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    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    We are who we are. These are our players and coaches this year. Coaches and players have not done anything wrong nor have they accomplished anything yet this year. I’m not minimizing any of the previous seasons shortcomings. My point is there is really no reason for anyone to be “nervous “ yet. I’m not overly optimistic nor pessimistic about the upcoming season. It depends a lot on our QB play and our offensive line and defensive front 7 in my mind. Neither Bubba nor Kostich are immune from criticism, but we need to see how we compete before criticism or praise is warranted. This is probably a make or break year for Bubba. Our playoff flop followed by last years disappointing season aren’t what anyone wants on their resume. I’m certainly hopeful last year was an anomaly.
  2. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Special teams the last few years were terrible at best.
  3. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Bubba’s not going anywhere. The season hasn’t started. Kostich isn’t going anywhere either. You do realize this is a fan blog and we as fans have the luxury of second guessing whatever happens? None of us are capable of coaching college FB right now and that includes those of us who played or coached. We can discuss how well our coaches have done after they have done something. That is going to be in November or December.
  4. Baloney. UND needs to win the game. They need to evaluate a number of players under game conditions. New coaches and Bubba need to perfect communication during game conditions and Freund needs to evaluate his offensive scheme with this years personnel. We need to get better as game goes on. We need to be able to get key back ups playing time. We need to develop our ability as players and coaches to adjust to game conditions and put away the opposition in the second half. None of us knows how good Drake will be so we need to assume we have to play our butts off and play mistake free FB to win the game. If we can accomplish all of that it will be a successful start to the season and I couldn’t give a rat’s behind for the margin of victory.
  5. If he is still seeing the field, he has a shot. Right now, he just needs to keep getting better and avoid mistakes. The longer he lasts, other teams have film on him so even if Redskins don’t keep him, he increases the chance someone else will pick him up.
  6. UND should win this game. Hopefully by a comfortable margin. First game of the year I wouldn’t get too carried away with margin of victory. Let’s not get too carried away with the “failure” comments. The coaches, players and fans from Drake should believe this is a winnable game. We aren’t coming off a great year and they can look at their Iowa State game. (On any given day.....). Forget about which conference they play in and forget about scholarships. Their players likely get academic scholarships grants/“work study jobs”. We have done nothing yet this year to indicate we should “dominate “ anyone or for that matter be dominated by anyone else. We need to win games. We can worry about “style points” after the season.
  7. Kleinsasser ran a 4.5 and weighed 275lbs.
  8. To become a winning program you need to recruit players who are good enough to get your program turned around. The formula I outlined is a way to get kids and their parents interested in your program and from their the relationships must develop and grow. It doesn’t just happen. Of course a winning program is at the top of the list for most kids. If you don’t believe in yourself and your program and the opportunity for success you shouldn’t be recruiting.
  9. He played with second team. I didn’t see entire game but he was where he was supposed to be. Made a good break on int he dropped. He looked like he belonged. I think chances still decent but he has to keep learning and getting better each week. Decent shot at practice squad. I’d be surprised if they don’t want to see more of him before they make a decision.
  10. Isn’t that kind of what I had said? The academic issue is indeed a factor but isn’t what will turn the program. When I was involved with recruiting, you pay attention to every detail. There are multiple factors, all important. Who the kids coaches are and where are their loyalties? Who the kids parents and relatives are and where are their loyalties if any? Do they have a girlfriend and where is she going to school? Did the kid have teammates or former teammates being recruited or playing somewhere? What is their GPA and ACT or SAT scores. What are their other sports/hobbies/interests. Did a friend or relative have a bad experience at your school or great experience elsewhere. What do parents do for a living? Are parents divorced and if so, where are they and what are their expectations for the kid? What position does the kid play and what position does he want to play? Which players on your team are best player hosts for the kid? Who is best for the faculty visits? Which coaches on your staff should be involved in the recruiting process? You leave no stone unturned. You can’t do anything about what other schools do or have done. You sell your program on the opportunities for the kids athletic future but also on the culture and philosophy of your team and staff. You sell them on the academic opportunities and social opportunities for growth and success. You also have to recruit the parents or key family members and know who the decision maker in the family is. You do this for every recruit every time. It’s hard work, but you leave “no stone unturned. (You do the same thing recruiting for your company or business to recruit key employees). We as alumni and fans have the responsibility to provide the coaches and athletes the resources necessary for success. If we do that I will take my chances on winning my share of recruiting. I don’t worry about what the Bison or anyone else is doing cuz there is nothing I can do about other programs.
  11. Having attended both UND and Mayo Medical Schools I can tell you the University of North Dakota School of Medicine is every bit as good as your so called “prestigious” programs. “Even go to Minot State”??? You might be surprised to know that could be an advantage to a kid who wishes to attend a so called “prestigious “ medical school. Many of them try to build diversity into their medical school classes. I wouldn’t waste my money on a private college or university for a pre-med program. The key is good MCAT scores, good grades and a resume showing leadership, compassion for others, critical thinking skills and experiences showing you can work with others and handle pressure. The University of North Dakota has an excellent academic reputation among other medical schools around the country. An athlete can complete his pre-med requirements at any accredited college or university and get accepted to medical schools across the country, but all else being equal, there are advantages to a pre-med student from UND.
  12. You are correct in stating the academic factors with respect to recruiting won’t turn the program around but you are wrong in stating it is only propaganda and not a factor. Over the years we have lost some kids to the Bison who were interested in Pharmacy or Agriculture. We have won recruiting battles because we have Physical Therapy and other health sciences as well as Aviation, the presence of our Law School and Medical School excellent offerings across the board in our college of business to name a few. The AC upgraded the business offerings and added nursing partly because they lost some key recruits to other schools. There are still outstanding athletes out there who along with their parents will weigh the academic opportunities heavily. Anyone who has been involved in recruiting athletes understands this. It’s crazy what kids and their families will factor into the equation.
  13. Most teams utilize Spring Ball to re-evaluate players at all positions. If one player is clearly the starter they come in to fall camp #1. The #1 guy usually has to get hurt or regress and #2 has to excel for things to change. Happens at the vast majority of programs across the country from HS to the pros. Coaches start the kid they think will give them the best chance to win. I don’t think the coaches are “locked in” on one guy cuz they need #2&3 to be ready to play. If backups develop beyond expectations and #1 isn’t getting job done you likely will see a change. Has nothing to do with coach’s willingness to adapt.
  14. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Bubba didn’t “insist”. He was part of the decision. There was tremendous pressure from across the state and from Alumni.
  15. So we quit? “ History says” if you don’t think you can compete, you can’t. Maybe that’s why we have struggled “for years”. That’s also one of the reasons we didn’t move up to FCS when we should have. Someone didn’t think we could compete. Our coaches need to go after the best kids that we think fit our needs and culture. We will get some kids cuz of academics, some kids cuz of family ties, some kids cuz other schools missed on them. We also need to convince some kids of the future of our program who want to be part of turning the program around. That’s how we start getting those so called top end kids, not by sitting on our ass and worrying about the past.
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