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    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. I suppose. Most of those folks live in their Grandma’s basement cuz their Mom kicked them out and Grandma loves to cook and wanted someone to talk to.
  2. Who gives a rat’s behind? Kid has great feet, great frame, great athlete. No one offered Shobert out of HS either. Great career at Wisconsin now playing in NFL. Joe Haeg didn’t get offers either. Had great career at NDSU now playing in NFL. What the hell is your point?
  3. I raised the issue with our hospital CEO today. Over 90% of my patients age 80 or older have indicated they wish to be DNR. Unfortunately most haven’t filled out the forms so unless the ER docs or hospitalist read my notes they don’t ask. We all assume patients are full code unless we have documentation to direct us otherwise. The elderly patients have indicated they don’t wish to be intubated but often family members talk them into being full code. I am reviewing the patients code status every day now with regard to COVID-19. Thanks for the info.
  4. Does your hospital have access to Leronlimab? Shows promise against HIV. It will be hot topic over next few days. Have you seen anyone use corticosteroids? Have you many (if any ) patients requiring ventilators recover? Thanks for you great work and thanks for sharing. I’m passing the comments of your experience up our chain of command. Greatly appreciated. Hang in there and take care of yourself.
  5. When patients are diagnosed, this is a reportable disease. The patient with Covid-19 is interviewed and a list of contacts is collected and the contacts are contacted. Absolutely no reason for public to get names. It would be a HIPPA violation.
  6. That is a common but unproven belief. Great way to accomplish dreams is to stay in hs play your other sports and graduate with classmates. Plenty of time for juniors after hs. On the other hand maybe the U of Mn studies, Mayo studies, Dr. Andrews out of Birmingham are all wrong. Dr Mike Stuart whose sons played in the NHL was Chairman of Sports Med at Mayo when these were the studies discussed and recommendations made at the annual Mayo Sports Med Conferences on multiple years. What it takes are parents who support what’s best for their student athletes not what self proclaimed experts think is best for their bantam , hockey, elite hockey, hs hockey etc. Gopher Asst Coach Garret Raboin was multiple sport athlete for a mediocre Detroit Lakes team. He and another hockey player were star RB’s on the FB team who helped lead DL to a 4th State Championship their Sr. Year. He then played 3 years of Junior hockey and got a late scholarship at St. Cloud St. He was an All WCHA defenseman , team Captain, Academic All American, and a professional career in Europe for a few years. Kids who are multiple sport athletes in hs tend to have a higher “upside” than those who played only one sport. Hakstol used to tell kids to stay out for FB or soccer in the fall. How many “top prospects “ who only played hockey never seemed to develop at the college level after juniors. Too many kids are told from a very young age they have to focus on one sport if they want to play in college. It works for many but studies show they have more injuries and peak earlier. It isn’t just hockey. It’s tough to stay the course but that’s what the evidence says. Multiple sport athletes can still hone their favorite sport skills in the off season and play their favorite sport in the summer or part of the off season but playing one sport year round isn’t good for kids.
  7. Maybe not a mistake if referring to bowel movements.
  8. They are. So far so good. We have designated our clinic as a “clean” clinic. Respiratory infection cases are directed to another of our clinics 12 miles away. We are no longer testing at our clinic. Sanford health and the Mayo Clinic are now doing our own testing which improved turn around time. We are staring virtual visits next week in addition to the patisserie in clinic. Seems simple compared to the great work you and your colleagues are doing. Stay strong and stay safe.
  9. The epicenter. No reason for any of us in Northern Mn to feel sorry for ourselves. My daughter and family are hunkered down in Mamaronek. Take care of yourself and thanks for what you are doing.
  10. I would hope when we get through this, the Ohio State Board of Medical Examiners reviews the providers who did this. This is egregious. Worse than hoarding TP.
  11. I would think reasonable to try in known cases. We will have the crazy TP hoarders crawling out of their bomb shelters demanding prescriptions “just in case”. It should be saved for hospitalized patients until we gather more information. Keep us posted on your experience.
  12. 3 sport HS athlete who got into the weight room. Good example for kids who want to play college hockey. Studies show the kids who play one sport year round have more injuries and peak earlier.
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