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  1. For all of what 6 minutes? Most people in Fargo go at least 70 in that area anyway.
  2. It’s more than just him. GF doesn’t need to be Fargo, but GF should have the “how can we help you succeed” always open for business mentality that has made Fargo thrive. They have more than a geographical advantage.
  3. If Grand Forks was more business-friendly it would grow much faster. The way the city is run is a joke sometimes.
  4. That building wouldn’t cost all that much. Not a lot going into it.
  5. The college scam is falling apart. Worthless institutions won’t survive. Those who bank on non stem education will really suffer.
  6. It’s a good way to boost your gut biome.
  7. Moe’s is pretty good. For me in the burrito wars it’s: 1. Chipotle 2. Moe’s 5. Pancheros 7. QDoba
  8. Very good. Rhombus Guys Brewing has equal if not better Scotch eggs. It's way better than their beer, that's for sure.
  9. Mediocre food and terrible service. I've given them "one last chance" probably three times and they always disappoint. I want them to succeed so bad because GF needs as many local restaurants as possible but I just don't see them lasting long.
  10. Went there once and that was enough for me.
  11. Chipotle aint played out. It's great. Pancheros make their tortillas fresh, and that's the only positive thing I can say about them.
  12. geaux_sioux

    2019 Season

    Or it could be a corner stone win.
  13. Würst, India Palace, Boiler Room, Mangos, and of course, Chipotle.
  14. Yup. Better than any place in the cities as well. 2x spicy Dhamaka Balti and 2x spicy karara with tons of garlic naan and I’m in heaven. The owner is also the nicest guy I may have ever met.
  15. What are your thoughts so far on Entz big timing ND players?
  16. Add phase ii onto that and I like it
  17. Honestly the 165 is more encouraging to me than anything. To me it shows that he’s not even close to his physical potential. By his second year in our program he’ll probably be 190-200 and way more athletic than he is now. That’s better than getting a kid who’s already fully developed and only has a small amount of improvement to make to max out.
  18. At least they did something to get value out of the delay. That’s a fair trade.
  19. It’s approved. We can move on. They got their late jab at Kennedy, yay.
  20. geaux_sioux

    2019 Season

    I keep thinking about Hergel for that. He just looks like a NG.
  21. geaux_sioux

    2019 Season

    Looking at the depth chart I wouldn’t be surprised to see Keech Beach and Pierre all play at least 4 games this year. Our situation at nose scares me to death. NDSU is going to shred us up the middle if Morrison can’t hold it down at 285.
  22. I have always preferred banners hung over the ice but I’ll take this as a step in the right direction.
  23. It makes no sense. Is he trying to protect the students from themselves? Just dumb, it’s needed and they clearly want it.
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