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  1. maybe in another 60 years some of the cities will realize that voting for the same party for 120 years wasn't that smart..maybe
  2. so the Seattle PD is now saying that they will arrest people that are walking/running/protesting on the interstate....one life too late but hey....going in the right direction.
  3. wondering the same...do the players kneel for the black national anthem?
  4. and all 6 of the shooters were/are......._________
  5. half brothers got rid of their communal seating benches...assuming bc of covid but it looks nice...they have i think sofas and tall top tables with chairs...
  6. schloss tried to go up against scott hennen on twitter...didn't go so well.
  7. Dan Bongino has been on CNN how many times in the last 3 years? oh yeah...you've never heard of Dan Bongino?
  8. obviously not a law major or stayed at a holiday inn express but the "mueller report" was never intended to exonerate or "vindicate" President Trump...it's not the job of a prosecutor to prove the innocence of the person they are investigating...it's to build a case against the person. you would know this is you watched fox instead of cnn
  9. u have to remember that mxman91 probably only watches CNN is is currently googling "durham report"...
  10. hope trump hung up on him....the great citizens of minnesota should pay for all damages done while frey and walz watched on AON and did nothing.
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