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  1. I thought they would grow on me throughout the game but they didn’t
  2. I’m guessing we’ll be in black against ndsu
  3. Hope Bubba works this team hard over the next couple weeks they look horrible
  4. Not sure if I like the white shoulders
  5. Tommies would be nice because they’re DI and everything but yeah Eastern blows
  6. Let’s just be 2-1 before ndsu
  7. Freund said business suits on izzos show
  8. 3 points since the 1st quarter… so weak
  9. Don’t punt down 10 in the 4th
  10. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND @ ISU

    I wish them the best of luck against Nevada.
  11. How does that school even come into his head?
  12. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND @ ISU

    Should be 17 zip. This is Idaho state not Washington. Let’s run up the scoreboard in the second half.
  13. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND @ ISU

    Don’t like the 3rd and 6 run
  14. SiouxHawkGuy

    UND @ ISU

    Never schedule this team again
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