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  1. These are the two I see as needing it the most while at the same time probably fighting it the most. I very well could be wrong but... lets face it when it comes down to a numbers game ... the numbers just arent there.
  2. Worth a read and a thought in your own mind, not necessarily a comment, just fyi https://azcoyotesinsider.substack.com/p/mitchell-miller-addresses-his-past
  3. What's the state tourney goals record?
  4. Wasnt there so cant and am not criticizing the stripes on ice. The Goal judge video and moreso audio and background seem to be an issue. That and anything that may or may not have happened post game.
  5. Not a BHS peraon so no dog in this, but.. There is "appearently" documentation of this goal juge having been barred from officiating certain games due to prejudiced actions. IF that is his voice, and then makes that call, I'd say there needs to be some permanent removal from all aspects of On and OFF ice officiating. For perspective... If this would have happenend to....God forbid an eastern team....or OMG a GF team in a state playoff game in Western North Dakota..... (a situation that actually could have happened this year) The East would have seceded.......after burn
  6. There appears to be a storyline that the goal judge can be heard bemoaning overtime and pleading for a goal prior to making the call. Also seems that the goal judge in question has been banned from reffing in pevious instances.. That is not confirmed, just alleged, Ugly ugly scene all around accoursing to the rumormill.
  7. Looks like a pretty difficult way to have a season end... https://www.facebook.com/502881298/posts/10157840075156299/?d=n
  8. Legacy is happening, soon. No other way to go about it. The school boundry lines are being redrawn in Bismarck, I believe they were finalized at the last school board meeting Without Legacy the numbers at century are going to be unworkable without dozens and dozens of cuts. The numbers aren't hurt that bad at BHS by Legacy, both teams are bursting at the seems for both varsiry and JV right now. On one hand if Legacy didnt happen, century could legit compete for state title in the next 4 years. But Legacy has to happen and will within 2 seasons.
  9. If you think its just moms you are pushing a fools paradise. Parents and the pursuit of vicariously won glory is #1. Lots of problems, and its tougher to pick out the positives than ever before... Bad coaches are still a major issue. Lat weekend I watched a coach, a grown mature man.... taunt the kids on the other team like a drunken cheeleeder every time his team scored a goal, woooping and hollaring dancing, gesturing. You'd have sworn he just got a tray of feee shots at his favorite blue oyster bar the way he carried on. I may send the video to the twittersphe
  10. Looks like a good low scoring defensive game.
  11. No. Theres not nearly enough ice in Bismarck, not even close. To add a nother high school Varsity, Jv, and a Jr Gold........ All of which the numbers are very much there for...could honestly field 2 Jr Gold teams... Ice will be extreamly short. Add in a 2nd Girls team and it'll be 5ams, 10pms, and outdoor practices for youth hockey, thats not ideal for retention to say the least. Bismarck needs more rinks but unfortunately its an "old man screams at clouds" and "i dont have kids in hockey, I'm not voting for a $20 yearly tax increase" type town. Its basically a mess
  12. Again, and I cant believe this is such a difficult concept to understand. Schools and school enrollment..... 5 schools 10 schools 50 schools.... DO. NOT. MATTER. In. Hockey. Boys or Girls. ONLY numbers of players in the youth program. As of now and the past few years the numbers indicate a 2nd Bis Girls team would be mildly viable. The numbers coming up DO NOT, in most peoples opinion. Some are very adement they can pull it off... But it will happen anyway. There will be another girls team in the future.
  13. Within the next 2 years for both.
  14. Yea, exactly. High school hockey level of play, can not be based on school enrollment, only on the youth program enrollment.
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