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  1. You and I don’t know what either coach is thinking. There are a number of factors that come in to play. I believe most coaches at this level believe their PWO’s have a chance to play/contribute.
  2. I wonder if you felt the same about Joe Haeg. This kid is a good get. So is the Hackel kid. You can’t always tell by PWO vs Scholarship nor by who else offers.
  3. Pawlak is an excellent addition. Danny should be ok. Not sure what happened yesterday, but we obviously need to get better fast. I know where the buck stops but we aren’t good enough to have mental errors, missed assignments, missed tackles. We knew we were missing some oline pieces. Let’s see if these guys can respond. Staff and players. Nothing we can do now about last two games.
  4. He as had talent at QB. I believe Feeney has that ability.
  5. He needs the oline to give him plenty of time. He is adequate. Usually won’t cost you the game. Won’t carry team on his back and win it either.
  6. Why isn’t Isaiah Smith getting touches? He is one of the most electric kids we have on offense.
  7. Only if we accept that. Give Sather time. Better yet give him time and fan support. Butts in the seats are a great motivator and great recruiting tool.
  8. She and the Foundation continue to support UND.
  9. Yeah you are right. I thought it was 3rd and 2. He wouldn’t have gotten 5.
  10. Maybe, but He made quick turn upfield and had step on defender and was open with good lead pass over dB. Had he continued to middle of the field he turns toward multiple defenders and clogs up an area that was open for Schuster to run for 3-4yds which he should have done. Schuster had room to run for first down. Indecisive and rushed throw he wasn’t committed to. Unlike Schuster.
  11. If a QB doesn’t “have a very short memory” he will struggle. Schuster won’t win games for us but he hadn’t been losing games. The 4th down call was long past and we are moving the ball deep in their territory. Everything in the minds of players needs to be do their assignment and get the first down. No excuses.
  12. There is so much more to the loss than the 4th down calls. Schuster wasn’t sharp. He made some good plays but wasn’t as sharp as usual. Terrible pass to Bison DB was huge. We were moving ball and likely would have come away with 3 if not 7. Players need to play. Can’t recall good players blaming coaches for anything and everything that goes wrong when I played but these are different times. Those who always blame coaches and whose solution is to fire everyone usually are folks I would never want to go to war with. We are early in the season, played hard yesterday in a game we could have and many of us think should have won. We regroup, heal up, fix our mistakes and move on. We win or lose win the guys we have. I like this staff, I like these kids and where we are headed. It was a great atmosphere, and a good game. There is plenty of room for improvement and plenty we have done to be optimistic about where the program is headed.
  13. I don’t think so. Risk reward didn’t make sense. We were ahead. Defense was playing well. We had been able to move ball but hadn’t run well. They were in FG range with an excellent FG kicker when they got the ball back. If we get the 1st down all we get was another set of downs still deep in our own territory. 1 1/2 yds is tough up the middle. Giving them the ball on our 20 and the int when he could have run for 2yds had he run right away gave them three and cost us 3 or 7. Isaiah Smith is too explosive not to give him more touches. Receivers not running routes to first down distance hurt us a few times. That was a game we can’t afford mistakes like that. Defense played well. Limited them to 3 FG’s til last minute when they started quite a few times with decent field position. Most people don’t care but our punter had a great day. Offense wasn’t consistent enough. Oline didn’t “impose their will” but protected Schuster pretty well. Kids played hard. Can’t make those mistakes against good teams. This game could have gone either way.
  14. iramurphy


    To “clarify” your previous post, you did in fact claim no virus had been eradicated. I never compared vaccines. All you have done is show you should not be giving anyone advice regarding anything medical. You don’t know what you are talking about. It isn’t worth commenting on the rest of your goofy post.
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