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    Spring Ball

    who knows...just a little shocked that brock is that far down the line.

    Spring Ball

    really???? wonder who danny is gonna go with...i really don't think its ketts...

    Summit League MBB

    if attendance keeps slipping at the x...yes

    Summit League MBB

    BSC tourney in RENO, NV=disaster

    Summit League MBB

    yes...it should. As a conference you want your best team in the tournament to win games, win money, and increase the profile of your conference. Fair? You win the regular season conference title you get to reward your team, school, and town with a nice weekend tourney. Didn't know Brookings was the end of the road...if so, why are we losing so many recruits to them them?

    Summit League MBB

    the goal of the post season tournament should be to get your best team in to the ncaa's...that team hosting the tournament on campus in front of a partisan crowd....packed to the rafters is what the summit should go to. don't feel too sorry for sdsu bc it is basically a home game for them in terms of fans but this tourney should have been in brookings.

    Summit League MBB

    what's wrong with Frost?

    Summit League MBB

    after seeing a lot of empy seats at the denny and even tho it's pretty much a home game for sdsu i think it's dumb not have the #1 seed host on campus...the whole point of the post season tournament is to get the best team to represent your confernece at the NCAA's...neither ndac or omaha have much of chance of winning a game...sdsu (if daum shows up) could pull off a shocker...or two and make some $$ for the summit (and it's conference members)

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-western-illinois-university-layoffs-20190304-story.html wiu is one more step closer to closing...bring on augie or jan brady state or morningside!
  10. SIOUXFAN97

    Spring Ball

    awesome news...he really picked it up later in the year!
  11. SIOUXFAN97

    Spring Ball

    they did show ketteringham "flat footin'" a rocket across the middle.
  12. so moody has 7 3's with 11 minutes left and i don't think he got too many touches after that...i know brown bricked a few and so did walters...cortez was the man!
  13. SIOUXFAN97

    Grand Forks Economy

    a mayor that might mayor full time instead of being a doctor posing as a mayor so he can "seconds or thirds" to go EVERYTIME the city is footing the bill for food at city paid events.
  14. SIOUXFAN97

    Grand Forks Economy

    have a full time mayor not named brown....and fire haga.
  15. SIOUXFAN97

    Downtown Grand Forks

    little confused...weren't all these pocket parks supposed to temporary? isn't a building supposed to eventually go on up on the "town square" park site?