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  1. Great write up. I appreciate the effort put into this.
  2. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    It's official. Mid July has rolled around and I am now antsy for some football!
  3. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    Yes. Then next year mvfc which I believe is espn.
  4. Just scrolling through Twitter to finish the day and saw this:
  5. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    Agreed. Keep the green helmet for when they use the all white uniforms. I like that look.
  6. What a bummer. hopefully he has a smooth recovery. looks like a broken leg right above the ankle.
  7. This is all great news! I love that one of the recruits is from my home town, Devils Lake!
  8. Depth chart for the Bombers opener tonight. Brady at #2 Rb. He should get some reps.
  9. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    Can confirm that we have the toughest schedule in the country: https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2019-toughest-schedules-bzbz Edit: UNI comes in at number 4 so they might be the first team to get in the playoffs with a sub 500 record
  10. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    My opinion here: Anything short of 7 wins will be a failure. The time to deliver is now.
  11. Good news is that he wont have a monthly student loan payment!
  12. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    Anyone know the health status of Adeoti? If healthy he is a proven downfield asset.
  13. I've got the all important beer league softball double header tonight so I will miss it. Please keep the updates from the UND guys coming!
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