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  1. Tom did bring up a good point. If this happened prior to last season the only team that might have came to GF was Montana State.
  2. Regarding the Big Ten: No thank you to playing games on Thursday's and Sunday's.
  3. Yeah that stuck out to me as well and I really like that.
  4. Buy. For sure two of them will play in the Valpo game.
  5. I forget the exact total but I paid somewhere around $270 round trip from Denver. Direct flights that fly in early Friday morning and back to Denver mid morning on Monday.
  6. I think you are on to something here. Bringing in a handful of the right companies will be a vitamin B shot to the arm for Grand Forks.
  7. The Brockstar formation will benefit from more passes this year and if they do that the run will open up. That formation was not effective in the second half of last year.
  8. Thanks for the clarification, plus is much better as ther are ISP's that still dont support 3.
  9. Are Bison games streaming on ESPN+ or ESPN3? (I can't recall)
  10. That's a bummer. Maybe we could look into streaming live on Youtube?
  11. I am happy to be done with pluto tv and watch games on ESPN+ or ESPN3. The upgrade in quality will be noticeable!
  12. Does it though? All across America I am seeing mass gatherings with no social distancing. The medical experts have not spoken against it. Weird.
  13. Not surprising considering we are the new kid on the block.
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