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  1. is jake technically a und employee or midco? if und is he gonna put on timeout like paul ralston
  2. when the first lawsuit in NYC came thru I'm sure the city just said to pay and they will go away...opposite happens.."Hey Darrel did you hear that Dennis tripped and fell (because he has the coordination of a sloth) outside the grocery in the Bronx so he sued the city for 50K and they paid him." So Darrel does the same and they pay and him and he tell John so he does the same and before you know it Al Sharpton's daughter is suing the city for tripping outside a forever 21...and ten years later.....600 MILLION dollars have been paid out. If this gets anything from the alerus/gf city the next one is right around the corner for 100k.
  3. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article225391950.html
  4. i think the city of new york paid out 600 million in ten years just on people slipping on sidewalks? 600 MILLION
  5. hindsight is 20/20 but if i was in the hotel in 1981 and i saw a skywalk 40 feet up hanging by what looks like the sprinkler system i would've taken the stairs.
  6. So how many "spill patrol sheriffs" do you think the Alerus should have roaming the hallways during a football to make the facility safe? 5, 10, 20, 50, 100? For safety i think 100 for every concourse patrolling the concourses in a grid pattern back and forth like your looking for a lost contact lense?
  7. so that wouldn't have happened without the lawsuits?
  8. money doesn't bring back the dead...
  9. and all the lawsuits accomplished what?
  10. some 5 year olds are smarter than the average adults sometimes tho...u enter a private property and u feel unsafe...leave. pretty simple stuff.
  11. how do you propose to end all these stupid fake lawsuits? if the city pays this anything more will call the lawyer on the demers billboard that say "have you bee injured call me"... my buddy had to burn down his gma's old farmstead by park river bc he was afraid of a lawsuit from people stealing the old copper in the walls. that is stupid and weird that someone can break into his grandma's house and sue his grandma because they might get hurt stealing from his grandma.
  12. watch it on tv if you wanna a "safe space"
  13. let's say you move to new york and open a deli in the bronx called UNDhoops Deli across the street from Tony Saprano's New York Deli. Let's say Tony isn't too happy your moving into his area with all your ideas of opening hundreds of deli's to compete with Tony's deli's. Let's say that every week you notice that these new yorkers are really really uncoordinated and everyday you have someone slipping on a grape, a head of lettuce, an unidentified liquid in the corner and your going broke paying off all these "accidents". Six month later you close your store and move back to north dakota bc the insurance was killing you. Then you find out that Tony across the street was paying homeless people 20 bucks to take a dive in your deli to try to put you out of business. How would you feel? How do you fix this for future entrepreneurs?
  14. i understand that...being on a public road is much different than being in a private business or residence.
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