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  1. Based on your moronic comments on this subject, there is absolutely nothing you can teach me or anyone else about this subject and I suspect, any other subject. As far as your sophomoric communist reference toward me, out of respect for the moderators I will PM you.
  2. Why don’t you PM me and explain how it all works. This topic is already getting derailed.
  3. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to anyone. We can learn from others, but if we fall into that black hole of comparing ourselves to others, we are making a mistake and I would predict it will take longer. We should be able to established our goals and our vision for success, assess our strengths and weaknesses, assess our resources, and develop a plan to accomplish those goals with the resources we have and a solid plan to obtain any missing resources we need. I can learn from the success and failures of other programs without constantly comparing. You will find yourself unnecessarily frustrated and sometimes satisfied with less than you are capable of.
  4. You have valid concerns and you may be correct. Because it serves no purpose to discuss coaching changes right now, I tend to focus more on what we need to do to keep getting better and avoiding any regression. We all have experiences that affect our perspective. If you are wrong what purpose is served by “throwing it in your face”? Bubba and his staff are capable of moving the program forward. They need to do it. I’m a little more patient. Doesn’t mean I’m right. What I do believe is that the continued criticism and doom and gloom won’t change anything right now. We are who we are so we need to improve as individual players, coaches and as a program. There is also room for us as fans and supporters to do more to help the program.
  5. That is why they wouldn’t fire him had they gone 5-6 this year.
  6. Of course he would still have a job. They were undefeated National Champs in 2019. Last year gets a pass. One year (even 5-6 ) wouldn’t be enough for them to buy out his remaining contract. The Bison social media warriors would be calling for his head but they don’t drive decisions just like our social media warriors don’t drive our decisions. I understand there are fans who think we need a change. Others make a valid point about resources/salaries. It is a factor. We have a recent Big Sky Championship and a MVFC Championship in the last 4-5 yrs. We need to continue to get better. I wish it were faster but I can see progress. Anyone who thinks because some people don’t want to fire coaches right now, that they are satisfied being average,have no clue. I would wonder if they have ever tried to rebuild a program, much less even coach. Those who want to change coaches but can understand different opinions without moronic judgements about what we are satisfied with, may be right and we may be wrong. It certainly isn’t that the internet warriors are “winners” and those who don’t agree with them are satisfied with mediocrity. I understand frustration with lack of success with our favorite sports teams. If anyone thinks they have the answers, I believe I can arrange a meeting with the decision makers. But bring your checkbook and be prepared to back up the big talk with at substantial 8 figure check. That will help with Phase 2 and help buy out contracts and hire coaches with salaries of 50% more than we are paying. I don’t have the answers and I’m not going to donate $1million so I can’t move things along any faster. I will continue to support the coaches and players we have now and in the future with the goal of being a national champion and sustaining that level of play season after season. I don’t care what happens at NDSU except when we are playing them. I’m sitting at airport with delayed/canceled flights so I can say dumb stuff all night. Happy New Year.
  7. The play you mentioned, the WR slid into the seam in the zone. Not sure he was supposed to keep sprinting. Often times not.
  8. I can’t “name a time” but there are times when I think we can utilize our tight ends, run outside the tackles or take advantage of the seams in the middle of the zone but I can’t say I’m right. I can see we haven’t dominated the LOS offensively very often. There have been parts of games we have, but we haven’t sustained it. Talent will make any coach better. I like our oline coach. I don’t get as frustrated as I used to. We are slowly getting there. Players and coaches are responsible for the outcomes. I’m curious to see if we improve next year. We have some talented kids coming in but looking good on paper doesn’t mean much if we don’t develop those kids and the kids don’t stay focused on getting stronger, faster, better and then developing the confidence to becoming a winner at this level. (I don’t think anything I’m saying is terribly profound).
  9. I think the missing piece is a dominant Oline but I may be wrong. That also requires the ability to change a play at the line of scrimmage once you read the defense. Then it becomes a cat and mouse game of being able to disguise your defense vs being unpredictable offensively. But to your point an offensive line that can “impose their will” on their opponents is a game changer. We didn’t have that this year nor have we had that for some time. I believe one mistake we make is stacking the TE position with big framed athletic kids who get lost on the depth chart. They weigh 250-260 lbs and are 6-4 to 6-7 and have room on their frame to add weight. I would try them at another position if they aren’t getting PT at TE. Oline, D end or LB but these often are good athletes that our program needs to find a way to get on the field. If those guys are willing to transition, it may take 3 years to become a starter but I believe we need to do a better job at that.
  10. Good question. I think so, but I’m not convinced he would have improved his chances. Player evaluation, film review and scouting have evolved to where FCS players will get their chance. I’m sure there are exceptions but would Krupp have been the featured guy at all power 5 schools? Maybe not.
  11. Out of respect for the request by moderators I think it’s best to let it go.
  12. I don’t believe the concern is opinions on issues. I believe the objection is opinions on rumors, which if not factual, are harmful to the kid, the program, and as stated by the moderators, a potential problem for Siouxsports.com. That is why they asked people to stop.
  13. Right, it’s better to keep bringing up the stupid fourth down call against the Bison or unfounded rumors about a former player. Most of what is discussed is futile and this discussion isn’t whether a QB will call an audible it extends to coaching philosophy and how to avoid the stupid calls that might cost us games. What is it you would like to discuss?
  14. You can never have enough. I believe the O line is the key to this teams success next year.
  15. They wouldn’t cut a starter, but they might bench him. It’s a game. If a coach is that immature I wouldn’t want to play for him anyway. I will certainly ask our coaches what their philosophy is next time I see them. Chip Kelly wouldn’t be the guy I pattern my coaching philosophy after. The best QB’s are expected to audible. Is there an NFL team whose QB doesn’t audible? The vast majority of college teams expect their QB to audible. I would want my QB to audible out of a bad play. If I’m any good as a QB I would know when to audible and if I spend time studying film I will get it right most of the time.
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