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  1. The upside here is that we don't have to hear homer announcers two nights in a row.
  2. Pacing oneself that day will be important!
  3. I would take your article seriously if you called out Chrona for diving. He essentially did this to himself by messing up the dive by flailing his arms instead of using them to protect his head on the way down. I can live with the 5 min penalty and the game DQ, but the additional suspension is an absolute joke. Much like this article.
  4. All of the games should be available on ESPN3 or ESPN+
  5. Be loud as I guarantee the boys will appreciate it more than ever.
  6. It was after a whistle in our zone, I believe it was that crappy call when we were already killing the five minute major. There was a scrum by the net and one of our players said this clear as day to Bobby Brink. It was really funny at the time.
  7. Last night was their wake up call. We'll see how they respond tonight.
  8. I agree but some of those schools should not make the cut to the second tier.
  9. At least pone of the games against CC is on Saturday.
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