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  1. Seems ridiculous that we don’t have a green. I’m fine with having a black jersey as an alternate but give me green.
  2. Ehhh I don’t think I’m a fan....
  3. I don’t agree with being weak at RB, but what do I know?
  4. People are probably aware but they are reopening as 21+ with gaming like they were originally.
  5. I think this year we are in no games count as a season world
  6. There hasn’t been any confirmed info that I’ve missed on the start of the season or a schedule has there? I see end of Nov beginning of Dec as likely dates but I want info! Really excited to see this team.
  7. This is how it would have been with a normal season too. Next fall though!
  8. Pumped to see how our MN commits do. Was hoping to get to a Spuds game to see Feeney, probably won't now though as not sure the fan situation but highlights will be nice!
  9. Oh man I like that idea. I’m not creative enough to mock something up but I like the vision.
  10. My hope, although probably foolishly, was that the current logo would transition into the secondary.
  11. I think we are going to have some good guard play the next handful of years. Let’s get some more bigs now!
  12. sioux24/7

    Buy or Sell

    Buy or Sell we see some new jersey’s and/or helmets this season, whenever that is. I only ask because Bemidji State can somehow manage to have 3 different helmets but we can’t?
  13. I did. Had around 200 people. Took everyone’s temps on the way into the wedding just as a precaution. We are now almost 4 weeks out and never heard a peep of a case.
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