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  1. Athleticism is the key I think. Something we sorely missed last year. How many dunks did we have last year? A handful maybe it felt like.
  2. Parker Fox (Gophers) out for the year again. Feel bad for the kid. Finally was going to be able to play for his dream school and out again.
  3. I love to see it! I have noticed some kids committing to schools lately to announce it are using the schools like official font and write up like it’s a press release or something. It’s a small thing but would love to see us get that set up for commits.
  4. So how’d our flagship camp go? Would expect a commitment or 2 soon but I guess every year is different.
  5. Disappointed here. Thought we could get him here with the ND guys coming.
  6. They have their returners listed but no newcomers. I wouldn’t expect a roster until the fall semester.
  7. Upper half is a start. I’m hesitant to put us in the upper third yet. ORU, SDSU and USD look like they should control that area. We are improved for sure but so are other teams. The Summit League is looking tough.
  8. Do we know if they’re doing the same Thursday-Saturday mirror schedule with the men and women?
  9. Guys, I’m pumped. Sather can recruit talent, we have seen it before. Now, with everything going on, he needs to recruit his current players. This is unfortunate but the truth. The best way to do that though is to win and I think we will see more wins come this year.
  10. That’s why I said hopefully he recognizes that time and effort. Did it with Otis, did it with Ihenacho. Not saying this situation is the same though.
  11. Well hopefully if this is the case and we put in the time and effort to make sure he’s eligible and maintains it, let’s hope he recognizes that.
  12. I wonder what his situation is. Looks athletic from his film, can hit a 3 if needed. Was Kansas Mr. Basketball but held no D1 offers that I could tell before UND.
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