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  1. Little late on the drive-by one liner but.... To actually compare these two things and the symbolism they represent, history and purpose is at best IGNORANCE.
  2. I believe Gage Ausmus has shed some light on this on Twitter. Sounds like he was told to "tone down" his conservative opinions.
  3. I think it falls square on Hockey I mean, it is what it is. Its 100% on the hockey team at this point, as was the MM discussion. Unfortunately.
  4. I know that the Champions Club and Alumni association were well aware before the story "leaked"... They are fielding calls and there has been donations and giving cancelled already. That just goes along with the territory of public vitue signals. People react.
  5. There actually have been multiple suggestions other than kneeling offered in this thread. It seems maybe you read for reaction rather than comprehension.
  6. 1: Pulled the trigger a bit quick on the ol' Dumpster Fire thead eh? Probly go ahead and unseal that tomb and knock out a hundred more pages. 2: Dissapointed in the kids and moreso the program for being dragged into this virtue signalling meaninglessness. 3: After the handling of the MM situation, this stinks of weakness and overt pandering. So if we must be sensitive to the things that are offensive to others, And that is what the kneeling movement was "sold" as, then they are saying this nation is offensive to them. Well I and many many many more are offended
  7. It doesn't suprise me, but it does perplex me that you have made it so far in life and still be so ignorantly naive about this. Biden is complicitly corrupt, just now has the mental deterioration to be affable.
  8. Zero people think Biden will run the country like a dictator. Biden might even still think he is going to be in charge, but thats just what happens with dementia. You are correct he will be a puppet at best if not put to pasture first. Harris will try to be strong but is not capable in any way of leadership so the real batcrap crazies will run her like Willy with a job opening. They need to get him to Jan 7th at the bare minimum.... Zero chance he "fell playing with the dog".... the way the media just flopped all over the cutsie wootsie story is basically confirmation
  9. Real queation is, who believes this "breaks foot while playing with dog story"...
  10. Part of the narrative, testing is down by the thousands, up to 6 or 7 thousand less. now I see more public testing events for the coming week. Testing will ramp back up, case numbers will "skyrocket" again.... Creating yet another level of false paranoia and "need" for additional measures... lockdowns, controls, and the while shabang.
  11. Ohhhhh Sweet mercy from above, I love to hear the tassled loafer crowd speak of this revolutionary riots they threaten. It would be music to my ears to see the a "Real reset" of the country. The affable foolishness of the leftists soy brigades would be crushed nearly Instantaneous, if ever it was viewed as a real threat. The true leftist knows the revolution has been happening for years, in the schools, the media, and in the culture. Thats is where the left is winning, by collectively making the population dumber, more distracted, and more dependent. In fact the only way they c
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