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  1. Is that the only NDSU player that entered the portal? Or is it less likely players would enter the portal right now because they would need to be enrolled in spring semester and it is kind of too late to get picked up so they would wait until end of semester?
  2. In my opinion I think FBS should go to an 8 team playoff. There have been a couple of years there was quite a bit of debate about one or two teams that did not get in the top 4 and probably should have had a shot. The 8th seed is very unlikely to win but if a 5th seed plays a 4th seed I'd say that is almost 50/50 in most years as to who would win. If they were to go to 12 teams, I think they'd have to give the top 4 a buy so that there would be 8 teams in second round. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to something like that, would make for some good first round games. I could see a #12 upsetting a #5 in the first round in that scenario. I wouldn't want it to get too watered down, but the nice thing about FCS and bigger playoff field is that it makes things a lot more interesting for a lot more teams right up until the final week of the season.
  3. Agree. Would have liked to have seen Tommy not get hurt, but NDSU would have still won by 15-20 points. MSU and their Big Sky defense sucked. I guess Vigen didn't have the balls to go for it on 4th down on the first drive.
  4. I agree, our coaching needs to be better. But also, all of these other coaches are getting schooled by NDSU and MSU looks silly today. Although I'm sure they would have at least put up some points if Tommy didn't go out after the first drive.
  5. Agree. And also agree JMU would have played them at their house.....and possibly could have beaten them at home.
  6. And all of those other coaches got their asses handed to them against NDSU when it really mattered. Do all FCS schools need new/better coaches? MSU is getting flat out embarrassed right now, even if their starting QB is out.
  7. you mean so we could go toe to toe with NDSU like those other schools but still get our asses handed to by them when it really mattered?
  8. I don't recall too many times where Tommy locked on his primary receiver and when he threw it I was like......what the heck were you doing. Did he do that a few times, probably. Did he throw it to his primary receiver many times yes. Is it possible that he read the defense very well before the ball was even snapped that the primary receiver he looked at was the correct read and therefore threw it to him? I do know though I have absolutely seen him go to his 2nd or 3rd read. The infamous interception at the end against SDSU, right when I happened I was pissed at Tommy as it looked like he threw it into triple coverage. Upon review, he made the exact right read IMO and the pick was due to WR holding up for a bit (don't want to get in that whole debate again). For the record I'm not saying Tommy is the best FCS QB in the nation or the best QB that we as UND football fans can ever root for. I just don't think Tommy locking in a primary receiver has been a big problem for him, but I could be wrong. I do find the audible question and discussion interesting though, as since it was brought up, I didn't recall times of him obviously audibling out of something so that was an interesting point that would be curious to know what they are allowed or not allowed to do on that one. I think Tommy has a fairly high QB IQ though, and I think Danny would allow him to do it if needed within the system constraints. Would be a good question for Tom Miller to ask Danny sometime though.
  9. The first three drives against Utah State we definitely won that chess match and we had them guessing and wondering what the heck was coming next. Would have been on the first four drives too if they didn't run into each other on 3rd down. Not sure what the heck happened the rest of the game, their D schooled our O the rest of the game. I think a big part of our drop off in points and our poor red zone offense was due to below average OL run blocking when things got tight. I still remember the one game we had 3rd and goal from about the 4 1/2 yard line. We ran it three straight times and got half a yard total. I think it would be more common to get stuffed at the 1 yard line three straight times since that is obvious running down and they load the box. From the 4 yard line, that is run/pass distance.....especially on 3rd down and goal from the 4 yard line.
  10. You forgot option D: I know Bubba did a crappy coaching job at times this year and probably won't change, but I realize we won't be buying out his contract. I will still bring up his game management and mistakes on occassion because it is a legit issue, but I won't post about it on a daily basis, in specific detail, about each poor game management decision (EVEN if somebody else remotely mentions something related to it like other coaches making bad decisions or poor game management choices)
  11. So I haven't been on the site since Friday night, came on this morning to get caught up. I click into the 2020 NON UND Football thread......and I see 37 posts from Midwestern Hawk about Bubba and his game management, the 4th down call etc. etc. etc..
  12. I saw that too on some replays they showed later, their QB totally went with his first read into double coverage, the other guy was in middle of field going opposite direction in somewhat of the same area and would have easily walked in with nobody in 10 yards of him. That INT in end zone at the end, that was a helluva pick by the DB I'll give them that. SU always makes the big play when it's needed. It's uncanny.
  13. Good question, especially the one where he got tackled in bounds. Basically game over at that point.
  14. Hope is a dangerous thing when you are hoping for them to lose. I learned this years ago.
  15. JMU clock management and end of game execution on par with UND.
  16. I guess we could say horrible choice by JMU's head coach to take a timeout when they had 3rd and 2. Would of had an extra 40 seconds on this drive. 1:40 is time for a drive. 55 seconds is tough.
  17. Yep, they did. JMU is going to get back with about a minute left.
  18. SU picked off JMU in end zone. Different year, same movie.
  19. SU about to have an 80 yard drive starting at their own 1 yard line, kick a FG to go up two scores.
  20. I used up most of my reverse psychology towards end of first half, but I'll keep trying. It rarely works. I'll say NDSU wins 24-14.
  21. I wish you were right man. But after watching playoffs the past 10 years, I'd still say NDSU would probably win this if they were down 13 going into the 4th quarter. They didn't seem to be as totally dominant this year during regular season, as heck yeah we could have beat them. Based on the first half score....UND is better than JMU? But we know that's not how it really works. SU is always able to ramp it up even more in the playoffs.
  22. It's over. Good luck to JMU going to FBS....however you are leaving FCS as losers.
  23. Makes our going for it on 4th down from our own 20 even worse. Maybe we pull out a close win in that game, and then maybe tonight's game is at JMU instead of Fargo. Probably wouldn't have mattered though where tonight's game was played.
  24. Takes away a bit of the excitement and fun of signing week, knowing SU is winning another Natty this year.
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