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  1. That's going to go well!!!! What a F'n Dumpster 12-50 in the past 5 seasons!!
  2. Omaha Kid to Texas St. (that went well for him) Another kid.....maybe from Co went to Wyoming (don't remember his name) Graetz played us for fools and went to NDSU Landed Tommy Gun as a Grand Valley State commit
  3. Should I take joy in the transfer news of Logan "ride the pines behind 2 Crappy QB's" Graetz, the NDSU QB that played UND for a scholarship offer only to get an offer from NDSU, that set in motion Tommy Gun coming to UND and being way better than Zeb "1 hit wonder at Iowa State' Noland and Cam "Superman 39% completion percentage with 2 INTs" Miller?
  4. Let's help them. Cam "Superman" Miller was 7 for 18 with 2 interceptions on Sunday. 7 divided by 18 is .388888 or 39% completion. He threw 11.11% of his passes to the other team. When a player caught one of his passes 22.22% of the time it was a Bearkat!!
  5. With coloring books and hot chocolate I hope.
  6. I feel threatened. Moderators?? I agreed with a couple TD loss prediction before our game because we're too light on the D-Line, had our best safety out, and we don't have a burner at WR. I'm not that disappointed as the game pretty much went how I thought. Bison are 1-2 in road playoff games since 2010. #justthefacts
  7. Will you wear NDSU or SDSU gear in Frisco this year?
  8. You really don't like that 2010 season do you. Percentages.....I rest my case.
  9. Need a Tank. Literally, Tank Williams type.
  10. JohnboyND7 "Ndsu's record at home during the last decade is worse than their road record i believe. " Just isn't true. Especially when you look at the percentages and not just the losses, and it's not even close. Earned home field advantage is a big deal in FCS, just accept it and stop trying to say it's not a huge advantage. For a bunch of NC's you guys are really insecure.
  11. Since 2010 - Fact check time. NDSU has 8 home losses NDSU has 9 road losses NDSU is 1-2 in road playoff games Since NDSU has upwards of 10 home games a year the 9 road losses in much fewer road games is a lot higher percentage wise. You should put your pretend narrative to bed, forever.
  12. Same here. Canady out will hurt in this one. D line needs to be bigger/faster/stronger. Missing speed WR. We're about 3 difference makers short to hang.
  13. Note to Danny........nothing to lose and everything to gain in the next one. I'm sure he'll be prepared and I don't get the feeling that Bubba has much for limits on the O......until we were up by a large margin. And for those that easily forget.......Fire Kostich, immediately!!
  14. Danny will utilize Tommy and Quincy in the best way he knows how to win the game. It's just silly to gush over the back-up QB as the key to win the next game. The game will fall on Tommy's shoulders. If Quincy gets in I hope he does well just the same as any other player for UND.
  15. all 80's and 90's and a some I don't recognize maybe earlier?? My "All Canadian Trader" comment was about the past 5-6 years when a commitment isn't a commitment anymore. I directed it at the Canadian guys cause we had some really good ones flake. More fairly, it's just the norm across College Football and it takes away from the game, which sucks!! It was much more amusing when the transfers were just happening down south in Fargo.
  16. There is another OL before Rain, too. We didn't get many guys in or out with transfers at all.....but 20+ years ago. No concussion protocol, and 2-a-day practices every day in the fall. And we turned out just fine.
  17. I wonder what the All Canadian Benedict Arnold Team looks like for UND. I remember a bunch, but would have to look up some names.
  18. I was terribly sick, but it had nothing to do with Covid. Started feeling really ill in the 3rd quarter.
  19. With the sad state of the season this spring is a toilet bowl. It can rebound a little only if 16 teams play all playoff games leading to a title in which the winner plays all 4 playoff games.
  20. I am confused on the Redblacks name, even after looking it up, it is just awful. I'd actually rather be a Hawk than a Fighting Greenwhite.
  21. I will be surprised if the Marker game is played. Everything to lose and nothing to gain. The soft Valley precedent has been set. But, if there are a few programs with the integrity and passion to play a game the Jacks/Bison rank high.
  22. The league should cut a number of scholarships (8 seems appropriate) the following year for those programs quitting cause they are soft.
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