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  1. I agree. We went from $2.2 million deaths, to flatten the curve, to how many cases can we find and along the way somehow totally lost perspective on life and the inherent risk of living free. 2020 Football season, "if any", is limited in games and travel......like an intramural season.
  2. Texas State must be devastated after their 3 win dogshit season last year, now this. How much bad news can a program take?
  3. The Privileged Midwest Conference it is, then.
  4. 1st off, the Yankee Conference will be offensive to someone and will have to be named after a bird.
  5. Any UND Football player takes a knee and it's over for me. It's all going to hell anyway, you'll see shortly that players are 'paid' now in CA and any player can transfer at anytime because of a perceived social injustice. It will be sickening to watch things go down the tubes.
  6. I'm barely holding on to the Vikings and will until someone takes a knee on the team.(probably this year) NHL hockey is looking a little more attractive right now. And still holding onto UND athletics. But anymore of players being offended to the point they can't function because of a word or words spoken and I'll just hang it up for good. I'm not investing time and money in what's becoming an unimaginable pansy-ass culture across the sporting world, including UND.
  7. I agree with this on an objective level. Heading into the season on paper it doesn't look good for the guys in green. And I mean for most games, on paper, not just K-State. Luckily, we still get to play the games (maybe) and hopefully we are a big surprise this year in the MVFC. FYI - the most dominate conference ever in the history of football since we are in it now.
  8. 65-75 plays in a game. How many touches did he get in games he played? What is the right amount? Who should of had less touches? If your opinion is more, then you must have an opinion for who should of had less. I used to get pissed about my touches in Junior High, and players are pissed every level up including the NFL.........whether is right/wrong/selfish/unselfish/confident/cocky/etc. I wish we still had him on the team!!
  9. #74 Looks like Gronk!!
  10. Grambling with 6. NDSU with 4. Sure glad we avoid Grambling this year.
  11. I prefer silent over the Drive-by Shooting Music Montage highlight videos.
  12. So anyone that doesn't like playing one of the worst teams in college FB is an idiot? It worked out well the last time we played them to start the season.
  13. Like any decent team in any conference that isn't the worst conference in FCS....
  14. Valpo last year - 187 points scored, 384 points given up against a juggernaut schedule.(1 Win season) After Valpo.....we're probably catching K-State and The New Newman Juice Boyz at the wrong time. K-State beat Nichols 49-14 last year, Bowling Green 52-0. So, just my opinion, but our 1st 2 games suck in 2020, Big Time Suck.
  15. Go on. Please tell me how a 36 point spread game interests you.
  16. So. Ill is a pretty good ball club. It could be the deciding game for both teams to get into the playoffs, so potentially a big game. (It could mean nothing, too) I don't think it sells season tickets though......not with the stinky turd of Valpo. I will probably still go to the Valpo game but I don't see how playing a team that's less competition than practice makes us game ready for the Missouri Valley.
  17. This home schedule sucks, (C-). Jacks game is big (A). Coyotes should be a big game......fighting to not be the #4 team in ND/SD, but it's still the Coyotes from the S-Hole town known as Vermillion (C). Valpo a total snoozer and loser game (F-). Little interest in Missouri St.(D) and So. Ill (C). The only controllable game is Valpo, need to get rid of these crappy games.
  18. This kid reminds me of a Flava Flav song.
  19. It's in the range of 1-2 years up to infinity.
  20. I don't get the warm fuzzies looking at the roster. Reading the puff piece helps a little, but I am a little worried at this point. We need a bunch of good things to go our way this spring into fall camp. 1. need a Stud QB to emerge 2. Will Otis be eligible? That would help a lot at RB. Small and quick, potential game breakers.......but most teams have game breakers at RB. 3. At D-line. Is bigger big enough? A lot of unknowns, but some should break in a good way. 4. Excited about Ventrelli at 300 lbs, super athletic out of High School. Can Hergel, Tobin, Nguon, Waletzko make us pretty tough up front? 5. Can Krzanowski make the jump and be productive at LB? We have an interesting mix of old and new at LB. Rastas bulked up to 2010 with a 5lb weight in his drawers. Geier is off the roster, what a disappointment he was. 6. Corners look to be salty 7. Hopefully the new kid helps at Safety, Wilcoxen. Koshiol runs well, too. 8. WR - we look pretty bad or should I say thin here. Maag......Brockstar..........................Cochran.........then pretty much crickets after that. Tough to run 4 wide with 2.5 proven wide-outs. 9. TE's suffered the Rudy Hangover last year. I know we are high on Riviere. Super Stud Game Changers - Maybe Jaxon Turner, Evan Holm I just don't see the high end game changers..... We'll see what Spring Ball looks like!!
  21. ahhh What!!! His 3rd down announcement is epic!!!
  22. I just hope he shows up. Canadians are shooting about 50/50 on making it to GF.
  23. Ethan Ball - I liked his hudl!! Runs well, good instincts.
  24. 1. I don't think he shorted himself, that's the normal height of DII offensive lineman. 2. Without huge productivity from the squatty tackle (1 tackle per game) is Makota the next fold in local college football? 3. UM-Crookston and St. Cloud St. must now be 2nd guessing themselves. 4. Ben Newman is smiling about his new assistant......all that sh_t was getting heavy. 5. Entz wanted a body double on the team to live vicariously through.
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