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  1. McKenzie County now produces more oil than any other county in the USA. The Permian Basin produces much more oil than the Bakken, but those counties tend to be much smaller. https://www.kvia.com/news/new-mexico/report-2-new-mexico-counties-among-top-oil-producers-in-us/1079453769
  2. Is Pepsi Rink expandable? Minot St, Mary, and Crookston would be better of as NAIA or DIII teams if it wasn’t for the fact that a DII can offer DI hockey. Their losing in all other sports could be overcome by a DI hockey program. But all three would probably need WIH too.
  3. Because sports reporters don’t do fact checking anywhere with Presidents and there has been no deep state source within the MIAC that is talking. Comey and others leaked a bunch of lies and those newspapers took his word for it like it was the Gospel. Newspapers have rules against using rumors or truths that are generated by street people except for deep state lies.
  4. I don’t doubt that St Thomas will go DI, but they just need to abide by the NCAA rules first. They might get into the Summit, but they would be soon headed for the MVC as soon as their transition is over. The MVC is too prideful to ever take a DII school. The MVC will eventually divide between football and private schools. St Thomas would almost be the wealthiest school there. The MVC wants in for the MSP market and UST will deliver that. A second DI school in MSP would be worth a fortune. Surprising that UST didn’t jump before when they wouldn’t have had a long DII transition and stay but could have preceded right to a DI transition.
  5. SiouxVolley

    New Coach?

    Lamppa should know Iowa, Nebraska and Minnie well and those are important areas for UND. Tiffin seems to have gotten good recruits from Illinois, but that is semi-questionable. North Dakota is not producing Dooley’s on a yearly basis. More like once in a generation and that type talent would often be nabbed by Creighton or P5’s.
  6. Crookston would probably have the most financial hurdles of the above, but Crookston does have a state built arena now, but they should add women’s lax rather than WIH. Mary and Minot St are inevitable. UST would probably be snatched by the NCHC if they get off to a good start. Augie could be a formidable hockey school if they really wanted it.
  7. A future WCHA could include UST, Crookston, Minot St, Mary and even Augie. For many of them, hockey would be their top sport for making revenue.
  8. The NSIC would have kick out Crookston or Upper Iowa or Minot St, which they don't wanna do now, to stay even numbered.
  9. The NCAA wouldn't approve a DII bypass just for UST. UST would be eligible for the NSIC just as Augie is leaving. Coincidence not. Concordia-SP would love UST in the same conference even more than Augie welcomed USF. But DII won't be good enough for UST, so there will be jumping to DI in the minimum time. UST is a DIII school as much as Creighton, Marquette and DePaul are DIII's. They waited way too long.
  10. BakkenMidstream.com is the company that wants to build that ethane factory. They have a select group as executives, including a Canadien, who helped build up the Alberta petrochemical industry, and a native of Stanley ND serving for legal and presumably PR advice. That group also includes people that have tapped into investment bankers. The company was just started this year.
  11. USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame are the only FBS teams that have never played an FCS team. USC may just change that, as Cal Poly, UC Davis and Sac St are in state teams. https://reignoftroy.com/2019/05/20/usc-football-heading-towards-scheduling-fcs-schools/ The PAC12 requires nine conference games, USC plays ND each year, and USC plays at least one MWC team. An FCS team would cut costs and still allow 12 games. But that presumes those California FCS teams don’t move in five years.
  12. Tioga is getting excited about a plastics plant: https://www.journaltrib.com/articles/tribune-news/plastics-plant-could-bring-200-jobs/ There are underground caverns between Tioga and Stanley where the ethane can be stored. The construction phase would be massive and would be lead by Bakken Midstream. This link might be more accessible: https://www.journaltrib.com/articles/journal-news/plastics-plant-could-bring-200-jobs-to-tioga/
  13. You have flunked Y-grade NGL science. OneOK’s Y-grade NGL’s from the Bakken don’t have appreciable ethane in them because OneOK doesn’t have cryogenic units in their natural gas plants to get cold enough to remove ethane. Ethane must see below -127 F before it separates out as a liquid.. Hess does have cryogenic units. OneOk nat gas plants in Texas and Oklahoma have those units so it’s a different Y-grade. You are simply not worth the time to talk about it because you simply don’t know enough. But pretend that you’re an expert here. I’m not even in the industry, but have followed OneOK and Hess and Targa for investment reasons.
  14. Someone to claim that OneOK's Nat gas plants in ND separate ethane now is simply uneducated. Simply reading OneOK's quarterlies would educate them.
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