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  1. dartmouth? where is this coming from
  2. post a pic of that tobaggan slide that would have been at the corner of almonte and 13th...that thing was awesome. but lawsuits nowadays...
  3. with if coach p wants him at a lean 285lbs? was baukol at und when greg played?
  4. did baukol play college football and then pro?
  5. imagine being a defense knowing grandpa and axl rose are gonna get you damn near nothing and your out there every ten minutes knowing that YOU are expected to score points...they weren't perfect but it's hard to pull for one guy that punts with 6 minutes left in your college career and another that has openly cussed out sioux fans and grandpa and had no consequences. (yeah he lost his captain rank but losing playing time is the only deterrent to this bullcarp)
  6. me too..btween injuries and dismissals its hard to keep track? like izzy...hurt or just got good?
  7. can someone post the video ofthe whiff?
  8. why are we so afraid to fire someone...holy crap. hey kostitch even you know that you aren't getting it done...he should be gone. baukol...thanks for your service but we're gonna try something different. heck even the d-bag in the hawk mascot should've been sent packing after that brain dead sign at the ndacdome.
  9. can anyone post a pic or video of blubaugh's wiff sack?
  10. all downhill since we killed misery st at the alerus
  11. what was the attendance? this game should've been at the alerus and maybe just maybe bubba wouldn't have punted down 11 WITH 6 MINUTES LEFT!!!!!!!!
  12. fire baukol / hire will ratelle to replace him
  13. at the beginning...at the end was different....
  14. chaves is hitting the moonshine a little hard already...dunk tweeting should never happen at this level
  15. how the hell did nichells win without a phase 1 HPC...
  16. he should have gone all "mason rudolph" on ketts to fire up his team and threw his helmet and in the stands and told tommy to be ready...(assuming ketts isn't very well liked by his teammates)...the team would've been buzzing to get out there after that episode.
  17. our undfootball twitter page they should have brady leach's fg that landed at the goal line as their pinned tweet.
  18. "aw shucks at that time i thought we needed to flip the field and win this game with our defense." *down 11 with 6 minutes left
  19. ketts should never have seen the field after that penalty....
  20. tom miller's first question....U punted why?
  21. i think chaves makes the call on monday moning at 8am.
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