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  1. For sure, I expect better content from them.
  2. That was one second left in a tie game. We had 2:30 left and a chance to win it. That is an apples to oranges comparison. I say have some balls and play to win.
  3. UNDColorado

    On to UNC

    Let's put this game away by the third quarter so I can head down to Denver and watch the hockey team beat DU. I want a two win Saturday: Football being an absolute bloodbath and hockey I don't care how ugly it is as long as we win.
  4. For sure. There have been a couple that were very funny. This was bush league at best.
  5. Good Article on Boltman: https://www.grandforksherald.com/tags/und_football I feel for the kid and don;t fault him for trying to make a play.
  6. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    I'm good with that. I like the way he ran on Saturday!
  7. The "quality loss" to Weber has to void that out. Anyone looking objectively would agree since UND has some high quality wins. The SHSU win is starting to look a bit better now. Two losses to top 5 teams and Eastern loss not looking that bad anymore.
  8. UNDColorado

    2019 Season

    It will be interesting to see if Holm plays. If he is for it I would love to see him play a full season next year.
  9. Considering we were 16.5 - 20 point dogs, people voting and looking at this on paper should not have lowered our position. Those who actually watched the game should consider raising us a spot or 2.
  10. 360 guys with a well founded poll rant at the end of their article: https://undfootball360.com/news/und-comes-up-short-in-ogden/
  11. Chaves better be making some calls! Hey remember that time you were so thankful and said "I really owe you one."
  12. UNDColorado

    On to UNC

    We need to beat the crap out of them in every phase of the game.
  13. EWU's 7th win is a NAIA non counter. They are a 6 FCS win team.
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