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  1. Aaaaan wow did the Jets get fleeeeeeced by the Rangers. Trouba for Pionkashit and the 20th overall. wooooof
  2. Can the Blues repeat? .... (No) Can a Canadian team win a cup?.... (ball?) Who breaks out?.... Does a winter classic actually happen without Chicago?... (Debatable)
  3. Minnesota butts-in-seats avg attendence needs a decimal place movement.
  4. Laughed until... based on the expression... kinda looks like the rat likes it. Now im just ...
  5. Oh thank god. Not Boston .... check. That is all. Moving on. And speakingnof moving on... Zane is finally free from the organization.
  6. Kind of like kessel a little.... I mean any man who fills the stanley cup with hot dogs... is man after my own heart.
  7. Looks like a common "Starter" retail jersey. Just makensure it has the Starter or Koronis label, have seen a few knockoffs show up as well but that appears athentically retail replica. $50-100 probably a fair price, quite a few of they about, but if its something someone really wants, a bit higher isnt unreasonable. $250-350 is unreasonable IMHO.
  8. SOME?..... Thats like saying some people hate papercuts under their fingernails, or bacterial infections. marchand doesnt even like marchand.... Hating himself for who he is is really the only explanation for .... what he has become.
  9. This has really been a cringey final.... Boston and St louis both are playing crap dirty hockey. Its disgusting, its not really good hockey, not exciting. even boston people are sick of championships at this point. St Louis fans will likely burn down their city if they win... its just gross. .. the only winner in any of this is probably basketball.
  10. the b in reebok is the easiest tell inbthe industry. Wonky stem on the b = counterfeit.
  11. Anybosy interested in more chinese counterfeits... Buggies and blues in mandan for $135..
  12. This. Basically i think of Altru as a place where a treatment for a hangnail results in a 50/50 chance of being killed by incompetence..... but I wouldnt trust trinity to do an autopsy, as there's a better than not odds they find a way to kill you again. ..............While cross infecting a family member at the same time.
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