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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/03/02/creightons-greg-mcdermott-sorry-for-plantation-reference/ mcdermott is gonna get canceled..........
  2. someone at uni has something on someone on the committee.......................
  3. so does the tellman family own the entire buidling (wild hog)...or just half and do they operate both the RP and the sin bin?
  4. bad angle on that insta pic of those three guys...they all look so smallish!
  5. should've won that game!!!!!!! but we punted
  6. good comparison. jake was fast..but so is luke
  7. i remember miller talking up burian yet the true freshman bo b is getting more reps than him....did bo not stick out to most including miller or does miller not know what to look for?
  8. plus the city and school should be easy to recruit to...even having billips as your last name should'be helped?
  9. agreed...love luke's speed.... bradysantiago2.1
  10. agreed...nothing against gee....but play your best players! one play can make a break a game wide open...otis's run was tecmo bowl'ish....christian okoye or barry sanders style with the breaking the tackle...spin off two bumbling jacks...the subtle stiff arm and then some guys would'be been gassed and gone out of bounds aroundthe ten but he cut it back inside andthen the fumble and there recovery!!!!!!! awesome stuff!!!!!!!!
  11. if dalton gee is in he's probably tackled for a big loss...as awesome as otis's play was there THREE jacks inthe backfield. not good but with OW skill set he took it to the house. when people are wondering why dalton was the starter they can point to this play as being a "GAME WINNER"...if iirc it was on third down? if dalton gets tackled for a loss we probably and punt and who knows what happens otis>luke>gee
  12. i've followed this idea about juice U....has/have the guy/s that allegedly supplied said "vitamins" officially moved on to the whereabout of laramie or manhattan ks?
  13. just like our nickname...it could've been worse!! kudos to bubba and the staff! stomptheyotes!!!!!
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