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  1. Spittin Chicklits take on team USA roster: https://www.barstoolbets.com/blogs/3400807/gm-of-us-mens-olympic-team-we-have-done-the-work-for-you-heres-ebrs-team-usa Selfishly I hope Klevin stays here because we will need him. Of course if he makes the team I am rooting for him.
  2. Hopefully the transfer portal giveth here!
  3. There is still plenty of time to get a few quality transfers in so let's see what the staff comes up with. As per usual I am happy with the class but we won't know anything for a couple years anyway.
  4. Dan, we'll see what happens once the bison are done playing. Typically kids don't announce they are transferring until after the season, but you knew that. Also, it seems one of yours is transferring to us. How could that be?!
  5. Yep, I have no issues with offers like this. Keep em coming!
  6. I wouldn't recommend a large breakfast before doing this as it might come up to say hello lol.
  7. This whole portal situation really does suck. However, I really don't think we will know how this affects us until well after the playoffs. I suspect that a lot of guys in the portal across the country are in for a rude awakening. Some guys will find great spots. The grass isn't always greener and 18-24 year olds don't understand this yet. I am holding out hope that after a few cycles players will understand that this isn't all it's hyped up to be. It seems like we will have some scholly money to play with so I am going to wait and see. If we do not get some good transfers then I will be disappointed and will have some questions. In the end if the player doesn't want to be here then they need to go.
  8. It was ugly but still a win. They stepped up when the needed to.
  9. I do and will be watching. Right now I don't have much to add to the conversation.
  10. Yeah feeling a little greasy this morning. Broadway was a lot if fun last night.
  11. If a bar was playing it I would be there but at this point my backup is the laptop and HDMI cable. There also happens to be a beer store block from my hotel!
  12. As someone mentioned the pre-party in Vegas was a mess so I am not counting on that. Considering Friday night will be a gong show I think hanging out at the hotel watching the football game, sipping on beers will be the way to go for me. After the game will be gong show #2 lol.
  13. My hotel room is my plan right now. Not exciting but I think a few of us are going to drink cheap beer for the afternoon and watch the game.
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