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  1. As long as I don’t hear of one Rebraca, DAE or G entering the transfer portal, I won’t be too upset with any departures. Would prefer Moody and Danielson to be here too.
  2. I think Sather has done a slightly better job than I expected for this year. As has been mentioned many times before, the cupboard was left pretty bare outside of Marlon and Rebraca and DAE at times. My biggest question for Sather to solve this off-season is who the hell on this team will be able to bring the ball up the court? Would love for Sather to add two more I-29 wins this week and at that point I think he will have done a really good job in comparison to expectations.
  3. DAE was bad yesterday like really bad. He’s a fine player and will have a good career. I just don’t understand his shot, he has no balance. I thought Danielson did a good job defensively and great hustle. His offensive game needs a lot of work.
  4. Just looking for 4 tickets together. PM me if you have any. Thanks!
  5. So we expecting anyone tomorrow? So weird just two years ago this site would be on fire with comments.
  6. Get rid of those nascar numbers. I guess that’s more helmet related.
  7. Exactly my thought. I mean pretty similar but still they aren’t the same so I’m confused.
  8. I want to see us beat a good team in the conference. Wins against IPFW, WIU and Denver do not excite me. Let's get a W against one of the I29 teams. I think I like what Sather has been able to do with the group he has provided and am optimistically excited for the future.
  9. Gotta wonder if those have cooled down a bit. He was committed to Minnesota.
  10. First game I’ve been to in person this year.... man we are not a talented bunch. Stewart is the lone player that can even remotely create his own shot. Rebraca really struggled with a crowded paint. Lucky Walters got hot from 3 but man is he a liability on D. Nice to get a win but yikes.
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