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  1. Good question. I would imagine there would be discussion about injuries here, and I haven’t seen any. Nothing in the Herald either. So, I’m going to say we came out mostly unscathed.
  2. Dustin

    Jacks VS Hawks

    That seems like a situation we need to take advantage of.
  3. Dustin

    Jacks VS Hawks

    Kelly seems to be overcompensating for his (way) wrong score prediction last week. Hope he's right this time
  4. With no true pairwise, I'm glad UND is having a season that isn't close to the bubble line of the NCAA field. Hard to argue against winning the regular season of the toughest conference.
  5. Dustin

    Jacks VS Hawks

    I would say no, but others might have data/proof to say otherwise. I think of him doing a lot over the middle.
  6. UND and NDSU will play each other at least twice in 2021, once in Fargo (March 20), and once in Grand Forks (October 2), plus any potential playoff match-ups. I feel like one of these could go our way. The Fargodome won't be as daunting this spring with limited capacity, and the Alerus could be a tough place for opponents to play next fall with (hopefully!) full houses. Is it 1993 yet?!
  7. I didn't realize until now that only 5 days after hosting SDSU we host USD on a Thursday night. I'm getting pumped!
  8. https://undfootball360.com/news/und-dominates-the-salukis-in-blowout-victory/
  9. Yes, but not just local. Any recruiting battle won against any of the Dakota schools (especially NDSU) is step towards our ultimate goal. I feel like the recruiting has really ticked up a notch in the last couple years, and it appears to be manifesting with the play on the field.
  10. It was a nice way to make a grand entrance. The SDSU game gives us another opportunity to see if those same accolades are granted next Monday morning. Hope so.
  11. I noticed that too on one of them.
  12. You obviously don’t know me very well. Most of what I know about football is from this site. So take anything I say with a grain of salt.
  13. Getting ND towns excited for UND football is an absolute must if we are going to take out the mighty Bison. Good step in that direction here.
  14. We left some points on the field, too.
  15. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is exactly what the doctor ordered. I don’t think even the biggest UND homer would have predicted a game with a blowout score.
  16. Wasn’t going to be me. I did it once, and it was a disastrous game for the good guys. Not doing that again.
  17. I would assume so, but this will be the first broadcast from Grand Forks on ESPN+ (right?), so how would one know for sure?
  18. I predict a close game. Win or lose, at the end of the game, I don't want our quarterback situation to be in question.
  19. Shannon and Kelly said he retired from broadcasting for more family time.
  20. Probably the next Clay Matvick. Will call regional games for ESPN / freelance. Agree that he's very professional, and transitions seamlessly between the sports. That's a lot different color commentators to gel with, as well. He was a workhorse last weekend, and will be again this upcoming weekend.
  21. Kelly Howe says 24-14 Salukis.
  22. They are not really calling this a "real" season. More like a preview for the fall season.
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