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  1. SiouxHawkGuy

    Make REA Fun Again...

    The U-N-O chant they do after a goal is pretty sweet.
  2. SiouxHawkGuy


    Bruce staying... Weak.
  3. SiouxHawkGuy


    Fire Bruce. Hire Hak.
  4. SiouxHawkGuy

    Need to find this Banner.

    What's the best way to get 2016 on there?
  5. SiouxHawkGuy

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    And what FBS league would UND and NDSU be in?
  6. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND at Denver

    This team acts like they're hot S*!#!!
  7. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND at Denver

    lol Miami FL logo in nchc standings on nchc.tv
  8. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND (8-13, 2-6) @ WIU (8-13, 3-5) 2/1 4:30 PM

    Good start
  9. SiouxHawkGuy

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

  10. SiouxHawkGuy

    Future Schedules

    Tom Miller Retweeted Dom Izzo @DomIzzoWDAY Visited with Twins president Dave St. Peter for next edition of #DizzosDen podcast. On future football games at Target Field said "UND has been extended offer, but we're looking at future games to be played in November. May be difficult for teams to give up a conference game." 2:51 PM · Jan 29, 2019 from Fargo, ND · Twitter Web Client
  11. SiouxHawkGuy

    Scoreboard change

    Nope spot on. It's just funny.
  12. SiouxHawkGuy

    Scoreboard change

  13. SiouxHawkGuy

    Scoreboard change

    Maybe some bars and hotels with those roads
  14. SiouxHawkGuy

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    the lighting is better at baxter
  15. SiouxHawkGuy

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    Student section chillin on their butts with 30 seconds to go in a tie game.