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  1. Kane Brown concert on 5/21
  2. Anyone think it's the responsibility of the coaching staff of a HS FB team to drive down to the Cities to retrieve a kid so they can get him to class so he can hopefully stay eligible to practice and play?
  3. Consultant for DGF on this one must be French........
  4. Yet having a dick in no way makes it impossible for one to get pregnant? All this s#%t is completely off the rails.
  5. Don't make it sound like Berry is a master recruiter and has been golden on every recruiting decision he's made. Hain has been here 4 years......you are who you are at this level after that timeframe. He definitely deserved an opportunity to come back if he wanted to based on his season ending injury last year. Just find it interesting how the UND/GF "community" has no problem eating one of its own all of a sudden.
  6. Haha....fair point. Let's just not think someone coming of multiple ligament reconstruction knee surgery who will play a 3rd line checking role and on the PK is cause for everyone who's a fan of this team to take a daily cold shower because of the anticipation and excitement of what he'll bring to the table. A valuable piece to this team....yes but let's not get carried away.
  7. Now you're just being silly. The Vegas line on that is zero chance and I'd still bet the under.
  8. Senden and Hain both have to be 20+ point guys this coming season for kicking Spicer to the curb for this to make any sense IMO.
  9. He'll torch UND a couple times at some point.
  10. She did the TV color for some Wild games early on.
  11. Walking the streets aimlessly while yelling out quotes from the movie "Airplane!" probably helps that narrative too.
  12. You're 5 months late to the party....sorry.
  13. I'm all for spending $5M on the FB program if that investment can get a first down on 4th and 1 at own 20.
  14. He was smart to cash in when he did.
  15. Trey had a very solid spring camp is what I was told.
  16. "Rocking"?? I'll answer your question though.....yes. We hit The Spud regularly. One of our favorites. The Moose is average. Up North is very good pizza. Bangkok is at best marginal Thai. You failed to answer my question though. At least @gfhockeybrings some insight and knowledge when he chimes in on the inner workings of the greater GF area. Enjoy Molly’s. .....and BTW we frequent the Moon often too which is also "dead" to you. We do it because of the past and current ownership. Great people former and present.
  17. "Tried"?? It was in EGF. You know anything about operating a restaurant on either side of the river. Ask anyone in their ownership group how its turned out with a 2nd one in Fargo vs operating one in EGF?
  18. Might have something to do with why he rode a bike around Fargo for months before KVLY let him go.
  19. So for SoCal and the SE coast it is global warming and our RRV is climate change? Asking for those who are trying to keep the false narratives straight. #only11yearsleft
  20. Hutch Johnson basically implied all male adults should be so excited on Saturday that it was going to get to 40 with no snow that Cialis wasn't going to be needed that night. He's a tool. #bringbackTooTallTom
  21. If the extended forecast holds thru the end of April Fargo will not have had one day this month with a high temperature that hit the average high.....not one. #globalwarming
  22. Calder had 11 goals on a very offensively challenged team.....same as Luke Johnson in 15-16 yet Calder was basically told to look elsewhere. Meanwhile Budy is around cause he needs a "scholly". Spicer was told we don't need your talent cause at 18 you're not Johnny Toews. If I missed anything let me know.
  23. Luke Johson......that's the hill you're going to die on?? Anyone here think Spicer wouldn't have put up 20-25 points in his 3rd year?
  24. Strinden will be a regular at the end of the season when it really matters.
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