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  1. I would love to see 50+ points but I am not confident in that.
  2. You have my vote for post of the year
  3. Most will have a mask because of flying. The flying mask mandate isnt going to change anytime soon.
  4. Zero injuries and sit out Turner to give him an extra week of rest as we will need him healthy on 10/2. I too would like to see this game handled by half so that Vaughn and Feeney can run the offense.
  5. A tale of two halves. I'm not disappointed in losing to them, but rather how we shut down in the second half.
  6. If you have Xfinity (Comcast) you can add the sports package for like $10 and cancel it anytime.
  7. UNDColorado

    UND @ ISU

    Good question. Someone told me cottonwood but I have my doubts considering where we were at was a temperate rain forest.
  8. UNDColorado

    UND @ ISU

    Ha, that was the only clear day up there. Rained 4 of 5 days. Didn't matter though because the fishing was great!
  9. UNDColorado

    UND @ ISU

    I was finally able to watch the game last night. I had a good reason to miss it though! That goal line stand was absolutely huge. After the spring it was really nice to see a stop like that. The offense looks good and it appears we have a high ceiling as long as they can shore up most of those mistakes. Namely the snaps. Bummer to lose Haas but it seems we have some depth there. I was really happy with the secondary and the scheme. That hit by Coley that knocked the ball out sticks out to me. I really didn't like that this game was scheduled but you play what's on the schedule. I am happy with the end result and we need to fix up some mistakes and if we can do that we could be really competitive tomorrow night.
  10. UNDColorado

    UND @ ISU

    Well done, sir!
  11. Feel free to drop of any leftovers in Colorado on your way home
  12. Would you want to make a stop and drop some off in Colorado?
  13. Agreed, Utah is a legit P5 program.
  14. UNDColorado

    UND @ ISU

    There's a lot to learn at safety so I am not surprised Fort isn't in the two deep yet. He will be eventually though.
  15. It never should have been scheduled.
  16. They are in MTN time zone so the game is at 2 PM central. 11 AM Alaska and I am scheduled to land at 11 AM so it will be rush to get set up for streaming. The schedule for ESPN+ only goes through 7 AM Saturday right now so give it a day.
  17. Anyone watching the Indiana state game? The color commentator is hilarious!
  18. I'm just catching up on this thread and this is hilarious
  19. You noticed Ty Shannon too?
  20. Yeah, I have a feeling Lotysz is out for a while. Didn't he get dinged up in mop up duty against Missouri State?
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