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  1. Damn if Tommy is 1st team, I cannot even imagine what Quincy would be!
  2. That’s a strong picture
  3. Please share! Love to hear the positivity.
  4. I think that was part of this issue. Those two sides needed to somehow team up!
  5. Kevin Obanor ends up at Texas Tech. I’m surprised that Max decided to come back to ORU vs. going to a bigger school. They look to be a handful again.
  6. Y’all remember Joey Bradley? Dudes still playing football. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.americanfootballinternational.com/new-finnish-champions-the-kuopio-steelers-sign-qb-joey-bradley/amp/
  7. I’m not convinced it wasn’t rigged. Ridiculous that Hawks one. Whatever I accept it now.
  8. I hate wishing summer away but now that we are past the 4th, I’m getting pumped for football! Cant wait to see the development of Tommy and his connection with the receivers.
  9. If we manage to land Roush to go along with Sutton, could it be our next Reyes/Kuksa duo? Man I always think what could have been with those two healthy.
  10. Oh boy get to see Mushilla at home when A&M comes to town.
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