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  1. Is that his first FBS offer? Remind me again when the early signing period date is?
  2. Colorado St. was also SDSU's first game of the season, not the second away game in six days where the first game was also played at the same altitude. The delayed start was also a disadvantage to UND, contrary to what the analysts said during pre-game. Who prepares for a game to start at 9:30 pm internal clock time? I know some of you on here will chastise these comments as making excuses, but I'm simply pointing out our situation against USU is not the same as SDSU's against CSU so we should not expect the same outcome.
  3. This will be the biggest benefit of playing this game.
  4. I never expected to win this game…..until the 1st quarter. So now I’m disappointed we’re losing. But really, should I be?
  5. Should I go to bed? Or will we still give them a run for their money?
  6. Our passing game has fallen pretty dead, too. USU making nice adjustments, no doubt.
  7. Need our O-line to gel. Probably a bit outmanned against an FBS d-line. We will get there, though.
  8. USU wins by 14. Something like 28-14 or 35-21.
  9. Between that article and now the USU coach, we seem to be getting the respect we've been hoping for (well, maybe not from ISU fans, but F 'em). Time to show that earned respect is legit.
  10. Shouldn’t a new thread for 2021 be started?
  11. While I don’t know the history of which regional radio stations have broadcast UND and/or NDSU football over the years, radio stations need to broadcast a program that listeners want, and with the mighty bison dominance I’m sure they’re broadcasts are lucrative. Hopefully that changes to more of a 50/50 split with UND starting to close the gap. It also probably wouldn’t hurt if local recruits spur their hometown stations to make the switch from NDSU to UND (or even start a new broadcast partnership).
  12. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    No kidding. I flew from Newark to MSP to Grand Forks today. Game started when I landed in MSP. Halftime when we took off, so I missed the awesome third quarter. Caught the last half quarter or so on radio driving home from the airport.
  13. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    While I don’t not want to win, but what about a road FBS game makes it “must win “? Today was must win. drake is must win. But I don’t sense the season’s success is at stake against Utah State.
  14. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    Evan Holm said in the postgame that they wanted to beat the crap out of that team.
  15. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    So halftime score is 10-7?
  16. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    How long til halftime?
  17. Dustin

    UND @ ISU

    You guys are my eyes and ears since I’m flying back to GF today, so keep the updates frequent!
  18. Watch some of both games. I need to see more power. We're counting way too much on tips. But glad we were able to take a set against Utah State and win against Seton Hall. Making strides.
  19. Maybe I'm overconfident, but I don't think some of these games will be as close as Shannon and Kelly think they will be. I see 8-3 as a strong possibility, unless the grind of a full season in MVFC wears on our boys. I'm expecting a seed in the FCS playoffs come November.
  20. What's not remarkable is his allergies.
  21. Which requires a subscription beyond an ESPN package with your cable provider? Or is it like ESPN3, which is included?
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