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  1. SiouxVolley

    2018-19 Season

    And a reminder that UND women lost to the SDSU by 18 just last week. Thrashings are not additive.
  2. SiouxVolley

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Sacramento just had the co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penquins enter into its group to get an MLS team. The group needs to have a stadium like Minnesota United to get an MLS expansion team. Sac St has an FBS stadium, but this would be an improvement. It really needs an upgrade over its Jr High gym, but it could play where the Kings play b-ball. https://ussoccerplayers.com/2019/01/sacramento-upgrades-its-mls-expansion-bid.html
  3. SiouxVolley

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Here a story on Fort’s signing: https://www.dailyprogress.com/cvillevarsity/blue-ridge-s-fort-signs-to-play-at-north-dakota/article_e2731f28-1db9-11e9-9d69-9b85dd374fba.html
  4. SiouxVolley

    UND (2-5, 8-12) vs USD (2-4, 8-11) 1/23 7 PM

    Ralston had some good commentary. He said Davidson knew the weakness of UND defensively and offensively and now as USD assistant coach, they were meaningfully attacked at those weak points. Davidson worked hard with with Moody to elevate his defensive game, and those weak points were still evident in this game.
  5. SiouxVolley

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    I Coming from a poster that won’t concede he was wrong. St Mary’s had its own program and that Shanley formerly did but currently is in a co-op, that’s rich.
  6. SiouxVolley

    WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    The Williston City District (Dist #1) voted no on school expansion recently, including a HS expansion that was just opened. That district’s admin is trying to push legislation to bar the K-8 students from District 8 (rural but increasingly suburban area outsides Williston) from attending Williston HS. That new Williston HS will be pressed to the limits soon but state law says they have to accept neighboring K8 district children that need a HS. District #8 may need to open its own HS or go to Ray, Grenora, Trenton, Tioga, Watford City, etc if the legislation passes. District 8 has been growing faster than District #1 by many percentage rates. https://www.willistonherald.com/news/talk-of-excluding-students-from-williston-high-schools-surprises-district/article_301c5cc0-1dcf-11e9-94f6-abc643c35ea8.html
  7. SiouxVolley

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    It doesn’t look good for NoCo moving to the Summit League as they would have exit and entrance fees. Looks like they need to cut down on athletics: https://collegead.com/university-of-northern-colorado-10/
  8. SiouxVolley

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    UND never sent out a press release with new stadium photos. Those were just renderings found on an architectural firm’s site shared here. A press release from Cal Poly with $ figures satisfies the “official” release demanded by Southpaw and Goon.
  9. SiouxVolley

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    You talk as if the Jr Gold programs in the larger city just play outdoors and hockey boosters don’t support them. A second smaller class could take over the almost entire Jr Gold schedule. The Jr Gold programs can be taken over by private schools and those schools would see an enrollment growth. Recognize there is are problems (like hockey players would need to project who gets cut if they wants playing time) to overcome that, but you didn’t even know about St Mary’s program so can’t expect you to know much.
  10. SiouxVolley

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Cal Poly announced a 4000 seat expansion to its football stadium to its Vision 2022. 2022 is just before I expect there to be many schools transitioning to FBS. Since Alex Spanos stadium used to seat 11,075, this should take it above the magic FBS number of 15k. Funny, there is no demand for Mustang seats lately, but Cal Poly feels the need to do an expensive stadium addition over RR tracks never the less. http://mustangnews.net/uu-expansion-off-campus-housing-among-changes-announced-in-2035-campus-master-plan/
  11. SiouxVolley

    Facilities Master Plan

    The future facilities must take into account ND’s future outlook. The ND public school enrollment will increase more than any other state by 2025, 27%. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckdevore/2019/01/21/a-connection-between-state-income-taxes-and-public-school-enrollment-growth/#7b807df22f90 There is still a need for technical people in the oil patch. A bill may pass the ND legislature that if STEM majors stay in ND, they don’t have to pay a year of tuition: https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4560124-bill-would-offer-free-year-stem-student-nd-colleges UND just upped the ante on Big Data, by hiring six more professors and converting the Budge bldg to Computer Science. Aerospace Studies used to house Computer Science, so this is a big change. Arguably, this is where NDSU has helped the Fargo economy (Great Plains Software bought by Microsoft) and UND has lagged way behind. http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2018/12/big-day-for-big-data/
  12. SiouxVolley

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    So Shanley and St Mary's didn't have their own teams? Fake news. The Fargo Angels are set up by the Catholic parents if I’m not mistaken. Catholic schools in ND basically have had major donors now and in the past who pay for ice time. Two divisions adds another opportunity, playing the big schools will end demoralization, and enhances enrollment.
  13. SiouxVolley

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    Like this. Legacy, a new WF HS, and maybe a Minot HS may be coming aboard. With another class, maybe B St Mary's or schools like B Shiloh Christian or Minot Ryan can start teams.
  14. SiouxVolley

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    UConn and St Louis But the Big East has floated going with only 11 schools to get a true double round robin. The Big East will likely guard its private status and UConn wasn’t a threat to that in the past. The Big East really values it’s MSG tournament and UConn only cements that more. Creighton would likely be the only major Wichita St booster. They wanted the Shockers before it went AAC.
  15. SiouxVolley

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    UConn is probably next in line for the ACC, but that could take decades. BC and Syracuse may actually oppose them there. The B1G requires an AAU school, which UConn isn’t. The Conn legislature is spending massively to upgrade UConn’s research capability, but that can take generations to be AAU. The American Conference has been promising P5 status ever since it started, so the schools spend like it will happen but it hasn’t happened and probably won’t. The AAC will get a raise, but it will fall $15million short of what every ACC school gets. The Big East and fb independence is the far safest way and it doesn’t eliminate its candidacy from the ACC. Complicating thing further was that UConn made hockey big time when things still looked OK in the Big East. Their promised large rink on campus has been cut to only a couple thousand seats now contrary to Hockey East’s demands.