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  1. I know. I just really have a soft spot for guys like Coltyn. Adams was able to improve every year and get a top line role. I don't know any of the behind the scenes details, but I would've thought the chance for a bigger role was there for the taking for Blaisdell next year.
  2. I like when kids stick it out and carve out a role on the team. I don't know all the variables involved in Blaisdell's departure, but I'd rather see them put in the work and earn their spot. Coltyn Sanderson is a recent player that comes to mind. He stayed for four years and earned a regular role on a national championship team. I know he was a different kind of player, but I like kids like that.
  3. 58 games, 7-8-15 and -15. Can you guess which UND player this was after his sophomore year?
  4. With EGF out of the tourney I hope Little Falls wins.
  5. Per Schloss, teams must remain at current funding and scholarship levels. That comes from Chaves.
  6. I hope they do well, but I still want EGF to win.
  7. I had no idea Tony Couture coached at little falls.
  8. It's on 595 in Moorhead on midco. It doesn't show on the guide, I had to find it.
  9. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/03/30/judge-rejects-hill-murray-hockey-players-lawsuit-after-covid-forfeiture/
  10. Kind of like a defensive version of Toews
  11. I know I'll be cheering for MSU for the remainder of the tourney.
  12. Are you at the game? You were way ahead of ESPN.
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