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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. No one was accused of “charges”. Reportedly there was an accusation of sexual assault. If there were charges, that would change how this would be handled. NDSU administration and staff would likely be smart enough to refuse to elaborate on protected information. It serves no purpose. It is none of our business.
  2. It serves no purpose. To do so opens one up to further questions that involve protected information. When you can’t further comment, it leads to further speculation from media, and others who normally have no experience dealing with issues of this magnitude. There is no reason for Chaves, Bubba, or anyone else from UND to comment further. There is no need to know.
  3. Because that could put Bubba and the University in a vulnerable position legally. This information is protected by the Data Privacy laws. You have media people and some moron attorney speculating. There are other attorneys that would be more than happy to represent the accused or the alleged victim if Bubba or anyone else makes a comment that gives either party the opportunity to go after big money. All UND officials need to simply relate they have no comment. I believe we have no legal right to the details of this situation beyond what was released.
  4. Both Carriers committed to the Gophers. Ethan is a 2023 PWO as a walk on DB. Mason is Fleck’s first 2024 commitment as a LB. They had been to UND’s camp last year. I was hoping we could sneak them under the radar. Not sure we had offers out to either.
  5. There is no reason to either defend nor condemn anyone. We have no idea what the accusations are. We have no idea of timelines. We have no idea of how it initially played out, who made the decisions, nor why. What I believe is that Coach Feeney at Moorhead HS worked hard to help a kid who had multiple challenges. UND FB took a chance on the kid. The story at HS level was that he was a “good kid” and was responding to the positive influence of Coach Feeney and the Moorhead staff and teammates. It seems to me, that regardless of the details, the kid failed to keep focused on his goals and didn’t seem to understand that he let down his coaches and teammates past and present. The sexual assault issue is serious for the alleged victim and the accused. The law doesn’t allow UND to release information. A sports reporter with any integrity would respect that. Normally, UND would turn the information over to legal counsel and follow advice of counsel. I doubt we will know for sure the details of the incident nor the timing of when information was available to UND and legal authorities. At this point in time, it doesn’t matter. The kid has moved on. UND made an effort to help a kid and it failed. Had the kid been a fourth string extra point holder, I would hope it would have been handled the same. I would assume nothing. I also don’t care what others think. It doesn’t help the kid, the alleged victim, nor UND to speculate. If the alleged victim was raped, then it should be dealt with by legal authorities. If the victim doesn’t wish to put herself through the trauma of a trial, then I hope she has the resources and support system to help deal with the trauma.
  6. Ethan Carrier 6’2” 195lb RB DB LB from Detroit Lakes offered a PWO by Gophers. He and his younger brother excelled at recent Gopher camp. Ran a 4.6 forty. Ethan will be a senior this year. Gophers offered 2024 younger brother Mason Carrier 6’2” 215 lb RB, QB, LB. Ran a 4.7 forty. 35” vertical. Strongest kid on the team. Second leading scorer and leading rebounder on BB team. Both are A Students and multiple event guys in track. They have been to UND’s camp. I sent Bubba a note last fall. I was hoping we could keep them “ under the radar” but offered Mason and PWO to Ethan will be tough to get them.
  7. Matt Waletzko had multiple reps at left tackle with first team with Tyron Smith out. Mentioned by one of their beat writers as one of the guys who stood out in OTAs.
  8. Nice summary. I also read Kelly’s notes on Matt going to Cowboys. He mentioned Connor McGovern from Stanley is on the team. This is the Penn State guy. Shanley’s McGovern is with the Jets.
  9. You sure it’s your jaw?
  10. I suspect you weren’t around before the first REA. People, including hockey fans, players, coaches, complained about the lack of facilities. Same with other sports. There wasn’t a “hockey only” crowd. The first REA wasn’t sold out the first few years because we weren’t that good. Hockey got their best crowds after home MBB games when fans walked from Hyslop over to hockey at the REA. Crowds improved only after the team improved. The timing of the Ralph and the tradition of success for the team and the growth of hockey in and outside the region at the same time created the “hockey only” faction. The program has never superseded the Academic reputation of the University as the “face of the University” outside of the hockey/sports world. Successful athletics has always boosted the popularity of institutions of higher learning. In some cases, one can make a good argument that has happened. Alabama fb lately would be an example. NDSU even with their success in FB, is still recognized nationally for its academic reputation as an educational leader in Agriculture, pharmacy, engineering rather than for FB. l believe it has gained a growing reputation as a FB power in the sports world, but it’s academic reputation nationally supersedes it’s FB accomplishments among the majority of people. I know we have rabid fans that may disagree and they may be right, but I think as we live and work in different parts of the country and around the world we learn that most people don’t have the same zeal for athletics and our sports teams as some of us might.
  11. Jerry Jones says Matt can be their “swing tackle” and they are no longer looking to sign a veteran. Cowboys said they rated him a 4th round pick. Should be a good spot for him with time to develop.
  12. I didn’t refer to Vitamin D. I referred to Quercetin. Nothing wrong with Vit D. We all need it. That isn’t the same as Quercetin so I’m not sure what your point is. I doubt a board certified MD would recommend Quercetin to an athlete.
  13. Some supplements are safe and have a place. Supplements aren’t a gimmick. They are a product sold as part of a multi billion dollar industry that is not well regulated. Too much iron can be harmful. Your body needs vitamins but not mega vitamins. “Clinical studies” referred to in most supplement inserts aren’t valid. There is a reason most supplements include in small print the statement that they aren’t FDA approved and are meant to treat or cure disease or illness. You do what you wish. I don’t think anyone cares nor is it our business. The subject at hand is an athlete who took a banned substance and got caught. I doubt he intended to break rules but he didn’t do his due diligence. Thus, there are consequences.
  14. If a UND athlete is considering using supplements they need to discuss it with the athletic training staff or team physician to make sure it’s safe, it’s not banned by the NCAA and there is at least some minute evidence it can do more than a placebo. I’m not casting stones at anyone. If this kid actually believed this garbage would protect him against Covid or boost his immune system, then he isn’t being very smart. Doesn’t matter if he went to Mankato, UND or any other school. Making excuses for stupid behavior is enabling. I’m not commenting about the penalty. I’m commenting on foolish decisions about a kids health. It is a potentially dangerous practice and athletes need to take proper steps to protect themselves.
  15. He took Quercetin. That isn’t a “natural Vit d supplement”. It has never once been shown to be beneficial in either treating or preventing Covid. What moron convinced him to take it? It hasn’t been shown to boost anyone’s immune system either. The other outlandish claims including treatment for cancer are also bogus. The supplement industry is a multibillion dollar industry. The makers of these supplements can make virtually any claim they wish regarding their products and they aren’t obligated to prove their supplements work. They also don’t have to list potential side effects. If anyone is dumb enough to believe products that come in a bottle/box/pill form is “natural” then you aren’t very smart. If the Mankato trainers or medical staff knew he was taking this and didn’t tell him to stop they are partly responsible. Most supplements don’t do what the company claims they do and they have potential side effects. These athletes should be getting proper nutrition in their diets. Most don’t need supplemental vitamins and some vitamins in excess can be harmful. Dr. Don Hensrud who I believe grew up in GF, is a Mayo Clinic physician who is a recognized authority on supplements. He did an excellent presentation on supplements at a Mayo Conference I attended. Most supplements do no more than give you expensive poop. Too many athletic trainers make the mistake of basing recommendations on hearsay they get from colleagues rather than medical evidence. I don’t feel sorry for this kid. He made a stupid, decision and these are the consequences. College athletes should think before considering taking supplements and check with their team physicians before taking.
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