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  1. If you are using Google Chrome, copy the article link and then open it in incogneto mode and you can view them. Or use a totally different browser. I agree, their business model is toast.
  2. I just checked the guide on my TV and it shows the game starting at 7:30 central.
  3. Not to mention the games are this weekend. Someone is asleep at the wheel.
  4. Haha I have a strategy that has not let me down yet!
  5. What is this nonsense? They are wasting money targeting me lol. Yes, I am a hockey fan but there is only one team I support and it's not the Goofs! Do better marketing department!
  6. I'm waiting for Southwest to release their flights to Nashville from Denver. This should happen mid February. Right now I figure it will be half the price of a Untied or Delta flight.
  7. Likely not as I imagine he will be on a long flight back home tonight. / tomorrow and jet lag will affect him. Maybe Saturday.
  8. This is heartbreaking, praying for the best!
  9. My gut always told me he was an asshole so I wont give him the benefit of the doubt here.
  10. Join the Champions Club and start stacking up priority points. Entry level membership is very reasonable.
  11. My group of six UND fans is converging from Colorado, North Dakota and Texas. This will be a blast!
  12. For the next one I vote Tampa or Vegas. Can't beat Vegas and some beach time is always appreciated.
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