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    Former UND Track and Football letter winner. Former UND FB Receivers Coach. Former Director of High School Relations UND. Member UND Athletic Hall of Fame as member of 1972 Camelia Bowl Champions. Served In US Army as Commander US Army Health
    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy


    I would agree except I think Sanford built the new facility. The Fargo football only is not accurate. UND is certainly hockey heavy but not hockey only. I believe both of those opinions are flawed. I would hope the decision makers at UND don’t lose focus ( like we tend to do as fans). There is no reason to speculate about the OC, DC, STC, SC until we solve the leadership issue at the top. The University President and the Alumni Board of directors must believe in the opportunities intercollegiate athletics provide to UND. Whomever is going to be the new President, should require the support of the SBHE to include solving our athletic department challenges as one of the top priorities. They also need a commitment from the Alumni Association to make providing the necessary resources necessary to be successful. That will require thinking outside the box. Phase 2 of the HPC needs a focus on the Sports Med research opportunities that can make the project more attractive for grants and donations. There is medical research that can incorporate participation from the medical school, graduate programs, business, engineering, marketing and entrepreneurship. That is what a University is for. The AD needs to make clear to the President what resources he/she needs to be successful. I don’t care where the next coach comes from but hire someone who is a proven recruiter with the ability to motivate others to excel. That isn’t just his players and staff but also fans, and the UND alumni and community to such that they want to be part of the solution and subsequent success. If we are going to hold others accountable, we need to have a clear plan and expectations at every level from the President, to the support staff to the fans and beyond. If you don’t believe we can do this we can’t. Because most of us aren’t making the decisions, it makes it more difficult. If any of you didn’t take the opportunity to provide input as to what we need in the next President, then you have failed to help UND get to where we all want be. You can still do so by writing letters to the selection committee. You also need to demand better of our elected officials. Burgum is an anti-UND guy. He would like us to be a glorified on-line University with most on campus students having to go to Fargo. Let him and other elected officials know that is unacceptable. We have a lot of work to do.
  2. iramurphy


    He is/was and they are related. Its natural he will support this staff. It won’t make a difference as far as the decision to make a change.
  3. iramurphy


    I don’t think there is any reason to bring him in to this. He is an alumnus and booster with no more or less influence than other boosters. That is how it should be.
  4. iramurphy


    Not sure that is called for. Lowell doesn’t make the decisions. I’m sure he wants what’s best for the program. It’s natural for him, just like a lot of others, to believe these guys can be successful.
  5. iramurphy


    No. One of the biggest disappointments In Bubba tenure. No excuse for this debacle. Can’t spin it any other way.
  6. We lost our edge in the early 1980’s recruiting players that looked good on paper. Why does anyone care if these guys are 6’2” or 5’11”? It doesn’t matter as long as they can play.
  7. In fairness to all of the coaching staff I’m not sure we know who made the decisions at different points in the game. The head coach is ultimately responsible. The process of decision making starts over the winter and into spring ball and then fall pre-season etc. The entire coaching staff meets regularly to develop an overall philosophy based on personnel and then a strategy for each game. Obviously different for each game/opponent. Game film is broken down and studied by coaches and players and how we decide to attack each opponent is formed with input from everyone including players. Offensive play calling is usually the Off Coordinator with constant input from Off assistants and the QB. Same on Defense but head coach has veto power. QB has ultimate veto power with audibles. In the coaching box there is constant communication with other coaches including those on the other side of the ball. Often there is debate during the week before the game but also during the game as to offensive plays and defensive schemes. A good head coach will usually take responsibility for whatever his staff and players do even if he let them make the call or develop the game plan because ultimately he is responsible. To single out just one coach for what we don’t like is a bit simplistic in my mind. I’m not defending nor criticizing overall performance at this time but blame and credit go to the entire staff and team when warranted. Just my opinion.
  8. But when we can’t flip the field with our punting especially against a team that has proven they can move the ball, that can create momentum for the other team. I don’t think we were ever in a position to go conservative until the last possession at the end of the game.
  9. Good points. Don’t forget, that series started with a false start penalty on a wide receiver. I think we were going to pass on 1st down. Those first 2 runs got us 31 yds. I didn’t like last run but I assume they were hoping Cam could make a big play with his speed. Again penalty makes a difference. The 2 series I didn’t like was QB keeper on 4th and short and the 3 run series before missed FG.
  10. I don’t think so. He played and they threw to him at least 3 times.
  11. Thompson had another 194 yds on 16 carries and 1 td. Max Gunderson was 6-8 for 97 yds and 1 TD. Max was one of recruits at UND game Sat. He is getting a lot of attention from SDSU and multiple D2 schools. I would project him as a LB, TE, DE or maybe SS. I would let him start college at QB if he prefers. Tough to evaluate as QB because DL doesn’t throw much.
  12. You make a valid point. I think it went something like this: 1st series: pass 21 yds. Called back lineman downfield. Pass 9yds. Run 1 yd. pass 10 yds. (1st Dn). Run (Cam) -1. Pass Inc. Sack. Punt. Pass/Run 5/2. 2nd Series: (after turnover). Run 5yds. Run 8 yds. (td). 3rd series: Pass 6 yds. Pass 2 yds. QB run 6 yds. (1st Dn). Run 2yds. Pass 5yds. Pass to Boltmann Inc. Punt 4th Series: Run no gain. Pass 5 yds. Pass Int. 5th series: Run no gain. Run 2 yds. Run. NG. Missed FG. (This is the 3 run series most of us were frustrated with) 6th Series: Run 1yd. Pass 9 yds (holding penalty). Run 1yd. Pass. Inc. punt 7th series: Pass 4 yds. Pass Inc. Pass Inc punt Last series: Pass 5 yds. Pass 16 yds.(1st Dn). Pass 7 yds. Pass 4yds. (1st Dn). Pass Inc. 46 yd FG. Im not commenting on Bubba’s style one way or the other, but these are the second half plays. 3 key penalties and a terrible Interception slowed us down. Other than the 3 runs before the missed FG, I don’t see us going into a shell. Pretty good mix of run pass. If we clean up those unforced errors, I don’t think this game is close. We need to get better but there were a lot of positives.
  13. On the other hand he did sign as an NFL free agent and made Washington’s practice squad.
  14. iramurphy

    We got lucky

    The assumption that anyone who believes in what our coaching staff is trying to do “loves being average “ is ridiculous. A person’s opinion about a coach or program has nothing to do with ones personal ambitions and accomplishments. It’s another fans opinion. The fact that someone agrees with the Cal Davis coach that our kids were well prepared and well coached Saturday has nothing to do with what they are satisfied with. It doesn’t even mean they want Bubba as head coach. Why don’t you knock off the baloney. I would love to see the long list of the accomplishments of some of you experts. We are all just fans and your opinion is no more or less valid than anyone else’s until you start the rhetoric about people being satisfied with mediocrity etc. Then for many it isn’t as valid. The coaching staff we have and the players we have are just that. A lot of people didn’t like parts of the game or play calling and may be as critical as you are of Bubba. Most however, can do so without the unwarranted insinuations about others personal characteristics. Your criticism of coaching decisions is reasonable but you should be able to do so without the other bull$%!#.
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