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  1. wonder if they are going to use these for interior or exterior uses? +see previous post on previous page...
  2. wonder what virg foss thinks of schloss and his subaru
  3. u mean some young men that love to play football would say.....no
  4. technically almost half of all fcs "opt out" of the playoffs every year...have armacost call the MWC commish and let's move on.
  5. it's like we live in bizzaro world...
  6. even the C of Police said "yeah...looks like his knee was on his shoulder blade".... but...SHOW ME THE BRUISE
  7. "SHOW ME THE BRUISE!" in Cuba Gooding Jr. voice.
  8. brings a whole different element with his passing and running ability!!! returnofthebrockstar
  9. agreed...was listening to mpr an hour ago saying his brother said floyd made a mean mayo and something else sandwich!....how sweet!
  10. donny gonna go after western and miami for sure
  11. weren't the bizons saying all your games in different time zones and the closest school being 900 miles away wasn't a good thing?
  12. bigger joke was the alerus/gf city couldn't outbid a juco
  13. don't feel the trolls...izzo is in an echochamber and he doesn't even know it.
  14. SIOUXFAN97


    he doesn't seem to be aging....so maybe?
  15. SIOUXFAN97


    9 straight...he's doing something right
  16. SIOUXFAN97


    no...days later. just wondering if brad was ever thinking of doing it
  17. SIOUXFAN97


    had this convo with a friend...at what point do you pull scheel bc of mental fatigue
  18. SIOUXFAN97


    so you know for a fact that sandy didn't wait for a certain d corp that was totally gassed and winded to send out a somewhat rested fourth liner with "fresher" legs....to say that there was no "coaching" going is a questionable
  19. is our und president related tothe producer of the dan bongino show...same last name with military backgrounds...
  20. can't believe bubba used the word "safe" he's making tons of money coaching a sport where teenagers are one inch away from breaking their necks on any given play...if he so concerned about safety it might be time to move into basket weaving.
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