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  1. To be faaaaiiiiiihhhhhrrrrr.... GFHockey was basically 100% correct his prognostications from 2018.
  2. Thats a tough question. No not "just" the very few who have a shot. Technically... anyone can, figure it out.... and turn from being a low B C level player for the past 10 years to being able to compete at a varsity level.... but technically... I could win a beauty contest too. Point is, the concept of creating opportunity for those that would not have a chance to make a high school team... at the expense of others is ... difficult to balance. Would this opinion be the same for say.... Grand Forks? So should another team be created to create opportunity for those that couldnt earn a roster spot? This seems to be a need that is fulfilled already by a Jr. Gold Program. But yes the difference is... a 3rd High School in Bis vs the 2 in GF...
  3. Rumor is in order for BHS and CHS to accomodate Legacy on the schedule... they had to give up games vs GF....so seems this is already the case. There will be an exodus of those higher capable players to juniors from Bismarck... there just has to be now, less games vs EDC, which just waters down the programs more. The WDA is very much watered down now and yes BHS is hurt a bit in the next few years (they maybe had a chance to compete for a 4th seed) but not nearly as bad as Century. Century is decimated by the split. VERY real possibility no Bismarck teams make it to state next few years.
  4. Both. But those numbers are fluidish with a few kids. 1 goalie as of now so who knows how it will work out.
  5. The real question, is a high school hockey opportunity being created for kids who can or should be playing High school hockey. At what expense? So if you do have a group of kids that have trained, worked, strived, spent the time and effort in order to attain the skillsets and abilities to compete at the level of competitive High School Hockey.... what of these kids, does not just making more teams take opportunity away from them? So the kids who have strived and earned opportunity must give to "create" opportunity to those that have not or are not able to.... Kind of a common theme in this country now... BTW... with Jr Gold options, there was always a place to play for ALL kids in Bismarck.
  6. Really no reason to be nervous with EPS at all..... They literally are the gold standard that many NHL and other pro and college leagues use to do their sweaters. Its not replica numbers and lettering its the same as what Toews Oshie and Ovi have on their sweater.
  7. Und was the BEST team in college hockey for the last 48+ months... Lost a 5OT game.... Hes fine. Next year will be a big test for the coaches.
  8. Admissions.... Getting into the right acedemic program or situation.... Waiting to see where the hockey landscape shakes out after trade deadline day.... Lots of factors may make someone who has no real need for urgency to not pull a trigger
  9. Hahaha... no. They will be just exponentially arrogant about the one. ..... while still being 2 yr old on a sugar bender plastic drum set annoying about the participations.
  10. We dont F%#&#<ing say that name.
  11. Jan Brady with 1 legit banner would be unbearable... like suburban Karen with a new escalade unbearable.
  12. No recruits on the U18 team either.
  13. He had 8 shots twice as many as next highest. Decent debut. Scheel .... not so much. Gave up 5 goals in the loss, although to be fair..... he may still be tired from 5OT
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