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  1. The first clip you posted the ball was 48 yards in the air the second clip was around 49. Check the flea flicker to Belquist, Tommy's pass was 47 yards in the air. I don't see the big difference. I do think their QB does have a little stronger arm though, and he is a better runner.....which does give him an edge. SDSU got a really good one, they are in good hands for the next 4 years. I have seen Tommy make some perfectly placed throws though into some small windows. Tommy has to be the most Productive/Successful freshman QB since probably Klancher?
  2. They always seem to be open, they are good. Likely partially due to good play design and calling though too.
  3. No doubt. Not sure I've ever seen such a turnaround in 5-7 minutes before, crazy. I guess the JMU coach may not be able to whine about not being the #1 seed after today. Still lots of time yet though.
  4. Wow crazy comeback right now....Sam Houston in the lead. JMU needs to get some momentum back.
  5. Also the guy was wide open by 5 yards.....and QB severely under threw him so he had to slow down and got caught after catching the ball. Probably would have been easy TD if he hit him somewhat in stride. Not sure how JMU is winning with this guy under center
  6. I agree with you that we need a better deep passing threat to open things up. But we've seen Tommy throw the ball 40 yards down field and hit guys almost perfectly in stride. The Maag double move and Belquiest flea flicker play against Missouri state you referenced, even though in your opinion you thought they were poor throws. I'm no QB expert but if you are throwing a go route velocity doesn't matter as much, better to throw a rainbow like Jeff Blake of Cincy used to do so it drops right in on the guy. Stronger arm is more important when throwing mid or deep over the middle and you have
  7. Well at least we still know it’s true......that you could say something about NDSU in the middle of a forest.....and within minutes an NDSU fan would pop out of nowhere to set the record straight. God forbid NDSU doesn’t win the championship next year either, the NDSU police will be out in even more full force to protect and make sure not one slightly negative comment be uttered about their Bison.
  8. Here is the longer version of the highlights.
  9. I'd love to go to a game in your stadium. Although next time I'd prefer if we played in our house. Good luck against Sam Houston.
  10. It could be worse, we could be 15 point favorites and be down by 10 at home like SDSU.
  11. This season absolutely helps. We beat SDSU, we were in the quarterfinals. Honestly prior to this year, everything else being equal why would you pick UND over SDSU or NDSU if you had an offer. I think a kid could finally see this program is on the right path and they could be part of getting us over the hump. Plus we now have a real offense, and a fun offense to play for. I honestly don’t know how we ever recruited a QB in the last couple years under Rudy, who would want to play for that.
  12. I love Danny and that epic drive with the crazy plays was great, But yeah...Otis needs more than 4 carries in second half even when we are down. Otis typically ends up having the run that turns momentum, just like he did with the big run in first half. You just never know when it’s going to come with Otis, but if you feed him it always seems to come.
  13. Very good year and we are on the FCS map now. However JMU on a down year is still 15-20 points better than us, got some work to do. I’m on vacation, so at least I get to keep drinking even though it’s a Sunday. Disappointed, but proud of the team this year.
  14. Let’s remember them running it on that last play, busch league
  15. I know it’s obvious, but we need bigger D line. We know they are going to run and it’s garbage time and they are still running it down our throats. Orlando May need to be a starter next fall. Let’s hope he is ready.
  16. Let’s see Quincy, why the F not. We aren’t going to win this
  17. Yeah Otis should be getting carried now not Skokna.
  18. Yes down by six at half isn’t bad. But letting them drive the field and getting points really hurts the momentum we had. They get ball to start the half, gotta make a stop. nice stick on their QB end of the half though, hopefully he is feeling it
  19. I might be wrong but I Think I saw a safety blitzing on that big play we gave up. Why?? Just play back ancc dc play safe.
  20. Why is it other teams can always go length of th red field on is on one minute end of half
  21. All we had to do is play prevent, but we couldn’t do it and allowed the big play, ugh
  22. I can tell you right now, Rudy’s offense would have 7 yards of offense in this game right now
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