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  1. so the commish of the big12 says espn is trying to kill the big 12.....haha...he's just finding out that espn is only gonna look out for espn?
  2. exactly....plus both montana and idaho bring much much more to the table than the ndac...whether we four (sodaks and nodaks) realize it or not we are all probably attached at the hip for the next 100 years one way or the other.......
  3. just say it so it must be true....fargo didn't suddenly shift 500 miles south.....good god
  4. https://nypost.com/2021/07/27/the-sticking-point-in-jets-zach-wilson-contract-stalemate/ i would trade both wilson and mr lance right now...good riddance...the rookie salary is the easiest one to get done fast bc there aint much wiggle room...it's pretty much fixed.
  5. the question is ...is the big 12 minus ou and texas a p5 conference when your backfilling with any of the above schools...the AAC would maybe a step above the big12...you have some very major urban centers in that conference....wich manhatten kansas, ames, iowa, and stillwater ok aren't...the AAC has houston, dallas, tampa, orlando, cincy, memphis. philly, new orleans....
  6. duluth has lost population? awesome town...seems weird.
  7. quietly in the lead for post of the year!
  8. "either give us a million dollars or we will find someone to give us 2 million dollars?"
  9. how did/does the duluth aquarium do?
  10. does the remaining big12 take from the mwc, c-usa, or the american? if the mwc loses new mexico, bsu, air force, fresno state, colorado state, unlv, or sdsu who do they replace those schools with...don't see a lot of southern bigger schools fighting to go to laramie, logan, or reno in the winter? wonder where wyoming, Utah state, and nevada end up....big sky 2.2?
  11. big 10 will not take non aau members...they actually might kick out nebraska during all this bc they lost that status years ago...
  12. big 10 will look at north carolina and kansas. (think bball credits!) and virginia sec will grab nc state and since they are doubling in some some states why not clemson, florida state, and ga tech?
  13. just to get the timeline right...the first positive test at the memorial was when he wasn't vaccinated?...then got the shot after which makes zero scientific sense per cleveland clinic and then tested positive after 3 more tests?
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