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  1. does anyone are about cc or scsu? cc even with their stadium will suck for a while imo....
  2. does hoosman have a little burst and wiggle or is he like oliviera where he'll "truck ya"?
  3. would we have gotten a better deal if we had arizona state and or air force?
  4. the jimmy johns on washington and 11th....2/3 empty for years now.
  5. some people will play the victim card their whole lives.......he he's had plenty of chances.....
  6. yeah i meant moody....but i forget dae is also a nodak too.....hope he does well at cal state but i doubt it.......to much whispering in his ear how good he is and he hasn't improved as a bball player one bit in 4 years.
  7. for just a wrist shot that pen d/forward wanted nothing to do with that....
  8. dentistry in canada is non-existent i guess....jfc barry.
  9. south of the library is all torn up (around soaring eagle statue).... they are moving in furniture into nistler (kinda...just taking possession of some furniture) and they have dug up between okelly and gillette...wondering if they will make that more green space instead of the old parking lot( i think that was mostly concrete in that area.) too lazy to take out my phone for pics on my bike ride tonight.
  10. oilers stadium looks beautiful.....
  11. hope another usa team ends another canuck season here....
  12. who wins a title first.......... toronto or hak? i'm going with the leafs.
  13. 2 americans on the panthers roster....wow
  14. he drove us in high school to red ray lanes for "PE" class....he took a left onto 17th from s washington by hugo's ....he had that large school bus doing about 41mph before we were even with the current day o' for heavans cakes.....me and my buddies we laughling so hard....if he didn't hit a red light at 20th i wonder what his top speed would've been when he would've turned at apollo to drop us off... great great guy
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