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  1. MVFC is almost guaranteed to get 4 in the playoffs IMO. Heck there were 4 this past spring when there were only 16 teams. Decent chance MVFC gets 5 in, will depend on how things shake out.
  2. The team definitely hasn't checked out. Also, even though we had two false starts yesterday, much better overall on penalties. 3 for 18 yards.
  3. It always surprises me how many PWO's become great players and key components to the team.
  4. Any word on Maag? I said it at the time of the Drake game, I asked/wondered why the heck he was playing in that game. He should have sat that game so he had two weeks off. Dumb to let him play against Drake and now he has been out during our toughest stretch. Granted I don't know his injury details, but just seemed like a no brainer to have him sit against Drake and get two weeks off to try and recover.
  5. I know the old saying.....if you have 2 QB's....it means you don't have 1. That said sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do. And putting Quincy in a bit more to mix things up, including Quincy throwing a bit more can add another dimension to our predictable 3-5 yard passes. Next week against Western at home would be a good opportunity to see that. Hopefully the game isn't that close, and at a minimum Q would get in during second half and have some full series. Would like to see him in the first half too. I am expecting us to win out heading into the SDSU game. If we win out all the way, I think we'd be in the playoffs given that we would have won 5 straight and 3 FCS losses, two of which will likely be against seeded teams and both were very close.
  6. I'd prefer we could find one kicker that could do well at both kickoffs and FG's. Maybe that is asking too much, but we used to have that when we were DII.
  7. At the time I was probably 60% kick/40 go for it on this one. I think there can be reasonable arguements made for either decision, especially given how the other kicks went.
  8. Exactly, NDSU and USD are very good against the run. UNI has 85 rushing yards against USD with 7 minutes left in 4th quarter. We should hopefully have more success in running in probably all of our games going forward. Weah would have done well today too if he played. That said, Smith is a weapon and needs more touches and is great out of the backfield, that one catch was a great catch.
  9. I don't know who is responsible for recruiting and evaluating kickers, maybe it's a group effort not sure. But something needs to change in that area. If Jeff Glass is our kicker this year, we win this game and we are talking about how good the team looked today.
  10. Laughing because they know their teams would have lost by 40 to the #4 team in the country on the road.
  11. I'm right here. Our regular kicker is out. Also, you seriously can't blame the coach for a missed kick. He is not the 'kicking coach'.
  12. I agree, and was agreeing with you that I think Skokna is hurt.
  13. Pick 6! Although I'll settle for a 3 and out.. Let's go D!
  14. Yep. Was great catch earlier by Clemetson though, he has done a nice job filling in so far.
  15. BOOM!! I could see that run was going to be the same one we ran on 3rd down. 3WR's to the right.....just wide open off right side of the line.
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