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  1. We don’t have any 4.3 forty guys but we have a long list of outstanding athletes that have the ability to change the game.
  2. Doesn’t work that way and shouldn’t.
  3. I don’t think Bubba brings up the Ag School until the week we play them. This is a big game for our program. Utah State probably not Michigan but they are Utah State and it would be a big win.
  4. iramurphy

    UND @ ISU

    Too many penalties, but overall a good start. Schuster continues to protect the ball. We didn’t give up a lot of big plays. Run defense was good. Nice mix of run pass. We didn’t blow them out but we dominated after halftime which is always good. Special teams were special. Touchbacks on all KO. No punt returns and most impressive stat was we averaged over 50 yds per punt. Clean up penalties and eliminate drops it would have been a dominant start to season. If we can stay healthy and get better each weak, we can be pretty good.
  5. iramurphy

    UND @ ISU

    It would be a mistake to refer to Drake as an “easy team”. They have been competitive against us in the past and I believe scored over 40 points in their opener. As fans I guess we do the what if’s and scenarios but players and coaches who do that too often will end up 1-2. Fortunately, the team and coaches won’t be thinking past Friday.
  6. They ran the ball well against a PAC 10 team. They came from behind and scored the last 15 points to win. We will need to play really well to beat these guys. We will need everyone healthy, and play mistake free football. We have to get better each week but we need big improvement for this game.
  7. Also need to Schedule Army. Can do trade off with hockey for both of these schools.
  8. Darren Bennet, former Chargers punter runs a punting program and also mentors a lot of the up and coming Aussie punters. Staff might reach out to him.
  9. Jury is still out. Some say but no clear evidence yet.
  10. Don’t be a !@#$%!. The jury is still out but the medical community hasn’t gone so far as claiming you get a better immune response from the disease than from the vaccine. Immunity varies depending upon severity of the illness and the individual. I have reviewed the Cleveland Clinic study and many others. It has nothing to do with whether we are in Cleveland, Ohio or Cleveland, N. Dak. The information is available to physicians in both communities and elsewhere. I receive regular updates on COVID and the vaccines. I can even do that in Detroit Lakes.
  11. Not accurate. However if you had COVID and are then vaccinated, you are more likely to have better immunity than those who are vaccinated but didn’t have COVID.
  12. Forget all of the political BS. You want to play? Then you do everything you can to put yourself in a position to be successful. Get in the weight room, the film room, get your workouts in, keep your grades up, stay out of trouble, and do everything you can to help your teammates be successful. You have an obligation to be ready to play. Next man up means you are ready to play and have prepared yourself physically and mentally to compete and do your best. That includes taking care of your health. That means you get vaccinated. It is safe and very effective. The mask protocols are different and a separate argument. Before going into combat you train, you prepare mentally and physically. You get updated with multiple shots. Sometimes you take anti malaria meds and sometimes you take anti nerve agents that are still being studied. You do that because more than anything you don’t want to let your fellow soldiers down. Combat teams just like sports teams rely on each other and you have to count on each other to do their job. The evidence of the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines is overwhelming. The coaches and players are stuck with NCAA guidelines. The masks are a minor irritation that can’t be allowed to detract from the focus and mental preparation to be successful on the field. The sooner people are vaccinated, the sooner we can quit arguing about masks and the sooner the politicians can move on to something else to screw up.
  13. Makes a difference only on paper.
  14. Have you ever been to Manhattan Kansas?
  15. Offensive tackle, D line?
  16. Feeney is now 6’3”. May not be done growing.
  17. West Point is not a school to rehabilitate dysfunctional young men or women. The priorities include preparing young men and women to be leaders, disciplined, critical thinkers, educated in their field of study who are able to think outside the box, adjust to constantly changing challenges on and off the battlefield and to take a bullet for their fellow soldiers and our nation. This kid couldn’t cut it. You don’t get to take your parents to these schools.
