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  1. My darkhorse pics of Williston and Dickinson are sure not coming to fruition. Jamestown and Minot have the best shot. Bis High is completely devoid of talent but is too stupid to know it so they work hard, Ill give em that. Crntury and Legacy simply cant score and to date havent outworked anybody. RR and Davies both look damn good.
  2. Up to Jan 12th East is 19-0 vs West Goals 105-25........ woof.
  3. Sanderson should absolutely go to the Olypmics. USA hockey has been a huge part of his development and opportunities. He doesn't "owe" UND anything more than he "owes" USA Hockey, in fact if you want to think of it like that, quite a bit less actually. I do, however, think it's going to be a gong show. 95% chance Olympics get cancelled 50-70% the way through.... add in the 5+ weeks of quarantine and it about burns the regular season... at that point, the Debbie Downer... or the Randy Realist in me sees a UND team on the outside of the tourney looking in..... At that point Ottawa, again looking at anything to dangle infront of their tortured fans.... has to push superhard to sign the WJC captain / Olympian. They promise NHL games for the rest of the season. He signs, because, thats the dream the goal. I would, you would, we all would. And I'll wish him the best and be happy he chose UND as a part of what made his dream a reality. As should we all.
  4. Kinda gross to even compare....
  5. Its our white elephant we don't talk about.... The Ralph is as dead as an empty library from the first intermission to the last 5 mins of the 3rd.... the bar and concourse is packed during that time, I'd doubt 85% of the people there can tell you the opponent or score, let alone know UND lineups, The fact is, REA is a social scene now more than ever, that and a nice place to trade grain and find acres to rent. the real fans are found on the road now, it's just the way it is.
  6. I think they are counting on Walz and the NCAA to handle that.
  7. goon, your music preferences are worse than your taste in beer. Anywho, Merry Christmas eh
  8. He cant see past his own makeup... He just panders to the largest market that will buy whatever flavor of the season he can rile up.
  9. This is exactly the example... Wodon is an absolute batcrap crazy triggered jealous petty angry little man who will slight, spurge, and spew his UND hate every chance he gets.... but its this type of asshat that promotes the narrative that costs UND guys votes... (See: Frattin, Kawaguchi) Add in the bucci dumbass who has already annointed the Michigan kid and its not hard to see where Sanderson will likely be slighted.
  10. I know that, you know that, a hell of alot of hockey people know that. But the east coast dandies that beleive the world ends at the Mississippi river make the difference in these things you know that. The bucci led urge to shakeweight the Michigan kids profiles all over him make a big difference.... its the hip new Boston, don't ya know.
  11. Add in the forboding wrinkle of the China/Taiwan situation.... say these athletes who do test positive are squirreled away for "5 weeks" after the olympics are over. Suddenly China has a built in prison of high profile political prisoners while that situation escalates... It's insane that any Olympics are being held in China at all right now, let alone in the midst of this "pandemic" they obviously had/have a major role in perpetrating upon the world.
  12. Not sure hes that high on the national scene actually....
  13. Im not seeing the same thing you are at all. I see people pointing out the pros and cons, maybe one guy said something about him oweing the U to say no. Maybe you see more on the fbook group but thats the saddest sack of piece of crap "fans" I've ever encountered, by and large, the ones that post are usually the absolute least knowledgeable segment of the community that exists in the sphere of UND hockey. I avoid that place like the plague.
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