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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy


    Unfortunately your point of “the hot hand” is a reason many good coaches are let go for the wrong reason. There are many organizations who fail to support their employees/coaches who have been successful and even some who have won National Championships, World Series Titles, Super Bowls etc. Coaches don’t forget how to coach from one year to the next. Hakstol proved he could coach. So has Berry, so has Sandy. For that matter so did Lucia. The best leaders/GMs/owners understand that and will continue to support good coaches regardless of the impatience or unrealistic expectations of their fan b
  2. iramurphy


    Well, what did he know about hockey? I’m surprised he didn’t consult with you and the siouxkid person. Considering the respect our players, and the college and nhl hockey communities have had for these two coaches it makes you two sound like a couple of rubes.
  3. Myhra was a character and nice guy. I never would had thought of naming a building after him. I had the privilege of sitting next to Fritz Pollard at a UND alumni dinner one night. Great guy who had tremendous respect for UND and especially Jack West his former coach. He told some great stories of being a black multi sport athlete at UND as well as his Olympic experience in pre-war Nazi Germany. He was one of the best student athletes in UND history. He also has a very successful post grad career serving our country. He was a credit to his family, the University of North Dakota and our na
  4. iramurphy


    Your bs gets a bit old. You wanted to get rid of Hakstol. You criticize Berry. What do you know about coaching or what it takes to become a champion? Had UND played UMass, missing those key players, I’m pretty sure the first person calling for a coaching change would have been you. Some of the people actually believe you and something called the GOBC could influence coaching decisions anymore than any of the rest of us. Sandy is an excellent coach. His players didn’t get the job done. Berry and Hakstol have proved to be excellent coaches. They and Sandy have been recognized as outstanding coa
  5. Where is he going to get a harp?
  6. Give them Charlie Bridgeford’s tent and some porta potties for locker room.
  7. iramurphy


    Our coaching staff recruited an outstanding group of student athletes. They did a great job of keeping them healthy this year. They were able to manage some of the very best talent in college hockey and get them to play unselfishly with a team first priority. They helped this team get in a position to win it all. They have won it all before. This group also believed in this program, each other and our coaching staff to stay together this year and take another shot at a National Championship. That should be all the evidence one needs to appreciate the fact that we have an outstanding head coach
  8. For you to get lost for starters.
  9. Yes. Have done it to high school FB players in State Championship FB game.
  10. I hope we get at least 3 more games out of all of them.
  11. I’m not sure the best place to put this topic is with anything to do with recruiting. Just a thought.
  12. Can’t assume wins for games not played.
  13. Over the years, unless it seems like a clear mismatch, their media guys often picked the opponents thinking that would motivate the Bison. As players I doubt they care and if they do, they need to refocus.
  14. Yup. We will need our best game of the year. No turnovers, limit coverage mistakes, protect Schuster and no penalties or mental mistakes and I like our chances. Probably will face the best running QB we have faced this year.
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