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  1. This is good news. I thought he turned into a great play by play announcer. Early on he needed to brush up a bit on lingo but overcame that with ease.
  2. My donations to the University I love have remained the same because I'm not a hack.
  3. I noticed that they did drop a DB yesterday so that doesn't hurt.
  4. The only upside is to gain points with the SJW crowd, but at the end of the day: Get woke, go broke.
  5. You mean those sold out arenas in Carolina, Dallas and San Jose?
  6. Alright KEM, let's see that check for phase II please.
  7. Good question. I know there are roster limitations so I did some digging and found: CFL roster sizes are 46 players (rather than 53 as in the NFL, though only 45 will dress for a game). A CFL team may dress up to 44 players comprising 21 "nationals" (essentially, Canadians), 20 "internationals" (almost exclusively Americans), and 3 quarterbacks.
  8. PSU punt return at 2:20:
  9. it's looking that way right now, but a lot can change. Brady will be a high pick in the CFL draft so hopefully he can have a great career there.
  10. I am definitely making the kansas state trip as well!
  11. You don't be in Greeley on the days that the meat packing plants burn the blood. Those are the stinky days.
  12. I hear ya, going to away games is a fun experience. I also enjoy going up to Grand Forks for games since airfare from Denver is really cheap.
  13. This is me being selfish here but I would love to see a home and home with Northern Colorado!
  14. I was recently wondering about that because of that one game demand. Would they do a special one game pre sale for champions club members like they did for the Vegas game?
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