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  1. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    That is why I think Kennedy and Chaves will pursue FBS with regional flagships, but your buddies MafiaMan and Goon will be opposed to every FBS step.
  2. SiouxVolley

    Alerus Center Events

    The ND State girls Class B basketball tournament nas been moved from the Alerus to the Betty for lack of attendance. http://www.wday.com/sports/basketball/4502324-class-b-girls-basketball-tournament-moving-betty
  3. SiouxVolley

    WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Oil may go back to $100/barrel by 4th qtr, at least according to some traders. The US is clapping down on Iran’s trade and oil supplies at the Cushing, OK, massive tank farm is dropping fast. Meanwhile, the Permian Basis in Texas doesn’t have pipeline capacity for its increased production, so that leaves the Bakken, Alberta, and other fields. North Dakota could enter into another period of rapid growth. https://www.rigzone.com/news/wire/return_of_100_oil_seen_by_top_traders-24-sep-2018-157007-article/
  4. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Well if it was the University of Grand Forks, your point might have some validity. But it’s not. Kennedy and Chaves know that UND football have to reach out to ND and beyond and get the alumni excited. As much as hockey can get the alumni excited, it won’t give UND much of a national stage.
  5. SiouxVolley

    Grand Forks Economy

    Cirrus Aircraft is also big in Duluth. To think that Grand Forks could have been its corporate HQ. Cirrus has like 1200 employees now, including a big sales office at the Knoxville airport. Polaris moved its corporate HQ to the Cities as their product offering has diversified will beyond snowcats, but its impact on Roseau is still huge.
  6. SiouxVolley

    2018-2019 Recruiting

    Getting Allen-Eiken’s would be huge as having him and Bijiek would form a core in the middle we haven’t had. Jones gets grief for going to Latvia-Lithuania but a perennial winning program like Gonzaga does it almost every year. https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/Lithuanian-star-Martynas-Arlauskas-turns-down-professional-options-commits-to-Gonzaga-122244716/
  7. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    At Christian concerts, there is rarely trash left. Same for concerts in Japan. People were amazed at the cleanliness of locker rooms left by the Japan World Cup team and Army football team.
  8. SiouxVolley

    2018 Season

    Fraase has played in most sets. Taliyah Flores, the freshman from Nebraska, has been awarded the libero position though and has played in almost all sets. Flores got the Summit defensive POW last week: http://www.thesummitleague.org/sports/wvball/2018-19/releases/20180917k9p147 The PUFW offensive POW had another big day against UND.
  9. SiouxVolley

    2018 Season

    Agree that Vb is down, but the future looks fantastic with all the freshman and sophs getting major playing time. Will take time to jell. Roosa and Brynn and the gal from Nebraska are major building blocks for the next four conference seasons.
  10. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    The rest of the schedule: at Northern Colorado Montana at Sac St Weber st at Idaho Portland St at NAU Northern Colorado and Sac St are probably underrated teams and they have some quick athletes. Weber St is probably the tallest hurdle but that game is at home. Montana is overrated and should have lost to Sac St. A 6-1 record almost assures a playoff berth and a 5-2 record will still leave a chance. As I see it, the next three games are all critical wins.
  11. SiouxVolley

    2018 Season

    My understanding is that Champions Club members won’t get in free to the NDSU game. Those fans will have to pay instead of reaping a perk. That could greatly increase the actual volleyball gate, but piss off some members and probably not result in a sell out. The teams performance is way down from last year too. Chaves is raising more money for volleyball.
  12. SiouxVolley

    Grand Forks Economy

    Fargo has been so blessed with local corporations that have hit grand slams economically. Great Plains software was the first and Aldevron may be the second. http://www.inforum.com/news/science-and-nature/4503280-aldevron-fargos-next-microsoft-homegrown-biotechnology-firm Biotech is so competive and Aldevron seems to have found a supply niche where they have filled a gap. I don’t count cooperatives or the State Mill as they don’t create nearly the value and are mainly interested in surviving, not diversifying or investing in other related fields. The aerospace companies in Grand Forks aren’t based there so they don’t create nearly the long term value. Polaris, Digi Key and Marvin Windows are examples that have.
  13. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    It’s such a shame that this team hasn't taken more advantage of Santiago, Olivera, and Johanneson. The first two are seniors so they won’t get another chance. The running game could drop of markedly next year.
  14. SiouxVolley

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Schools want to align with their academic peers. Not WIU, or even Missouri St, UNI, SIU, Ind St etc. The only schools that properly academically align with UND and NDSU are further west. MWC and Big 12 schools are steps above the leagues like the Summit and Big Sky.
  15. SiouxVolley

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    UC-Davis, Weber St and EWU have emerged as the class of the Big Sky. But Idaho St may join them. Montana, Mont St, Idaho, NAU, Sac St and UNC appear to be pedestrian teams. It will be interesting if UND can outlast them.