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  1. Wrapped in green and flowing constantly. As long as the money is siphoned of by the tribe first.... they really dont give a !@#$. Zero people believe this was about water, right?.... Well other than the no brained zombies who do the on the ground "activism"
  2. Not talking about Rizzo... or UND specifically. The strategy is being employed on every potential CHL player regardless of their current commitment
  3. I expect more.... Canadian juniors are hitting kids hard about dems people playing politics with on campus classes and athletics.. Doing hard sells about not letting their future be a pawn in the drama.
  4. Sorry but im as conservative as they come, and Redskins is a name that has no bbn place in society today or the for some time now. Indians.....probably best to go too. Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks.... should stay but wont. Washington needs to find the possibility of reinvented marketing and embrace the change... .....but they have selected alumni of the team and other stakeholders in a committee process..... so 99.9% they go with Red Hawks.
  5. People can explain things to you but, all the crayon in the world will not help you understand. We blame your parents.
  6. This rediculous asshat of an opinion Is what happens when kids are not told they are wrong, are coddled and made to understand that all their special little opinions are valid and need to be respected. More of our educational system needs to be telling these kids that NO their opinion isn't acurate, smacking the stupid out of their parents for supporting such BS, disiplining the sh!theads behavior and making sure they dont get a trophy for coming in 43rd in the three-legged sack race. Maybe and MAYBE then we could have a real discussion on issues instead of this mindless nonsense they foolishly fall for. If the media didnt tell these idiots how to think, Id bet they'd be as lost as compass in a magnet factory.
  7. Well so much for the second half of 2020 being a rebound.... whats next giant asteroid? Without a big hot hamNcheese it may as well just hit us be over.
  8. On a differnt site. While underwater.
  9. Damn $150 for an authentic on ice... wow. For authentic Nike id say 400-500 is fair for good condition. Gamers may e can be found for a few hundred more. For the reeboks... its the fact they just are not made, lots out there but 350 is a smashing deal and probably push 400. That being said there is that one off chance to find a diamond in the rough and pay under 200 or even under 300. Those are the ones you buy buy buy.
  10. I dont think we disagree, as I said I want to see a change of heart. Guess I have faith Berry and staff have seen this. If not and anything resurfaces... send him to omaha.
  11. Being a youth coach and dealing with this type of behavior and seeing the effects it has on kids and their interest in sports, I find zero tolerence for this type of asshat. I guess id like to hear about a change in this young mand heart .... this is not something I want to support as part of a college hockey team. Especially at the University of North Dakota.
  12. See this is the question most people should be asking but are not, just reacting. I guess I want to know about the reason and intent of the statue and what those additional figures symbolize. Id guess many who have reacted do not even know the statue includes those figures and just a super small amount of them know why, hell I dont, probably should look it up.
  13. Im 100% in the boat on the conspiracy theory on columbia mall is nothing but an intentional tax shelter or a money laundering hole. Its a dinosaur of a different world... and needs to be condemned by the city, razed and redeveloped. Its really an embarrassment to the city of GF.
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