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  1. I have been told to avoid parties even though I have been vaccinated for months and I wear 2 masks.......
  2. This is assuming UND doesn't continue to crap the bed on attendance because of COVID concerns and we can actually use our season tickets/seats. Based on students pre-registering for next fall's classes in person/face to face I'm not holding out hope on athletic attendance.
  3. Good one......he can't even figure out the educational part on campus.
  4. This whole "spring" season has been one of the biggest jokes I've seen in the past year plus.....and that's saying a lot. Shut it all down......continuing is just nonsense.
  5. Gonna set the over/under for the NG to remain in MSP until 8/28.
  6. Did I miss something on Adams? Has he signed yet? Could a year supply for free RP grinders entice him to come back?
  7. No social distancing when you take 20+ Clowns behind the wood shed.
  8. Over/under 15 "dangerous player" from Bucci
  9. Gotta be out of scholarships and/or roster spots for guards by now
  10. I'd buy a purple "Thome Thime" tee shirt.
  11. "He'll do good" ~ Barry Melrose
  12. I'll say of the 8 preliminary sites only 4 will be needed when push comes to shove.....or Covid comes from testing.
  13. RR hair color went back to normal??
  14. No handshake line? Of course not....too much risk.
  15. Right! Barry is such a clown. He's the best the Deuce can come up with??
  16. For those of us that have been fully vaccinated for a couple months what has changed? Nothing is the correct answer. The ND university system will have zero desire to get things back to normal by the fall...particularly getting student back into the class room. Over?? Nah. There will always be an excuse by those in charge to keep their feet on the throats of those wanting to make their own choices.
  17. Luke Johnson first NHL goal
  18. Mel Pearson is waiting on line 3 for you to give you his opinion on this subject.
  19. Got a call this afternoon that my youngest had to get a rapid test after school today so she can go back to school tomorrow because the school thinks they might be able to contract trace her to a classmate on Monday. But not yesterday Monday.....a week ago Monday. F-n lunacy.
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