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  1. Not surprised there. He was still worthwhile to recruit, though, IMO.
  2. Someone refresh my memory on what happened here. I remember the Omaha kid going to Texas St., but not this guy.
  3. Absolutely. Until we beat you, NDSU fans won't take UND seriously.
  4. This may the X-factor to an even more unpredictable offense to defend against.
  5. To expand a little on my past post, I think many UND people have (incorrectly, IMO) gone on the defense that what NDSU has done isn't really relevant because "FCS isn't true Division I football." While there is some truth to that, I would certainly rather have UND with 8 FCS national championships than NDSU. And maybe the flamboyant Bison fans really try to cram down people's throats how good they are at Division I football which has given UND people a bad taste in their mouth. I don't remember people thinking what the Bison did in the '80s in Division II as irrelevant. It's been a tough g
  6. From my personal interactions, this is a MAJOR problem right now. One of the only persons with whom I can have a legitimate conversation about UND football (other than all of you) is an NDSU fanatic that follows all of the MVFC and FCS.
  7. Very pleased we were able to score 3 touchdowns on offense. Needed something from our defense and/or special teams to really have a chance and we didn't get that, unfortunately. But I'm still in awe with (pretty much) everything that went down in the 2020-21 spring season. I think this team is going to be on an outright mission come September.
  8. Are you just meaning to own an opposing defensive line? I thought our O-line was outstanding this year. Couple of games where it was harder for us to establish the run, but QB protection was phenomenal.
  9. Thanks, @Duke Dawg Your compatriot @bulldogg was also kind enough to grace our board with his presence. With the kindness you've both shown, I am rooting for JMU the rest of the way.
  10. Thanks. I knew I'd recognize the name once I saw it.
  11. Not quite the same panic as the NDSU game, but apparently the coaches don't think he fits into the offense when we're trying to play catchup.
  12. Great assessment @geaux_sioux
  13. Yes, we lucked out on that one. But to balance things, we also were unlucky on a couple calls in the second half.
  14. @bulldogg Thanks for stopping by on our board. I think JMU is the best team left, so best of luck the rest of the way. Hope we have a chance to knock you guys out in the future
  15. More thoughts: I love how Danny let it all hang out with the play calling in the 2nd quarter.
  16. What’s our recruiting been like on the defensive side of the ball? If there’s one thing you can take away from our last 2 playoff losses is that we lack in run defense.
  17. Forgot to mention that he also did some nice scramble running, which many on here were knocking on him regarding that.
  18. Couple more thoughts: I may not have everyone on board here, but Tommy Schuster can be QB for his entire eligibility, as far as I'm concerned. I know 2 INTs isn't the recipe for a playoff win, but that's only 5 in 7 games. Did he get sacked this game? Can't remember. But if not, 1 sack in 7 games. That 96 yard drive was beautiful. I'm now convinced that UND HAS to beat NDSU to get Grand Forks excited about football. I went to pick up some pizza from Rhombus near halftime, and NEITHER of their main floor TVs had UND football on. That is inexcusable that not one worker nor one p
  19. Proud of this team. Need some more horses on defense. schuster will be even better next year. More thoughts later.
  20. I think if we’ve learned from our mistakes from the NDSU game, and can execute differently based on that knowledge, we’ll be in this game until the end.
  21. Since it's an evening game, the temperature should be cooling as the game goes on, and will be played mostly in the shadows of the stadium's west bleachers. I don't think the weather will have any sort of negative factor. If anything, since we are an indoor team, we are fortunate that we should be able to develop and execute a game plan just the same as playing at home.
  22. If we win, I feel this will be the score. If we lose, I feel this will be the score.
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