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  1. MDtoGF

    The Herald

    It comes out once a week, but read the Exponent this week Wednesday for coverage of Sacred Heart's tourney.
  2. MDtoGF

    The Herald

    Since its been allowed to be kept up, if you guys want all original content from a small staff, online only subscriptions to the Exponent are 15 bucks for a whole year thru June 12. Click the link in my original post. We have original content out once a week via paper (more features), and since i have been there we have interviewed Scott Koberinski and I have more plans to cover more local sports in addition to what I already do with Seamore Sports.
  3. MDtoGF

    The Herald

    If you guys want to augment some area coverage feel free to check out the exponent over in EGF ( I Do work for them full disclosure).. I wrote a piece on Reed Hjelle and Colton Poolman's MVP awards this past week. We are running an online special (we only come out with a paper once a week but we try our darndest to cover all things EGF), thru June 12 anyone is welcome to subscribe to our online only edition for 15 bucks which gets you an online paper every Wednesday for the next year and access to our archives .. (link to subscribe is right here https://bit.ly/2M2nWUF ) . If this post isnt allowed feel free to delete it, just want to let folks know as a supplement to the Herald there is some more local sports coverage. Also read and follow Seamore Sports, I covered every UND Soccer game and football game at home and other sports plus hockey as well last year with plans for more. Also read UND Hoops and Goon's work as well. The Herald is awesome and this all adds to the great work they do.
  4. For fans looking for some ideas of Who's next, I wrote some thoughts on day two of the MJHL ID camp at the Ralph. A well put together event with a few names folks may know. https://seamoresports.com/2019/04/06/why-not-you-thoughts-from-day-two-of-mjhl-player-id-camp-at-the-ralph/
  5. DU-AIC Recap along with some thoughts on AIC's future which is very bright. AIC looks for "A Mindset players" it has served and will serve them well again in the future. https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/31/larssons-24-save-shutout-leads-denver-to-the-frozen-four-with-2-0-victory-over-aic/
  6. AIC SCSU Recap: https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/30/you-earn-your-luck-how-aic-defeated-st-cloud-state-2-1-for-first-ncaa-tournament-win-in-program-history/
  7. DU-OSU Recap https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/29/grand-theft-larssony-how-denver-earned-a-2-0-regional-semis-victory-over-ohio-state/
  8. Was at media day, covered all four teams. Previews and some game predictions at the bottom. thoughts welcome! https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/28/similar-sides-setup-superb-west-regional-four-previews/
  9. Hi anyone reading, the first four is part of the NCAA Tourney 100 percent. Just because most bracket pools do not utilize it does not mean it doesnt count. They all do. For NDSU's seniors W or L, they made the tourney 100 percent, they just had to play 1 extra game before 1v16 is all it means if they win.. if not its still the tourney.
  10. A recap with a look ahead for what UND needs to build on next week to have a chance. https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/10/5-4-ot-winner-from-kawaguchi-saves-senior-night-for-und-now-what/
  11. Recap from Friday with thoughts for tonight as well. https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/09/fighting-hawks-fight-past-uno-2-1-recap-and-now-what/
  12. Also, check out photos from my wife, Kelsey Lee the other and much better half of the Seamore Sports team. All photos are free to use but please credit Kelsey Lee of Violent Turtle Photography. https://bit.ly/2TEZU4K
  13. For those wondering, i did ask for feedback on the kneeing no call.
  14. Recap from a good one at REA. Would love thoughts! https://seamoresports.com/2019/03/09/fighting-hawks-fight-past-uno-2-1-recap-and-now-what/
  15. Good start.recap below, and Thome's growing poise as the game went on helped a lot on the few grade a's UMD earned. A sweep would be massive for UND given who they play the next two weeks https://seamoresports.com/2019/02/23/poise-and-powerful-start-propels-und-to-4-1-win-over-minnesota-duluth/
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