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  1. This particular glass is half empty with Peter Elander tears
  2. I’m usually a glass half full guy, unless it’s how people overvalue the former womens hockey team at UND. #uconnofwomenshockey
  3. LOL, based on what? Woulda coulda shoulda, never did !@#$, never was gonna do !@#$ but suck money from the athletic department. GTFOHWYBS
  4. Meh, I’m a glass half full guy, I read that as walk on’s succeed more after college and return the favor with gratitude.
  5. Probably more like roughly 15 more per year.
  6. And that is a big reason for NDSUs success. You get what you pay for generally.
  7. Hard pass. I’d prefer a guy to not get his first coaching job at UND. Don’t care if he was really good. Certainly couldn’t coach ball security.
  8. Not an overly fast sprinter fwiw.
  9. I’d love to hear all about you grasp of the stats.
  10. Some years that team would be ranked around 18th. I won’t hold my breath on G5 getting thrown a bone like that. So would the top team from each P5 get an autobid in this scenario?
  11. Romfo: First Blood Part II
  12. Wow, what a loser. Having a life? Psh. Bison fans look down their chins at you.
  13. Not to change gears from this enthralling discussion… but I have a question. In my opinion this was NDSUs second worst title team in the FCS era. Thinking about their roster next year I don’t see a great RB stable and I don’t see proven dynamic wrs. Add to that, we know the qbs aren’t good. I’m wondering what you see for the team next year. I think they need some unknown guys to really step up. Kinda have to assume they will given recent history.
  14. I’m aware. That’s where I think the P5 incest theory would apply. They were ranked fairly high, but safely outside of the P5 circle jerk. There’s bound to be a break through from time to time though.
  15. 12-1 Houston ranked 18 in 2015. 13-0 Western Michigan ranked 15 in 2016. 12-0 UCF ranked 12 in 2017. 12-0 UCF ranked 8 in 2018. 12-1 Memphis ranked 17 in 2019. 9-0 Cincy in ranked 8 2020. 13-0 Cincy ranked 4 in 2021. As you can see if you’re G5 you don’t get respect. The only exception is Cincy recently. For a G5 school their name does carry some weight, though, because of their basketball success. An 11 win NDSU team would maybe get looked at for a 12 team playoff if they had a big ranked win. Even then it’s a maybe. Coastal Carolina had ranked wins against #8 BYU and #21 ULL in 2020 and got sent to the FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl. Let that sink in.
  16. Likely similar to an undefeated Coastal Carolina who, 11-0, were ranked 12. I have a theory though, that if the playoffs are expanded the rankings will favor P5 schools with a loss or two over the undefeated low G5 teams like Coastal. Meaning, they would find a way to rank them outside the top 12 and slide in a 1 or 2 loss team with blue blood.
  17. NCHC-FSCONHEI National College Hockey Conference - Football Subsidiary Conference Of Non Hockey Exclusive Institutions
  18. The MAC and the Big 10 are the only two footprints that make sense. Big 10 will never happen obviously for a million reasons. MAC has 16 teams already so that ain’t happening either.
  19. It’s just hard to look at geography and see a clear path. In my mind it would’ve already happened.
  20. Wasn’t he supposed to be in the NFL by now? I thought scouts were drooling over him whenever they visited.
  21. They didn’t get left out. In fact, they were in and won it all.
  22. The points are: Dom Izzo is getting clicks in the off-season with an intentionally delusional take that gets NDSU rubes hard and makes everyone else facepalm. NDSU is geographically isolated and doesn’t appear to have a legit FBS option.
  23. Yea, any given Saturday Bama and Georgia from this year would beat those three teams by 40. I’m assuming you watched that game. Those two teams were playing on a different level than all other college teams.
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