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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. Never. UND will always recruit the best kids available. Most NHL teams still feel their draft picks get excellent coaching and continue their development while at UND. Most of these players have stayed at least 2-3 years with the approval of the NHL team that drafted them. Very few have left after one year.
  2. iramurphy


    That is a good question but I don’t believe my opinion will change anything. Having said that it will depend on what happens between now and when Bubba’s contract expires. In the meantime, we need the resources for better facilities, salaries etc. If we as fans and supporters aren’t going to do get HPCII built we are at a disadvantage when we recruit against a number of other schools. If we don’t increase funding for salaries, we get a different pool of applicants. (Rudolph). Making the playoffs this year isn’t a dealbreaker for me. Getting better and building on that so we can attain and ultimately sustain that success takes a lot more time than I would like. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with your opinion or others. If I am going to give a lot more money it will be with those goals in mind not to buy out a coaches contract. Therefore I feel obligated to support what they are trying to do in the meantime. I also think Bubba is allowing his coordinators to call their plays and make decisions. That is how it should be.
  3. iramurphy


    We can fuss all we want about coaching decisions. There isn’t going to be a coaching change. Those of you who want a change don’t seem willing to write a 6 figure check, which wouldn’t cover the entire cost of a change. I believe Chaves is more focused on increasing resources available for coaching salaries, resources and facilities. With that in mind, it seems to me discussing staff change is a moot point. Doesn’t really matter what I think.
  4. iramurphy


    Perfect pass, he quit running or it would have been 6
  5. iramurphy

    On to UNC

    Hakstol was an outstanding coach. Made playoffs virtually every year and frequently made frozen four. I never spoke with anyone, who had a clear understanding of coaching and winning at this level, who failed to understand that fact. The players I spoke with had the same opinion. This of course is a FB post. It makes no difference how I feel, but I don’t believe we will see a coaching change this year especially if we win the last two games. The only way I see a coaching change would be a unified player revolt against the present staff.
  6. Lots of opportunities to use those big screens to improve game day experience, but advertising is money.
  7. Bismarck Junior College going to Nationals. Do they have kids who can play here?
  8. iramurphy

    Weber St GDT

    Do any bars in Grand Forks carry the FB game today?
  9. Pretty good assessment. Way too many unforced errors and mental mistakes. A number of off balance 3 point attempts. The girls need to adjust to the speed of the college game at this level. (This wasn’t Concordia). We looked athletic enough. This team has potential. Hope they can learn and adjust quickly. Also need to make free throws.
  10. iramurphy

    Jim LeClair

    Jim played football and wrestled for South St. Paul. He the played FB and wrestled for U of Minn Crookston where he was a Junior College All-American and Ranked 4th in the nation in wrestling. He was an All NCC LB at UND in 1970 and 1971. In 1971 he was named the NCC most valuable defensive lineman and an NCAA All American. He was drafted in the 3rd round by the Bengals. He played 12yrs for the Bengals at middle LB and earned pro bowl honors. He was elected to the South St Paul HoF , Minnesota Crookston HoF, UND Athletic HoF, College Football HoF, and North Dakota Sports HoF. He was 6’ 3” 225lbs which was bigger than many linemen in the 1970’s. He could cover sideline to sideline. His senior year he led UND over NDSU. NDSU was ranked #1 in the nation with a 30+ game unbeaten streak. We held them to -76 yds. He was as good as any LB in history of North Dakota FB. During off season he served our nation as a member of the US Army Reserves.
  11. iramurphy

    Jim LeClair

    We lost one of the greatest football players in UND history early this AM. Jim LeClair, former All-American linebacker, and Pro Bowl LB for the Cincinnati Bengals died of complications of CTE. Please keep Jim’s wife Betty, kids and other family members including brother Marty (who also played LB at UND) in our thoughts and prayers.
  12. No, probably not. It may lessen the college experience for many and indirectly could adversely affect donations. Athletic events are the major attraction for many alumni to return to campus and reconnect with their Alma Mater. We as a society have allowed sports to become a very dirty business.
  13. This may be the impetus to remove intercollegiate and inter scholastic athletics from from educational institutions. Being a college athlete isn’t a “full time job”. At UND/NDSU full scholarships for instate kids are around $21,400 instate and 33,000 out of state. Throw in free travel, hotel and stipend clothing/gear it’s at least $25,000-$35,000 per athlete per year. Many in the media are pushing for the NCAA changes. What will that do to the team culture. The star QB, RB, CB, LB, WR can negotiate for tens of thousands of dollars at schools our size and, in some cases, millions at the big time schools. What about the Off linemen, Def linemen who don’t get recognition but are an important part of the success of the star athlete. What about the back ups or scout team players who make the star athlete better? The NCAA caved to media pressure, political pressure and lobby groups. I don’t think it is in the best interest of colleges and universities nor intercollegiate athletics. How soon before HS athletes demand money?
  14. Sorry I put my comment after the wrong post. He does have D1 potential.
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