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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy


    Not even close.
  2. Biden didn’t say he would close down McDonalds. He made a false statement that McDonalds which makes billions and billions of dollars forced their employees to sign a non-compete clause which would prevent them from taking a job a Burger King or similar. McDonalds does not do that. It seems Biden is going to make as many false or misleading statements as the current President.
  3. Hockey should be workable. Players will need to adjust. Refs will have to call a tight game. No taunting, no post whistle confrontations, no clearing players from in front of the net after the whistle. Players wear shields. Anyone who gets involved in pushing matches, fights, post whistle “clutching”, face to face jawing etc gets either 5 min major or game misconduct. Anyone who spits on another player is done for the year. Masks can be worn, especially on bench or penalty box. It’s drastic but if done I believe they can drastically decrease the risks enough to get the NCAA to sanction college hockey. Obviously there would need to be protocols for screening, testing, and protocols for positive cases. The chance of passing the virus to another person skating past them or near them during play is minimal. Minimize close contact time and it can be done. Initial thoughts and needs to be fine tuned.
  4. Don’t you mean “ we wanted to play but everyone else is afraid to play us” ?
  5. Baloney. You wouldn’t say that if you knew him or had spoken with him.
  6. We know that? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? If we aren’t sure I prefer no guessing related to Covid. Next thing there will be no TP in the dorms.
  7. If booked through UND, I would guess you can either get a refund or maintain your reservation for next year.
  8. Not sure about the charter flights. I booked the Allegiant charter out of Fargo. There hadn’t been any notices regarding the flight. I would think they would cancel the flight. I went on line yesterday and canceled. They gave a credit similar to major airlines. Hopefully they will survive the Covid crisis. Ticketmaster will credit credit cards but it will take about 30 days for ticket cancellations.
  9. Nothing good will come from a discussion on this issue on this forum. These discussions go south quickly.
  10. Is the McDonald kid related to the BB McDonald family from Chisum?
  11. Didn’t say I voted for him. Other people’s dishonesty is no excuse for you to lack integrity and be an ignorant moron.
  12. Fact check states this false info started from Sudafed seen on office shelf. Was determined to be false. Falsely accusing someone of drug addiction can cost a person their job or get the accuser sued. In this case, neither will happen. I may not care for Trump, but I find this type of dishonesty despicable. What the hell is the matter with you?
  13. Ok, thanks for clarifying.
  14. Don’t put a name to examples. It will soon be reported as fact.
  15. Do you know how long it takes to stop a semi traveling at highway speeds? The amended reports indicated he was on the highway legally and closing time was moved up to 5pm on short notice. I’m not sure how someone was supposed to know there were people massing on the interstate. He reportedly hit the horn and slowed down to 30 mph by the time he got to the crowd. He didn’t hit anyone and unless he states otherwise, nothing in the video indicated he was trying to injure anyone. You have no idea of what “he figured” nor his intentions. Let the authorities sort it out before we judge.
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