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  1. The defense started out poor but came around. The freshman libero should be good. The attack game made way too many errors, including from players have experience. This team hasn’t found a rhythm yet and needs something. No one was offensively dominating. But the EWU win was almost expected based on ratings. Akron should be a bigger test. But a win against NDSU seems doubtful.
  2. UNLV and Utah have access to DI capable rinks. Grand Canyon doesn’t. Wonder how they would move up with facilities. But GCU has bucks at its disposal. With Arizona St, those three teams can form a NCAA league with the Alaska’s.
  3. Earlier had sad High Point was aiming higher in athletics in another thread and got a flack for that. High Point U wants the CAA but doesn’t want football as there are so many teams in N.C. Hockey would set it apart in N.C. and the tuition and room ($51.5 k) isn’t so much to turn off North East students. With M/W lax, M/W soccer and now ice hockey, resembles NE schools like Denver does.
  4. The $300 million expansion includes several other buildings. Doubt the new arena will be even $100 million but lesser then Penn St. High Point U has expanded with high end dorms and taken over a mall and turned it into a pharmacy school. High Point’s downtown is the furniture capital of the USA with a huge many story expo center and has a lot of money around it, even it the city is relatively poor.
  5. Another article on High Point University and its growth. https://www.greensboro.com/news/education/high-point-u-s-plan-for-the-next-decade-more/article_4bbd1832-bb28-5cb7-b480-ad78c243be5a.html#1
  6. High Point U is in the triad cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point, which has Wake Forest, N C A&T and UNC-Greensboro as DI schools too. High Point seems to be positioning itself as a warmer NE school as it has banked on out of state students. It went DI before UND but not many years ago and has been growing and previously added lacrosse. Here’s today’s article that it is investing $1 billion in new facilities and programs. The Carolina Hurricanes played the first year in the Greensboro Coliseum when the new arena in Raleigh was under construction, so hockey isn't unknown there. https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/education/high-point-university-investment-announcement/83-89410bf8-05f2-4b8c-87b4-22ad01213111 Looks like the WCHA knew that a southern League for UAH was developing, as Liberty, Navy, Alabama, Georgia and Louisville and maybe others will start teams.
  7. UND went 3-1 at Carolina teams, but the three victories were sub 300 DI ratings. Campbell U was near rated to UND, but UND was trounced by Campbell and UND lost the second set 25-5. In the last OOC the weekend, UND hosts EWU, Akron, and Lamar. A victory against Akron is probably unlikely, but EWU and Lamar are only slightly rated less than UND. This year could be a tough year if things don’t get straightened out soon.
  8. SiouxVolley

    SH Game Day

    Remember saying Tommy Schuster should have gotten playing time vs Drake and was criticized for it because they didn’t want to waste a redshirt. All the other QB’s are endorsed by out former Offensive coordinator. Schuster always had Freund’s blessing and we need a QB with more running and draw capabilities and was a lat add under Freund when he surveyed rhe QB situation. Too many college coaches almost automatically eliminate recruits under 6 ft for DI. When a HS qB leads his team to a 6A Michigan title and most of the players and coaches single out Schuster, he must have talent and leadership skills.
  9. No. He just said in a couple years. NDSU is not getting an invite from a G5 conference, so he needs the Summit to sponsor FB with FBS capable schools.
  10. A couple weeks ago. He said NDSU would consider it in a couple years. When the Summit gets football and the whole thing goes FBS IMHO Its on this thread.
  11. Given that a hundred times. Your next opponent Delaware will move up too as they have updated their stadium and facilities for FBS.. AD Larsen confirmed that NDSU will move in a few years. But the fans bases are so knowledgeable that they say it won’t happen.
  12. UMary made list of USNWR as a national U for the first time. Before it was a regional university. UND has helped their engineering programs by partnering with it. It wouldn’t surprise if they took hockey DI as they are eliglble and the WCHA needs local teams now. And their business and medicine programs continue to expand. https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/university-of-mary-2992/photos
  13. The opportunity cost lost is nearly $3 million per year and even more PR from FBS. Staying FCS would lose all that additional revenue and PR and maybe our conference mates. Where would UND go for a conference at an FCS level without the other Dakotas? Being a weak G5, in a conference of course, provides better return than FCS as there is all kinds of revenue sources that FCS doesn’t have. No FBS conference is the sole reason that Idaho dropped down. Georgia Southern and App St only moved up because they would be eligible for a CFP stake, which nadnt been enacted before, and then Coastal Carolina suddenly moved up averaging less than 9000 and needing to double its stadium. The CFP and the PR was the admins motivation. The stadium.is in same place as HPC Phase II.
  14. A fraction of the Dakota people oppose the Sioux nickname. Any of the Bizon fans that still use it are beyond ignorant. To think otherwise is having your head up your posterior.
  15. The EWU president and AD do not want that known yet. Neither does any one else. But they are all moving toward FBS facilities. Spending $25 million for improved FCS facilities gives negative ROI, unless you don’t have a stadium.
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