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  1. DC Rioters rolls off the tongue nicely.
  2. #trustthescience (at least for today)
  3. Intentionally? Privilege? OK Mr. Kool-Aid. Those attending should have taken to the streets of Rapid City last night to trash businesses to fit in with their BLM counterparts. A couple already shot dead in Chicago this holiday weekend but you carry on with your privilege BS......from your basement in Thompson ND. What an activist!
  4. Can we expect to see a spike in cases in SD down the road since those gathered last night were mostly white and not rioting, looting and burning s**t? Or is the viruse still "racist"? Asking for Gov. Noem.
  5. 10 states have a current unemployment rate higher than 15%. Any guesses what they all have in common?
  6. ...and on cue Walz asks Trump/Feds for a disaster declaration to cover the $500M in damages due to the Floyd riots.
  7. I'll quote this garbage again. The country was locked down for a couple months. People put off medical care. Now that people are back to seeking medical care here are a few reasons people wind up in the ICU.... Infections.......sepsis alone puts over a million in ICU beds every year. Close patient monitoring due to operations, accidents and head injuries. Cardiac issues.....which covers a broad range of issues. Lung issues.....which COVID is a part of but of course not all of. When people know they are sick and put off care for weeks because "experts" told them they would die by just leaving their homes and then they decide to seek care around the same time who is surprised ICU and hospital beds are filling up quickly....as they sat empty for months waiting for "the surge". A vast majority of hospital admissions in the past few weeks nationwide have zero to due with COVID due to re-opening.
  8. This is a completely false/inaccurate statement.
  9. Experts predict the unemployment rate to come down to 12.3% tomorrow. Meanwhile Joe vows to rollback tax cuts and business regulations.......makes sense when more small businesses than we can count have one foot in the grave.
  10. NY city council defunds the NYPD by $1B. Meanwhile there was 72 gun shootings in NYC in the last week.......and not one by a NYPD officer. Welcome to the spawning of the new "progressive" law and order in America. I'll put the over/under at 95 shootings in Chicago this holiday weekend. #onlysomeBLM
  11. In 2020 Montana has had 82 highway fatalities. COVID deaths......22. Finally safer at home.
  12. Who knew "crime" was a "health crisis"?
  13. I'd like to get Fauci's opinion on this before I comment....
  14. 2/1 thru 6/20 per CDC 160 COVID (related) deaths 24 and younger. Under 14......28. #saferathomethanatschool
  15. ND did over 4400 tests yesterday............29 new cases.
  16. See above. The point I'm trying to make is we are at the stage in society where we immediately jump to guilt on any racial issue. The "noose" in Bubba's garage was there for over a year yet he takes what is not there racially and turns it into a race issue on multiple media outlets. Same thing with the young man in LA. These two UND student athletes were "guilty" immediately. Is that fair? Was justice being served? What if by chance these two girls were targeted by a certain FB player for whatever reason and now their college athletic careers and possibly their academic careers are over? Will there be justice for those two individuals?
  17. Maybe she is trying "cover" up her actions......or maybe there is a legitimate other side of the story she's trying to get out there. You've obviously made up your mind on this. Are you being "simple-minded" as Bubba Wallace would say?
  18. I'm pretty comfortable in this discussion but I appreciate the advice Mr. Philome.
  19. Different community but if in Fargo Bird Brew is a hidden gem. Ridiculously good.
  20. Yup.......still tough to see it close. It had a market in that WF area.
  21. After the Port article TM or Schloss need to get Chaves on the record for comment ASAP. This is an AD issue with the recent information and news.
  22. If plane tickets were purchased on a commercial airline pre-COVID can one assume that the airline would work with you if this game is cancelled?
  23. If NASCAR had any balls, unlike UND in this VB situation, it would suspend Wallace the remainder of this racing season for going public to feed into this false racial narrative.
  24. Does Bubba have a Jussie Smollett in his locker room?
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