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  1. Frozen4sioux


    Speed kills. member when we had speed.....
  2. Frozen4sioux


    Shaw gone... offer Hastings Co-Associate HC??? Asking for a friend,.... named Brad.
  3. Frozen4sioux


    Must win?... No. But kinda maybe.......
  4. Frozen4sioux

    What needs

    ......Also whre is azsioux to start the gameday threads when we need him?
  5. Frozen4sioux

    What needs

    Tar and feather... wait de-feather the new mascot....Im not sure how that works with feathers and tar if its already feathered.... Maybe just trebuchet the thing ?!
  6. Frozen4sioux

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    I'm referring to the vegas game, which of course the will not be the Sioux sweater game. But a national highlight game vs gooftown in throwback threads would be awesome.
  7. Frozen4sioux


    Yes, however the reality that is the pairwise is something that is VERY QUICKLY becoming a real concern. The NCHC is not off to great start so even conference wins are going to help less. Its early but in truth....The next 4 games will mean the difference in competing for a tourney or all hopes on the frozen faceoff.
  8. Frozen4sioux

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    I think it's missing the boat if both these teams dont wear some throwbacks to the 50s or 60s.
  9. Frozen4sioux

    former players

    Not a Siouxper night in the National for our boys, These teams all saw action: Nelson. Forbort. (LaDue/scratch) Dell DNP Jost Stafford Zajac 1A - left injured. Knight Hak Boeser Stecher N. Schmaltz Toews 1A (Caggiula/scratched) Luke Johnson - sent down to AHL Two nights ago: Nelson J. Schmaltz Oshie 1A Hopefully the alums can break their funk in the next week........
  10. Frozen4sioux

    The All UND-in-the-NHL Team: 2018-19 Edition

    Drew Stafford for the Devils and Coban Knight for the Flyers made their season debuts last night... didnt really go all that well for them but they have appeared and are this now.... official.
  11. Frozen4sioux

    Sioux Jerseys returning December 2018?!

    Interesting points.... I too doubt Sammy appears on the arm. Unless they are trying to restablish copyrights to sammy, then they need to use it somehow.
  12. Im just putting this out there to give the Hawkzi's time to run screaming REEEEEEEEEEEEE for their safespace but..... GRAND FORKS, N.D. – The University of North Dakota hockey program announced on Thursday that it will recognize its 1958-59 NCAA championship team, which won the first of the program's eight national titles, on a pair of occasions during the 2018-19 season. North Dakota will wear 1958-59 replica jerseys during its Dec. 29 exhibition game against the United States Under-18 Team at Ralph Engelstad Arena. The jerseys will then be sold via online auction at FightingHawks.com with the proceeds benefiting the Sioux Scholarship Endowment, which provides scholarship assistance to Native American students. Interesting to see how these play out as the Sammy Sioux arm patch isnt exactly "PC"...
  13. Frozen4sioux

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Next year. 2019-2020 Thome - Junior Scheel - Sophomore Rowe USHL Kaleb Johnson USHL or the 3rd goalie?? as "Bob" Anderson will have graduated. 2020 - 2021 Thome - leaves? or senior? Scheel - Junior Rowe - Freshman Johnson 3rd goalie? 2021 - 2022 Scheel - Senior Rowe - Sophomore Johnson - 3rd Goalie 2022 - 2023 Rowe - Junior Johnson Junior or senior 3rd goalie. I dont see a blue chip goalie waiting that long to be the #1 guy.... I wonder if.... I REALLY REALLY hope Thome and Scheel are that good that they both advance by leaving early after nattys.
  14. Frozen4sioux

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    With Tomek, you have to remember that he was injured, and that affected him greatly. He had his hips go bad on him between Phliiy dev camp and the season I believe. The handling of that injury was suspect but at the same time he developed a terrible team attitude and didnt develop a work ethic like he needed to recover, let alone compete. His world junior showing earned him a chance but ultimately, he just didnt fit. Hope for him he makes the best out of what he has available to him now..... but I would be very leary of recruiting oversees players, too many variables and due diligence is much more difficult.
  15. Frozen4sioux

    Vegas travelogue

    Im thinking we may need some type of age verification screen for gfhockey's travelouge recap.