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  1. No inside info or anything but I’m going to guess it’s Norman’s teammate Wagstaff.
  2. I noticed that about the kid being a sophomore too. Good for him, something I would have loved doing when I was a sophomore and even now!
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNtBkoUBw9p/?igshid=1jn2q269b5huw This Instagram shows how depleted our roster is. Sueker, G, Brady, Caleb, E and Bentiu. 3 on 3 practice?
  4. I think you could argue for basketball most of those are “upgrades” although when it was initially announced I figured it would be for some P5 school so it is disappointing.
  5. Looks like we picked up a commitment.
  6. Could we be looking at teammates Chayce Polynice and Tsotne Tsartsidze? Both are bigs from CSI, a JUCO. Neither put up unreal stats but we need bigs. Looks like they play in the same conference as Snow College where we have offered a couple players.
  7. Looks like trying to get his teammate too.
  8. UND going to land him?
  9. Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, he ends back home at Northern State.
  10. No I understood the point I just thought it was a good opportunity for a Jones comment. See the wink.
  11. If only Jones would have stayed 5 more years!
  12. Wouldn't that be refreshing? Gotta think we hear of a couple commits in the coming weeks.
  13. I think Thome is an alright goalie and great if he returns but I don't trust him to take the net the entire year. Much rather have Driscoll come in and I think I would feel better with him taking the net.
  14. Stark ends up at NAU, going home.
  15. I have two wants. Cruikshank and Galajda!
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