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  1. sioux24/7

    Weber St GDT

    Gotta imagine this is UND +16.5
  2. How’d Danielson look? Surprised he got 22 mins in. I guess he is one of Sather’s “guys”. Hard to understand why Hazenkamp or Alterbauers didn’t get any minutes.
  3. Brooks is now playing at UW-Eau Claire fwiw.
  4. Also ate the the location in Sioux Falls and cannot confirm this.
  5. Every Tuesday before softball 2 for 1s during happy hour $3.50.
  6. He didn’t really show a whole lot last year, imo.... maybe a depth hustle player?
  7. Anyone go to the luncheon today? Serratore and Chaves are twins.
  8. I hope Marko improved immensely from last year because I didn’t see much then. I am a huge believer in Rebraca though (POTY type potential).
  9. I understand the hesitation but if a coach is truly not the guy you don’t keep him because of this unknown recruiting class.
  10. Anyone know which end UND will shoot twice on at WMU?
  11. sioux24/7


    How does Bubba not call a timeout on that 3rd down.... clearly the team was unorganized.
  12. sioux24/7


    I was so confused by that
  13. sioux24/7


    My only thought was something on Russo I believe (61).
  14. What should we expect from Wright? Obviously the kid is a stud at the 8-man level but how does that transition to 11-man? I watched some of his tape yesterday and he just ran by everyone once he got the ball. Let’s hope it translates!
  15. Must not have been the case for Jones...
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