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  1. Best comment that can follow this is with a jif or a gif or a....
  2. Creepy Joe sniffing these supporters could be the next Netflix/Weinstein production, the left goes crazy for.
  3. Of note.... What ISN'T counted in the coevid numbers are cases such as a family member, who while in a longterm memory care center on lockdown... rapidly declined without her daily interactions with family and visits. She lasted less than 2 months before completely shutting down and passing away. Now it is very unlikely she would have lasted to christmas this year. but was doing well with daily interaction with her daughters and grandchildren visits. How many "coevid" deaths have been be the same. These numbers aren't counted anywere, because they dont fit an agenda. There's nothing to gain from them.
  4. yeaaah.. stay in your lane son, This has been explicitly explained many many times BY the dept of health both in print and in radio interviews. Deaths such as crashes and natural causes in which corona is found but post mortem, asymptomatic, having no effect of helath, ARE counted in the overall count. 219 above. They are not counted in the 153. the 153 are where coevid is the leading instigator of the death process which is coumpounded by the underlying conditions. To dig down further you can find the actual numbers of deaths without underlying conditions.... you can count those on homer simpsons hand. 153 is the number closer to an actual number the rona has caused the death of...... maybe. 37 is the number of no relation i.e. car crash. 29 cases pending, cant even figurebit out it was such a killer virus.. this equals the fear number... 219. Cause, math. If you'd like, you can call the Dept of Health and ask yourself to verify, they will be pissed at you wasting their time and not paying attention to the interviews they've given, but you can call. Not sure they'd have time meet and draw it out in crayon for you but .. you can call.
  5. This number is listed EVERY SINGLE DAY in the ND dept of Health coevid update news release. They specifically state, daily the number of total "coevid" deaths then identify the number of cases that coevid was a "factor" in the death, and that the remaining are deaths where coevid played no part whatsoever.. i.e. car crash, suicide, brain hemorage from hayalphas posts and so forth. Here is Fridays excerpt from the news release.
  6. Remeber of those 219 only 153 actually had something to dobwith Coevid.... the others coevid was a completly unrelated factor. i.e. car crash.
  7. Hay/Mike/foxtrot GOOD NEWS.... saw some slides in a presentation today and, there IS hope, these people claim educatable is a possibility for you. Have your mom get in touch with us and we can point her in a direction that can maybe get you some help.
  8. Holy hell I have repeatedly given you and others FACTS and hard timeline scenarios on exactly how this works, the potential areas of compromise and evidence of the process beeaking down, and being abused and manipulated. The repeated stupidity of not being able to recognize how massively this process will be used to manipulate the election is astonishing. So much so that the repeated blindness can not be accidental. Yet you still spout off arrogant talking points thinking you have some magic superior knowledge. You have talking points, sheepled into your incapable of learning brain. You are insane. I'll help you again, but not until you demonstrate knowledge in the 1st and most basic area. Just because you keep saying something again and again, this does not make it true. Get. Help.
  9. Ahhh..... Somebody saw a new word and thinks they know what it means. Its cute.... like a toddler saying a bad word they heard from Uncle Bob.
  10. Now this is as bad as it gets, its literally buying votes. ...... give us Barabous the mob chanted.
  11. Actually if you want to remember, they actively downplayed it and held news ... pr events in places like China town trying to make the President's travel restrictions look bad. Zero plan just whatever is opposite of President Trump.
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