with a "normal" set of offensive players instead of wentz just trotting out at wr...
  10. wasn't biden in the oval office with the other swamp rats trying to find out how to put flynn in jail? interesting take.
  11. sounds like the wentz era in philly ends tonight
  12. i don't think you know what certified means.
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