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  1. Actually sell advertising on their website. The ads you see are all from remnant networks that get them at best a $3 CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). All then need to do is sell the ads themselves to local businesses and they could bring in at least a $10 CPM. Bottom line is they are not selling their site themselves and charging a membership is lazy.
  2. JBD would be huge but I believe Pinto will be back for one more year.
  3. I'm in the no news is good news camp.
  4. Do all season tickets require at least the minimal Champions Club donation?
  5. Like most here I am very happy this was done. During home playoff games they would be moved there anyway so why not open it up to paying fans. This will also look much better on TV. I will be keeping my seats in 215 as they are on the 40 right next to the old student section anyway.
  6. Even though it was initially a no, you may have gotten the conversation going internally.
  7. Moderator: Please remove hockey from the title of this thread. This is politics and it's disgusting.
  8. The coaches are getting after it!
  9. Go vote for Guch: https://www.nchchockey.com/news_article/show/1097142
  10. Crazy times indeed. We will be in a full lockdown within a week. I got one last day of skiing in yesterday at Keystone. No lift lines. Late yesterday afternoon the press release was out stating all Vail Resorts will be closing for a week. Then an hour later our governor issued an executive order shutting them all down. Get comfortable at home because this is the direction we are headed. Make the best of it and help out your neighbors.
  11. Made some purchases first thing this morning!
  12. Why wait until then? NHL is suspended so nobody is leaving to go pro. Wait until the end of April to start the regionals and everything can be completed this school year.
  13. Booked Southwest flight from Denver for $300 round trip.
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