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  1. Not a good sign that Canady was getting outrun by linemen on the interception return...
  2. Crazy world it's become with the transfer portal - the best thing we can talk about after a historic win is getting more reps to keep the backup QB happy.
  3. You're just being a curmudgeon with that take; there was nothing wrong with either throw. Even with decent coverage both likely would have been completed - neither receiver barely broke stride.
  4. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the two deep balls early. #2 was just a hair underthrown but you sure as heck don't want to overthrow a guy that wide open. Not saying the guy is flawless but he won't be the reason we lose a game.
  5. Two doses 3 weeks apart and then I think they say 2 or 3 weeks after that until you're considered fully whatever.
  6. Word is Keplin fell in love with a guy and gave up basketball.
  7. As many have mentioned, it wasn't necessarily a surprise to lose, but to lose the way we did was. Physically dominated. We wore down SIU and SDSU. We were dominated in the trenches from the get-go today. When we needed a yard we couldn't get it; couldn't sustain drives. When they needed a yard they'd get five right up the gut. Not to mention we couldn't cover anyone, the first INT should have been as easy TD.
  8. Have we ever beaten a team currently ranked in the top 5? or even 10?
  9. Juan Gomez Tagle was a beast!
  10. Can't blame the guy; salary for RR job appears to be $5687. The demands and BS on a HS coach are ridiculous; people aren't lining up for these jobs.
  11. UND is hard to figure out; one week it seems the defense will be the strength of the team, the next we have to win in a shootout. Let's not forget these guys had NDSU on the ropes in Fargo a couple weeks ago. I'll chalk this up as a good win.
  12. Devils


    It's on Midco2.
  13. Devils

    2018 Season

    I don't think Rudy is the best OC ever, but you guys would have been complaining if they had been aggressive when they were up 21-0 and had an int returned or a strip sack, etc. Just the nature of fans that have to always find something negative.
  14. Devils

    2017 Season

    Did a quick count on the roster and saw 34 from MN, 16 ND, 15 WI, 7 IL, 7 CO, 4 Canada, 4 CA (I'm sure I miscounted by 1 or 2)...very few from 9 man schools that I saw. It maybe would be nice to see a few more kids from NE and IA but it seems to be a pretty realistic roster composition. Certainly good to try to get a few studs from outside the region but you need to focus on the kids who are likely to come and stay.
  15. Terrible loss, no doubt it was a very deflated feeling walking out of the Alerus. Even saw some adults crying. It was my first football game since being in college 10 years ago (I now live 4 hours away) and the atmosphere was great and I'll be back. Richmond's receivers were the difference I thought - they made great plays and UND's dropped 3 or 4 very catchable balls on the last couple drives. Definitely seemed as though UND got tired on defense as the game wore on...Richmond started to run off tackle on us and our pass rush suffered. One thing that caught my eye was that UND virtually never substituted on defense and I think that caught up to them as Richmond basically was doing whatever they wanted in the 4th quarter. Hopefully we can continue to build depth as the program moves forward.
  16. Will any of the bars run buses to/from the Alerus?
  17. I always thought Kvalevog was awful, although I'm not sure of his numbers. I just remember that playoff game where we sat there for 4 hours only to have a 150-footer trickle through his legs to end the game. But I guess there wasn't a whole lot of other goalies to pick from during the decade.
  18. Devils


    Played pick-up and intramural basketball against him a few times when I was at UND and he was a total punk - trying to start fights and a mouthy little dude. Kind of smirked when I saw this article.
  19. Dixon Ward, although I think his last year might have been 90 or 91.
  20. Freaking out about losing in the frozen four is like being mad that you won the Powerball when it was only $50 million.
  21. egfhoser - you say that this team had so much talent...this was probably the least talented of all of the recent frozen 4 teams (since '97). Sure Oshie's a stud and Duncan is solid but after that it was pretty much a bunch of average offensive players. The defense and goalie were good but no better really than anything we've had in the past. Nobody scored in the WCHA this year so I think Lamoreux's numbers were pretty inflated although I do think he had a great year. Just because you don't win a chamipionship doesn't mean you should be fired, get real.
  22. I was at this game, Red River had it won (up 6 with < 1 minute left) but allowed 2 WIDE open three pointers to tie it as well as missing a couple front ends in the last minute. Those were about the only 2 jumpers BHS made the whole game - not overexaggerating. RR played very well in the second half, I'd guess they shot about 70-80% in the last 8 minutes when they made their big run.
  23. Heard a few days ago from some current players that Ziegler is resigning. Surprised it hasn't made the news yet.
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