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  1. Imagine that the proposed upgrades scream DII to you and bison trolls.
  2. That screams FBS to me. An athletic dorm close to nearly all practice and workout facilities?
  3. The Crookston Sports Center only has seating for 1200. Don’t know if it can be expanded. http://www.crookstonsportscenter.com/ A rink of 3000 is generally thought of as being at breakeven at DI. Maybe UMC is going DIII to replace St Thomas or going to Minn-Morris’s league with hockey in the MIAC? Minn-Crookston hasn’t done anything competing at the DII level. Morris went down too, and think they were a better performing school. The MIAC needs a sixth hockey team after expelling UST.
  4. Adding DI hockey would raise the awareness even in Minnesota that UMC exists. The UM system knows they have an enrollment problem right now and hockey would help. Don’t think the NSIC would allow it, but dropping football could provide enough funding for DI hockey. The state of Minnesota paid for the new rink and the state hasn’t seen a return on its investment yet, like Bemidji has.
  5. Lake Superior St only has 3000 +, but it doesn’t have football. UM Crookston must be getting favors from the UM system to afford it, as they will probably have to add WIH too.
  6. DII and Di’s are no longer allowed to play DIII. DI Dayton used to win the DIII nat championships in football, but DIII put a stop to it.
  7. If it happens, UMC should schedule on opposite weekends that UND does. Imagine that Grand Forks and surrounding areas could provide a good number of spectators to see former WCHA teams. UND home weekends would probably result in very low attendance.
  8. In your tiny mind, NDSU is switching with Augie so you can maul the DII’s and the NSIC, so you can always win which would prevent future temper tantrums in Fargo and keep down numbers in St John’s.
  9. Guess that takes NDSU and the Alaska’s out of the equation.
  10. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/14/cusa-athletic-directors-have-reportedly-discussed-trading-schools-with-other-leagues/ CUSA AD’s have been in talks to swap teams with other leagues. 14 member means they get short suited by the CFP, which only gives a maximum of 10 shares to G5 leagues. The eastern seaboard schools like Charlotte, ODU and even Marshall want to ditch the Texas schools and vice versa. Too much travel and too few natural rivals. The SunBelt and CUSA should do go to a straight east/west alignment both with 12 teams because CUSA is no longer a power G5 conference like when it had most of the AAC.
  11. Know it’s not food normally associated with sports, but anyone have an opinion of Ely’s Ivy in the old Sanders building? https://www.grandforksherald.com/incoming/3830193-Grand-Forks-restaurant-offers-revolving-menu-with-local-ingredients
  12. UC-Davis becomes USC’s first ever FCS opponent. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/12/usc-schedules-first-ever-fcs-foe-leaves-notre-dame-ucla-as-only-fbs-teams-that-havent/ By 2025, UC-Davis will become a stable of USC when their FBS.
  13. The hallowed halls of eGriz finally seems to realize that their facility improvement can only mean FBS in the future. https://egriz.com/grizboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=82835&sid=149985d3967fb0a6d8784576857524a5&start=20 The next NCAA meeting will be early next year. After that could be the time to move to the G5.
  14. A DIII no longer can provide scholarships for any sport unless they are grandfathered under NCAA rules and they also can’t have DII’s or DIII’s in their conference, just like the Pioneer League teams, which were kicked out of the DIII championship. The old Midwest hockey league was mostly DIII’s in Wisconsin. Union and RIT can play DI hockey because they don’t offer scholarships, just financial aid.
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