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  1. what is kelly at und360 hinting about with ndac and moving moving around to athletics?
  2. haha...said kinda. come off the bench and hit some threes
  3. kinda wish moody would've come back for one last year....
  4. don't like that she wouldn't make the move to colorado...non starter for me
  5. did anyone even think before publishing this............?
  6. i consider myself semi-old school!!! i remeber peter senja and playing cc to go to the frozen four just saying that i can't remember a game against cc i've really got pumped upfor a in a long long time and i don't think that's changing anytime soon as for the trophy...i would'be taken/kept tech instead of cc to keep the mcnaughton
  7. what's not to like? what's the fascination with CC....haven't been relevant in ten years or more and won't be for that and longer
  8. .........they might be employed but missing numerous days...in a row........week after week.......so when you go to said restaurant you have a bad experience bc "sick" guy was playing COD til 5am and just called in it .......again! (happens too many times...said business now goes out of business) easy to do when you get 10k back for having 3 kids..........
  9. just saying that being associated in any way with Arizona State should be something UND is all for and all of the other NCHC schools (IF THEY GET THEIR STADIUM FIGURED OUT--------which is figured out so what is the holdup now?).....
  10. ohio state head coach thinks otherwise...but i agree college athletics might be imploding...this is a joke
  11. 10 story condo in the middle with a rootop gardens/walkways...indoor parking in the back going west to east....and 4 smaller shops where the yellow dots are...coffee shop, cafe, subway....whatever
  12. drop a 10 story tall condo right in the middle of the old dayton's and rest of it used for indoor parking.........then the old sears could be an imax.... 4 anchors....condos, imax, scheels, and jc pennys
  13. does anyone are about cc or scsu? cc even with their stadium will suck for a while imo....
  14. does hoosman have a little burst and wiggle or is he like oliviera where he'll "truck ya"?
  15. would we have gotten a better deal if we had arizona state and or air force?
  16. the jimmy johns on washington and 11th....2/3 empty for years now.
  17. wondering the same thing
  18. some people will play the victim card their whole lives.......he he's had plenty of chances.....
  19. yeah i meant moody....but i forget dae is also a nodak too.....hope he does well at cal state but i doubt it.......to much whispering in his ear how good he is and he hasn't improved as a bball player one bit in 4 years.
  20. for just a wrist shot that pen d/forward wanted nothing to do with that....
  21. dentistry in canada is non-existent i guess....jfc barry.
  22. south of the library is all torn up (around soaring eagle statue).... they are moving in furniture into nistler (kinda...just taking possession of some furniture) and they have dug up between okelly and gillette...wondering if they will make that more green space instead of the old parking lot( i think that was mostly concrete in that area.) too lazy to take out my phone for pics on my bike ride tonight.
  23. oilers stadium looks beautiful.....
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