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    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. Zach Muckenhirn is with Orioles AA team. Had been invited to spring training this spring.
  2. I don’t think it works that way. The donor may mandate a domed facility but who would UND’s mandate go to??? You are correct in stating a domed stadium would be a priority for long term baseball success.
  3. Frankly I couldn’t care less about their interest. I care even less what their fans think. He is an outstanding athlete who our coaches wanted badly and they see a great future for him at UND. I also prefer not to hear a regular update on what their fans think.
  4. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Because too many people forget how important the off line is regardless of who the RB is. JJ if he stays healthy, has the ability to be an All American if our oline plays well. I agree Gordon right now is right behind him. Two very good backs. How they use the other backs, when and where will depend on the oline and our off scheme. We also need to remember our receivers block well. A lot of teams don’t have that advantage. Our TE’s have also blocked well but it will be interesting to see how we use our TE’s this year.
  5. The President will need to discuss the agreement but needs to be more diplomatic. On paper this agreement, many years later, doesn’t seem to make sense. As an investment to obtain well over a million dollars for UND, it does. I try to remember donors don’t owe the recipient anything and often like the subsequent perks. When Ralph made his donation he stated was remained after the arena was built was to be used to support UND athletics. We all need to focus on the big picture and positioning ourselves for long term success. Some people forget Clifford and Strinden were key figures in Ralph’s donation and plans. We need to aggressively move toward finding the key donors for Women’s athletics, as well as FB and MBB without having to wait for a new contract. It will take donors with a net worth of a lot more than 3-5 million but it will also take 5,000 people to up their annual donation to $1,000 or more per year. UND alumni office and coaches work very hard to make that happen.
  6. I wouldn’t want to defund hockey. Former hockey guy stepped up and made a donation which should keep hockey well funded for the foreseeable future. We may need to tweak the contract so all FB,VB, MBB,WBB revenues primarily benefit the respective sports those revenues come from if any of those revenues are directed elsewhere. Chaves challenge is to find the boosters to provide the resources to provide financial stability to our other sports. That means increasing revenues to allow us to increase our coaches salaries across the board. What’s good for hockey is good for our other sports and vice versa. We also need to move beyond the name/logo fiasco.
  7. Hockey doesn’t dictate BB salaries. Chaves does. Lots of work to be done.
  8. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Think they could remember the plays?
  9. iramurphy

    Shaw's gone.

    Outstanding goalie with coaching experience. Also one of the brighter players to go through the program. College coaching experience. A smart goalie, like a QB or middle LB in FB or point guard in BB should be communicating and guiding his teammates at his end of the ice. He has to be able to communicate and lead if he is one of the best. As an assistant you better be paying attention to all positions and what the team schemes are offensively and defensively and what works and doesn’t work on PP and PK. If you play college hockey and don’t understand what each position player is supposed to be doing on each shift and during every situation, then you aren’t going to develop to your full potential. I would expect he has been developing these abilities and his leadership abilities. At this level it is no longer something as stupid as 30 min “bag skate”. I predict he will do a great job and someday be a head coach if that is his passion.
  10. iramurphy

    2019 Season

    Exactly. How anyone can fairly judge RB’s until we have a good off line is beyond me. Santiago, Oliviera, Johanneson, Gordon, McKinney are all decent RBs. Santiago and Oliviera were excellent. Put these guys behind a good off line and an innovative well balanced scheme and I think we would be tough to stop. The QB situation is also tough to judge without a good off line. I think we have been adequate all things considered. We all tend to look at wins and losses but until we field a complete team I don’t know of many RBs or QBs who could put our past teams on their backs and will us to win. Hopefully our off lines will develop into the strength of our program. A good off line can make an average RB very good but it’s tough for an outstanding RB to make a below average off line good or great. Hunting for hogs is difficult and not an exact science because it takes kids smart enough to understand their schemes with the passion for greatness rewarded with little more than the self satisfaction of dominating the guys on the other side of the line of scrimmage.
  11. Your “obsession” should be with your family and friends. What this place used to be is about the people. Still is. The athletes never paid much attention to the name nor the logos until the PC folks, activists, and NCAA took away the logo. “what used to be” was that students, and fans supported our teams. The name and logo was no more important than the new one. The traditions and history of our athletic teams over the years has little if anything to do with the names and logos. Only an ignorant moron thinks there is anything we can do to bring back the former name and logo. I’m not sure how educated people don’t realize how the failure to move on after all of these years only harms the University and our athletic teams. Pick a name and logo and move on. Focus on increasing revenue and fan support and winning.
  12. Baloney! These two kids were 2 of the best in the world in their sport. If you can’t understand where they were coming from then I can’t help you. Their hockey program was as important to them as the men’s program was to any of our former players or coaches. When they transferred here they increased the chance UND women’s hockey would become a national power. They felt the same as a men’s player would have had the men’s program been shut down with little notice to them and lack of communication. They deserve our respect and we should cut them some slack over their anger.
  13. A thorough back ground check followed by contacting references for anyone being seriously considered before you bring them in for an interview. There is no reason to spend resources to interview a candidate to only learn later you can't shouldn't hire the candidate. We should have learned something from the Shirvani fiasco. Anyone who "Googled" him before the interview would have seen the red flags.
  14. That ship has sailed. We have a new logo and brand. It is what it is , who cares? We need to focus on what is best for the University, our students and our athletic programs.
  15. We need the guys who are always talking about how much money they make to fess up. Anyone who thinks they give enough to influence hiring and firing should easily cover the needed increases in salaries for coaches in all sports. That’s what occurs at other schools. If there are 8-10 of them it’s only another $50-60 grand per year.
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