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  1. u should write for the heraldo...good click bait headline..."outbreak"...omg click on article to find out.....1 player! (ad revenue flows in!)
  2. black votes can/normally decides elections...that's why they are scared of blexit and people like candance owens....AND nothing will get the black vote out like the good ole 1994 crime bill authoer joe joe biden...black people will be waiting for hours to vote for that fraud...yeah right.
  3. don't know if they can really really find out because there are lots and lots of bots out there that are like whack-a-moles....twitter deletes them one day and ten more show up the next day.
  4. exactly! if everyone thought that twitter represented the current affairs in 'Merica they would think is pure chaos and destruction...take the 10 blueest of the blue counties...not even cities...just counties and ignore them and don't visit/live there and 'Merica is quite nice...just go for a walk and you'll see.
  5. think the malpractice bowl is still played there too? maybe?
  6. maybe just leave the cities that have been run by libtards for 60 years...
  7. who will teach the kids?....how about non-pussys
  8. why try to turn the USA into Canada when Canada right there? why turn Texas into California when California is right there?
  9. i thought the article ended at the video so i see they tried it but maybe it was too late bc shoving that vent down probably ended it..
  10. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/6566304-Larimore-N.D.-widow-LaVonne-Parsons-endured-a-45-day-COVID-19-nightmare
  11. so obama commuted a bunch of people caught up in "mandatory minumum sentences"...wonder who wrote the laws that made those....it's like dems/commys/losers don't even know joe's greatest achievement.
  12. basic liberatarian right now satan>killary or biden
  13. i voted for gary johnson bc in ND it's going Red anyways but would have voted for Donny if i was in swing state...i'm sure taht the majority of Gary's 4million plus votes (iirc) would have gone red.
  14. parks department power washed the BLM graffiti on the bike path near the dog park? will the employees get charged with a hate crime?
  15. can you give me the directions to Lowes?
  16. boom mike drop...also native born africans that come to american make more than native born whites in america....the difference? the mom and dad in africa don't pound into the kids head about the white boogeyman...they say go and enjoy the freeest country in the world and no one can stop you.
  17. gershman's new steak place is totally replacing the roof (trusses and everything)...makes you wonder about a rooftop eating area? (saw the lawyer howe looking in the windows when i biked by and man oh man is that guy weird looking)
  18. maybe in another 60 years some of the cities will realize that voting for the same party for 120 years wasn't that smart..maybe
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