  18. The reasons for refusing/declining to be vaccinated are up to the individual. I’ve assumed nothing. My point is that in making the personal decision to be vaccinated or not, one should make sure they have received factual information, hopefully from their own physician or provider, and consider the ramifications (risks/benefits for themselves and their teammates). Seems like a common sense approach.
  19. I stated I disagreed with the NCAA. The problem as I see it is the NCAA isn’t concerned with our opinions. However, I stand by my comment that athletes who refuse to get vaccinated should make sure they get accurate and factual information when making a decision about vaccinations and consider the ramifications of going unvaccinated. There have been multiple athletes who have had to miss games and multiple teams who have missed games including tournaments and playoffs. Those are facts that should be considered as athletes make their decisions.
  20. Which is what I said in the first place. I qualified my statement by recognizing that we don’t know all of the facts. You seem to be unable to comprehend that. You commented some unrelated info about 85 y/o and you challenged my experience with athletes. I answered. I challenged your expertise. I guess your inability to provide evidence is in itself your answer.
  21. What? You comparing my credentials to yours? I’ve taken care of literally thousands of athletes. Mostly high school athletes as a team physician. Also previously served as a college team physician. I still take care of number of college athletes, former NHL and NFL athletes. Over the past 15 years, NFL players and their family members, NHL players and former players, collegiate athletes from Div 1,2,3 schools. How about you? How many athletes do you care for? I have also been responsible for vaccinating thousands of soldiers in preparation for combat and taken care of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. How about you? What is it that would make me think I should forget my training, experience and defer to you with regards to anything medical including dealing with athletes and vaccines. If you want me to dumb it down for you, PM me. Don’t ruin another thread with politics please.
  22. How many patients do you see each day? I would be surprised if you could explain how the virus infects people, how the vaccine works, the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, what is in it. I’m guessing you get your information from social media or some whack job web site that focuses on politics. If all you know is that most people haven’t contracted COVID, that most that contract it survive, and most people who die or are severely ill are elderly or have pre-existing conditions, then good for you but that doesn’t cut it. You haven’t a clue. My comments were for athletes to consider the ramifications and make informed decisions. “Get real Ira?” My world is real, where people die and my job is to prevent that. There is no reason to derail a discussion of what it seems the NCAA did to SC State with shallow, ignorant comments from someone who has neither the expertise nor the experience to understand the issue.
  23. Unfortunately, the NCAA didn’t explain their ruling. You are correct in that vaccines have been available. The first 2 players who tested positive were unvaccinated. It’s reasonable to assume the kid sent home was ill, but that is only an assumption. Others who subsequently tested positive had been vaccinated. The risks for transmission are much less playing a non-contact outdoor sport. In my opinion, exposure alone would not be a reason to disqualify baseball players. If the only reason was that SC State was down to 14 kids and they had been exposed I would disagree with the decision to disqualify SC State. However, I don’t know all of the facts or details involved in the decision, nor have I seen the tournament protocols. This should be a wake up call for athletes who aren’t vaccinated to consider the ramifications. I hope all athletic departments, teams, and athletes are being counseled by competent medical staff that are advising them based on the facts and scientific evidence.
  24. I wouldn’t consider Air Force, Army and Navy lower level FBS schools. They aren’t Alabama, Clemson, Norte Dame, Oklahoma etc but they are 3 of the top academic institutions in the world and have played tight games or beaten some of the top 10 teams in the country. To get a kid who has offers from Army and Air Force is huge. It is a credit to our coaches and where the program is headed and a credit to the academic reputation and academic opportunities available to our student athletes.
  25. I think his Grandfather was a graduate at Faber College. Tried out for football but injured his neck when he fell off his horse during ROTC drills and wasn’t cleared to play. Wanted to play hockey but they didn’t have a team and he couldn’t skate. Allegedly bullied two freshmen named Flounder and Pinto but the college dean (Wermer) covered for him.
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