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  1. We have a lot of undrafted kids that I wouldn't trade. Gooch, Gaber, Frisch and Kiersted are the ones that come to mind for this year's squad.
  2. Does Texas A&M get it now that Notre Dame doesn't look good today? A&M has one loss and was ranked fifth coming into today. Their loss was by 28 to Alabama.
  3. Not looking good for Notre Dame
  4. Do Clemson and Notre Dame both make the CFP no matter the outcome?
  5. The goalies may determine this game. They're both making it look easy.
  6. Duluth could come out of the pod undefeated
  7. Denver just got a five minute major. Down by two with 16:39 remaining.
  8. Mismash had a nice setup to Adams who missed the net. I thought Adams, Gooch, and Mismash would be a formidable top line this year. They didn't play together against UMD, but who would've thought the Pinto line would be the most productive line thus far. We'll see how the lines shake out, but I can't wait for the seniors to get going.
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