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  1. The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town. If the coaches thought Quincy was better I'm sure he'd be playing more. That said, at this point we may as well give him a try; gonna be hard to bench Tommy after the numbers he put up yesterday though. Seems our offensive problems (granted we scored 28 pts on the road yesterday which should have easily been 34) are equal parts new/makeshift OL and the weak running game that goes with it, no receivers who can create space, and Tommy's inability to make plays.
  2. When's the last time you saw a UND receiver make a play like the leaping catch the SD receiver made on the last drive? We just have a bunch of #3 receivers.
  3. Pass rush is doing a great job after that first drive. Not sure why SD isn't running the ball more, we really haven't stopped it.
  4. Was thinking the same, seems he's often got a good seam and then he just kind of runs into the LB for a gain of 5.
  5. Just not a lot of weapons on O and an average OL. Otis didn't create much today but he didn't have a lot of room - seems like he would do well in space sometimes instead of always going between the tackles. Maag and Boltman with, what, 1 touch each? Build the passing around the young WR if those two aren't healthy.
  6. Brutal field position all half. Would be huge if we could keep the ball the rest of the half here. Will be a big letdown if we kick it away and let them take the lead going into half.
  7. Scary that we have to blitz to get any sort of pressure but it's working so far.
  8. I think a lot will have to go right for us to win, similar to beating SDSU in the spring. A big play in special teams would be huge. I also fear the trenches - I worry they'll wear us down like in the spring and gain 5-6-8 yards a pop on the ground. I think we'll have a hard time running the ball consistently, hopefully not left with 3rd and 8 all the time. Tommy needs to be good with a big play or two mixed in.
  9. Not a good sign that Canady was getting outrun by linemen on the interception return...
  10. Crazy world it's become with the transfer portal - the best thing we can talk about after a historic win is getting more reps to keep the backup QB happy.
  11. You're just being a curmudgeon with that take; there was nothing wrong with either throw. Even with decent coverage both likely would have been completed - neither receiver barely broke stride.
  12. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the two deep balls early. #2 was just a hair underthrown but you sure as heck don't want to overthrow a guy that wide open. Not saying the guy is flawless but he won't be the reason we lose a game.
  13. Two doses 3 weeks apart and then I think they say 2 or 3 weeks after that until you're considered fully whatever.
  14. Word is Keplin fell in love with a guy and gave up basketball.
  15. As many have mentioned, it wasn't necessarily a surprise to lose, but to lose the way we did was. Physically dominated. We wore down SIU and SDSU. We were dominated in the trenches from the get-go today. When we needed a yard we couldn't get it; couldn't sustain drives. When they needed a yard they'd get five right up the gut. Not to mention we couldn't cover anyone, the first INT should have been as easy TD.
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