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  1. I just read that Big Sky Conference games will be broadcast on the ESPN channels, mainly ESPN+. Presumably the UND game in Pocatello will be effected by this change.
  2. Plenty of mountains to explore around Logan and the Fall colors will be spectacular.
  3. Having lived in SD for 21 years, I can tell you that most South dakotans' eyes will just glaze over if you mention hockey. I was watching UND hockey in a Vermillion bar one time and someone asked me if UND could defeat the Sioux City Muskies.
  4. I really think if Granowski had not been injured the rabbits would have won by 14. They'll be on a mission in the Fall and will be our toughest game, especially playing in Brookings.
  5. ...three or four missed passes that were really just long handoffs...
  6. Sdsu backup qb having a tough day but finally completes a pass. .
  7. Go Blue Bombers!
  8. I was a random dog rescue video and it turned the man doing the rescuing was Brady Oliveira. You can watch Brady O. dog rescue videos by googling "Brady Oliveira dog rescue ".
  9. I was impressed with SHSU's comeback against JMU, but even more impressed with the Jack's domination in their game. They looked significantly bigger and faster than Delaware. Should be a good final. I think Sdsu will be favored by as much as a touchdown.
  10. TBR

    JMU Predictions

    UND has occasional big wins on the road such as at Laramie, but they've been too few and far between to predict a win today. JMU 33, UND 23 Hope I'm wrong.
  11. The way the schedule is the three Dakota teams play at different non-overlapping times...a triple header. I plan on being worthless and watching all three unless UND loses in which case my enthusiasm for football will crash and I'll do something else Sunday night
  12. Good news for me....I've got a conflict Saturday
  13. Unfortunately it appears Bo Belquist won't be leaping anytime soon
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