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  1. Eastern Washington schools have not hesitated to help themselves to our players: e.g Crandall and Drick. Hope all our players have a great game, but not enough to impress the Zags to steal one, especially Allen-Eikens.
  2. Any talk of joining the B1G is a bunch of hooey. The nearest school to us as an academic and athletic reasonable comparison is Nebraska, and they only got in because of their fervent fan base and history (they were dropped from AAU the same year). Get someone to contribute billions for medical and other science research to UND, then get make AAU status in fifty years, get football to win and create a 40,000 seat stadium like NWestern, add a lest@ million people to ND, and in fifty years we are talking. Hockey is a niche sport in the B1G, but not in the NCHC or HE. When the gopher rumor was that ND was to be added, it was Notre Dame, not UND. A piece of PAC12 hockey is a whole bunch more reasonable, like Arizona State.
  3. The WCHA broke up, so something did give. The new CCHA: BGSU - Ferris St Lake Superior St - N Michign Mich Tech - UWEC Mankato St - UST Bemidji - Minot A new Southern league Liberty -- High Point U Austin Peay - UAH Lindenwood - FGCU The Old WCHA UAF - UAA ASU - ?. ?? The ..- ??
  4. The seven remaining WCHA Midwest members can not use the WCHA name as they withdrew. The Alaska schools now own it. Those seven could rename themselves the CCHA, as they don’t have a conference name yet.
  5. Fenton would know better, but BGSU, Robert Morris, Mercyhurst, Oakland, Canisius, and Niagra. BGSU owns theCCHA name. Miami and WMU wouldn’t go there unless the CCHA become really good or Arizona St gets in. Bemidji and Mankato don’t have enough fans for CBS Sports. Unless he means this: https://www.swnewsmedia.com/chaska_herald/news/sports/it-s-all-good-in-the-ccha/article_386e8d38-7e2a-5fb8-a1f2-038fe4d05f50.html
  6. Where’s the link for those dates? UWGB and FGCU started up DI sports within a couple decades of being a school.
  7. St Thomas was talking with the Summit at last year’s Final Four whenit hadn’t been even kicked out of the MIAC. The Summit agreed to take UST then. http://www.startribune.com/st-thomas-has-partner-in-summit-league-as-it-attempts-to-blaze-trial-to-division-i/564636222/ The article states no school has ever jumped for DIII to DI. What about UWGB? FGCU didn’t have a DII alternate in Fl so they chose DI. Plenty of schools have moved from NAIA to DI now: Belmont, Lipscomb, ORU, Houston Baptist, most of the Big South, most of the Transamerica. UVU was in a JV association when it moved. All of those wouldn’t be possible now. Before 1972 or so, there wasn’t a DIII rather a college division that included DII and DIII.
  8. Doubtful. While BJC has plenty of near 6’ players. no one over. Their roster is all North Dakotan, which produces tall girls, but they need to be exceptional to make a difference at DI. They don’t have any Europeans or other foreigners, which can be found a some JC schools trying to latch on to a DI school. Maybe BJC has an exceptional setter or defensive player that was overlooked by the DI’s.
  9. SkyScopes has opened an office in Fargo. https://www.inforum.com/business/technology/4658327-UAS-data-processing-company-SkySkopes-to-open-new-location-in-Fargo SkyScopes was also named one of the best UAS companies. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.suasnews.com/2019/07/frost-sullivan-skyskopes-one-of-five-best-innovation-and-growth-balanced-global-uas-operators/amp/
  10. Northrop Grumman has partnered with NASA at the Grand Sky. Northrup will also build a new hanger there. https://blog.executivebiz.com/2019/10/northrop-nasa-conclude-global-hawk-uas-flight-control-testing/
  11. Griffin-Dooley-Merseli were abnormally great talent for this area. Need to find more as most of that talent goes to P5 schools.
  12. UND beats SDSU 3-2 and is 5-0 in fifth sets. They still can make the Summit playoff in Denver. Finish at NDSU and home with ORU,
  13. The new center big screen was going to ensure that more people would be drawn, so said the Ralph. Millions of $'s were spent.
  14. UND lost to DU, 3-0. The second set was close, 27-25.
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