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  1. Is there any help coming by way of the Freshman class? Not transfers or JUCO's but potential diamonds in the rough that we recruited?
  2. The highest ranked team they beat in this shortened season was Richmond at #15. The 6-0 record looks good but the teams they beat would be extremely marginal in most of the FCS conferences. We win 32-20 and if we don't, we played not to loose and it cost us.
  3. Does he know something about the weather forecast that I don't ??
  4. 24-3 at the half, 41-10 final. Solid run game, O line and D line dominance, passing efficiency (i.e don't show more than what you have to) do what got you here so far but do it on the road then don't let the boys eat until next week.........
  5. Going48

    2019 Season

    Very valid and the post of the week so far. sooooooooooooooo......................more importantly UND has named their six Pres finalists, I'm firmly behind the Bob Marley guy, that would be AWESOME !!!
  6. same reason we didn't call a time out in Omaha to settle it down after they tied it up................
  7. Is the B1G still doing some Friday/Sunday game scheduling in order to work it in for their TV broadcasts ? That's enough for a no thanks from me.
  8. any idea how the reffing squads are selected?
  9. Is it just me or did the Josh Weichel video look like watching Michael Orr ??
  10. You have to give that kid holding the Sioux t-shirt in the pit some street cred. That was hand to hand combat in enemy territory and he was doing awesome.
  11. 2005-Our first FF. Took the wife to celibrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Closed the bar in the hotel at 2:00 am and headed back to our room after beating the gophers. A couple doors down from us there were a bunch of pizza boxes piled up by the door and it was propped open. You could hear a party going on. I told the wife, lets go in but she didn't want to. I figured it must be Sioux fans so I finally confinced her to walk in with me. So we walked in and it was a large corner suite. Sitting in the living room area was Blazer, Coach Dave, Coach Brad, Coach Cary, steady Eddy, just to
  12. No way. They have proven it year after year that they love a loser in Fargo.
  13. he sucked, she sucked, this year, next year, blaa..........blaa...............blaa............ Bottom line, I just expected more or should I say, anticipated more once we moved into the Ralph almost a decade ago. And what do we have to show for it, two WCHA titles??? This season is nothing more then the previous eight seasons: would'uv, could'uv, should'uv..... In my opinion, NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!!!!!!!!
  14. A common mistake made with the 80's replica jersey is the Indian Head is to small. As is this one when compared to the poster with Tony/Ed/Bob/Ian.
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