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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy

    Wanted:4 tickets for Manitoba game

    I have 4 together. Lower bowl Sec.101 Row K seats 5,6,7,8. PM me. Ira
  2. iramurphy

    No Confidence on DiLorenzo... Again

    with regards to gfhockey? I'm guessing he was sober and he spoke using words with more than one syllable..
  3. iramurphy

    No Confidence on DiLorenzo... Again

    It seems if the biggest issue is having people with aviation experience on the committee that determines fees for aviation students it would be simple to solve. Kenndy should have called Delorenzo into his office and told him he should have been able to fix this without involving the president. He should have told him then to him to ask Higgins for a recommendation and take care of it and also let Delorenzo know it should never have gotten this far. If Delorenzo has a problem or disagreement with a Dean that he can't solve to the satisfaction of the Dean and Delorenzo, then Kennedy should be informed before it becomes a public embarrassment. It doesn't cost anything to listen to each other and show mutual respect.
  4. iramurphy

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

  5. iramurphy

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Huge upgrade at QB compared to last 3 years. O line improved but needs to get better. Hard to measure against weak team. I don't think we will be able to run against Washington. No excuse for receivers dropping ball. They need work on basic fundamentals. Not sure why receivers coaches don't demand basic fundamental habit of looking ball into your hands every time you catch it in practice in warm-ups etc. Look it in, tuck it in. Every time. It becomes a habit and then you don't drop the ball as often. I also liked that Bubba got a lot of kids some playing time. That will pay off as year goes on. Biggest concerns were: secondary, dropped balls by receivers and special teams. I don't like Thursday games. Tail-gaiting wasn't as good because of people still at work. Not sure how refs microphone isn't working and if it isn't, why there isn't an immediate replacement. Couldn't understand announcer sometimes. Nothing from Alerus to jack up crowd (music, video etc). UND needs to review what makes game more fun for fans, then work with Alerus. The marketing folks I know claim a big deal is getting fans, especially students on the big screen but involved in games. Winning is best solution and it is a work in progress. Was great to see Mark Chipman at game. Great supporter of UND. Great story with his role in bringing Jets back to Winnipeg.. I had a nice visit with him at halftime. Humble guy who has done big time stuff for Winnipeg and the Jets.
  6. iramurphy


    Someone needs to inform him the colors are green and yellow, not green and gold. Just like I could care less about Fighting Sioux name being gone, I could care less if they have a photo with this team playing our sister school from Fargo. We spend way too much time fussing about things that don't win or lose games. We need to focus on the opponent and how we are going to win the damn game. How was his article other than the photo?
  7. iramurphy


    I will bet he will have a solid year. Too many people have underestimated his drive and desire. First time I saw him was at HS All Star game and he stood out. There is a reason that he keeps getting playing time and it isn't because he "goes backwards". I may be wrong but I think he will contribute to an improved O-line.
  8. iramurphy

    2018 Fall Camp

    Must be.
  9. iramurphy

    2018 Fall Camp

    What kind of a "windup" is that? Is that the form we want our QB's to have when they pass??? Must be something new. Good way to lose the football.
  10. iramurphy

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Doubtful. Sanford already has a great relationship with the Med School at South Dakota.
  11. iramurphy

    2018-19 Season

    I think you will see a much improved Dooley. She is a great athlete and has hopefully focused on BB in the off season whereas she was focused on VB last year. She could have played BB at UND out of HS. I think she has a good chance to be our most improved player. Brewster will need to adapt his coaching style to his players. Failure to do so will be his downfall. That includes how he communicates to his players and staff.
  12. iramurphy

    2018 Season

    NAIA or D2? Whomever said that didn't have a clue Gundy. Didn't develop here much beyond his Soph year. Great kid. I would agree we didn't utilize his strengths and we also didn't try and minimize his weaknesses. I believe Herm Edwards said if you don't adjust your game plan to your players you will fail. I don't think we have done that very well. I said before with our talent at RB and lack of depth and strength in the Oline, we need to have a run option package that gets quick reads and as you have said get the ball to our playmakers in space. Easier said than done but power running game requires power up front first and foremost.
  13. iramurphy

    2018 Season

    We don't need to keep commenting on this young man. He had untapped potential but hasn't been part of the program for a couple of years. I don't believe we need the details. The reasons are really none of our business and personal issues are best kept within the program. Hope he realizes his potential, and becomes a good father, husband and productive member of our society.
  14. iramurphy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Why does anyone give a rats behind about the old name/logo or the new one. I hope we are all smart enough to realize it is a done deal and was, for the most part, out of our control. If we win on the ice, the field or the court etc. no one cares. Too much wasted time and energy on an issue that isn't that important. We need something to identify our athletic teams with. I may not care that much for the new logo or mascot by so what? Someone else picked something that is as good or bad as anything else. (Gophers, Cornhuskers, Buckeyes, Dandelions, who the hell cares). I liked the Brien logo but none of the Sioux logos prior to it. Kennedy needs to simply figure out a way to get along with the Englestads. Abide by whatever the written contract is and request to renegotiate but if they say no, then try again at a later date. No reason to get pissy with each other whether it was Ms Englestad's or Kennedy's fault or no one's fault. Kennedy needs to take the high road, he is the President. Publically apologize for any misunderstanding or anything he may have said that was hurtful and thank them for their support. Come back to the table another day in the future if need be, but don't burn your bridges.
  15. iramurphy

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    The REA is an important part of the GF and regional economy and an important part of the University and community culture and cultural events. It has no where near the economic impact of the University of North Dakota on the city, region or state. This constant crap about comparing which is more important when it comes to one sport vs the other is what is stupid. The dumbass whining about the old logo that is long gone or why we don't like the logo is just as stupid. Who gives a rats behind about the old/new name or logo? It isn't that important. On the other hand, not being able to get along with our supporters and donors is a big red flag. There are those affiliated with the REA who at times don't always have the best interest of the University in mind, but Kennedy should have enough political savvy to deal with those folks and work with the REA administrators and donors without threats. Not having been there, I am not sure I would know enough to place anymore blame than that on Kennedy yet.