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  1. hope port looks into how many relatives of dougie are employed with whatever firm got this great ad campaign
  2. after seeing ring's/amazon new mini drone for home security you wonder how small is the smallest drone that the us military uses right now...smaller than a fly and as quiet as a senior citizen during the lawrence welk show?
  3. does anyone trust their mailman if his/her car has a obama sticker on it and you have a trump sign in your front yard...nice thing about voting in person I can wear a obama/binen shirt and walk in and vote the trump train and libs at the counter give you nod and you nod back and they have no idea who i just voted for...but they think they do.
  4. when you say that your ballot is automatically mailed to your address...what happens if you move or die? and don't tell anyone...does the new residence of your house get your ballot?
  5. you seem to be all the place on this...register? or get a ballot mailed to you?
  6. haydouche responded with a personal attack to this but his other isp mikey hasn't...i've heard about how nice and easy it is to vote in colorado but you actually added to the convo with facts....It sounds like Colorado seems to be doing it right by your post they are doing it in a way where you have to prove who you are MONTHS BEFORE SAID ELECTION! Thanks for helping me win some debates with some libs.
  7. what's that line from that cruise movie...'you can't handle the truth"
  8. walmart's new subscription service will put amazon out of business in 10 years
  9. nice building (even nice with all new windows)...nice location. hope they fill it up.
  10. thought i went thru that gf developement link but i didn't see the building for the old site of dakotah tv and appliance downtown and the new "convention center" next to sky's? they still in th works with rona going around?
  11. bc benny was on that plane (if you don't know which plane u aint woke)
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