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  1. Looks like the spring season plan is set: https://herosports.com/spring-fcs-playoff-format-approved/ Still incredibly stupid that we are not playing right now.
  2. Hot take: Trump is going to win in a landslide. Minnesota might actually vote red for the first time since 1972. Also, I am not going to debate you if this post hurt your feelings. This is what I believe and we will find out if I was right or wrong in November.
  3. I thought the tickets purchased through ticketmaster are automatically transferred to next year?
  4. Agreed. I would prefer it to be about half of it's current size.
  5. Looks great! Too bad politics ruined football this season.
  6. I definitely don't disagree, but they aren't recruiting you and I. If the kids like it then go with it.
  7. Babs has created a lot of enemies. The Spittin Chicklets guys have torn into him a few times.
  8. Southwest did the same for me. I will re-schedule the flight next spring when their fall schedule comes out.
  9. Haha wow. Please do society a favor and seek help.
  10. It was funny, but then again you are a leftist so you don't have a sense of humor.
  11. Yeah that was a head scratcher, but these things are never perfect.
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