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  1. Hawk for the academic logo? How many other schools have a separate athletic logo and academic logo? UND flame logo is decent but I think they should be one in the same.. Interlocking ND could have been used for both.
  2. Put this on the shoulders and use this jersey.
  3. Soooo we should go bat !@#$ crazy after the National Anthem to THUNDERSTRUCK.... I know waiting for the color guard to walk away is a thing of respect, but watching NHL playoffs today it seems to me they go straight into music. If the band played or if there was a song going into puck drop it would get things going off to the right start eh?
  4. Also plop that logo on the front of the jersey and at center ice like this....
  5. Anyone else notice that we are still North Dakota - No Nickname - Old Interlocking ND logo on fanatics.com? Chaves get on it......
  6. The U-N-O chant they do after a goal is pretty sweet.
  7. Bruce staying... Weak.
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