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  1. 100%....if you know the other qb can't/won't run you can sit back in the zones and wait all day......and if your wr's aren't all that good it makes it hard on whoever the qb is.....
  2. juan gomez tagle had a heart attack at the end of the game if he was watching
  3. i guess i meant holm at the end....cost us what 25 yards.......
  4. so Holm who is a 6th year senior cost us how many yards at the end????????
  5. so your #1 guy gets hurt and the backup has no clue how to do your job? excuses......
  6. josh kotelnicki, muss, and rudy are a group call laughing.......
  7. what were he distances he missed from and what would've been the distance on the 4th down we didn't get and the one where we punted from
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