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  1. I also heard there is a movement to get this shipped to Medora, where it would be appreciated.
  2. The two figures at Roosevelt’s side are guides symbolizing the continents of Africa and America, and his friendliness to all races according to the sculptor.
  3. Could one game be HOF game and one game be regular season? Or Is the schedule already full? I don't think the Ralph could honor all of the tickets sold for Nashville anyway because it's about 5,000 seats smaller.
  4. Can the Nittany Lions come to the Ralph for a couple games if this falls through?
  5. https://kansasstate.rivals.com/news/2020-game-preview-north-dakota
  6. She left the team and wasn't dismissed. Social media mob came after her for singing a song.
  7. 7-4 this year? I think we can win 5 of our 8 conference games plus beat Valpo and Portland State.
  8. First year in the valley. Gonna be sick!
  9. Why is this in this thread?
  10. Like for real. I wanna see this turf.
  11. Hey SiouxShop.com we need one of these.
  12. https://m.herosports.com/college-football/power-five-split-realignment-fcs-merger-ahah Pretty neat, but I don't like not having all 4 Dakota schools together.
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