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  1. assuming this diamond would be for our current softball team and not bringing back baseball?
  2. no recollection at all of that one and i'm 44
  3. when i saw this last winter they had the nice slam jam hoops at the end the lane...i see them missing in this pic tho...justthe hoops from the ceiling running opposite of the floor.
  4. it's the east side of old tartan floored gym at hyslop...the other half is the strenght and conditioning....i think it's split 50/50. a divider keeps them separated.
  5. eat there one time in the 90's...i think it was in the same spot as tea n crepe.
  6. saw the same thing but i thought i was seeing things?
  7. if you put ely's ivy in the old sanders building (rhombus pizza) without the second floor and rooftop they would do just fine tho....their current spot is just too big and it looks bad when you have 10 people in a restaurant that sits 100 or more.
  8. will be closed soon...place sits 100 for a place that maybe gets 30 on a rush.
  9. it was a special tho...which might be why the scimped on the meat and cheese...but yes the beers are still good and cold...couple weeks agao they had the "pulltabs" promo...either your drinks were free, half price, or full priced depending on the pull tab they gave you..kinda cool
  10. had a sandwich and chips at bonzers late last year...not much for what you pay for...didn't they used to be known for big good inexpensive sanwiches back in the day?
  11. that title seems to sound like a lot of those people's titles that were let go at UND and not replaced and no one even noticed that were gone the next day.
  12. he doesn't seem like a guy to use that word every two seconds like aoc does.
  13. who..kenndy or his secretary or aoc?
  14. didn't even know the safari market beind simonson's on gateway has/had a restaurant?
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