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  1. Since the old thread was locked, I will post this here, I moved my family to Fargo (thankfully wife is still working) for a job that i did remotely and then got laid off from one full day after working in Fargo remotely(office is still closed and job involved b2b selling). If you have read our work it is Seamore Sports. We love covering UND but hope to expand that to cover UND+other under represented sports starting with mens college hockey teams and branching out as we can. I am looking for jobs daily and hope to be employed again soon so we can cover more things with Seamore when things get back to the new normal. If you have not seen our site before I will link it below. Also I will list our paypal.. if you want to see some research or sponsored stories with your name/business on the title and social media coverage, send a donation to the paypal link in the article, and send us a DM. In four years of existence writing on irregular schedules, we have managed to get a fair amount of views (close to or over 10000 views a year), only promoting one article at all. https://twitter.com/SeamoreSports Our article explaining how we started and what's next. We wrote this in October. https://seamoresports.com/2019/10/23/looking-ahead-support-independent-journalism/
  2. Hi all, got some good answers about the financial impact (potential) of the lost NCHC first round series from Jody Hodgson himself. Give them a read won't you? https://seamoresports.com/2020/04/06/coronavirus-and-und-athletics-what-does-it-mean/
  3. LSSU earns series finale with 5-3 win over Bemidji State. Read the recap/look ahead and watch some of our interviews post game, all in the article for you! https://seamoresports.com/2020/03/08/5-3-lakers-earn-game-three-with-improved-defense-depth-scoring-and-more-what-to-watch-for-in-game-three/?fbclid=IwAR27kCFbo1kq3PYK2ypVEeHCHj0RrvOaqh-zrw_F-jX6Fry044Uei7heqe4
  4. I will look at the number tomorrow, but Maybe more people were at LSSU Bemidji than a B1G game. Anyway, give the recap a read, it doubles as a preview for game two. https://seamoresports.com/2020/03/07/unkind-iron-lakers-lose-wcha-round-one-series-opener-2-0-now-what/
  5. Give this a read for some thoughts from Coach Corbett on the future of UAH Chargers' Hockey. One of the nicest people with whom i have interacted in the sport and a great advocate for his program. https://seamoresports.com/2020/03/02/whats-next-for-the-chargers-a-q-a-with-head-coach-mike-corbett/
  6. Recap and look ahead, simple with some things to think about for this team in terms of deployment and faceoffs among other things. https://seamoresports.com/2020/03/01/penrosehow-und-earned-2-1-win-over-western-michigan-and-whats-next/
  7. Check out my wife Kelsey's Photo of the Adams Goal. To use, please credit Kelsey Lee of Violet Turtle Photography.
  8. Recap of last night and what to watch for tonight. https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/29/fighting-hawks-limit-grade-a-looks-en-route-to-3-1-win-over-western-michigan-now-what/ Surprised Weatherby is not on his own line to start the game. UND only went 31-30 on faceoffs last night.
  9. Game recap, I also offer thoughts on what to watch for in the finale. Be thankful UND has two playoff capable goalies this year, does not always happen. https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/29/fighting-hawks-limit-grade-a-looks-en-route-to-3-1-win-over-western-michigan-now-what/
  10. Here are some reasons why the NCHC should look at inviting UAH, i welcome any and all feedback good or bad, would love other ideas on how to get them and the Alaska schools in conferences. College Hockey needs to grow and needs teams like UAH to do so. https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/28/why-alabama-huntsville-should-be-extended-an-nchc-invite-my-thoughts/
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the nice comments, got a Q-A with a UND Hockey recruit and more coming this week. If you want to be listed as a supporter feel free to check out our paypal. I will list you as a supporter in every article as I have. Re-upping the article with our paypal in it, we want to be an option to cover more UND and underdog stories in college sports around the country (we covered MVSU When they played UND Football, wrote two recaps that night). If you want to be a part of this feel free to donate/share the link especially with folks who own a business. We do not have a patreon yet because I do not want to take money from people monthly without defining more what that would look like. Thoughts there are appreciated. https://seamoresports.com/2019/10/23/looking-ahead-support-independent-journalism/
  12. Recap and analysis of things tonight and on the weekend along with what to watch for next weekend, give it a read and let me know your thoughts! https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/16/fighting-hawks-earn-sweep-with-3-1-win-over-denver-now-what/
  13. https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/15/fighting-hawks-soar-to-4-1-win-over-denver-now-what/ Recap and things to look at tonight, the shot difference was interesting, watch how many wide attempts DU has tonight.
  14. The student section was not there, there is a party today for students and hopefully the whole thing is full. As to the game, recap and look ahead are below, interesting calls and non calls, the Smith one on Brink stood out to me, diving and taking out a players legs typically gets called from what I have seen. Read for more! https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/15/fighting-hawks-soar-to-4-1-win-over-denver-now-what/
  15. Recap and look ahead here plus an exclusive interview with Mr Thome on his thoughts from the game, Game of Thrones, and more right here. Watch the interview at the end of the recap to find out a freshman year nickname and other things. UND has two starting goalies that could see time in the NHL one day, or what I would call, a good problem. Some things to think about from Saturday as we move forward. https://seamoresports.com/2020/02/02/8-1-what-this-win-means-for-the-fighting-hawks-and-what-now/
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