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  1. ARE THEY ASSUMING ITS GENDER??!!!!! That wont fly, with the snowflakes.
  2. *Ban Cell phones, we have Mariucci North. *For GAWD's sake TURN DOWN THE DAMN MUSIC. *More band, less stop time music bits, its insanely bad and I fear they are going to go overboard this year to show off the new systems, i.e. scoreboard, video ribbon, production system. *Cheap beer deal if up by 3 goals going into 3rd. *Add a "tinder" component to the students who use the app and check in each game. *Lose the smoke thingys. *Allow dead animals, maybe limit it to a select few students, call it the Committee of Ice Tossings *Students behind goalie *LOVE the Pharce return idea *new food options, Chipotle in the concessions? *Elevated covered walkway to campus? *More band.
  3. Dont have to risk dying a frozen death in a snow filled ditch a few miles outside of bumfart ND in a blizzard tho either.
  4. Former staple of the GF scene, cant remember how many birthday partys and post games ive spent at the Moon. Always a good time in the "Game Room" with a couple 13-14 friends. Its been less than memorable as an adult the past visits.
  5. Seriously wasnt it last year? Maybe 2 years? I feel like there was a big dust up about what logo was om the 50. If it is just a yesr or two, maybe a warranty issue? Seems like way too soon.
  6. People think im crazy for it but I believe that there is a strong possibility that another missed playoff season brings us closer and closer to the pics we laugh at of empty B1G arenas. In reality the economics and of sports apathy is something that we may not be imune to. As for now i put the decline of demand on 2 factors. 1: Missing the tourney syndrome. 2: Super weak and uninteresting home opponents. ... and if I had to pick a 3rd... Saturation of Alternative social entertainment. Personally, Im not really interested in spending money on tickets to see the types of teams coming in this year. Certainly dont want to watch piss poor effort tie and drop games to them like last year.
  7. Agreed, but lets take that frustration out on those commie bastards together.... These colors don't run! 'Merica! F*^k YEAH!!!
  8. Tim Hortons changing to Donut Hole.... Cant say im suprised, Tims have been less than a good franchise since the new ownership conglomerate. Still think it would go over really well in Bis.... But if a timmies cant make it across from the Canad in GF ...... Minot for fresh Timbits now?
  9. "In the course of discussing his oral commitment to the University of Wisconsin men's hockey team, Cameron Rowe had to clear up two things, one about his past and one about his future." I'm no Engrish major but would a "verbal" commitment be a better nomenclature???..... Or is this where we discuss the lengths he will gonro fit in to the locker room in Madison????? Not that there's anything wrong with that.......
  10. Agree. I think he saw Thome and more so Scheel being the guys and in reality it probably was best for all parties to explore different directions.
  11. Actually UND agreed to release Rowe from his letter of intent. The "rumor" is that was in relation to an interest in London. We dont know if the player requested the release or UND initiated. But, Correct. If he doesn't want to be here and compete with 2 good tendies, so be it. I do think he will be a very good goalie at the NCAA level, and beyond.
  12. Omaha - UND - Wisconsin....... London??? However, now 2 high end recruits that sluffed of UND for Wisco. Its one thing to lose a recruiting battle but recruited players is another. Maybe these guys weren't UND type guys, maybe they weren't Berry type guys, but Im one more lackluster season away from saying the next decommit is from BEHIND the bench.
  13. theres a school of thought that the program retire the numbers of the greats and legends... belfour, toews.... another thought is its a recruiting and culture tool. I'm in that camp, no player is bigger than the program and its legacy carries on with each generation. As far as what does get retired, tragedy is applicable, IMHO Thats the case with Casey, but it took many many years. With Johnson, it may be best to see how the family wants to honor. I think it would be best to eventually utilize the program and platform for suicide prevention and awareness in some fashion. im hoping to see at least a patch on the sweater at some point this year.
  14. This. literally this. The current and future generation of business THRIVES on inclusion. Grand Forks gives the impression of actively and aggressively keeping small business and entrepreneurs “off their lawn”
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