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  1. Side note on Alerus.....Luke Combs housed 22K last night. New attendance record for the Alerus.
  2. Oxbow6


    "Cover".....that's rich.
  3. Oxbow6


    Regardless of where you stand on this "proof" issue...I think we can all agree Schloss probably needed to wipe down his keyboard no less than 3 times while typing up his story on this topic.
  4. Maybe the Al could mandate proof of vaccination or a negative test...that would certainly help boost attendance.
  5. I'll give credit where credit is due. Good move by Armacost.
  6. Bemidji FB team has to cancel this week's game with the Spuds due contact tracing......yet Bemidji school system has a mask mandate?!?! Once again keeping healthy kids locked in the house.....embarrassing.
  7. Oxbow6


    Not gonna bit on this one but I'm sure you got my point.
  8. Oxbow6


    Or just a simple driver's license would be sufficient. Real ID pushed back to May 2023 and a passport is something one needs to go INTO Mexico.
  9. Oxbow6


    You are giving the ass clowns at the Bridgestone way too much credit to actually look at one's card and do the math to add two weeks after the 2nd shot.
  10. Oxbow6


    Ya.....it really is.
  11. Oxbow6


    So you're not going to get the time release vaccine microchip when that's mandated down the road?
  12. Oxbow6

    FBS games

    Over 107K in the Big House
  13. 53.5 Seems high IMO
  14. Smart money coming in on the home team. Early line of UND +6 was too easy of a bet. Utah St will cover the 7.5
  15. Rodriguez should have been dead years ago. Feel awful for Dru's family. He's a worthless POS that has been on the tax payers dole too long already.
  16. Oxbow6

    UND @ ISU

    Tommy's a winner
  17. UND wins......I think......I hope.
  18. This program has turned into a total Clown Show.....the athletes deserve better.
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