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  1. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2022/ New Orleans currently has the biggest salary cap problem in the NFL.
  2. You lose Adams, Mismash, Guch, Pinto, and Weatherby that changes things. Not to mention JBD and Kierstad.
  3. Am I they only one that feels like two steps forward and one step back since Bubba's been the head coach. Every time I think we've turned the corner, we have a bad game and/or season. By turn the corner I mean a team that makes the playoffs every year and wins a game or two.
  4. That's probably game over.
  5. I don't see this team winning a lot of games when they give up four goals. Hopefully they can pull this one out.
  6. I also thought that the Jamernik line looked good last night.
  7. They looked real good, especially considering all the new faces.
  8. I'll take Caulfield for first goal of the year
  9. Not that I disagree with you, but my ability to reason suffers after 12-16 beers. Here's to hoping this game serves as a building block to the rest of the season.
  10. Full disclosure, I'm drunk and disappointed. I feel as though they're in the same 8-16 ranking range they've been in and it just sucks. (mostly because of NDSU'S success} I know it's early, but I'm concerned we'll have to wait at least another year to topple the SDSU'S and NDSU'S of the world.
  11. Too bad they play four quarters.
  12. I disagree. In my personal, possibly delusional opinion, we let them back in the game. They could've taken some shots on second and short, but choose not to and USU was ready for the run. It's not embarrassing to lose to USU. It's embarrassing to lose the way they did to USU. Again that's just my opinion, but I think they left a win on the table.
  13. We dropped the ball. Touchdowns on the first three drives, then second and shorts that turn to punts on the next two. Could have put the nail in the coffin in the first half.
  14. It reminds me of the playoff game a few years ago. Build a lead then play conservative until it's to late.
  15. Usually when an FCS team plays a FBS team they pull out all the stops because they have nothing to lose. USU has gone for it at least 5 times on 4th down. Almost as if they are the FCS team and we are the FBS team.
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