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This game is a trajectory-setter. 

- Win and it's 3-2. That sets up going 4-2 down the stretch and a 7-4 record. Go 5-1 and playoffs are a gimme. 
- Lose and it's 2-3. The road to seven wins required going 5-1 down the stretch (which infers beating either of the xDSUs.) 

To my eye, Saturday is a home playoff game based on its projected impact. 

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This game is huge as everyone is noting. Play anything like last week and it won’t be close. I don’t think we can play like any game we have so far. This is a really good Missouri St team, Shelley is going to be an absolute handful. Win and playoffs are very much still real. Lose and this season could get ugly quick. 

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3 hours ago, Dustin said:

I decided not to even finish out the SIU thread during and after the game.  I'm sure it's all doomsday over there.  I can't say I am happy with the performance on Saturday, but I think that, if, before the season started, a psychic said you will be 2-2 entering the Homecoming game, that's a scenario that most people would take.  Now, a loss of any kind on Homecoming will be damaging for playoff potential, fan interest, etc.  MUST WIN GAME if UND is to remain relevant in 2022.  I am praying all week for Bubba and his staff to figure this one out.

Spot on all around. 

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2 hours ago, Oxbow6 said:

HOCO tangent......VB at 10 am if one really wants a UND sports Trifecta.

Why do they schedule an event and put football 2 hours later?

at least try schedule so those that want to attend can do so without missing part of,a game 

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11 minutes ago, sioux24/7 said:

Lol I think we’ve played them enough since that game where it’s hard to call this a revenge game. How interesting would it have been if Otis actually ended up there though?

must must win for us...they are ranked in top 10...it's homecoming.....hope we match joe's int's with 4 or 5 on saturday...

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8 hours ago, gundy1124 said:

When we play like it's our Super Bowl we can play with and beat most any FCS team.  But it's hard playing up to that level every week.  Sometimes you have to be good enough to grind out wins when it's not your best performance or your team is not 10 out of 10 emotionally, and we are not at that level.  2-2 could be 0-4 and I don't think you can argue that we could be 4-0, even 3-1.  All things considered I expect a big bounce back, 10 out of 10 effort and emotion, and expecting a big W.  We are literally Tarzan at home and more like Jane on the road.

Very curious how many will get the Tarzan/Jane reference.


I'm mostly hopeful, but the D scares me this year. As one poster put it, 3 of their TD's involved their player not being touched! How does that happen?

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