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  1. Thanks. I was at the game...had to be there as I have degrees from both UND and USU. I had it x'd on my calender since it was announced four years ago. Being a ND native I rooted for the Hawks, but I happily observe that the Aggies are poised to win a lot of football games this year.
  2. Logan is about the same elevation as Ft. Collins. Grand Forks and Brookings are also at similar a altitude. Jack's must be a better high elevation team than us.
  3. Usu won that game. There qb throw precise throws to receivers that routinely got wide open. Usu was better on the line of scrimmage both offensively and defensively. That's how they won.
  4. TBR

    UND @ USU Predictions

    Sorry someone else predicted that score so I'm changing to USU 27, UND 17
  5. TBR

    UND @ USU Predictions

    I'll be at the game trying to effect the outcome in my own way...but....being objective I have to say: Utah State 31, ND 17
  6. TBR

    UND @ ISU

    Ah....no. Otis Weah was the best athlete on the field by my estimate.
  7. TBR

    UND @ ISU

    I was at the ISU game. UND successfully executed crucially important plays much more frequently than did the opposition. Often these successful plays were unspectacular, such as gaining 2 yards on third and one. Execution in critical situations seemed to be the difference to me.
  8. Who will fill in for Haas? To what extent does losing Haas impact the effectiveness of our defense?
  9. Utah State had a bad year in 2020. I think they won one game. From what I've read their new head coach and staff hit the transfer portal hard in an effort to retool. So with a new coach and new players it is difficult to predict their tendencies. Ive not read any report about their win over Washington State but doing so might give you an idea of what to expect on Friday.
  10. TBR

    UND @ ISU

    SDSU smoked the CSU Rams. We should be able to similarly defeat Utah State.
  11. TBR

    UND @ ISU

    Wondering about that too. Is he injured? He has put in some solid performances for us.
  12. The Utah sportswriters, at least the ones I've read, have us four touchdown underdogs vs Utah State. Let them have that expectation in Logan. Let that prediction bake in among the Aggie players. Wyoming thought the same thing six years ago.
  13. No idea. Hope we're not looking ahead to the FBS opponent on week 2.
  14. Good point but it's listed as ESPN+ in the last scheduling guide I saw. Save bet that most if not all home games for a BSC team will be on ESPN+ regardless of opponent.
  15. Big Sky Conference has contracted with ESPN for broadcast rights. It'll be on ESPN+
  16. I recommend making time to spend up Logan Canyon if you're going to Logan for the game. I say that after having lived in Logan for three years.
  17. Got my tickets to the Utah State game this am. West side 50 yard line. East side is their student section.
  18. It would be wise to take the vaccine if shown that having had the virus does not confer sufficient immunity. Why do you suppose people get a flu shot every year?
  19. Right...just like Sioux Falls University was a few years back
  20. Super easy to route for Brady O.
  21. TBR

    Utah State

    The Aggies are projected to finish last in the Mountain Division of the MW conference.
  22. I just read that Big Sky Conference games will be broadcast on the ESPN channels, mainly ESPN+. Presumably the UND game in Pocatello will be effected by this change.
  23. Plenty of mountains to explore around Logan and the Fall colors will be spectacular.
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