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  1. Is it possible to add a poll to this or do you have to start a whole new thread? Would be interested to see where everyone lands.
  2. For basketball I think they pretty much had to wait until this week. From what I understand is they had to wait until the job closed and then could start sifting through.
  3. I’m going to guess that Moody, Herbst and Boschee all applied.
  4. Jeff Boschee Herbst McCollum - doubtful Give me any of them and I’m happy. I’m sure there’s some names Chaves has that we aren’t even talking about. Once again, I do trust Chaves with whoever he does end up choosing.
  5. Shanks take a dump in your shorts?
  6. When I went back in the day it was ran by the players I believe.
  7. I know you say Shanks didn’t improve himself over his 5 years which is fine I’m not going to argue with but bringing up that Krutwig and Avants improved after Shanks left when they had more experience and were older seems silly. I would say most players are better as their careers move on, obviously not everyone (Shanks).
  8. Ben McCollum - been mentioned on here due to his success at Northwest Missouri State but who knows if he's even interested in the job and if we are even interested in him.
  9. Yeah Boschee or Herbst and maybe even Moody. I would bet one of those three will be the guy.
  10. I think at Loyola people had mentioned he basically served as an assistant while playing.
  11. I agree that recruiting in the region is key but it’s foolish to speculate hat McCollum or Boschee wouldn’t be able to do that.
  12. So I know the job closes on Friday but when should we expect an actual hire? Do they have to wait for the job to close to even begin the interviewing process? It would be nice to get someone in to try to fill the remaining scholarships and we may end up having more spots too.
  13. Not a get yet. Just an offer.
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