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  1. UNDColorado

    On To UNC

    Perfect, this season we seem to play better when we are the dogs.
  2. UNDColorado

    On To UNC

    He has already been here on the ISU gameday thread. He will show up. Also, UNCBEarguy, I know you are reading this. I challenge you to show up at my tailgate this Saturday to have a respectful conversation. I doubt you will because you strike me as the type who wants to fight the second you hear something you don't agree with.
  3. UNDColorado

    On To UNC

    Absolutely, time to move on. For anyone who will be there in person we are setting up a tailgate again. Look for a green Sioux flag. Unfortunately no grilled duck and Premium Grainbelt this year as my annual Nodak week is not until mid October. Stop by as we will have beers and plenty of food. Come early, the game is at Noon MTN.
  4. UNDColorado

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    I knew you would show up. We may not be very good again this year but I fully expect our guys to come out and dominate next Saturday. Go back to your mom's basement.
  5. UNDColorado

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Two SOLID drives!
  6. UNDColorado

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Defenses are still on the bus.
  7. UNDColorado

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Dillon, CO!
  8. UNDColorado

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    It is, look below the main big sky channel in the guide. Looks like big sky 2.
  9. UNDColorado

    Home coming/ Potato Bowl tailgate

    Wow, what a beautiful rig!
  10. UNDColorado

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    We need to score in the 30's tomorrow.
  11. UNDColorado

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    I don't predict the score due to weird superstitions, but I can predict I will get ribs on the smoker at 9 AM and they will be rested and ready for game time!
  12. UNDColorado


    $1,400 this morning. Good work everyone but let's keep it rolling!
  13. UNDColorado

    2018 attendance

    For sure! Have a nice German beer for me on Saturday.
  14. UNDColorado

    French Fry Feed CANCELLED!

    They should re-schedule the french fry feed for the second week in October when Montana is in town.
  15. UNDColorado

    Idaho State

    Two deep on OL looks pretty good!