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  1. This. Is key. This is the future of college hockey. Good or bad, it is. FCA&NIL will be a big part in landing players in the portal.
  2. For literally everybody, they will be some of the biggest targets in North America. Force showcase in Fargo this wekeend, should be some really good 05s 06s and 07s
  3. Yep, I really had hope for Cam Johnson getting in a game this year and for Scheel to sneak up once or twice... It's a tough road for tendys to get to the NHL, Dell certainly has a story and should be very proud of what he has accomplished. Maybe they both rebound somewhere, maybe somewhere with litlle expections, maybe some great coffee and grunge music, maybe a familiar face. (I fully understand the irony of insinuation Hak being a familiar face while at the same time his english estate manager facial hair may make him anything but recognizable or familiar)
  4. Mankato would be a good replacement for the NCHC if/when UND ever leaves.
  5. ooof.... somebody slap a tourniquet on this thing.... Buffalo just schwacked Aaron Dell to the waiver wire, I'd say nobody picks him up it might be the end.
  6. ufff... The avenues to AHL camps run green with the blood of alums this week. Poganski, Mismash, Kawaguchi, Scheel.... in addition to Gersich, Adams, Colton P, and Cam... Jasper Wetherknee remains the only former UND with a chance to make a team out of camp and make his NHL debut.
  7. You're not wrong at all here.
  8. Im pretty salty about the constant issue...but... credit where its due, I emailed and they made a very good effort to try and solve the issue and credited the value. So, we shall see
  9. Never said that UND was "was going to be relegated" ... Im just stating that the landscape of college hockey has changed, dramatically, and its not a temporary shift at all. Many, if not most, fans do not realize this yet, they dont understand the impact I assure you coaches, administrators, and "advisors" do. I'm also saying its foolish to compare this Michigan team to the BU 1andDone team
  10. a season cut in half and a playoffs doubled is probably the best thing that could happen to baseball. At least then Twins fans woulf be subjected to shorter bouts of deapair, hopelessness, and depression.
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