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  1. UNDColorado

    SH Game Day

    Everyone touched on the poor special team play so i'll leave that alone. My takeaway is this: Tommy has some stones! When Zimm went down I really thought we would lose. The frosh is a gamer and I am glad we landed him. Also, what a time for a bye. Enjoy the gutsy win and heal up and work on getting better. EWU is a winnable game. I was disappointed in the crowd.
  2. As per usual I don't predict a score. I can predict that I will tailgate hard and be loud. Let's go Hawks!
  3. It would be great to be able to fully shut down a duel threat QB, but we really need to hurry him to force bad decisions that will hopefully lead to turnovers. No explosive runs of course.
  4. How about a bronzed Busch Latte keg?
  5. All the more reason to do it then!
  6. They sure are confident. I don;t blame them after our performance on Saturday but I have faith we rebound and play a much sharper game.
  7. I would switch from 215 - 214 in a heartbeat! I agree that 211-213 would be ideal for students.
  8. Am I the only one who can't see embedded tweets? This started over the weekend. On the homepage the social media section is not showing up anymore. It could be a setting on my end but wanted to throw this out there first.
  9. I like your plan! I am flying into Devils Lake Friday night, Grand Forks Saturday, then Devils Lake Sunday and home by 8 PM. Lets go! What part of the lake do you plan on fishing?
  10. Good, let's take them down!
  11. NDSU wasn't able to do much between the tackles. I agree that the speed around the edges killed us. Sam will see that so hopefully that is getting shored up this week.
  12. This is a must win. Simple as that.
  13. Army taking Michigan to overtime.
  14. Army takes over at midfield with 2:32 to play. Tie game
  15. I will be up there next weekend for the sam Houston game to collect!
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