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  1. I wish there was something like 247 sports for hockey. I want to see player rankings and then team rankings. Maybe there is something and I’m just missing it.
  2. “Please respect my decision”
  3. What are your thoughts on moving to spring but just for this season? I hated Pollack’s idea of doing it for good for the FCS but I wouldn’t hate it this year. Teams like SDSU would have to figure something out though.
  4. Damn that’s an impressive number. Get this kid on board! but seriously looks like he would be a hell of a get. Have to imagine Bruns here would help.
  5. I just don’t see how we can be seeing these actions being taken right now and still having a season. See y’all in 2021.
  6. I wonder if this may have been somewhat mutual? I was really pumped when we got Rizzo but he’s been injury proned. I think he has ASU written all over him.
  7. sioux24/7

    Buy or Sell

    Easy buy. I asked about him being a 1000 yard receiver previously. He’s going to be the #1 target.
  8. I don’t know either. I just remember hearing great things about him after his showing at our camp. I would guess he doesn’t end up here but it’s still fun.
  9. I was wondering if we would see this. Of note, Bubba and Danny still follow him.
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