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  1. If we were to properly dabble in white shoulders we would base them on these old beauties.
  2. We’re not there at safety yet. Maybe Fort Canady and Coley can be the combo to get us there. Galvin is hit and miss and Kaupenen has been disappointing. Canady getting back to full speed will be huge. You saw on the return yesterday he’s still a couple steps slow.
  3. Most of the SEC is that way and they’re the cream.
  4. Most bothersome aspect of the game was how we consistently tried getting cute in the red zone. We should have been able to smash our way forward for a TD.
  5. We are fine at LB. Safety is a concern even with the starters. I think DL is good at nose now. 3 deep there with 290lb guys.
  6. The cat walk is for the people. Leave it be
  7. That’s all. Burn them. Fugly.
  8. I blame the new greens for the fumbles. Disgusting.
  9. Optics. Absolutely shitting the bed for 3 straight quarters on national television isn’t an attractive sell going i to a sleeper of an opener.
  10. It’s great for getting our young guys valuable reps.
  11. Record? Not good. Strengths? Not football.
  12. He’s not a running qb. He’s a pocket passer.
  13. But then the safety tried to go under the block which makes no sense. Even kids playing tag at recess learn this type of leverage for trapping a guy. You should only go under that block if it’s a sure thing you get there before the guy gets to the sideline.
  14. Anyone take in some live music on the Greenway last weekend? HB did a great job and Saturday was a really good time!
  15. Schuster should only need to play the first half. Quincy gets in there and slings it a bit. Then Feeney gets 3-4 series at the end.
  16. And yet based on the start we should have been able to win the game.
  17. Gotta force him back inside where there is help
  18. They ran the ball effectively and were dominant in both trenches. That will overcome any altitude.
  19. It’s why we needed to stick to the run. Can’t try and do a shootout with a team who is built exactly for that.
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