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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy

    Shaw's gone.

    Not one of the best thoughts. UND didn’t have a “prick attitude “. There is such a difference between tough, physical, hockey and being a prick. I hope that is what you meant. Our successful teams were a result of talent, teamwork and hard work. We have had some jackasses over the years but I don’t believe our success has ever been dependent upon players being a jerk. That just gets us someone in the box. Some of our toughest most physical players have been nice guys. I don’t need to watch some immature “prick” give the other team an advantage by doing something stupid.
  2. iramurphy

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Nope. I used it as an analogy. I am embarrassed that UND fans have made some of the comments they have made about the twins. We should be able to separate the fact that we had to drop women’s hockey from the anger that those most directly affected would express. I compared a group with a passion for something they thought important and having trouble letting go (women’s hockey), with another group who have a passion for something they think is important (name/logo). I thought it would make it easier to understand. I guess I thought wrong. I guess with all of their dedication to women’s hockey I would have cut them some slack.
  3. iramurphy

    UND to cut women's hockey

    I’m not criticizing the decision to cut women’s hockey. I happen to understand why 2 former players disagreed with the decision and were pissed. Many people making critical remarks about the twins are the same people who can’t move past the nickname issue. We have less of chance to bring back the old name than we do bringing back women’s hockey. (No chance for either). I am not advocating we bring back a sport we can’t afford. I can understand that without having to rag on the twins.
  4. iramurphy

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Keep in mind how many people on this site had a fit because we had to change the name and logo. They still haven't gotten over it, nor accepted the fact that the name is gone and won't be back. It doesn't matter that the continued divisiveness over the former name and logo hurts the University and our athletic department, including hockey. They also don't understand the name and logo aren't that important to winning and maintaining the best hockey team in the country. That is more futile than two alumni hockey players fighting for the sport they love. The twins have dealt with the loss of the team they had put their heart and soul into trying to win a national title. To the twins, and to other women, their passion for their sport is just as strong as ours is for Men's hockey, however, they actually have more "skin in the game". They didn't get to sit on their collective butts, drink beer and criticize players and coaches. They were too busy working their tails off to be two of the best at their sport in the entire world. They should also be given credit for transferring back to UND to try and bolster the program when they could have stayed at Minnesota and vied for a national championship every year. Most of us wouldn't have done that. They are great ambassadors for women's hockey at every level and for women's health. They are a credit to Grand Forks, to the University of North Dakota and to our country. They aren't going to be able to save women's hockey and unless we get a wealthy donor to foot the bill, it isn't coming back. The fact they tried as hard as they did to save Women's hockey is a credit to them. Maybe not realistic but if you have worked as hard as they have, sacrificed as much as they did, for the sport they love you might just cut them some slack.
  5. iramurphy

    Spring Ball

    Yup. Hopefully can tie up 2 blockers. Plugs up the middle and keeps the extra blocker off of the LB. in addition if he’s quick can disrupt off tackle run game and factor into the pass rush. I still like the versatility of the speed and quickness if they are strong enough. Can give the defense added versatility in their schemes especially attacking the passer. If the big guy is quick with great strength instead of xs fat I’ll take him.
  6. iramurphy

    Spring Ball

    I’m not sure that is the biggest factor. It’s important unless they don’t move well. I will take a 280-290lb guy with great quickness, and great core and upper body strength over a 330lb guy with 30lbs of insulation hanging over his belt.
  7. iramurphy

    Goodbye to a SiouxSports Friend * Godspeed, sprig

    Sad news. Great Sioux fan. Started at UND same year.
  8. Great seats. $150 for both tix all sessions. I have them in Detroit Lakes.
  9. iramurphy

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Great goaltending from former UND goaltender and an outstanding rookie from Bismarck St. Mary's.
  10. iramurphy

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I wouldn't make plans to raze it until we are closer to decision point but I believe it is structurally sound and could be repurposed.
  11. iramurphy

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    It can be used for something else.
  12. I have 2 tickets for sale. Section 115, Row M, Seats 11&12 (2 tix both nights). Total $200. PM me.
  13. iramurphy

    Omaha at UND Gameday (March 8)

    Most teams try same or similar. St. Cloud power play set up looked similar today.
  14. iramurphy

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    That doesn’t make sense. At the level of University President you need to be able to deal with controversy including difficult donors. In this case, if we are asking to renegotiate a signed contract, with all due respect politely make your case. (You don’t demand anything and it isn’t a pissing contest. Be patient and keep trying until you learn who you are dealing with, then form a strategy to solve the issue making sure both sides see the advantage a compromise solution. Whatever non-hockey revenue that may be the issue isn’t enough to destroy a relationship with a generous though difficult donor.