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Onto Sam Houston


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1 hour ago, Sioux94 said:

I need a day of pisstivity before I can move on to next week


19 minutes ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

Sam Houston 70-0 less than 5 minutes into the 3rd Quarter

Yes we all need to sleep on it.

with a score like that they will be ripe for a true bruising. I have not checked their schedule or record yet... anyone know?

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UND must defend their home turf given their difficult road schedule. Sam Houston State is not as good as NDSU, but UND has a lot of areas to improve. Can’t switch out players at this point (obviosuly), but Sam Houston will attack UND differently than NDSU so that’s okay. Player to player matchups will be different.

UND offense needs to be able to run the ball and UND defense needs to eliminate big passing plays. If these two things happen, UND will win.

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49 minutes ago, darell1976 said:

This is going to be a special game for me. As this will be my last Potato Bowl game with my dad as his health has gone down hill. We have been going to the Potato Bowl every year since 1985, so hopefully UND can get a victory for me and my dad. 

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the boys can make it a memorable one for you and your dad. 

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vented enough in te ndac gdt...but on to sam houston...with the fcs you have 5 or maybe less elite schools right now and we aint one of them but we better damn well be one of the better "rest of" and winning this game might make or break the rest of the year.

playing shsu one year later it will be fun to see who got better or who got worse but we should be able to find 6 or 7 more wins against "the rest" of the fcs.

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