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  1. success in the fcs has no correlation to a moveup to FBS...either you move up and be an indy like Liberty (SiouxVolley correctly predicted btw) or you get a conference invite...NDAC aint doing the first or getting the second anytime soon regardless of how many D1-AA titles they win. the summit/bsc/mvfc move up is theeeeee only way to FBS for all scholls in this region.

    SH Game Day

    wonder just what yard on fourth down was the safety gonna be called by bubba? the five? the ten? the twenty??

    SH Game Day

    what are the odds that if we had to actually punt with our punters feet on the endline that he gets that off and that it is more than 35 yards down the field. luckily the safety was the correct and easy call
  4. yep...the tailgating might be too much for some...the people LEAVING ten minutes before the game has even started is crazy. there are tons of people walking back to campus half drunk.

    SH Game Day

    assuming he knew he was second string going into the game which meant he knew he needed to be ready...he completed about 50 percent of his passes and led them on two scoring drives in almost three and a half quarters. this game was won by the defense.
  6. pretty simple fix...fire kostitch. problem solved.
  7. agreed...seems like a few were returnable.
  8. hbu had won 2 games in the last two years...their program is only about five years old..and they almost scored 60 points...and the game was at vermillion.

    SH Game Day

    bb is our best bet at qb if we keep these rpo plays in the playbook...other than the first throw of the second half to wanzek none of the passes tommy made were eye-popping. brock would have had 150 yards rushing in this game and would have made the defense key on those rpo's.
  10. seriously? this is their version of u of sioux falls. maybe much worse tho. wow!
  11. SIOUXFAN97

    SH Game Day

    or about a guy that has been "coached" by the und staff for a couple of years now versus a kid straight out of high school football?
  12. SIOUXFAN97

    SH Game Day

    that's saying a lot of about's grover's abilities as a qb....can he punt?
  13. SIOUXFAN97

    SH Game Day

    anyone at the heraldo gonna ask why grover was passed over for a true freshman?
  14. SIOUXFAN97

    SH Game Day

    first coach off the field and i mean quickly off the field was pawluck and he looked somber and pissed...which is fine. second one off was Baukol and he was clapping it up and laughing and smiling and after that performance that was gross
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