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  1. chromecast>roku>fire stick>hdmi "ok google watch the fighting sioux beat the gophers" "did you mean sweep the gophers" "yes!"
  2. when you say cast from your laptop do you mean the generic cast button that casts your whole screen or a dedicated cast button like they use with netflix and hbo go?
  3. i have the same phone and there wasn't a cast button but this the first time subscribing....so not sure why thre was one last year but not this year...
  4. don't think this is anything new or breaking but from a very good wcha source ..UAA, UAF, and Huntville will be kicked out or 7 wcha teams will leave to form a new conference or rebrand as ccha and look for a eighth team (asu being target 1)..done deal after the year ends.
  5. emailed nchc.tv...the response was so quick im assuming it was from a robot...sounds like casting from an android phone doesn't work? if this is true shouldn't they say that in bold letters on top of their page?
  6. new to nchc.tv...works perfect on an iphone/ipad but myself and a friend both had android phones (one pixel 3 and one samsung s10) last night and the cast feature was not there so we had to mirror my screen which was horrible...we switched to an ipad for the 3rd period and everything worked fine? so bottom line android is not good with nchc.tv?
  7. i'm gonna move across the street from arch or wayne...won't have these problems then.
  8. i know a city water worker...he laughs about how easy his job is. he calls it a "cake job". gimme a break that the street department MiGHT have to work couple extra hours and god forbid work smarter.
  9. go see if there are still cars stuck in alley's behind planet fitness area...
  10. 15 years in this house this is the first time ever where my alley hasn't been plowed within 24 hours of the storm ending or slowing down...something wrong at city hall.
  11. no it's a joke. there are cars stuck in alley's all over the neighborhood. at least the lincoln park loop is cleared.
  12. me and an elderly couple are right in the middle...totally snowed in. i think they are retired but both their cars aren't goin anywhere
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