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  1. This have something to do with Moody and Ramsey? A little frustration his guys are gone?
  2. This paragraph resonates with me big time. I think this is exactly what Sather is doing and what good, consistent mid-major programs do. They create cultures which I think Sather is trying to build and something that lacked in the Jones era. We all know there was talented players with Jones but I don’t think they always bought into a culture.
  3. I have kind of been of the opinion that DAE’s numbers last year were a bit overrated. He really didn’t pass my eye test at times. Now this isn’t saying he isn’t a good player just not as good as talked about. He did provide one thing this team definitely needs and that’s scoring so it will be interesting how this changes anything this year and especially going forward as I would imagine he was projected to be a big part the next few years
  4. Man I will admit I gave UND little to no chance to win this game. Way to step up even when they were without Tyree.
  5. I wasn’t really able to watch the last two games other than some highlights and checking out stats. Looks like Shockey didn’t get any minutes. Glad this doesn’t count against eligibility but hopefully he gets that fiery attitude back I saw in his highlights next year. Looked pretty lost out there at times this year.
  6. If something doesn’t change, I think we will be pretty lucky to sneak out 1 win. Maybe that’s being pretty negative but all three of those teams are very good. Best bet against NDSU I would think.
  7. I feel like the whole Gonzaga experience was probably one worth it for Geno.
  8. Letting the Salukis see far too many open shots.
  9. I think it just kind of shows how much Marlon did for this team. I think we have more talent across the board this year but no one near Marlon’s talent.
  10. Shockey needs to get more comfortable. I was high on him coming in but he looks like a freshman, which is fine, but needs to start showing more confidence.
  11. Man we have had a lot of easy shots that just haven’t fallen.
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