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  1. Well good thing they didn't bid for a first round game over Thanksgiving weekend!
  2. Took it on the chin last night in Carolina but a good 10 game streak nonetheless.
  3. Mike Prpich is on hold for you......line #2. IMO he was one of the best enforcers UND has had when the players policed themselves. To your last point.....agree.
  4. Creepy Andy needs to learn to not be a dick and goon it up. Get another one.
  5. Pinto or Judd needs to put an exclamation point on this one.
  6. Would another one be 9? Asking for Gardner........
  7. ......and we're concerned about jersey popping?!?! SMH
  8. I have a ENT buddy that can squeeze you in at 900 am on Monday.
  9. In all seriousness does he throw it well enough? Look at the trash LSU has had prior to Burrows.
  10. SIU and UNI advance as does Weber the Griz and the Cats
  11. Like this lineup but surprised Keane not in tonight.
  12. Unfortunately he didn't have to work too hard last Saturday. Pretty easy to dial it up when you rush for 300+
  13. Once Whiskey Joe left in '09 Gene didn't get a complete pass on everything and had to then face some accountability.
  14. Was just going to post that. Surprised by that.
  15. Does Mayo skim their 52% off the top from Altru?
  16. Care to comment or is the NFL racist as well......guess depending on how one looks at it.
  17. % of black athletes in NFL position wise at WR, RB, CB and Safety 2014: WR-88% RB-85% CB-99% S-79% 2016: WR-88% RB-94%. CB-98% S-85% QBs......20% in 2014 and 21% in 2016
  18. Anyone feeling completely underwhelmed by what is going to transpire today raise your hand.......
  19. Did anyone know Kleiman coached at K St.? The Fargo Forum this morning made reference to that...….for the 117th straight day!
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