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  1. I like that list. On another note, I got bored so started to take a look at last years stats. Hazencamp Per 40 for points and rebounds is 21.5 and 11.3. I know people thought he showed some nice flashes. I think the kid will excel under Sather.
  2. Who are some realistic non-conference teams you would like to see come to the Betty?
  3. I know Sioux Falls is opening a D&B so seems like Fargo would be able to as well.
  4. sioux24/7

    2019 Season

    looks like the Nelson brothers are taking over Oliveira and Santiago’s numbers.
  5. sioux24/7

    2019 Season

    But get rid of the awful nascar numbers on the side
  6. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/6/5/18653796/chicago-high-school-basketball-five-senior-ready-to-emerge both Linke and Shockey mentioned here.
  7. I have a feeling this kid is going to gain a lot more attention his senior year. Hopefully Sather can develop a solid relationship.
  8. Jaylen DeVries maybe? 360 guys mentioned he was UND’s top QB target.
  9. Just verbally committed. They can’t sign yet.
  10. Committing as freshman? Wow
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