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  1. How tf do we lose a kid to Northern Michigan?
  2. Do we know if our offer to Gus Hurlburt is still a thing? Wasn’t sure if it was more of a package deal to try to entice Joe too. I have no idea if Gus is or isn’t a D1 player.
  3. Vikings hiring Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah. Hell yeah!
  4. I will admit, it is a sh*tpost but I’m just bored and need football back. All these other sports besides women’s basketball sucks.
  5. I don’t know if I buy it either but I think it’s interesting.
  6. One thing I notice in this picture is Trey Feeney is right there in the front row. Doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good QB but shows me he has some leadership qualities. Another thing I notice is, I believe Tommy is in the back row (I could be wrong so please correct me if so). Now I’m a Tommy guy and think he gets some undeserved hate but I think it says something.
  7. I think Sather needs to find an assistant coach that can recruit Minnesota, easier said than done sure. There’s so much talent right next door it’s unreal. We also have a former player leading the charge at one of the better teams in the state consistently so let’s take advantage! A big part of any success Jones had was due to Q and Geno. I believe both were brought in with the help of Coach G, who’s now at UST so that doesn’t help!
  8. Good to hear. I plan on going to my first women’s game, when they host USD, since the Kimbrough days!
  9. So I haven’t followed the women’s team real closely since the D2 days but what changed from last year with this team? Like this seems like a DRAMATIC difference from last year.
  10. He gets another year at the minimum. We were 21 point dogs, with the news that our best player coming into the season was now out for the season. I would say that’s a pretty good performance. I get no moral victories. Let’s hope he adds some more talent and finishes in the top 4 or so of the league next year.
  11. Man, the effort this team puts in. Just need one of these close games to result in a W.
  12. We shoot so many 3s for being a bad 3 point shooting team.
  13. UND have any shot at BJ Omot out of Mankato East? Not sure if an offer has even been extended from UND but he has some other D1 offers, including Providence, UST and WIU.
  14. Pretty cool. Hope to see him have some success here! Would be cool to eventually see Romfo to Romfo scores in the future.
  15. Very frustrating that they put the game at noon on a weekday. Maybe they can get all the local schools to come and pack the place for a kids day. Would be fun.
  16. So there hasn’t been a plan to makeup the UST game yet?
  17. Yeah really got the idea from Zach on the latest reaching the summit pod.
  18. Could he be going for a medical redshirt?
  19. Do we think that A'Jahni Levias is just going to redshirt at this point?
  20. I don’t believe a scholarship offer was given to him. I have to imagine he will be a hot commodity in the Dakotas if he opts to enter the portal this offseason.
  21. It’s been a rough year and will likely continue to be a rough year. The best thing for the future of this program is to get Bruns, Norman, T, Matthews and Grant as many minutes as possible. The first 3 are already getting a bunch obviously.
  22. Sather is a good coach. He has the players in the right positions but they can’t bury. We need to find out if Sather is a good recruiter going forward.
  23. I think we should give Bentiu all the minutes in the world if it gets Mier to UND.
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