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  1. so having two shooters the caliber of moody and shockey was going to be a bad thing? this isn't good.
  2. moody gonna transfer to dickinson state and be bmoc again? why?
  3. FDA approved it today to make it easier to get..."you want the venitlator or do you want the Trump juice?"...seems any easy choice.
  4. i know a few people at altru...they seem to be the most relaxed when saying "we are 100% prepared and confident"
  5. I personally only know one person that has/had it...46 years old in San Antonio...healthy guy...got it and couldn't beat it...hard time breathing and feeling like crap...doc gave him the "trump juice" (hydroqchorine and z pack)...felt cured six hours later (yesterday) and wanted to walk out of the hospital and go home ...they are keeping him til tomorow or wednesday.
  6. probably but it seems like laws are being trampled on left and right....you would think that if you bought a chevy yesterday from "Sally Smith" at Rydell's and you now see 33 year old Sally Smith tested positive for the Rona maybe don't go to work or gma's?
  7. any way......that Burgum can name names of who has it? wouldn't it be nice to know that "Sally Smith" has it in Grand Forks and she's currently as Starbucks getting a latte instead of self quarantiing? NAME NAMES!
  8. lets say you had the rona two weeks ago and didn't know it and showed no symptoms and you were tested today what would your test show/say?
  9. looks like the new union will be physically attached to swanson?
  10. best article i've read about this in a while...lots to take in on how deaths are recorded.
  11. so he's saying the herd immunity should've been the way to go....like britain.
  12. The only person I remember doing UND hockey radio broadcasts is the Great Tim H! I'm assuming that all hockey games way back in the day were all on the radio (maybe not)? Let's get a list of who was the voice of UND hockey going back as far as we can. Tim Hennessy 1979 to present.
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