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  1. Nothing good will come from a discussion on this issue on this forum. These discussions go south quickly.
  2. Is the McDonald kid related to the BB McDonald family from Chisum?
  3. Didn’t say I voted for him. Other people’s dishonesty is no excuse for you to lack integrity and be an ignorant moron.
  4. Fact check states this false info started from Sudafed seen on office shelf. Was determined to be false. Falsely accusing someone of drug addiction can cost a person their job or get the accuser sued. In this case, neither will happen. I may not care for Trump, but I find this type of dishonesty despicable. What the hell is the matter with you?
  5. Ok, thanks for clarifying.
  6. Don’t put a name to examples. It will soon be reported as fact.
  7. Do you know how long it takes to stop a semi traveling at highway speeds? The amended reports indicated he was on the highway legally and closing time was moved up to 5pm on short notice. I’m not sure how someone was supposed to know there were people massing on the interstate. He reportedly hit the horn and slowed down to 30 mph by the time he got to the crowd. He didn’t hit anyone and unless he states otherwise, nothing in the video indicated he was trying to injure anyone. You have no idea of what “he figured” nor his intentions. Let the authorities sort it out before we judge.
  8. It took WCCO a long time to clear up the confusion about the truck being on the interstate before closure. He hit the horn and was able to stop. The scheduled time to close the interstate was 8pm and changed to 5pm with little notice. The road cleared and he started up again before people jumped on his truck, pulled him from the truck and attacked him. Driver was arrested. Whomever assaulted him should have been arrested. The video doesn’t appear to show the driver trying to deliberately run into protesters. Someone needs to figure out why he was driving there. Authorities will need to sort out the facts.
  9. You hit the nail on the head. Maybe biggest key to making the step to competing for a National Championship. Both sides of line of scrimmage must get much better.
  10. That means that if we can “treat them in our office” they are the ones we send home to self quarantine and unless they are in the group who develop increased respiratory problems, the disease make make them miserable for a few days, we don’t give Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin. Therefore, she may do so, but I need to know what Keikla and her colleagues are doing with the patients whose disease progression has become life threatening. What she and her colleagues have learned and shared is invaluable. (We have discussed her experiences and recommendations at our strategic planning sessions). It is consistent with what we are told by our Infectious Disease specialists and what is being reported throughout the medical world. Anecdotal stories from social media videos is not what will drive the strategy to combat this virus. The anecdotal experiences that medical providers are reporting to the CDC, State Health Departments, respected medical journals, respected medical associations and societies are where the compilation and reviews are taking place daily. We must remain flexible, vigilant and open minded. In my opinion that is why it is so difficult for our decision makers on both sides of the political spectrum to know what is best. What was thought to be best 2 months ago or 2 weeks ago changes. That is also why most of us in the medical profession want to avoid the political blather that ruins a reasonable discussion. We also need to understand the impact this crisis is having outside of the clinics and hospitals. There isn’t an easy answer. Just as important as paying attention to Keikla and learning from her experiences dealing first hand with life and death, while putting herself in harms way, and risking her life for the sake of other human beings, we need to listen to those who are losing their livelihoods, businesses, jobs etc. I read a pretty good post yesterday. The author stated “we are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm”. As we navigate our way as a nation let’s remember those whose boats in this storm are sinking or leaking or have sunk. Those who have lost family or loved ones or suffered this illness are going to have an opinion that may be different than those who get no stimulus check or unemployment It may be different than those whose hours have been cut back and aren’t sure if their old job will be there when this is over it may be different than those who invested everything they have in a business venture and have either lost everything or are in danger of losing everything I certainly don’t have all of the answers. My recommendation is for anyone who doesn’t feel perfectly healthy (or normal for you), stay home and isolate until you are absolutely sure you aren’t ill. Call your doctor or provider if you aren’t improving or don’t know what to do. Wear a mask when you are around other people. Don’t worry that it might not help much cuz it might and it shouldn’t hurt. If you re-open your business’s follow CDC and health department guidelines. As we re-open businesses etc. we will face the risk of this disease for some time yet. Let’s remain vigilant.
  11. Then when you treat your patients prescribe the meds you believe are best for your patients.
  12. To summarize, we have a deadly virus and we learn more each day. Our treatment plans change weekly if not more frequently.
  13. She is no more an expert than I and Has less experience than Keikla. I review the medical literature, CDC reports and Reports from the state health dept as well as pay attention and learn from our colleague (Keikla) in NY. I don’t pay attention to some activist who treats Covid patients in her office. Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin is on our list of treatment options but doesn’t seem to be the “game changer” we initially thought.
  14. What you describe is anecdotal. The fact that someone was given Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin and improved doesn’t mean it was necessarily due to the medications. Weigh your friends story against Keikla’s experience in a NY hospital in the center of the NY Covid outbreak and the collected evidence of other physicians, PA’s, Nurses and Nurse Practioners reported in the medical literature. What is your source? Those of us in the medical profession are curious. Your comments, (other than your friends recovery) is social media noise.
  15. Only the player knows how he feels and why he chooses to do what he does. How would anyone know if he is “mad”? You don’t do “power plays” to get more playing time. It’s really none of our business. He contributed to the program so good luck to Cam and thanks for your efforts.
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