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  1. kickers went 0-4 in practice today from around 40 yards....but kostitch is such a great motivator...come on!
  2. you would think the second he signed with a d2 school instead of a b12 school his "Dad/Mom" wouldn't post on here anymore considering the boasts of he extraordinary talents that any FBS schools should see with their eyes closed...but nope.
  3. when deciding on one more...ask yourself....what would gfhockey do? #wwgfhdo
  4. problem with using Schusters performance against SHSU as a marker of being an all american is that SHSU ended being a really bad team...i hope we have higher aspirations that beating bad schools like shsu.
  5. wonder if holden listens to the guy who replaced him on cbssc and just cringes like it did last night?
  6. yes this interim stuff needs to be fixed....teams like usd and sdsu will/are using it against us...interim just doesn't look good.
  7. ugly last possession ...wow.
  8. interviewed after the game and mallory said they practice that inbound play all the time...???? really?
  9. true...not very polished of a player...had his moments but were offset by those head scratchers....turnovers...missed open shots.
  10. is 5k big enough?...you would think that would only take care of und fans either traveling there or living in the area?
  11. did rick rickert make the team this year?
  12. wondering the same thing...their instagram is worthless unless you wanna know what kind of coffee the athletes like to drink
  13. i see that the St John's block reno is still going somewhat forward...wonder if a bar/restaurant will still be on the second level overlooking demers?
  14. BK on the east side...closed....
  15. assuming all EGF restaurants are on life support right now
  16. i know moody could shoot but he couldn't not guard anyone.....
  17. syracuse, NY.....315-424-3000
  18. sounds like we're going to the big big10 in hockey and MWC in everything else?
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