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  1. Lots of talk of the bison going to the Mountain West from Izzo on Bison Illustrated podcast. Good points made about the worst of the worst bowl games getting better ratings than the fcs championship game. Will they do it? Can North Dakota State compete with the Rainbow Warriors?
  2. Can we just join the mac or something
  3. 4-0 in the mvfc? I thought this was the sec of the fcs and we wouldn’t win a game for years?
  4. I’m just curious at what point do incoming hockey players realize the name retired almost a decade ago. All the other programs have figured it out.
  5. Looks like another recruit doesn’t know the name of the team he’s going to play for.
  6. Damn you ESPN+ for putting the bison logo up on our game against western. Must be thrown off by our 3-0 start.
  7. What happened to the Schloss and Miller football podcast???
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